April 26th, 2010

The Finest Five 4.0: Reader’s Choice Reveal

After a close call (Vidic v. Cahill) as well as record-high votes (Gourcuff v. Kranjcar), the wait is over. So, who made the cut?

No, not Marco Borriello. Much to our dismay. You have broken his heart and left our headquarters in shambles.  In other words, you came out in masses to rally around your favourite finely-arsed ballers. Click through to celebrate your victories, Kickettes.

And please be sure to put down the scissors. We all like our highlighted ends, thank you very much.

Yoann Gourcuff [71%], Xabi Alonso [65%], Cesc Fabregas [68%], Fernando Torres [65%] and Nemanja Vidic [52%] are thanking you for all your kind words and vote bribery. Give them a round of applause as they take their victory lap.

The lads have been added to the list in order of their domination. (Hmm. We like the sound of that.)

Thanks for playing, Kickettes!

Once you’ve finished high-fiving each other/plotting death and destruction over humanity, feel free to have a gander at some old F5 lists. Seeing Roque Santa Cruz, Lampsy and Sergio Ramos having their moment might help. Knowing MLS cutie Bobby Boswell would have voted differently might also be of comfort.

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251 Responses to “The Finest Five 4.0: Reader’s Choice Reveal”

  1. KatiGaray says:

    The list is luke warm to say the least

  2. Beee says:

    Yes, finally, NANDO.

  3. F9Tlover says:

    No offense, but there's gotta be a waaaaaaaay more kicketteF5-droolworthy pic that you guys could put up of Nando in the F5 page!

  4. mahn says:

    where's Cristiano and Marco? :( excuse me while i shoot myself… lol

  5. GG says:

    Kickette you are getting a one day boycott from me, because…. HOW THE BLOODY HELL IS BORRIELLO NOT IN THAT LIST!!! I'm going to spend the rest of the year in mourning because of that…. I mourn enough, still trying to recover from Maldini's retirement…. oh my this is a disaster!!!!

  6. Mika says:


  7. F9Tlover says:

    FINALLY an F5 list I can agree with. mucho love for Nando!!!!! <3

  8. DebC says:


  9. iris says:

    cesc and yoan are there but MARCO BORRIELLO….*cries* :'(

    • juventina says:

      *comforts* I know, I know, its a sad, sad day, but don't worry! Marco has taken this minor setback in stride and has decided to come out hotter than ever :) Next year darlin!

  10. ba says:

    I’m happy with the list. Almost perfect. I choose all of them, except Vida but the battefield against Tim Cahill was fierce. I’m surprised that Nando won over 15% than ‘The greasy’ (LOL) cuz i saw a lot of coments that said ‘Nando looks girly blah blah’ (and so what?)…i thought that would be relentless…Thankfully, Ronaldo is on the list. I would choose Marco Borrielo but….

  11. aristeia says:

    Happy for Fernando! And all the crazed Fernando fanatics… it must feel orgasmic to finally get him on the list. Now that you've accomplished this, next you will topple dictactors and get rid of unemployment!

    Only one man I voted for made the list, so I'm a little sad… but not terribly surprised as I'm usually in the minority in whom I lust after anyway.

    • ElNino9 says:

      Aww who was the one? Nando? :)
      Ahaha. 3/4 of mine made the list – Yoann/Niko were the only pairing I wasn’t really bothered about, although I did vote Niko. And Cahill. Poor Cahill. Beaten by a robot.

  12. C16 says:

    Blah! I’m only happy for Vida. Bendtner is missing there…
    Seriously, Cesc? Number two? Yikes!!!

  13. Helena says:

    Ok so i do agree with Yoann, Cesc and Nando but camon Alonso has a GINGER BEARD and like Vidic is pale with a wonky nose.

    I’m soooooo sad that niko is not in there he so deserves it! Seriously, a top 5 list with no NIKO?!
    & umm ok i guess marco should of been in there too!

