March 23rd, 2007

Enough Already: Teddy Sheringham and Danielle Lloyd

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imageOkay… these two need to just stop.

Let’s start with Danielle.  She joins the coveted ranks of the Wives and Girlfriends Club by dating old man Sheringham, says some fantastically stupid things, loses thousands of pounds because of it, breaks up with her baller, gets back together with her baller, breaks up with him again, becomes a rival with her baller as an online poker rep – please stay awake if you can – and now?

She’s hooching it up on a professional level for all to see.

At celeb (both A, B and C-list) haunt, Funky Buddha, Danielle gave Charlton’s Marcus Bent a bump and grind dance showcase directly in front of her ex Teddy.  As he looked on, blood boiling, Danielle then started snogging the face off of Marcus as well.  Teddy told her to behave herself. She continued her striptastical behaviour until even the randoms at the club were raising eyebrows.

Danielle and Marcus exchanged numbers. 

But wait.  Last week girlfriend was spotted trying to get it on with Carlton Cole (West Ham) when they were out at the Embassy club.

And perhaps we should extend the ho-factor to Teddy as well, who flirted with a gaggle of women the same night – in the vicinity of Danielle & Co. The Mirror says he went home with three women.  Their “spy” says Danielle ran screeching to the loos in anger.

This is the type of healthy relationship with your ex one can only hope, dream, and take prescription medicine for.

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