September 28th, 2010

Supermodel, Work: D.C. United On The Catwalk For Farinelli

Images via D.C. United’s Flickr. Copyright Ben Keller

We’re sure you all remember our previous feature on the United hottie Chris Pontius modelling for Mauro Farinelli’s Wolf vs Goat lookbook. We still aren’t sure who won the animal battle, but we’ve decided to move on with our lives.

Thus, we would like to bring to our many gals (and guys) snaps from Farinelli’s fashion show in Washington, which featured many of D.C. United’s finest strutting their stuff down the runway.

Clyde Simms (left) led the half-nekkid way in a pair of teeny/tight swim-shorts (we likey), but Santino Quaranta (above) stole the show by closing proceedings with a one-piece men’s bathing suit. Why yes, he did unbutton and peel it off as he walked, thanks for asking.

It’s obvious that all menswear shows should be carried out in this fashion, and we at Kickette salute those at Farinelli and DC United for leading the charge. Menswear has suddenly got a lot more interesting, no? Check out more delectable images here.

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10 Responses to “Supermodel, Work: D.C. United On The Catwalk For Farinelli”

  1. Lonnie Freeman says:

    Santino Quaranta is really fine looking! I have seen good looking guys from modeling agencies sydney but Santino is just the epitomy of the supermodel charisma.

  2. @mezz98 says:

    Gulp! This pic stopped me in my tracks.

  3. Ali says:

    His wife. He also has a daughter named Olivia and a son named Valentino.

  4. Niina says:

    Wow. Finally. Footballer ink that doesn't suck! Looove the sleeves! I knew there had to be SOMEONE with well done tattoos, or maybe I've just been looking at the Ramos too much…

  5. JVD says:

    Santino Quaranta… you've been spotted. Thanks Kickette, my list of footballers to watch for continues to grow at an alarming pace because of you all. I don't even like tattoos and all I can think is "wow, those are hot". I blame Sergio Ramos and his crazy hot tats for this.

  6. @DebStimson says:

    related trivia: Clyde Simms, son of Billy Simms a former Detroit Lions superstar running back :) and yes, his son is hot!

    Kickettes, after all the grief that The Ramos has gotten about his colorful pants…I'm surprised there's no comments yet on this…
    this:… or

    Santino Quaranta – hotness!

  7. Gigi6982 says:

    I like Clyde Simms' chest tattoo, it is beautifully done and on a beautiful man…mmm, I'll take one to go, please.

    And Santino Quaranta is just gorgeous as well…yum.

  8. jellenp says:

    Oh I think he is just ffffiiiiiiiinnnnne the way he is…..