  14. Jelly Bean says:


    I guess putting poor ol’ Niko up against Yoann meant he didn’t stand a chance. Really don’t get the Yoann thing at all! Glad Cesc is back though, and am impressed Torres beat C-Ron (not fussed on either of them but am quite anti-Ronaldo… sorry girls).

    And the finest five footballers in the entire universe includes… Vidic? Strange world, but guess people have very different tastes!

  15. Maristela says:

    Yuck. An huge stepbackwards comparing to the last F5 list. But as always entertaining :D

    The only two I would pic are Vidic and Alonso – and still they are not even close to my personal Top Ten list.

    You know, I prefer macho-looking guys, or at least interesting not dumb pretty ones.

    That Yoann guy is soooo… feminine. A sub-Alain Delon lacking all sorts of masculinity. Yes, he is attractive – but he has that boring kind of beauty without sex appeal. Just… an image. I pass.

    Fernando Torres is a blonde joke – a great player with no doubts, but c’mon… this guy is just ugly, Jesus Christ.

    And Cesc Fabregas is as sexy as, let’s see… a glass of water, I don’t know. Sexiness? Hotness? Very far from him, sorry. Awesome player as well though.

    Well, I presume that their whining fans are happy now. Good for them. I will be stick on my personal favourites – Torsten. Arne. Ibrahimovic. Terry. Gerrard. Henry. Metzelder. And others. They certainly are not pretty, but who cares about that? I am looking for substance ;)

    Hugs for you, Kickettes ;)

  16. one_love=cesc_fabreg says:

    couldn't be happier sex made the list once again!.. =D oh yeaahhh

  17. Nando's Ma says:

    I love that you can't please everyone cos we're all so different, it's makes the planet more fun.

    Well done kickettes – a fine list of scrumptiousness.Apart from Cesc, I prob voted for all of these, even Vidic (guilty pleasure cos of his current employment) – there's just something so deliciously dangerous about him.

    Perhaps to redress the Marco exclusion, you could publish lots of lovely pics of him tomorrow?

  18. Lolinha says:

    Can't believe Freckles beat Bacne, Ginger beat Marco and Tim, oh Tim… Democracy was nice, but next time flip a coin or something. I need explanations, I need someone to blame. …And seeing Roque didn't help. :(

  19. rubyqueen19 says:

    i dont agree with the f5 list..!!!the wrong people are on there.!!!i think it needs rewritten and redone all over again…

  20. elizabeth says:

    ah, thank you, kickette, for finally giving Mr. Torres a spot in the F5. i know it's been a long wait, and we haven't always been patient, but us 'nando fans can finally feel confident that our opinions have been noted and recognized.

    though this locks may often be a point of contention, there is no denying that many of us find his appeal unrelenting and i thank you for finally giving him a much fought-over spot.

    three cheers for freckles!

  21. moomin1314 says:

    I'm sorry but this F5 is just 'meh'.

    Cesc, Xabi and Yoann I can see but how the troll like Vidic is on this list rather than my beloved Niko, I'll never know…

    My suspicions of yesterday were correct. I much prefer the HOF.

  22. I know a lot of you are gona kill me but why exactly are Nando, Cesc and Xabi there? Just curious koz they do NOTHING 4 me. I also fail to understand the mystery of just H.O.W Niko didnt make the list…oh and Berba too! oh and btw, Vidic too? I mean REALLY?!?! who voted for him? Somethings I just fail to understand…like how the BEAUTIFUL Niko MISSED OUT!! And THANK YOU for removing Iker, i just DON'T get what anyone sees in him…sorry!

