February 25th, 2010

Supermodel, Work: Iker Casillas For FHM Collections

Can we all give a round of applause to the Art Director of FHM Espana?

Unlike the magazine’s US and UK counterparts, (that often use chicas in their undies as cover models), the Spanish version features men. Often of the shirtless variety. Aitor Ocio springs to mind. (Don’t remember? Feel shame. And then click here. Then feel better.)

As you can see, our F5 number one is looking hella good. We know other Iker fans often tell us to lay off his complete and utter lack of personal dress sense, but the difference in this hombre when a stylist has had their way with him is incredible. Num to the yum.

[via Poprosa]

Update: one more added. Thx TT!

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65 Responses to “Supermodel, Work: Iker Casillas For FHM Collections”

  1. Molly says:

    Lol a bit off topic but did anyone else see the Real Madrid vs.Tenerife game and Iker with his scruffy hair. He looked so cute!!! I just had to comment on it because no one in my family will listen to me lol they think I’m obsessed.

  2. Avenath says:

    My headache mysteriously vanished after seeing these pictures….Iker is just TOO hot…sigh, sigh, sigh…

  3. RedGirl (Mrs. Casillas) says:

    Ay Dios miooooo!!!! HERMOSOOO!!! This post just made my day =)

  4. HiL says:

    he is soooooo handsome.. no need to say more

  5. senora ramos says:

    alright, all this sexiness is starting to make me rethink my lust interest at RM! <<>>

    iker does kind of look like an ex of mine. lol!

  6. Pamela says:

    I am sorry but what is so sexy about him? He is regular looking, have you seen this guy's dentures? He has pointy little teeth. Puyol should be the captain of Spain, instead.

    • Molly says:

      You are entitled to your opinion but how can you not see it when it is hitting you right in the face???? Iker is hot and if you don't think that these photos are extremely sexy there is something wrong. Just my opinion.

    • Teresa says:

      AHHAHAAHHAHAH so Puyol should be the captain of spain because Iker has dentures? your point is invalid

    • tigerS says:

      LOL, you’re wasting your time here, our love for San Iker is unconditional…

    • eatmyboost says:

      Iker’s teeth aren’t perfect but he has the most beautiful smile.

    • Trisha ( Mrs Casilla says:

      I agree, if you cant say anything good about our no1, dont say anything at all.

      Personally, i think his teeth define him and make him look sexier!!! And i dont think he has dentures ( i think they call it veneers) cos he has always had spaces between his teeth and even if he does, Who cares??? They are probably very expensive!!!

      Everyone in their lifetime has something done to their teeth. Good teeth dont last forever. Unless you born lucky or with a silver spoon!!! :)

  7. aps says:

    Looks like someone drew him then painted him in. Looks too fake.

    • Trisha ( Mrs Casilla says:

      I kinda think that they were going for that vintage private detective look. Cos if u look at the walls its kinda messy. Anyone who photographs someone that famous is really good!!! So they know what they are doing. Probably had a theme!

      U know when you watch detective movies and when they go back in time in black and white. They have that kind of look!!!

      Only the cigar is missing. LOL. But i hate that cigarette smoke smell, so im satisfied!!!

  8. chi chi ( The real M says:


  9. Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

    Iker, now i understand why you dress the way you do!

    Cos if you always dressed like this in public…… Me thinks that every female walking past you, will either SIGH or FAINT!!!! LOL

    U will be spending alot of time in hospital making sure your female fans are okay!!! LOL

  10. eatmyboost says:

    He's not just the most handsome man in the world, he's the most beautiful thing in the world, beard or no beard.

  11. fatma says:

    iker is most handsome man on earth came…impossible not to fall in love with him…I love you iker…

  12. Rachel says:

    iker is a powerful & fine man lol… i thank him a lot…all i had to do was show my mom a few pics of him and she let me get all the spanish sports channels even tho i live in california, so i can follow la liga and real madrid…. now all i have to do is show her these pics and see if she's interested in vacationing in spain one year =)…. my dad just doesnt get why the women in the family love soccer…. oh iker, i just love u lol

  13. Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

    Im Speechless!!! I dont think i can work for the rest of the day!!!

