April 19th, 2010

The Finest Five 4.0: Game On

David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Freddie Ljungberg, Thierry Henry, Adrian Mutu

For those unfamiliar, the above gentlemen had the distinguished honour of being on our first Finest Five list. Oh yes, in 2007, these were the “most wanted” at Kickette Towers. Not too shabby, huh?

As time passed, hairlines receded, beards grew, and most of these men moved on over to the less volatile, more distinguished, Hot Hall of Fame list.

(For those unfamiliar, the Finest Five is an ‘of the moment’ list. The Hot HOF is a permanent placement; a recognition of life-long beauty. The F5 is ever-changing, depending on our mood, or a man’s commitment (or not) to base layers.)

But enough about the past. We’ve been harping on about revising the F5 List for some time, and we’re sure some of you lost hope that it would come to fruition. Well today is the day, dear readers. And this time around, we’re doing things differently. We’re involving you.

Get your Harrods sale elbows at the ready, Kickettes. This could get messy.

We’ve not gone totally insane, mind you: we have created an edited short-list of teneleven, (we changed our minds) of our current top crushes. You decide which five get the prize. This is a lot of trust we’re handing over to you, girls (and some boys). Make us proud.

- We’ll be starting later today, posting one dynamic duo a day for the next five days for you to vote on.

- Voting will be open until 5am GMT/Midnight EST on Friday, 23 April.

- Only one of the footballers in each offered pairing will be included in the Finest Five 4.0 list. You are responsible for which one makes the cut. We know you will make good choices, dear readers.

- The new Finest Five list will be revealed on Monday the 26th.

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161 Responses to “The Finest Five 4.0: Game On”

  1. deschanell says:

    don't like any of them…

  2. Beth says:

    the obsession with cristiano ronaldo makes me retch…
    serously, i don’t get it at all :S

  3. klyn312 says:

    Do I have to pick just 5? I mean, why limit oneself, there ARE 365 days in the year! ; )

  4. sandra says:

    wayne atractive must be joking he is evrething bat atractive i think not,
    I’ll play with:
    1.gerard pique
    2.marco borielo
    3.yoann gourcuff
    4.therry henry
    5.pep gardiola

  5. Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

    Hi Guys,

    Mine would be
    1. Iker
    2. David Villa
    3. Yoann
    4. Ramos
    5. Xavi or that Marco guy!!!

    But i think its time Iker went onto the HOT H.O.F List!!! I mean he has been on the fab 5 list for quite some time. :)

  6. KatiGaray says:

    1. Sergio Ramos

    2. Cristiano Ronaldo

    3. Ezequiel Garay

    4. Roque Santacruz

    5. Yoan Gourcuff/Xabi Alonso/Theo Walcott

  7. Swooning over Spain says:


    2. Xabi Alonso

    3. Steven Gerrard

    4. Cesc Fabregas

    5. Fernando Torres

  8. Inés says:

    1- Wayne Rooney
    2- Cesc Fabregas
    3- David Villa
    4- Cristiano Ronaldo
    5- Karim Benzema

  9. sofia says:

    1)Cesc Fabregas

    2)Yoann Gourcuff

    3)Fernando Torres

    4)Sebastian Leto

    5)Iker Casillas

    Bonus:David Villa (my best friend's fav..!!!)

  10. Rebecca says:






  11. ilovenemanjavidic says:


  12. sana says:

    SECOUND HOT LIS Marco Borriello

    Adrian Mutu

    Jesus Navas


    Karim Benzema

  13. senora ramos says:

    ok, didn’t know where else to post the vid, but as kun, kaka, and sergio are in it and are all hot, i figured this would be as good a place as any! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13Z-KuCUn9A

  14. sana says:






  15. Amy says:

    yoann for all 5 spots!!!

  16. lilah says:

    sergio ramos
    karim benzema (i’m in shock nobody put him on their list!!)