  23. Nando.Fo'sho says:


  24. Dutchgooner says:



  25. LisaGM says:

    what has happened to this website? I miss the old F5 system where Kickette chose whoever she wanted and thumbed her nose at us readers. As if to say “yeah this is who I like, so just deal with it!”. It wasn’t perfect but I liked that it had a flavour of the month quality. This new Readers Choice F5 completely dismisses the spirit of Kickette: discovering new baller hotness regardless of age, race, physical attributes or worse, what club they played for. Readers Choice F5 is just one big popularity contest with people mostly letting their club allegiances affect how they voted. Is it any surprise all of the winners play for a big club? Its the Finest Five NOT the G-14! If it were up to the readers, the ballers they voted for should probably have made the HHOF too am I right? If so, just put them there and give other ballers a chance! I would’ve been just fine with a F5 list that read:
    1. Borriello
    2. Cahill
    3. Niko
    4. Vermaelen
    5. Bendtner
    Except Ronaldo, he’s too greasy even for me.
    I’m guessing many of you would have been just fine with this list as well(although not exactly in this order). This is not a shot at all the fangirls of the winners. You girls wanted them in all these years and finally you got it. Congratulations. I just miss the way Kickette used to be, before she sold out like Figo. Sorry, cheap shot. Bring back the old F5!

    • Linda (Gooner till I says:

      Borriello plays for Milan. This is a big club. Nick and Thomas play for Arsenal. This is a big club, too.

      Our new number one plays for Bordeaux. :) I think it's fine…

      • LisaGM says:

        again I just used their names to make the point that, if Kickette chose the runners-up to be her Finest Five would you still object to that list? Fangirls please I am not complaining about the winners, I am just saying ALL ballers deserve a chance to be on it, the way Kickette used to do it.

    • anja says:

      well, at least bendtner and vermaelen also play for a big club… but i guess, i get your point. but hey: its democracy :)

    • tigerS says:

      “Readers Choice F5 is just one big popularity contest with people mostly letting their club allegiances affect how they voted.”
      So true..

    • LisaGM wrote:

      What has happened to this website? I miss the old F5 system where Kickette chose whoever she wanted and thumbed her nose at us readers.

      Couldn't agree more. But the fact that this topic has over 230 posts in it goes a long way to explaining the rationale.

  26. *wraps a blanket around her hubby and walks him out* There there, that is enough for today! I am going to tend to that knee. Among other things.

  27. sofia says:

    1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :-/

  28. LaVidaLoca says:

    i really don´t care which 4 girls you had or could have put up next to vidic …

    the premiere of vida gives F5 some sense, for the first time in history …

  29. Sarah says:

    Captain Fabulous is back – I am content. Don’t care what the rest of the list looks like (although I am staying far, far away from #5).

  30. liesjuhh says:

    Yeahh!! I love the new list! VIDIC <3 CESC <3

  31. Tereza/Brasil says:

    You know what?I am sick of this teenage girls that prefere a feminine man like Torres over a real and delicious man like Cristiano Ronaldo,that man drive me crazy!!I have 25 years so believe me i know what is a sexy man and CR is so so so sexy!!!!As long as you girls think that a man need to be “CUTE” over than HOT,SEXY and DELICIOUS i am out of this site,this is mi last comment i am to old for this.Bye to all CR fans we know what is good!!!!

    • Zlatanista says:

      I think Nemanja Vidic is what you are looking for. With all respect, CR is a just too sleazy to be sexy. And way too selfconscious. And this from a woman who is older than you ;) .

      • caitanya says:

        Zlatanista, touché!

      • LaVidaLoca says:

        i hope the brasilian adault keeps on posting …

        calling torres a girl and then making on the half way of wisdom an u-turn and calling crissy ronaldo a man is hilarious actually …

        crissy, a torres in dark, a “guy” we have to be thankful for phantasy-words like “manbag” …

        actually even that is too much honour for crissy, as very old male german tourists have also a faible for womens bags, just like make-up-macho ronaldo …

    • embee says:

      the ironic thing is that Fernando is older than Cristiano!

    • anja says:

      people who have to mention their age can’t be mature… and proof of that is, that they think c-ron is a manly man…

      VIDA is the only MAN in this list!!! ;D and verma would have been too..

      ahh, isn’t this nice disputing about masculinity in the morning? I LOVE YOU KICKETTE. teeeheee…

    • Linda (Gooner till I die) says:

      “Cristiano Ronaldo” and “real man” in the same sentence?? :D :D :D Are you havin a laugh?

