July 2nd, 2010

Tennis Fans: Brooklyn And David Beckham At Wimbledon

Can you spot the sexy/insanely-wealthy man in this photo? Homegirl behind him with the telephoto lens better come through with the HQ goods, is all we’re saying. Image copyright Wimbledon via their Official Facebook page.

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10 Responses to “Tennis Fans: Brooklyn And David Beckham At Wimbledon”

  1. Zizou says:

    The only hottie I see is the guy on the right bottom side of the picture…Yumm <3

  2. ruby says:

    Is he our Official National Cheerleader now then?

  3. Lucy says:

    according to Becks Brooklyn is a huge tennis fan and his favorite player is Federer :)

  4. MissEstonia says:

    He doesn't even look real in this photo, lol! He looks like a cardboard cutout that's been placed in the presence of lesser, more common looking people. I'm sure these people would look pretty decent were it not for the Adonis sitting amongst them!

    I don't usually have it for Becks like crazy, but I have to admit that he is pretty stunning when compared to average people.

  5. tammyv says:

    Seriously… I am way more interested in the pretty boy in orange downfront

    • Sally says:

      I know you didn’t ask but that guy in orange in the front row is Ross Hutchins, a British doubles player. He’s played doubles with Andy Murray on a few occasions and I think they’re good friends.

  6. s.Berry says:

    Why oh why doesn't Nadal get some pants that fit instead of irritatingly picking them out of his bottom all the time?

  7. Leesy Lou says:

    Waaaa waaa weee waahhhh!! He is sooooo hot!!! Don't enjoy the clean shaven look as much as the beard, but hey ho!! Also took me a while to look at anything else in this photo, but when i did, who is the hotness in the front row?!!

    • Chloe D. says:

      hahah i was checking out the fittie in the cardi at the bottom right hand corner of the photo too :D