  17. eatmyboost says:

    Iker won’t be in either the F5 or the Hot HOF.

  18. taly says:

    1. Gonzalo Higuain(i’ m deeply in love with this guy)
    2. Sergio Ramos
    3.Rafa Van der Vaart
    5.David Villa

  19. barca4ever says:

    ibra ….. ibra ……. ibra <3 <3

  20. H.k says:

    1. Iker Casillas
    2. Gonzalo Higuain
    3. Esteban Granero
    4. Fernando Gago
    5. David Villa

  21. S Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro says:

    OMW…how can you guys forget about little itty bitty David Silva? :(

  22. Ana;) says:

    1. Marco Boriello

    2. Yoann Gourcuff

    3. Xabi Alonso

    4. Cesc Fabregas

    5. Iker Casillas

    There's so much more but they won't fit! =[ Please make sure Yoann's in the list he's so yummy!

  23. Caroline says:

    Its got to be Nando – forget the rest!!!

  24. Khryse says:

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo: like him or not, you can’t deny his hotness
    2. Fernando Torres: just plain beautiful
    3. Sergio Ramos: always reminds me of Lady Gaga’s “Dirty, Sexy, Rich”
    4. Kaka: so sweet
    5. It’s a toss up: Cesc, Xabi, or David Villa

    Oooh Rio Ferdinand and Owen Hargreaves as well…OMG such a toughie. ahhh Van Persie too and Bojan. ;)

    *Maybe Cristiano should make the Hot H.O.F?!
    *And if it were possible, the whole Spanish NT should make the list as one because clearly, it is filled with MANY gorgeous men.

  25. embee says:

    1. Marco Borriello – all day, every day. Will always be #1 for me…
    2. Cesc Fabregas
    3. Iker Casillas

    beyond these three, I can go for any one of these fine ass men:
    Thierry Henry
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Raul Albiol
    Steven Gerrard
    Fernando Torres
    Roque Santa Cruz
    Claudio Marchisio

  26. imhereforthenando says:

    It’s time for Fernando to make this list. He has been passed over time and time again, unjustly, for a position that I would argue is his birthright. I don’t care who else is in the F5, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give Fernando a chance. He will not disappoint, I have faith in the Nandettes.

  27. sounderslove says:

    I need my Cesc…and an F5 spot could be the only thing he wins this year :'(

    1. Cesc

    2. Yoann

    3. Fernando Torres

    4. Iker

    5. Vermaelen. Or maybe Aaron. Or Cesc again.

  28. freddiegirl says:

    I like the HOT H.O.F. as it is…Freddie, Titi, Becks and the Italian combo plate of Canna and Maldini is fine.. :)

    But…Iker ready for H.O.F. just yet? Someday..maybe even someday soon but not just yet.

    1. Iker Casillas
    2. Cesc Fabgregas….ok…not conventionally handsome but soooo cute…and I can’t help it; I’m a Gooner so sue me…
    3. Robin Van Persie…see reason number 2…
    4. Alan Smith…he’s a bad boy. Don’t all of us girls (and some boys) all love a bad boy at some point in our lives??
    5. C.Ron…*shrugs* No denying the perfection of that body…yes, he’s arrogant, yes, he sometimes dresses bad but he’s always entertaining and he’s not hard on the eyes regardless of whether or not you’re enjoying his lovely footy skills or just enjoying the view.

  29. Hannah says:

    Cesc Fabregas has to be in the top 5… along with becks… jaime redknapp…rosiky (ahh) and denilson :D xx

  30. p4ng says:

    1. Yoann Gourcuff
    2. Fernando Torres
    3. Iker Casillas
    4. Steven Gerrard

    oh yeah…. <3___<3

  31. Claire says:

    He is so hot!

  32. Steph says:

    1. Cristiano
    2. Marco Borriello
    3. Yoann Gourcuff
    4. Beckham

  33. Ella says:

    All I have to say is that if Cristiano isn’t in the Finest Five, he MUST be in the HOT HOF.

