April 22nd, 2010

The F5 Vote: The Arsenal Triple Challenge

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shirtless bendtner


nicky displays his waresThe case for: Our favourite Dane! He’s long, lean, and (as we’ve mentioned numerous times perv-iously), likes to give his scanties and thighs fresh air whilst in public places. Speaking of thighs, we imagine his are kitten soft and extremely welcoming. Our Elite Eleven party boy’s body ain’t bad either.  We thoroughly  appreciate a a footballer that knows he’s wanted (see the ‘come and get me girls’ stance, right), parties inappropriately, and has dimples. Come to mama.

Need more? He’s a tall (6’5!) drink of water champers. He doesn’t date-discriminate in the age-stakes, is down with the kids (and co-ordinating sunnies), and looks like he’d be a damn good laugh on a night out.

The case against: He’s a shite driver. His youthful insouciance can be seen as deal-breaking arrogance. Of course, we see Nicky B as a work-in-progress. He might burp the alphabet but he’s worth it for the late-night party tricks.


verma smileThe case for: He’s the Premier League’s very own Belgian hottie and we want to claim him. Thomas’s pale skin and chiseled jawline make him Arsenal’s answer to fellow nominee Nemanja Vidic, only with less broken noses or robot wires. He’s the ultimate poster boy for 50 SPF sunscreen - indeed, before Verma, the term “coffin hot” simply didn’t exist. Props for that are definitely deserved.

His  impressively built thighs help to keep him at a 100% approval ratio round these parts and when he smiles, he goes from sculpted bruiser to sweetheart. What gal doesn’t love it when a tough guy turns pussycat?

The case against: Stripping off post-match doesn’t happen much in Verma’s world. Also, the Prince of Darkness comparisons can be a downer. We recommend embracing the paleness and potential love bites. (Vamps are popular right now, after all).


The case for: The Arsenal captain’s name rhymes with Sex. Win. But we’ve started, so we’ll go on. His transformation from boy into fully-formed grownup has been a delight to watch, and his willingness to Continuously. Get. The Abs. Out does a lot for his appeal.

Cesc’s been through a lot this season, with knee injuries, leg injuries, and serial disappointment – perhaps the F5 could bring a smile back to his nummy face. Although he’s growing up (sniff), we sincerely hope the sexy and adorkable Mr. F will never be too mature for “doughnut discotheques”Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives.

The case against: Cesc’s already had his time on the F5 list. His elbow tattoo is kind of ass. Hmm. Well, that’s all we’ve got. Soz, gals -  we did try, but our love for Cesc is well documented.

Over to you! Remember (please) this is all just a bit of fun. Taking it seriously can cause premature wrinkles and no one wants that.

Voting (which is via the poll below) will be open until 5am GMT/Midnight EST on Friday, 23 April; Only one of the footballers in each offered pairing will be included in the Finest Five 4.0 list; The new Finest Five list will be revealed on Monday the 26th. Inappropriate comments will be deleted.


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146 Responses to “The F5 Vote: The Arsenal Triple Challenge”

  1. Ingridpaola says:

    I love aaron he is like my boyfriend he just doesnt know it yet…

    But hey.. I choose Bendtner between those 3!

  2. aps says:

    IS this even a competition? CESC OF COURSE!

  3. Inés says:

    I'll choose tha captain Cesc!!!!!

    The case against: his girlfriend!!!!!!! >_<

  4. Amy says:

    yeah, cesc’s tattoo is definitely ass. Favorite Dane title goes to Daniel Agger.

  5. redandwhite says:

    Vermaelen! have you seen those cheek bones! :P …he could kill..in a hot way ;) …cesc is close those..but i like them a bit tougher :)

  6. Jelly Bean says:

    Sexy Cesc-y Boy, obviously. Although the other two are always welcome round my house if they get bored… ;)

    • sounderslove says:

      mte. it’s not like i would actually say no to any of them. pretty sure i’m not capable of that.

  7. Yasmin Marisa says:

    How about we give the Arsenal team their very own F5 list?

  8. sounderslove says:

    cesc lovers i think verma might actually be gaining ground…do something!!

    not that i don’t love verma. i totally would. but he isn’t cesc.