      Yeah, Torres looks like a girl, but he was born with these features. Ronaldo just tries too hard…

    • Maristela says:

      I am Brazilian, way older than Cristiano Ronaldo and I cannot see ANY sign of beauty or handsomeness on him. I am looking for more than a muscular body (and in his case, too muscular and some sort of fake. Blergh.)

    • julia says:

      What makes someone a man isn’t just the way he looks. For me Nando is more of a man cause he’s got a wife since 9 years, a cute little daughter and he’s not as immature as C-ron… and btw torres is not the one crying in public…HAHA. And c-ron shaves his legs, oooh what a man ;)

      I like c-ron though but saying he’s more of a man than nando just because of the way he looks, that’s just bullshit! over and out

      • Zlatanista says:

        I totally agree with you that a sexy man gets even sexier with a family. Not that a man without wife and kids cant be hot, but it is something about a man taking care of his children… Perhaps not surprising that i find this attractive with two small boys of my own. :)

    • aristeia says:

      Um, I'm 30 and I think CRon is vile. Nothing manly about him to me. It's really a matter of personal opinion… the kind of person someone lusts after is completely subjective, not much of that is tied to age. (I will admit that as I get older, I have much more of a tolerance for hairy men though) Only 1 of the people I voted for made it, no reason to stop visiting the site!

  32. FTC says:

    Sadly a very predicable result. At least Vida made the F5.

    I am just going to ignore the rest as I never have and never will find ginger beards and/or freckles hot and sexy. Cute sometimes, but sexy nah.

    Yohan is ok, but a bit too pretty boy for me (although I do appreciate the regular strip offs! ) Cesc is just nah !

  33. MrsVermaelen says:

    pretty good list, but where oh where is Verma? :(

  34. embee says:

    YES!!! My babies Cesc & Nando are on the list!! I’m sad Marco “Unf” Borriello isn’t on this list, being that he is one of the hottest men to walk this Earth… there’s always next time :) I wish I could like Yoann and Xabi as much as so many women do… it’s funny that the reason why so many love Yoann (the lashes) is the reason why I don’t think he’s cute x) & as for Xabi, the whole “bulbous nose” thing always comes to mind when I see him… I can’t deny that they’re good looking men though. And Vidic is… okay. His eyes are pretty. The ‘idea’ of him is nice, lol

  35. GourcuffLover says:

    Yay for Gourcuff!!!!

    I dont care for the rest.I think you guys need to redo the last four….booooooo.

  36. BarcelonaFan says:

    hahahaha. i'm lovin this list. all my boys made it! *woot woot!* and yoann on top??? that's cherry on top of the icing! yosh!!!

  37. Innocenza says:

    Naturally, Yoann set the world on fire. So much deliciousness in that one.

  38. Chiquita says:

    Yeah!!!! Nando :) and NO C-RON!!!

    we defeated attitude with brilliance ;)

  39. sounderslove says:

    Yay Sex…er sorry…Cesc is back! And Fernando finally made it.

    Sorry to those who are disappointed….but I love me some pretty-boys so I’m very happy right now….

  40. Winnie says:

    Kickette, can we have a Sexiest Six?
    Seductive Seven?
    Enchanting Eight?
    Naughtiest Nine?
    Tottiest Ten?

    pretty please? :)

  41. caitanya says:

    V happy about xavi (or as i like to affectionately call him, “xabz”) and fernando, although FT in this last year as lost some favour on my side. I did vote for vidic as well, so this is nice to see that my vote actually counted.

    But forever and ever (y para siempre) my top man is Señor Casillas! With a close second from gonzalo higuain and esteban granero :-)

    Still don’t see the yoann or cesc thing … *shrug* To each their own!

  42. Alessandra says:

    oh, marco~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    i am gutted just as you are.:(

  43. Susana says:

    Yoann (PERFECTION), Nando (LOVE THE FRECKLES), Sex (SUCH A CUTIE), but Shabby and Vida in the top 5? ewwwwwww

    C-Ron and Borriello should take a class-action suit against kickette. That’s just wrong, girls. :(

  44. Kahlen says:

    I love love love love love it!!!!!