  34. Tereza/Brasil says:

    1.Cristiano Ronaldo-Gorgeous
    2.Cristiano Ronaldo-Hot
    3.Cristiano Ronaldo-Beautiful
    4.Cristiano Ronaldo-Sexy
    5.Cristiano Ronaldo-(PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!)

    • lorena_chanel says:

      Oh i just eat pizza for dinner:-D and I totaly forgot about that EPIC Pizza coment :-D

  35. Zo.acm says:

    Fernando Torres FTW!!!!

  36. NandosGirl says:

    1. Fernando Torres

    2. Fernando Torres

    3. Fernando Torres

    4. Fernando Torres

    5. Hell, I'll go a bit crazy… Yoann Gourcuff :P

  37. MrsYoann says:


    Did I mention Yoann?

  38. balicious8 says:

    Ohhh i forgot Beckham but the list is the same. I had other options like Cesc, Beckham, Bendtner, Agger & niko. But I was over there

  39. balicious8 says:

    To speak truth, Yoann and Nando was more special for me. Seems they're so 2008 or something like that buuuuutt they're always in my list

    My list:

    1. Nando Torres ( always number one!)

    2. Yoann Gourcuff *lashes*

    3. Marco Borriello ( new finest of my list :P )

    4. Gerard Pique

    5. Gerrard

  40. Kickette Mods says:

    Ladies, we sincerely appreciate your input. But you might have missed this portion of the post above:

    “We’ve not gone totally insane, mind you: we have created an edited short-list of ten of our current top crushes. You decide which five get the prize. This is a lot of trust we’re handing over to you, girls (and some boys). Make us proud.

    - We’ll be starting later today, posting one dynamic duo a day for the next five days for you to vote on.

    - Only one of the footballers in each offered pairing will be included in the Finest Five 4.0 list. You are responsible for which one makes the cut. We know you will make good choices, dear readers.”

  41. lila says:

    1-Yoann Gourcuff!!!
    2-Gerard Piqué!
    3-Marco Borriello!
    4-Jesus Navas!
    5-Claudio Marchisio!

    • Ofeily says:

      Torres Villa Fabregas Navas Kranjcar Borriello Bentley Hart Gerrard Gourcuff

      What's the order?

    • senora ramos says:

      glad to see navas is getting love from others. beautiful, beutiful eyes among other attributes!!

  42. Rosey says:

    1. LASHES!!!!! LASHES!!! and more LASHES!!!!!! (Yoann)
    2. Pique
    3. Freddie
    4. CRon
    5. Higuain

  43. Homeskillet17 says:

    NUMBER ONE!!!! FERNANDO JOSE TORRES SANZ! you may know him, plays for liverpool, king of freckles and bitchfacing…oh and unjustly kept off of this list for too long now :)

    GERARD PIQUE!!!!!! I wonder why he’s hardly ever mentioned on this site. he simply is delicious and have you SEEN his eyes?!!! and he makes beards sexy! and he’s hot!

    BOJAN KRKIC!!!! just because i love him and he’s got STUNNING eyes! and legs! and arms!!! omfg his arms!

    hehe that is all :P

  44. juventina says:


    #2 Claudio Marchisio.

  45. Maria says:


  46. lorena_chanel says:

    #1 YOANN GOURCUFF!!!!! enough said
    #2 Cristiano Ronaldo-mmmmm
    #3 Theiry Henry
    #4 David Beckham
    #5 Theo Walcott
    and those who are very close-Ramos,Casillas,Pique,Fabregas,Torres,Bentley,Miguel Torres,Kranjcar,and i don’t know way but Pep Guardiola ;-D and so,and so…I can go like this for days :-D

  47. C16 says:

    1.- Iker (I wouldn't mind if he moves to the HOT H.O.F thought)

    2.- Cristiano Ronaldo

    3.- Yoan Gourcuff

    4.- Fernando Torres

    5.- Gerard Piqué

  48. ElNino9 says:

    1. Fernando Torres

    2. Cesc Fabregas

    3. Steven Gerrard

    4. Nicklas Bendtner

    5. David Villa

  49. Helena says:

    you only have to look at my profile to understand……..