  9. Linda (Gooner till I says:

    ooohh… my lovely boys. :) I love them all. But Cesc… is just Cesc. <3

    • Linda (Gooner till I die) says:

      but where is RvP, Theo, Shava, Ramsey, Gael… oh yeah – Arsenal FC. :)

      • GoonerGal says:

        Isn’t it good to be a Gooner? <3 our team is sex on legs AND, we play well.


  10. Megs says:

    NO! You CANNOT do this to me! Cesc is my all time love! But Verma? He is just SEX ON LEGS! You failed to mention the GLORIOUS behind he so supports to .. I can’t choose!

  11. Ella says:

    My vote goes to Fabregas (mm.. spaniards..)

  12. JaneSpotting says:

    Tough choice..Arsenal is good eye candy overall. Cesc, although very fine is (sorry to say to the majority of Kickettes) over rated. His sourpuss expressions not delightful enough to even win in the 'bitchface' category. Plus what up with all those turltle necks? Yuck.

    As for Bentner..while very very fond of Danish men overall, he just doesnt cut it.

    And where is R Van Persie in the list? I have a particular fondness for him and he should be in the running.

    I'd say Vermalaen wins. Very nice.

  13. ladytee says:

    vermaelen all the way. gosh he's just too sexy

  14. DutchGooner says:


    I dont know who too choose between my boys its either our SEXY spaniard or our DARK KNIGHT THOMAS VERMAELEN he is sooo sexy when he is angry :) and how can i forget our Dane…ermmmm who to choose, who too choose….


  15. Jennifer says:

    I am most definitely spoilt for choice!

  16. burnedpaper says:

    i voted for tommy v
    but wheres rvp

  17. GoonerGal says:



    Vermaelen. cause I know nobody's gonna vote of him. :C poor baby.




    Verma is vampire hot

    Big B is college boy hot

    Cescy is Spanish hot.

    they're in thier own categories, it isn't faiiirrr. D:

    • iknowwhogoonergalis says:

      you spelled put wrongly. anyway, i absolutely, totally, supercalifragalisticexpialodocious-ly agree. =)

    • sounderslove says:

      lmao i love how “Spanish hot” warrents its own category. i completely agree.

      • GoonerGal says:

        Spniards are in their own totally too darn hot class. You can't compete. :) still loving my Verma tho. And my Big B didn'tt vote for him tho, sorry lov :( ). And my Cesc :) there's a lot more sexy coming from our gunners corner right here

    • anja says:

      of course there is people voting for vermaelen!!!! but I also think, that cesc is gonna win this because there is just too much spaniard-lovers here :(

  18. hp says:

    Oh em GEE! Very hard to decide!!!!

  19. lorena_chanel says:

    Ok so I understand why Cesc is on the voting list but the other 2…let’s just say this was VERY,VERY easy voting for me…but that’s just my opinion…If Kickettes put for example CESC,THEOOOO Walcott and RVP!!! Now that would be in the rank of voting between BECKHAM VS HENRY :-D

  20. eatmyboost says:

    Because an earlier Kickette blog said there were ten ballers on the shortlist, there must be only one baller left unvoted for. Therefore Iker is no longer a Kickette favourite :)

  21. mahn says:

    i ALMOST didn't vote for Cesc cause i feel sorry for the other two. based on the comments, it seems like this is going to be a landslide win for Fabregas :)

  22. Intan Kahar says:

    This isnt fair…..they shouldnt put all three gunners against each other. I cant believe i have to choose one of them.

  23. cutecurls says:

    What? No Arshavin? His goofiness can be hot.

  24. MrsYoann says:

    At least now we all know that Arsenal is filled with sexies. So many sexies, that we had our own special Arsenal poll!

    I love my team.

    P.s. Its kind of unfair! Who wants to choose between.. THEM! they all deserve a spot on the list..

    • sounderslove says:

      Ah the joys of being an Arsenal fan…

      And see my reply to fuchsiabella below.

      • MrsYoann says:

        Cant agree more. Though Yoann should be number 1. Tied with Arsenal, Kaka, and the Spanish NT.

        • sounderslove says:

          haha well I felt like I had to put numbers there just for the sake of making it a list. But yes, I agree. Except then poor Fredy would feel left out.

  25. BarcelonaFan says:

    Cesc. Hands Down. Even with that horrideous mo hawk he sported before. LOL.