    *Perhaps next time, an honorable mention with Sergio??!

  45. Linda (Gooner till I die) says:

    YEAH !!! That’s all I can say… :) excellent list.

  46. liv says:

    Well, well, well Yoann is finally nuero uno here. well deserved! As for the others congrats! poor Marco don’t worry gorgeous there is always next year, and with that body and face you will forever be on my list!

  47. Paris says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSS NANDO HAS MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Tabby_luvs_gaga says:

    OMG YOANN I LUV YOU … hes so hot theres a pile of melted me all over the key board dayumm your heat is felt in australia .. :D

  49. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Well… I like Xabi :) :P

  50. beth says:

    xabiii :D

  51. Ace says:

    my, my . . . i’m sad, because Marco is sad.
    i’m just fine because el niño won.
    but . . . Thomas Vermaelen; Niko Kranjcar; Marco … my F5
    it’s not a reality.

  52. ToffeeGirl16 says:

    Oh no Cahill! How can you not have that hot Aussie midfielder?! After all the showing off he has done for you. Damn!

    Vidic is not even good-looking. Had to say it, my opinion, do not try and change it.

    Why oh why do you torture Cahill? Great list besides for that!

    • Thea says:

      I agree Toffee – that's the big injustice! Cahill is a MAJOR upgrade.

      • ToffeeGirl16 says:

        Major! I mean come on he travels half way around the world to play soccer and he gives it, his all.

        200 matches starting he has played for us! With countless others as a sub.

        He is the eptiome of the perfect footballer.

        He is gorgeous, and sweet and the whole package but no! Vidic wins.

        They want Vidic, they get him. Then stop drooling over our midfielder!

  53. Loula says:

    omg!!! i love the list kickette, 3 spaniards i must be dreaming lol, and of course my sex… ejm cesc fabregas come back, where he belongs!

  54. Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

    Figured whilst we are there might as well help Guti out! Im off to bed now…. its getting so cold here. I feel sorry for the guys from Europe who just had their winter and are heading into ours for the WC. Guess i have to come up with some warm plans for them…. lol.

  55. lidoli says:

    Where is Crissy????????????????????????????????????????????????


  56. Inés says:

    I'm very pleased with the list! but….CRon isn't there! you're all mad!

  57. tigerS says:

    WHERE on EARTH is Marco?!!

  58. Janalee says:

    I think I voted for every one of these guys (I’d have to check the ballots again). Thanks for including everyone in the selection of the F5 Kickette. Love it.

  59. SB says:

    underwhelming and unsurprising…

  60. beri says:

    woohoo…I got 4/5…not to shabby ay!

    yes….CRon isn’t there, but he lost to Nando…so I can’t complain!

    well done Kickettes!

  61. rubyqueen19 says:

    while i loooooooooooooooove fernando.i do think it is a dreadful shame that sex god ronaldo is not on the list.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!are these "judges"blind.?????????????

  62. p4ng says:

    WHAT!? Cesc before Nando!? : (

  63. Mel says:

    Even though Nando and Yoann is on the list, it sucks sooooooo bad because MarcOOOOH is not on it.

    Thanks fellow kickettes!

    I demand Marco in the Hot HOF. He should be rewarded a spot without a prior voting!

  64. footbalista says:

    RONALDOOOO?????? :( ((((

  65. ruby80 says:

    Well, two out of five’s not bad, I suppose (Yoann & Vida). I’ll just ignore the other three.

  66. juventina says:

    Why are people calling this surprising? I think it finished exactly as expected

  67. Liz says:


    I only agree with one person in there, Cesc. Nando looks like a girl!

  68. Blair says:

    So predictable, so disappointing.

  69. Can’t tut loud enough. No Marco?

  70. goalkeeperette says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAY Cescy is back, FINALLY!!! Considering he beat two rivals instead of one, I say he deserves the top spot! ;) But I voted for all of them so I couldn’t be happier! :) And hahaha BUH-BYE eurotrash macho greaseball Ronaldo!

