May 25th, 2011

The England Jersey: So Last Year

With so many goalkeepers pulling out of the England squad as of late, we’re eagerly awaiting a call up call to the Kickette office. We figure that it’s only a matter of time before Fabio Capello runs out of options and seeks help from the leading proponents of football fluffery. It’s a long shot, sure, but we’ve packed for a heavy Joe Hart ‘training’ session.

Hey, it could happen.

The latest twist in this friendly farce is the withdrawal of Fulham and England debutante David Stockdale. Stockdale was called up with the rest of the England players last week, but waited until Monday to advise the management team that he was getting married the day before the Switzerland tie.

Well, these things do have a habit of slipping from one’s mind, no?

With Ben Foster’s recently announced sabbatical and Rob Green’s withdrawal from the June qualifier due to his wife’s pregnancy, this would have left Fabs a little short handed, had Green not pulled a spectacular skidding u-turn upon learning of Stockdale’s nup niggle, and stated he was available for selection.

Hmm. We feel this may not help those arguing against the case that the pride in wearing an England shirt has devalued in recent years. The squad’s spectacularly poor performances in tournaments lately have been hard enough to watch for the fans so is it really any surprise that players might treat the call up lightly, given the hassle that comes with it?

Whatever the reason behind Green’s change of heart, do you believe that a player should always answer the call up, regardless of personal circumstance, or are certain things more important?

Do you even care anymore?

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7 Responses to “The England Jersey: So Last Year”

  1. Raincitygirl says:

    Well, how pregnant is Mrs. Green, anyway? I mean, if she's about ready to pop, then no, he should not be gadding around playing football, he should be practising his Lamaze coaching skills. Or if she's having pregnancy complications, it would make a lot of sense for him to stick around. If she's having a normal pregnancy, everything's fine, and she's not coming up on her due date, then yes, Mr. Green should make himself available for selection.

    That said, I do kind of feel sorry for reserve goalkeepers. If you play any other position, then if you're sitting on the bench there's at least a chance you might come on as a sub. But the odds of the goalie getting subbed off as a tactical change are pretty damn slim. So either you pray for your country's Number 1 to have a serious injury during the game, or you practise sitting on the bench looking pretty for the cameras, and never leaving the bench. It sucks. So when I'm wearing my England fan hat, I wish Mr. Green would just shut up and sit on the bench like a good reserve. But when I'm wearing my human being hat, I get that motivating yourself to go out for yet another game where you'll just be a spectator has to suck. And talking people into doing it and smiling while so doing is apparently beyond Fabio Capello's man management skills.

  2. @pcattry says:

    Wait, Robert Green is married? With a baby on the way? Somebody fill me in!

  3. MelB says:

    If I'm having your baby, you're going to be there. I don't care if you have to kick the ball into the net from the damn hospital. You will be right there with me the entire time, and you will not be allowed to get drunk with your buddies afterwards. End of Story.

  4. up the lads says:

    Gee, getting married, having a baby or skipping those to risk major humiliation on an international stage?

  5. Bea says:

    I agree that there is a lot of pride that comes with donning the shirt which some players don't feel and personally, I'd love to see the Kickette's in goal, hahaha. Otherwise, Stockdale's wedding was planned two years in advance according to his fiance (she's on Twitter) and well before it looked like he'd be called up for England. She even offered to move the date of their wedding!

  6. footballandme says:

    I dont agree with footballers getting "injuries" a week before international matches just so they don't have to play that specific game. Thats a joke and they shouldnt be allowed to pull the jersey on again. But then again I dont think its right that players like Green and Foster say that "I dont want to play for England anymore." Why not? Just because you've dropped a few clangers and now all of a sudden you dont want to play anymore?

    And now Green has changed his mind? I'd say "Thanks but no thanks" if I was Capello. You didnt want to play for me when I asked so dont bother pestering me again.

    Suck it up and realise that this is football and things are going to happen; good or bad.

  7. IrishBlue says:

    Absenteeism without a valid reason just makes us fans lose faith in the players involved. We want a team full of players who are committed to the cause and want to play for us.

    Saying that we do have a bit of absenteeism over here in Ireland at the moment but we are taking part in a entirely meaningless tournament that is the Carling Nation's Cup and I kinda see their point in not showing up….As long as they show up for what matters i.e.-the Euro qualifiers, I don't mind too much.