March 14th, 2012

Sylvie van der Vaart: Gym Time Glamour

Rafael husband Tottenham

We’re hanging our sweaty heads in shame at the sight of Mrs Rafael van der Vaart outside a gym on 7.3.2012. Image via TFS.

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9 Responses to “Sylvie van der Vaart: Gym Time Glamour”

  1. Isabel says:

    I don't like those shoes. Why would she wear them? But I guess, since a lot of people wear them, they are comfortable and nice.

  2. mata says:

    Well, it's just nice to see her looking fit and healthy after all she's been through, breast cancer sucks.

  3. rafaela says:

    Gym time glamour?!!? I am not so sure!! I mean look at her!!! She is wearing earrings and her face is full with make-up!!!! She is beautiful but…

  4. con2e says:

    what the hell on are you on? Get that medication checked, woman! Obviously you are delusional!

  5. KL7 says:

    Well, I guess you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Completely over the top for the gym, full face of makeup earrings and all. However if she was snapped faceless and crazy bed head we'd have something to say too. We'd all feel a hell of a lot better about ourselves, but we'd still comment!

  6. Truth! says:

    Jealous rage much?, poor thing, u can't have him. He's happy with his dog ugly and fat wife!(:

  7. Jayy says:

    Nothing beats a cup of coffee when you have to get up painfully early.

  8. Anna says:

    Can't stand girls with makeup and earrings in gym. But I will make an exception for Silvie "glamour" vd Vaart.

    • gigi says:

      Well, when you think about how some of the female tennis players compete in full (dangly!) jewelry and mascara, Sylvie doesn't look so overdone. For all we know she's just heading in for a light workout or yoga. I like her hair long like this, I think her short haircut made her look dated and old.