    & David Villa, Cescy, Nando, YOANN, Bojan Krkic, ermmmmm and maybe Roque Santa Cruz :) x

    • Nastya says:

      helena , as it happens , i've known niko for a good part of my life , and trust me , he's not that special , and never has been . . .

  50. Solina says:

    1.Yoann Gourcuff
    2.Gerard Pique
    3.Sergio Ramos
    4.Iker Casillas
    5.Nicklas Bendtner.

  51. Katta says:

    Fabio Aurelio
    Fernando Torres

  52. sfxdonut says:

    1. Fernando Torres
    2. Iker Casillas
    3. David Villa
    4. Steven Gerrard
    5. Fabio Aurelio

  53. liv says:

    1. Yoann, so let justice be served!
    2. Iker, apart from his sense of style he’s perfect!
    3. Marco B, Good lord he somethink to see!
    4. C. Ronaldo, why not!
    5. Santa cruz, Gorgeous!

  54. MissEstonia says:

    Yoann. That’s it, that’s all.

  55. Francesca says:

    Iker should definitely move to the HOT H.O.F, even with the beard… Come on.. It’s still Iker :D

  56. any says:

    Five is not enough spots…unless you want to go ahead and just give one space to the Spanish National Team…then it might work (might)

  57. julia says:

    1. Fernando Torres

    2. Marco Boriello

    3. Miguel Torres

    4. Yoann Gourcuff

    5. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Gosh I wanted Sergio Ramos on the list as well, and Iker too…but there's only space for 5 and these men are the best!

  58. Tonii says:

    1. Fernando Torres !!!
    2. Iker Casillas
    3. Yoann Gourcuff
    4. Cristiano Ronaldo
    5. Sergio Ramos


  59. natalie says:

    1.thierry henry 2.thierry henry 3.thierry henry 4.thierry henry 5.thierry henry….I love titi.

  60. mamaly says:

    Showing my age:

    The trainers

    1* Jose Mourinho
    2* Pep Guardiola
    3* Roy Keane
    4* Paulo Sousa
    5* Leonardo

    • Nicolet says:

      Also showing age but have to say that Leonardo is #1 and then Jose Mourinho……. And also missing Del Piero.

    • Nastya says:

      yep , i forgot roy , and lee sharpe . . . old school . . . sharpey were such a pretty boy . . . ah . . .<3

  61. Jackie says:

    1. Roque Santa Cruz

    2. Cristiano Ronaldo

    3. Gonzolo Higuain

    4. Almost anyone from Athletico Madrisd

    5. Niko Kranjcar

  62. Liz says:

    1. Alan Smith

    2. Steven Gerrard

    3. Nicklas Bentner

    4. Jose Antonio Reyes

    5. Cesc Fabregas

  63. yoyo says:

    1.yoann gourcuff
    2. roque s-c
    3. aaron ramsey
    4. iker
    5. adrian mutu

  64. senora ramos says:

    #1 – yoann/sergio combo pack
    #3 -#5 doesn’t matter (just joking) in no order – david villa, jesus navas, gerrard pique

    iker moves to the hall of fame

  65. goalkeeperette says:

    Sexy Cesc needs to return as soon as possible!!

  66. barca4ever says:

    1 – gerrard pique
    2 – c.ronaldo
    3 – Ibrahimovic
    4 – cesc fabregas
    5 – ricardo kaka

  67. Trista Jade says:

    Yay!!!! I’m so excited!!!! Bring it on, Kickette!!!!

  68. kailee says:

    i love this website. u guys always make my day.