  71. Deffo-Nando says:

    NANDOOOOOOOO!!!!! Yesssssssssssss!!!!! i'm pretty ok with this f5. 4/5 is not too bad. but i get how cesc would be there instead of verm.

  72. Alisha says:

    Yay!!! Nando, Cesc, Xabi and Yoann ;) That’s 4 of my 5 :D

  73. Erin says:

    Nice to see two of my favorite boys in there!

  74. Jessica says:


  75. ElNino9 says:

    NANDO – YAY :D
    So, so happy right now!

  76. Molly says:

    Whatever!!!! Where is Marco :( ????? But I guess congrats to the guys who made it.

    • Molly says:

      How can you say no to that sexy, sweet, Italian tanned face??? Huh!!!!!!????? Whatever again!!!!

  77. senora ramos says:

    oh, this makes me happish. yea yoann and xabi and cesc. sorry marco girls. my vote didn’t help! and nando girls, congrats. you finally have it! and vidic, well, i did vote for you, so congrats!

    • senora ramos says:

      oh dear, marco looks like he's going to cry ::kissestofeelbetter::

    • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

      4 out of 5 votes of mine made it!!! Well, i did it for some of you gals….

      actually for the Xabi, Nando, Cesc and Yoanne gals…. congrats. Im just happy with Iker on the HOT H.O.F!!!

      3 Spaniards in the F5…..WOW!!!

      • senora ramos says:

        spain for the win with hot guys (though we already knew that). i feel like it was really win/win for me with marco and xabi. i felt heartbroken when i voted for marco, but am happy/heartbroken today with xabi. so many emotions going on today. thankfully most are good

        • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

          yeah, u right we did! are we moving to spain now? lol

          • senora ramos says:

            yes, yes we are. my bags are back full of strappy sandels and sundresses (and a cute jacket as it’s still kinda chilly). my english-spanish dictionary is ready. my sergio-o-meter is battery charged and firing on all cylinders

            • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

              Yippee!!! im also packed and rearing to go. lol. Have my sexy lingerie to entice Iker with…. not worried about the chill… im sure he has aircon. lol. Did a bit of shopping for him too. lol.

              • senora ramos says:

                ahhh, forgot about shopping for el ramos. i just figured he wouldn't be wearing many clothes. or we could go to xabi's house and pick him up to go shopping!

                • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

                  okay. no problem… guess we cant stop to ask Guti for advice….. we could also stop at the duty free thats if we in a hurry…. lol.

                  • senora ramos says:

                    guti ::shuddres:: shopping. i guess we'd be stopping at the bar 1st. that's the only way i could go shopping and let them buy stuff that guti picks out!!

                    • senora ramos says:

                      trisha, i love the way you think

                    • Molly says:

                      Trisha I hope you are going to share the Iker love??? :( !

                    • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

                      definitely, Molly….

                    • Molly says:

                      Thanks :) !!!

                    • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

                      comment was meant to be here! lol

                      Figured whilst we are there might as well help Guti out! Im off to bed now…. its getting so cold here. I feel sorry for the guys from Europe who just had their winter and are heading into ours for the WC. Guess i have to come up with some warm plans for them…. lol.

                    • senora ramos says:

                      i would also like to add el pirata (granero) to that list of who we are picking up. it's ok, esteban, pilar won't mind…i asked her! oh, and pipa! b/c he's so fit! did you see the pic from the weekend. sigh. can we just take the whole team?!

                    • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

                      lol. i say the bar 1st…. then pick up Guti, Ramos and Iker….. go shopping for them …. have lunch…. drop off Guti… then you head off with Ramos and me with Iker…. how’s that?

                    • MrsNesta says:

                      Me want in !!!!, I’ll meet you in the bar and I’ll bring Xabi, Arbeloa, Pique, Cesc, David…… and you can bring Guti as long as he is wearing his RM kit :)

              • Molly says:

                Me want in too LOLOLOLOL!!! :) …but I think you ladies about brought eveyone…so you can just share with me lol!!!

