July 25th, 2012

Take A Shirtless Bow: 2012 MLS All-Star Hottie Poll Results Are In

Drumroll please. The hottest 2012 MLS All-Star ‘baller not named Beckham, as voted on by you, dear readers, is…

abs shirtless eligible bachelor cosmo

D.C.’s most eligible bachelor, Chris Pontius, who secured 24% of the votes! As for the rest at the top of our lush lovelies pyramid, Thierry Henry came in second (16%) and there was a three way for third involving Sporting KC’s Graham Zusi, Jay DeMerit of Vancouver and Red Bulls’ Heath Pearce (11% a piece).

Give yourselves a round of applause Kickettes. You came out in droves (we expected nothing less) to cast more than 5,000 votes in our MLS cuties contest, which is so awesomely awesome of you. Therefore, enjoy this pic of CP’s biceps cuddling a fluffy white puppy as your reward.

So gang, reactions to these results? With a penchant for charity and those hip dips, is anyone besides Stu Holden surprised/shocked/dismayed by Chris Pontius’ win?

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13 Responses to “Take A Shirtless Bow: 2012 MLS All-Star Hottie Poll Results Are In”

  1. Hannah says:

    Kennedy was robbed!
    Ah well, Pontius is okay too:)

  2. just_jenni says:

    Oh awesome! Chris Pontius is such a nice guy as well as a hottie. He deserves to win this most prestigious of awards.

  3. Tashinka says:

    I'll take that third-place three-way (subbing in for Pearce, natch).

  4. [...] Chris Pontius picked up another award besides his 2012 MLS All-Star Game brought to you bey AT&T featuring miCoach by adidas MVP. It involved how he looks without a shirt on. // Kickette [...]

  5. [...] Chris Pontius is a man of many talents. Chiefly, playing soccer and looking really ridiculously good while playing soccer. // Kickette [...]

  6. giulia says:

    why is there not more love for wondo!? i'm from northern ca and i've seen a few earthquakes games live and he seems like such a sweetheart! he's our pride and joy and the reason we're on top of our league!!!

    • jg8 says:

      As an Earthquakes STH, I love Wondo too. From all accounts, he is a sweetheart and a loyal husband. This poll was about hotness, not sweetness or performance on the pitch. He would win my vote in those categories! but as All Star Hottie? My vote had to go to Pontius, not even close. Also, having met Wondo's wife and liking her, I could never perv on him.

  7. TAMMYV says:


    YAY Chris

  8. Jayy says:

    He is such a hottie. UUFFFF *_*

  9. treguain says:

    he's such a hottie and totally deserved that number one spot. go chris and don't settle down any time soon-i love u just the way you're (single that is).

  10. YvoYeungGirl says:

    To be expected :) if you guys could do a video interview with him next that would be awesome! Thanks for making this slow summer enjoyable!

    • treguain says:

      am also digging your suggestion. kickette pliz just do for us a video interview no matter how brief it'll be.