April 1st, 2010

Sylvie Van der Vaart: Bad Ass Blonde in the Backseat

Rafael Van Der Vaart WAG

Stylist Dani Bles was with Sylvie earlier this week doing a spot of shopping and decided to share a quick shot of Mrs. VDV’s new, natural ‘do.

We are totes digging Sylvie’s pixie cut and give her props for braving the public shops without her wig for the first time since her scary battle with breast cancer. The gorge Isabel Marant jacket doesn’t hurt, either.

Keep up the fierce looks, S!

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39 Responses to “Sylvie Van der Vaart: Bad Ass Blonde in the Backseat”

  1. ArsenalFan says:

    wow pretty :)

  2. Emily says:

    wowwwwww… who peed in your Wheaties this morning? How about mixing in some grammar, spelling and TRUTH into your garbled diatribe…?

  3. aps says:

    She is soo beautiful and that jacket is fierce!

  4. NinyaC says:


  5. Molly says:

    She looks so beautiful!!!

  6. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    Darling. Good for her.

  7. juventina says:

    She looks wonderful! I really love her hair like that! Breast cancer is a terrible thing to go through, my aunt is currently battling it. This just proves what a strong woman she is. I hope she is doing well and she kicks the cancer's ass!

  8. Missy Manchester says:

    Sylvie sparkles…inside and out.

  9. jasmine says:

    she looks stunning.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Sylvie Van der Vaart what a stunning woman. Together "we will" beat cancer!

  11. Merel says:

    Sylvie looks so awesome with this haircut. Love her.

  12. moomin1314 says:

    She looks fabulous and very beautiful. What a woman!

  13. kenita says:

    i love her, she's a strong beautiful woman <3

  14. aristeia says:

    It was really hard on my stepmom when her hair started falling out, but by the time she had enough hair for a cool, short ‘do… I saw her really perk up emotionally. So happy for Sylvie.

  15. tammyv says:

    She really is more fabulous than life itself

  16. Erin says:

    Wow, this breaks my heart….my cute little mother had the pixie hair after chemo. Miss her every day of my life. I'm glad Sylvie is doing well and I hope she kicks cancer's ass! She looks amazing.

  17. Shipra says:

    Sylvie is looking sooooo smart!! And cute(asalways, only cuter!!) I love this woman. <3

  18. suzie says:

    She looks amazing and without all the hair you get to see just how beautiful she is.

  19. Monoonie says:

    Im proud to be dutch <3
    and that is one of the first times in my life….

  20. Trista Jade says:

    I said this the other day, but it deserves to get said again. She looks absolutely fabulous! I love this look on her! Go you, Sylvie, for rockin’ it out!

  21. Ella says:

    Wow, I actually like this cute pixie cut more than those awful fake wigs and extensions. She has the face to pull off this haircut! Now if only she would lose the fake tanner orange skin. She’s so lovely without that junk!

  22. DutchGooner says:

    I llove this woman…and she looks stunning :)

  23. liv says:


  24. MrsNesta says:

    Absolutely Fabulous :)

  25. AKA says:

    Love her so frickin' much. And as a proud long-standing shorthair, I'm impressed and delighted too!

    • Shipra says:

      I know what you mean, I'm a proud longstanding short hair too. Somehow, short hair has the capability to make women look smart and business-like and I just love that!

    • FootballerChick43 - says:

      Agreed! Short hair does something magnificent to a woman. Plus it gives a confidence to her – after all, she has nothing to hide behind!

  26. rois says:

    she looks amazing. i much prefer sylvie with this hairstyle.

  27. Anastasia says:

    She looks fantastic. Happy, healthy and rocking the hair.

  28. FootballerChick43 - says:

    I LOVE her pixie cut. Actually… its the exact same cut I have, lol. Plus she looks absolutely gorgeous. Bravo, Sylvie!

  29. Awwww, bravo Sylvie! My best friend – a fabulous lady – just started chemo therapy for breast cancer and her hair has fallen out. She had lovely hair and it hurts her. I'm going to show her Sylvie's picture to inspire her to a supersexy pixie cut.

    • Lilipop says:

      My aount had breast cancer two years ago, she used to have really straight, thin (I can't find the good adjective) hair, she lost it and now, it's more beautiful than it used to be, except that it has more volume and is curly, and she is healthy and fine

      (now, she complains about the curls while she used to make fake ones as a teen!)

      not much to do with S VDV but I hope to cheep up all of you who have relatives facing cancer!

      and Sylvie rocks this haircut, I could not find what you saw in her, now I do
      :) ))

  30. senora ramos says:

    she looks amazing!! love those vdv's. she's amazingly strong and he's so wonderfully sweet and supportive

  31. ICan'tThink says:

    Good for her…I think she looks GREAT!

  32. Khryse says:

    Okk wow, hater much? Why would someone lie about having chemo? And how could Sylvie possibly copy someone on the other side of the world's haircut? There are millions of girls with the same hairstyle. We're all entitled to our own opinions, but at least be classy about it. I think she is beautiful regardless.

  33. Thea says:

    that's harsh! I never warmed to her but I would not wish cancer on anyone, especially with a young son.

  34. Merel says:

    Stop talking shit woman.

    You know why Rafael was allowed to stay at RM? Because Perez' wife was going through her last chemo's when Sylvie went into her first and she felt sorry for their situation and talked to her husband.

    You don't lie about cancer, you don't lie about chemo.

    She has finished chemo. Now please do explain me how her hair wouldn't be like this? You talk shit and you are delusional.

  35. Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

    I agree, Thea. It is really harsh. I dont really feel anything for her but I dont think she would wish cancer onto herself especially with a little child.

    And i think she is pretty. Imagine if everyone looked alike. How boring!!!

    She is pretty in her own unique way. :)