  69. S Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro says:

    Almost forgot my new favourite!!!! Paulo Ferreira :) Chelsea…Cold shower please!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. p4ng says:

    Yoann, Nando and Iker please.

  71. Senorita Iniesta says:

    Byebye Torsten … it hasn’t been a pleasure …

  72. footiechik says:

    Marco Boriello 4 the number one spot. That is all.

  73. nia says:

    1. Yoann Gourcuff

    2. Steven Gerrard

    3. Marco Boriello

    4. Cesc Fabregas

    5. Xavi Hernandez

    • Einah says:

      OMG! I feel sooo bad for forgetting Xavi :( I truly WUV him :) Although he's not really 'handsome' in the usual sense..

      • nia says:

        yeah….agree with you. well, he’s no lashes…..but, there’s something else i can’t really pinpoint abt him.

        • senora ramos says:

          wow, i thought i was the only one who had a kind of "thing" for xavi. he's a def top 10 for me. i just can't figure out what is so attractive about him…

          • Einah says:

            WOW! I mean WOW! Thank you Nia for bringing us out of the Xavi closet :) I’d argue SenoraRamos that Xavi’s appeal is more that we know he’s a VERY good player and yet so humble :)

            Awww Xavi, I know he’ll never be Finest Five BUT we WUV him still :)

            • The Barcagirl says:

              Wow. I´m not the only girl who has a soft spot for Xavi. As you said there`s something about him i can´t even discribe. Let´s say he´s got a special aura. My sister just told me she thinks that he looks twisty.
              Bahhh what a philistine!!!! We should also vote Bojan into the F5. He´s just so adorable.

              • nia says:

                haaa, that’s the word i’m looking for…..soft spot! i defo have soft spot for xavi!!!

            • nia says:

              hei, no prob :) he needed more exposure here me think! what do you say?

  74. liesjuhh says:

    1. Iker Casillas

    2. Thomas Vermaelen

    3. Jesus Navas

    4. Fernando Torres

    5. Kaka

  75. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    1. Xabi Alonso.

    2. Steven Gerrard.

    3. Fernando Torres

    4. Kaka

    5. Daniel Agger

  76. lulu says:

    1. Yoann Gourcuff

    2. Cesc Fabregas

    3. Marco Borriello

    4. Roque Santa Cruz

    5. Gerard Pique

    that would just be perfect !! :)

  77. Jemima says:

    Nando & Cesc <3

  78. Talitha says:

    Time for the youngsters!

    Rafael da Silva, Carlos Vela, Anderson (yep, the Man Utd one)

  79. Belle says:

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned Xabi. You are all blind. ;)

    1. Xabi Alonso

    2. Iker Casillas

    3. Yoann Gourcuff

    4. Fernando Torres

    5. Marco Boriello

  80. Nastya says:

    no alan smith ? come ooonnn

  81. shay says:

    1> Yoann

    2> Cristiano Ronaldo

    3> Patrice Evra

    4> Nicklas Bendtner

    5> Iker Casillas

  82. Lou says:

    1-Gerard Piqué

    2-Yohan Gourcuff (THE frenchy!)

    3-Cristiano Ronaldo

    4-Iker Casillas

    5-Marouane Chamack

  83. Michi says:

    Lionel Messi

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Iker Casillas (well, the beard, but… he's still Iker)

    Steven Gerrard (kill me, i have a crush…)

    Mats Hummels <3

  84. Molly says:

    My only two wishes for the F5 is that Iker stays in the list (I don't care which spot as long as he is on the list) and that Marco Borriello gets a spot too.

    Thank you,

    Love Molly-Anna!!! :)

    PS. I think that Alessandro Del Piero should be put in the Hot HOF. I just noticed he wasn't in there and I think it is a shame lol :) !!!!

    • Thea says:

      Got a feeling that the Pasta baggage will do what Iker's bad clothes never did – and him ousted completley!