  26. Ana;) says:

    OMGGG!!! Kickette I cant belive you've done this to me *sobs lol

    as an arsenal fan this is so difficult. But im partically stuck between Cesc and Thomas. I decided to vote for Thomas just because…I know everyone will vote for Cesc.

    I dont mind who wins thoughhhh…

  27. Sara says:

    Nicky might be confident, bordering on over-confident but he never said he's Arsenal's best striker. The quotes in the link you posted was vehemently denied by him and he even took the newspaper to court who said it.

    Poor, misunderstood Nicklas…

  28. embee says:

    CESC FABREGAS!!!!! He is my absolute love and one of my first footballer crushes. :) Love him to pieces!!

    but yeah, Arsenal has a lot of good-looking players… Theo, Bendtner, RVP, Arshavin…. <3

  29. izzy says:

    Honestly…none of them do it for me. I abstain!

  30. fuchsiabella says:

    This was the hardest one yet! How can you make us choose between all the sexy that is the Arsenal?

    • sounderslove says:

      the perfect F5:

      1. La Furia Roja

      2. Arsenal FC

      3. Yoann

      4. Kaka

      5. Fredy Montero

      see how much more diversity we get that way? plus then cesc would wint the double…espana and arsenal.

      • senora ramos says:

        instead of kaka, put real madrid, move yoann to 2 and put pique at 5, i could go with your list

        • senora ramos says:

          or captian america instead of pique since he would be with la furia roja! lol!

        • sounderslove says:

          hm…well pique doesn't really do much for me except when he's with Cesc, and he's included by Espana…but ok we can put Real there. No one else seems to share my Fredy love though :(

  31. Winnie says:

    WTF! i swear to god i almost cried!
    KICKETTE–WHY? or even HOW could you do this to a Gunner Girl!
    it is positively devilish…but of course my vote HAS to go for El Capitan.
    it would be almost BLASPHEMOUS if i didn’t vote for him!
    but gees…this broke my heart.
    i’m so sorry Nicky! :’(

  32. Khryse says:

    I'm sorry, but easy one for me considering I have no ties to Arsenal. I choose the captain of course, Mr. Fabregas. He is sooo cute and adorable. Love him!!!

  33. FootieCutie says:

    kickette ,, HOW COULD U DO THIS TO ME ??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( ,,
    i dunno who to vote 4 ,, i just don’t :”(

  34. Lora says:

    Although I love them all, I personally I think RVP is most attractive gunner of all <3. I'll go with Verma though because when he's gets riled up… *fans self*

  35. GothamGunner says:


    • talnevi says:

      I voted for Cesc but I’m wondering: where is RVP?!

      • Yasmin Marisa says:

        That's exactly what I was thinking! I voted for Cesc too though. I can't believe I had to choose between my gunners.

  36. Sarah says:

    Oh Kickette, now this is just mean! Of course I will always go for mi Capitan, but it pains me to vote against the Verminator. :(

  37. zen says:

    Nicklas, Thomas and Cesc? Oh come on, winner is obvious. This is not fair, there's no chance for poor Nicklas and Thomas=(

    Cesc FTW!

  38. Yasmin Marisa says:

    Why, Kickette, why? Why must you pit the gunners against each other? Oh well, gonna have to go for Cesc. Love me some Cesc! Also, what about Robin van Persie?

  39. Liz says:

    Mr Bendtner, yes please! xxx

  40. ElNino9 says:

    Ohh Kickette, another tough one!

    I think Cescy gets my vote though…just. Bendtner is damn sexy too though!

  41. beri says:

    Cesc…no one else can compare! That is all…Thank you!

  42. sounderslove says:

    well considering Cesc is kind of the love of my life….

    But a shout out to the others. And Verma's eyes really are gorgeous.

    Thank you Kickette for a) not putting Cesc up against Nando and b) proving that Arsenal is indeed the hottest team in the prem (believe me, there's more where these 3 came from)

  43. YoungChelsea4Life says:


  44. Megan says:

    Cescy Boy

  45. Helena says:

    seriously – BENDTER? against fabregas?
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL kickette you jokers XD

  46. livv4footy says:

    nicky b. all the way ;)

    soorry cesc, but they're rite, the tattoo is ass x a billion

  47. SB says:

    can already see cesc is gonna win this, but if it was up to me, it would easily be vermaelen… ♥

  48. Emma says:

    Sexy Cesc! Sex, Cesc, Cesc, Sex….drool I love my spanish boys

  49. Ella says:

    I think Cesc's eyes are too beautiful not to vote for him (there is a topless pic and im looking at eyes??)

