February 10th, 2011

Supermodel, Work! Aitor Ocio As Flash Gordon For The Ana Rosa Superheroes 2011 Calendar

Well, this is miles better than the last time we saw something superhero/footy-ish related. If you’re not familiar with his sidechick’s stellar impersonation of someone relevant, please, we implore you, click that link. Especially if you need a pick-me-up.

Our favourite cheese-grater Aitor Ocio is doing his best to make grey wellies, WWE championship belts and red (padded?) spandex look good for the month of March in the “Superheroes” calendario – which, ironically enough, is produced by the same wise people who cut youknowho’s paycheque.

His armoured gear may be for good reason; Aitor’s ex, Laura Sanchez, confirmed that the footballer is seeking full custodial rights of their daughter, Naia (previously their arrangement was shared custody with Ms. Sanchez having primary rights). The reasons which led the player to make that decision were not disclosed, but speculation says the distance and constant shuttling of the lil rug bug between Bilbao (where Aitor plays), Seville (where Laura sometimes lives) and Madrid (where Laura often works and also sometimes lives) may be taking its toll.

Sad news, indeed. But instead of dwelling on what’s going wrong in Aitor’s personal life, let’s admire what’s going right in his professional one. Like black & white photos of the GQMF as he recently reenacted scenes from the movie “La Dolce Vita” with Patricia Conde (of rumoured dating/hooking up with Miguel Torres fame).

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20 Responses to “Supermodel, Work! Aitor Ocio As Flash Gordon For The Ana Rosa Superheroes 2011 Calendar”

  1. chay says:

    i know people are going to throw things at me, but i just couldn't get over the silly outfit–i laughed out loud … but in a good way! It certainly made a good start to my morning!

    And diego … oh diego! Hello world: i think we've found the new james bond …

  2. Jackie says:

    Well this took me by surprise this morning. Lovely wake up call!

  3. Amandinha says:

    Now, why on earth cover 50% of abs goodness with that golden plate? If I wanted gold, I'd look for Sergio Ramos' shorts, but I don't! LET ME SEE THEM ABZ!

  4. @aristeia says:

    First of all: Aitorrrrr… ahhhhh! Savior of the universe! (Anyone? Am I alone in my Flash Gordon love?)

    This calendar is cracking me up, and as someone who NEVER gets anyone good on their birthday month, I'm delighted to see Diego as Bond in September. But Belen as Lois Lane. No. Belen doesn't have the class.

    If Aitor needs a live-in nanny for his munchkin while he's not at home I'm willing to move to Bilbao… now. I'll take my payment in being able to scrub my clothes clean on his abs.

  5. Lindsey says:

    WOW! He is so goodlooking and those pictures are amazing. Everytime I see his body I think Greek warrior his body is from another era, amazing! Oh and that face! hehe I am so happy when I come to this website and see his face. Spain has so many goodlooking men it makes me very jealous. America has a few but really nothing compared to that man.

  6. laligaforladies says:

    Check out Diego Forlan as James Bond too!

  7. Seriously! Why must his abs be so beautiful? This is like the 50th time I have come back to this site to look at him since about an hour ago. I swear my ovaries are making me do this. They have taken over my thought process.

  8. Leya_S says:

    I mean I already knew Aitor was hot naked but DAMN can he wear a suit!!!!
    He's got the ladies sayin' "Ohhhhh, Siiiiiii, Ohhhh!!!"

  9. Whitney Hot4Spurs says:

    This mans abs are a super hero on their own!

  10. Alexandria Samuel says:


  11. JulieFromParis says:

    I swear Im not usually the hysterical fangirl type (well except when it comes to The Ramos… and maybe two or three others lol) but this guy is on my screen and all i can come up with is: Aitor, you're a Greek God and I love you.

    • Niina says:

      I completely agree with you on all points. I'm never hysterical, except when it comes to the Ramos, and Aitor leaves me speachless. Those black and whites, he's impossibly beautiful.

  12. LosAngeleno says:

    Hot damn the man is made for clothes!…and also for no clothes.

  13. Amber says:

    I have seen all the pictures in the calendar. Some of them were great. I love PastaSauce's dress!!

    But I still can not work out why the crap 'the Hulk' is wearing a green American football uniform, and the woman is lifting the car not 'the Hulk'.

  14. Trinigirl says:

    Wow, the info I sent you all actually made it onto the site. How cool. Yay me!!! Lol!!;)

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  16. SoccerrLoverrr says:

    OMG, his abs are sooo PERFECT.
    y cant i be the one clutching his leg?

  17. Leá says:

    He's so handsome. I would definitely be more into superhero movies if they all looked like him. Sara C. also makes an appearance in the calendar, as does Diego Forlan as Bond.

  18. LuvinBale says:

    Oh he can rescue me anytime!!!
    That mans abs are EPIC!!!
    Why is that man so beautiful- its just not fair. *stamping feet in fit* UGH!!!

    I just want him to lay on top of me!