    Almost fainted….. LOL

    Oh Iker, i always knew some people will change their minds about your beard….. I love you, with or without it!!!

    U are soooo sexy, baby!!!

  14. caitanya says:

    pray tell, how do i get my grubby little hands on this magazine, hello?

  15. lola y maria says:

    it’s unreal that Iker’s only now getting press – they should be whoring him out like they did Beckham!

  16. FootballerChick43 - says:

    I think I sighed. Like, literally looked through the pictures and let out a sigh.

    Wow. Impressive. Iker – take note of how you are dressed in these pictures, do that in real life.

  17. Elle says:

    WHAT THE HELL are you trying to do to me Iker?! Are you serious?!


  18. Sarah says:

    With that trenchcoat in the third picture, he looks like some sort of film noir private eye detective.

    And I would totally kill my husband just so he could come investigate me.

  19. aurrie says:

    OH MY!!1 this and th eGQ mag pics are soo hott!!!! Iker is still single? for how long??????

  20. freddiegirl says:

    Ahhh…dios que hombre! What a lovely surprise…..I always knew Iker was a hottie but with a little bit of a stylist's help he's pretty perfect. He's just so lovely…and grown up…and masculine..!

  21. Molly says:

    Omggggggggg!!! I love him. I almost died when I can on the site and seen this great pictures!!! Thanks Kickette!

  22. Sara says:

    Just 3 words about the video and the pictures.. OH MY GOD…
    Iker I love you!!!!!!

  23. lamis says:

    oh my god ofcourse and without any doubt this the iker that i know!Totally mesmerizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hold on am gonna faint!Crap!For Iker’s sake i’d do anything!

  24. Emma says:


    kickette, if Iker becomes anything but F5 #1, you will break my heart.

  25. Rosey says:

    YUMMY!!!….I wont comment of the beard for a whole week :-)

  26. MrsCole says:

    I am joining you all in the 'I just died' moment….He is perfect in every way.

  27. jenny says:

    YOWSA!!! Thanks for substantially brightening up my day ladies!

  28. Syrian! says:

    MUCHOS CUTOS <3 ,, Just adoring the guy!

  29. Nish says:

    love the beard…… cant believe i m sayin that, but YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Daniela says:


    that man is ohgodhot.

  31. Thea says:

    Ohhh He does look hot! Just goes to show what a difference a stylist makes! Think they did airbrush hus hairline though. Now Yoann has to do a shoot just so we can compare.

  32. suzie says:

    BLOODY HELL…………I can’t breathe……….wow……thanks Kickette.

  33. tammyv says:

    Yeah that makes being in the office at 5:15 am worth while

  34. Louise says:

    His hand in that first pic. Rawr.

    And if you ever wanted to know what it would look like if Iker Casillas tried to pick you up in a bar (I mean did pick you up in a bar), just look at the cover shot.

    • suzie says:

      Lol He wouldn't have to 'try' very hard would he. Just stood there breathing would work for me.

  35. HJ says:

    I think i just died..RIP.no, i'm just having some respiratory problems!Iker, you caused them.Mouth-to-mouth please!

    I LOVE this man!the first pic is *screams*!now, where r u Iker-haters that wanted him replaced at F5??

  36. Missy Manchester says:

    Until now…I was not an Iker Liker. Wow. Great photographer. Great stylist. Great subject matter. A+++

  37. Alisha! says:

    *Jaw Drops* OH MY GOD! Could he be more perfect?

  38. NinyaC says:

    His pose on the cover shot is so cute!

  39. Priyanka says:

    It's not too difficult to dress this way, with his money. Hopeless fashion sense. Hot looking man.

  40. Kate says:

    Kickette, you have just made my day. IKER YES PLEASE. Yum.

  41. Dexter says:

    I think I just died……. OMG need air…..

  42. tigerS says:

    Ayyy Dios MIO!

  43. maria says:


  44. Adri says:

    Can't…. breathe….

  45. xtasis says:

    FHM !! gracias ¡¡

  46. xtasis says:

    ohhh my god, iker i love you. iker is human?