    Although, Vermaelen is not too shabby. Not a massive Bendtner fan.

  50. cymraeg_ddraig says:

    Cesc every time. Vermaelen not far behind. Bendter though? Seriously? Give me RVP ANY day!

  51. p4ng says:

    Nicklas? No.
    Thomas? NO!
    Cesc? Yes, but sometimes I just hate him..

  52. lulu says:

    Cesc wins hands down!! :D

  53. moi says:

    That wasn’t a hard choice. Cesc ofcourse!!!

  54. Ali says:

    Is this a serious poll?
    Fabs all the way!

  55. senora ramos says:

    cesc, not even a competition. guess i’m off to vote for marco

    • Molly says:

      Senora Ramos I am voting Cesc for you :) :) :) !!!!!

    • MrsNesta says:

      Yay thanks Senora Ramos, I'm voting Cesc!!!!!!!!!

    • senora ramos says:

      well, it's done. i'm sorry xabi i nub u though. i really, really do. i would've voted you over all the guys today ::criesandfeelsawful::

      • Molly says:

        Aww it’s going to be okay. Here’s a ((((hug))))

      • MrsNesta says:

        *pours a martini* Xabi is a kind and forgiving guy and he’ll be pleased you’re supporting his friend Cesc :)

      • senora ramos says:

        thanks ladies. i guess marco deserves it. xabi has ana to consol him. and jon. and nagore. sniff, he’ll be ok.

        • MrsNesta says:

          You've definitely got my vote tomorrow as I would've voted for Cesc anyway as he's VERY HOT and the captain of Arsenal, I love the other two but don't want to do the same things with them what I want to do with Cesc!!!!! :)

          • Molly says:

            Ohh MrsNesta lololololol!!! But Cesc is a cute!!! Senora Ramos you got my vote tomorrow as long as Iker isn't against Sergio!!! I can't go against my Iker :( !!!

            • MrsNesta says:

              Ooh yeah that could be tough….mmmm…..no I've said senora ramos has got my vote!!!!! *wishes had put clause in like Molly*

            • senora ramos says:

              molly, i hate to say this b/c it just depresses me. but i don’t think iker or sergio are going to be up for debate :(

              unless….they do a real madrid top 4 toss up -> sergio, iker, kaka, and cris (but i don’t see that happening)

              or a la liga toss up -> kun, pique, sergio, iker, cris, kaka, reyes, villa…ok, they wouldn’t be able to do that, too many people. and we’ve had none from the budesliga and they do have hot guys there too

              • Molly says:

                I know, it depresses me too. One moment I am like yeah he will be in list, how could he not be :) and the next moment I think no he probably isn’t going to be in the list :( !!! It just sad because he is so sexy and people hate on him because of his fashion choices and his beard but thats who he is!!! If Iker wore nice clothes and chose better hair choices he wouldn’t be Iker anymore…thats why we love him right??? Atleast that is why I thought we loved him!!! But I will love him no matter if he is in the list or not he will always be my first love :) !!!!!!

                • senora ramos says:

                  well, at least iker will go on to the hall of fame (i mean i guess so, he's been on the F5 how many times?!)

                  and i think the guys fashion choices are over-rated. who cares what they dress like?! it's all about what's under the clothing ;)

                  really, if iker and sergio would dress like yoann (and if el ramos would stop messing up his hair with all the damn layers) the world would really be in trouble. it keeps them mere mortals instead of gods :)

                  • Molly says:

                    Exactly!! Couldn’t have said it better myself :) !!
                    PS: There is still one more day and Sergio may be that day :) !!!

                    • Thea says:

                      Am thinking tomorrow is Iker vs Nando -I'd brace yourselves ladies!!!

                    • senora ramos says:

                      that's a no contest for me, thea. i have no feelings for nando except for a soft spot b/c of the national team. but i'm think as many people love iker, nando would win that in a landslide. he has more fangirls, and no pasta sauce

                    • Thea says:

                      I agree – the fashion challeneged one seems very out of favour! Even with the Kickette die hards!