      And Kickette, begining to think that you are trying to sway the vote with you highlighting Iker's bad clothes last week – and showing us Yoann's obvious attribute the week before – has there been a change of heart from the boss lady perhaps!??!!!!

      • MrsNesta says:

        or Iker on his way to HOT H.O.F!!!!!!!!!! Agree that Yoann should be on list :)

        • Molly says:

          I wouldn't mind Iker being in HOT HOF as long is he is in one of the list and I think Yoann should get a spot too… *Marco Borriello* LOL!!! :)

      • Molly says:

        Stupid Pasta…*Cries* lol!!

        • MrsNesta says:

          LOL hehe, maybe he will dump her when he finds out she is part of the reason he might not be in F5 :)

          • The Barcagirl says:

            Lol, good point MrsNesta. I hope he will dump her as soon as he recognizes that he has hurt our feelings.

            It´s time for a black cat operation. How did you call it as a short cut and what did it mean?

            • MrsNesta says:

              OBC – Operation Black Cat, Pastaface doesn't like black cats so we thought about going to Madrid armed with black cats :)

  85. ne-mania says:

    1. vidic

    2. vermaelen

    3. kranjcar

    4. ibrahimovic

    5. anelka

    that would be my choice :)

  86. Lolinha says:

    1. Iker Casillas

    2. Yoann Gourcuff

    3. Roque Santa Cruz

    4. Cristiano Ronaldo

    5. Tim Cahill*

    *As a Brazilian I feel obligated to suggest either Leonardo or Diego, I also feel at least one Italian should be present (Borriello, maybe?), The Nando people have suffered enough too… and Where In The Hell Is Miguel Torres?! Anybody seen my baby?

  87. Nastya says:

    1. cesc fabregas

    2. alan smith

    3. iker casillas

    4. michael carrick

    5. andrei arshavin

  88. cutecurls says:

    1. Iker Casillas

    2. Fernando Torres

    3. Yoann Gourcuff

    4. david Villa

    5. Niko Kranjcar

  89. missbubbles says:

    yoann gourcuff, sergio ramos, niko kranjcar, gerard pique & marco boriello

    my heart is breaking but Iker is out – beard ate his face, terrible outfit…sorry, he needs to put some effort on that fields to get back again

  90. Dexter says:

    1. Iker Casillas

    2. Cristiano Ronaldo

    3. Yoann Gourcuff

    4. Fernando Torres

    5. Higuain

  91. MrsNesta says:

    Ooh can't wait to see whose going to be paired up? Marco Borriello needs to get in on this list!!!

  92. ne-mania says:

    its gotta be vida! and verma also…

    god, i would place both! but i see, that will be hard.. :D

  93. Amy says:


    2.Lionel Messi

    3.David Villa

    4.Joe Hart

    5.Robin Van Persie


  94. Einah says:

    Excited to see the choices! :) Bring it on!

  95. S Ronaldo dos Santos says:

    1. Yoann Gourcuff

    2. Iker Casillas

    3. Sergio Ramos

    4. Bobby Zamora

    5. David Villa

  96. truly_thata says:

    Bye..bye Iker Casillas, except his beautiful face. He doesn't have quality to be at finest 5.

  97. Hibster...xX says:

    Yess… lets get Verminator in there to add some needed robot hotness… Yumm..!! :-) xX

  98. Moni says:


  99. Thea says:

    Call to arms for all you Yoann supporters! Here is our chance!

    • senora ramos says:

      thea, you know that hotness will be on the list. i wonder if we vote for him on all days if he’ll be #1?!

      • Thea says:

        Good plan Ramos – we have to lift this man on to his rightful throne! Tactical voting on the othes also will play a part!

        • senora ramos says:

          and by others you mean mainly nando correct? lol! that's the only competition i see yoann having (though not from me)

    • Thaila says:

      reporting for duty, ms. thea :)