December 20th, 2011

Sydney FC: Bubbas, Ballers & A Sprinkling Of Santa Side-Eye

Michael Beauchamp and Aiden meet Santa. Note the ‘Fernando’ hold is being employed by Michael there – an increasingly popular and stylish mode of transport for young men and women. Image: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images AsiaPac.

Alright, so it’s not the end of the season, but when was the last time we missed an opportunity to publish pictures of footballers and their delicious offspring? Never, that’s when.

Sydney FC held a training session with their babies yesterday and of course, we were right there to bring you all the best shots.

Obviously not actually right there. International flights are a legal no-no for us right now and probably for the foreseeable future.

Image: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images AsiaPac.

Everything starts off pleasantly enough, with Manou and Esra Bosschaart having a little kickabout with Dad Pascal in this delightful family scene. What could possibly go wrong?


Image: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images AsiaPac.

Awww, it’s Olivia McFlynn and her Daddy Terry. Olivia (and her Philippe Mexes inspired piggies) has just spotted some rather alarming activity over at the ice-baths. What on earth could it be?


Image: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images AsiaPac.

Oh yes! It’s Jordan and Dion Carle receiving some solid man advice from Scott Jamieson. Pappy Nick quickly realised it’s gonna take a while to explain why a half-naked man spent the morning shouting at them from the confines of an ice water tub. Er… let’s move inside for something a little more festive, shall we?


Image: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images AsiaPac.

Oh dear. Traditionally, players only get this frisky after downing one too many alcoholic fruit beverages.

And like most Christmas party flirtations, we’re imagining that Jamie Coyne is going to be a touch embarrassed in the morning.

We think it might be time to get the kids home now, boys. The ‘bringing your kids to work’ thing was a lovely idea in theory.

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6 Responses to “Sydney FC: Bubbas, Ballers & A Sprinkling Of Santa Side-Eye”

  1. Sarah says:

    Not the time to admit Jamie is my cousin? -.-'
    The one time he gets himself on Kickette, and its for this – Satnta Molestation…

    • Nate says:

      Tell him hes hot and he needs to get his shirt off more or buldge out to get our perving attention!

      • Sarah says:

        You think he's hot!? O.o Can't see it personally – sorry! XD
        Hmm, could suggest he organises a 'mass shirt-off' with the rest of the team? Hmm, that is actually an interesting idea… Face Book time! ><

  2. lone- Brazil says:

    The family is always something special, especially when you have many children! Beautiful photos!

  3. April says:

    Michael Beauchamp… learning from the best (on awkward baby holding). For Christmas, I would like more pictures of bubbas and ballers!