                    • Thea says:

                      i just CANNOT take anymore of Iker's bad clothes and even worse gf's. Once I saw THAT photo and THAT video of Yoann – I suddendly felt the need to move on!

                    • senora ramos says:

                      are you including nando in the non-fashion challenged? don’t. lol!

                    • Molly says:

                      I love Nando but Iker is my life :) lol!!!! So Iker all the way!!!! :)

  56. juventina says:

    CESC CESC CESC CESC!!! For. sure. That man is hella pretty and is definitely F5 material ;) Plus, like you said his name rhymes with sex…that’s just asking for it!

  57. Erin says:

    I must admit I’m not particularly drawn to any of them. But out of the three, it has to be Vermaelen.

  58. carly says:

    Meh…I don't know and this time it's not because I love them much…

  59. tammyv says:

    Damn…. Who Knew Kickette HQ was the center ring for celebrity death match.

  60. Ish678 says:

    I hate you for doing this to me, Kickette! Why oh why must you make us choose between these when you could have spread them out over the other votes?! (Yoann or Niko? Really?!) :p

    At least you didn't throw Arshavin in there too and make it EVEN harder for me! :)

  61. LuvinBale says:

    I say VERMAELEN- those lips are to die for. OMG!!!

    Bendtner looks like a twink. If you dont know what that means- look it up. ;)

  62. C16 says:

    Nicky! Can't get over the thighs ;)

  63. Alisha says:

    I can't do it….I love Cesc and Nick far too much to choose between them but i must… :(

  64. Amyy says:

    Sex..I mean Cesc :)

  65. Beth says:

    not really sure on these three – none of them really grab me, however, if i'm forced it will have to be cesc

  66. balicious8 says:

    none of tree arsenal's players really atractt me. I try to get it but noo. I don't know so much about Vermaelen, what i know is that he's weirdly hot but is struck for me. About Bendtner, beast and arrogant guy in my opinion, he doesn't give me anything…he's hot but then. The appearance is not a only credit to consider. CESCY, i like him (don't love..i mean…), he's just cuteee but nothing more than this. Cute. Fit body. like donuts (made me xD). More. plus: SPANIARD!

    So i vote for Cesc

  67. anja says:


    well, each to her own :) but for me its definitly vermaelen, no question!!

  68. ilovenemanjavidic says:

    verma – simply because he reminds me of vida :) <3

  69. Mrs.Higuain says:

    Vermalens eyes *ahmen* <3

  70. shay says:

    Bednter by a foot, in Cesc's case literally.

  71. Amy says:


    I love Cesc Fabregas :)





  72. caitanya says:

    This one is tough–i decline to vote. Bendtner is the hottest of the bunch but is too arrogant so i can't vote for him. I don't see the Cesc thing, but he is Spanish so that makes up for it. Vermaelen is sexy but he's belgian, which takes away from it. :-)

  73. Kate says:


    none of them

  74. Ines del Sol says:

    It's unfair. I cannot simply choose between Verma and Cesc! Kickette, please!

  75. Molly says:

    How come there is no big pictures of Cesc??? Only the small one :( !!! I don't know lol……

  76. AlianzaLima says:

    Where's Arshavin??

  77. ruby80 says:

    I have absolutely no preference in this round and can't believe one of these trolls is going to be in the F5. You've let me down, Kickette.

    • Jemima says:

      how you can call cesc a troll, i’ll never know.

      • ruby80 says:

        He looks like he smells of soap, and not in a good way. I can’t describe it, I just feel no attraction to him whatsoever.

  78. imhereforthenando says:

    Like everyone else is saying, this isn't even a competition. Fabs FTW!

  79. Jemima says:

    cesc of course, no contest <3

    he's only my favourite footballer ever:)

  80. Yao says:

    Not even a *question*. My heart belongs to Cesc forever and always. Le sigh.

    I really hope he recovers in time for the World Cup!

  81. Einah says:

    Cesc, no contest… but darn it! I guess I'll never see Viya in this list :(

  82. Brittany says:


    i can't choose…

    okay, Cesc.

  83. suzie says:

    lol kickette did you break the heel on your favourite pair of shoes at the weekend or something cos you've been so mean this week with the match ups. Cesc gets my vote.