                • Thea says:

                  You guys – in case you hadn’t noticed the hotest guy on this lists currently lives in France – and may be moving to the UK soon!

                  • Molly says:

                    OMG Yoann’s moving to the UK??? Where???? I have to get ready lolololol :) !!

                    • MrsNesta says:

                      Arsenal with any luck but heard it might be Man City!

                    • Molly says:

                      OMG if he comes to Manchester I might have a chance since I live there!!!!!! But he should come to United instead of City :( !!

                    • Thea says:

                      well – wherever he ends up, I’ll make sure he’s suitably stalked! It’s my duty to kickettes everywhere!

                  • senora ramos says:

                    very much noted. sigh. i guess i have to wait til raul comes to the us for any hot european action anywhere near me.

                    • Molly says:

                      Ohhh yeah!!!! See you have some coming your way!!!! Raul's hot too!!! Where are you from..you said the southern United States right?

                    • senora ramos says:

                      yeah, ha ha! the closest team to me is the houston dynamo. i live in louisiana

    • juventina says:

      its ok:) thanks anyways:) we appreciate the love

  78. izzy says:

    Ugh, Torres…I'll NEVER get the attraction there ladies. Le sigh.

  79. klyn312 says:

    VIDA VIDA VIDA!!! yeay, for once the non cookie cutter , non tan stereotypical hotness!! VIDA! Now that's a MAN!

    now if only Vermaelen were to have made it, I would have been a bit happier!

  80. Winnie says:

    i'm sorry but this is more like Kickette's "Cutest 5"

    like, everyone on the list is extremely "cutesy"

    not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that

    the H-HOF and F5 have always been a little steamier IMO

    that being said, i agree that everyone there

    pretty much deserved the spot though

    except Vidic….that i will just NEVER understand.

    oh well…time to start petitioning to get El Ramos and Pique on there for next time!

    • Ellaxx says:

      defintely agree, eg, xabi, sooo cute and lovely, but surely cannot be voted one of the top 5 hot footballers. Except he was, so…

      Vidic is ok… but again, when you look at who missed out, surely cannot be on the list.

      • Winnie says:

        i agree…he is there at the expense of many who should have been nominated in his place…

    • ruby80 says:

      Well, I think that's the first time Vida's ever been put in the "cutesy" category! I know what you mean though, there have been more manly F5s.

      • Winnie says:

        lmao! i know, i’ve never considered him cutesy,
        i was talking about the other four lol
        but he has always had a bad-body factor to him
        which makes him extremely attractive to many people i suppose

  81. ruby80 says:

    Just found this interesting pic of our new no.1 on the F5 – http://i26.tinypic.com/j7geit.png

  82. Amy says:

    yes!! that is everyone I voted for!!!

  83. Ellaxx says:

    Pretty sure everyone I voted for didnt make it. Apart from little Cescy. All the cute pretty ones won rather than purely sexy like ronaldo and Marco.

    They were tough choices though. I wouldnt say no to any of them haha.

  84. LuvinBale says:

    Very pleased with the list except for Marco being absent. But its ok I would be more than happy to console him in his hour (or more) of need. ;)

  85. well says:

    I'm with Drogba on this one, f@#$ing disgrace.

  86. Ofeily9 says:

    Where is Niko ??

    Hell yeah for Sex-Fabregas and NandoIsSoSexy.

    Xabi's face better than Marco's Torso? Maybe.

    I want a Finest Six: Steven Gerrard vs Frank Lampard. So, Stevie of Course.

    • Ofeily9 says:

      And Vidic in a Finest 5? WTF??

    • Ellaxx says:

      Hmm, im not really a fan of Stevie and Frank in comparison to all the others.

      I agree about Niko though. He is number 1, along with Marco.

      But the others are cute.

  87. Karoline says:

    How can Cris not be here?

    Or in the HHOF?

    What is wrong with the world!?

    Okay, so he's an arse, he's cocky and greasy and has bad taste and is completely in love with himself and turaluralur, LADIES, that's half the charm! (The other half being the amazing body and the gorgeous smile)

    This is an abombination! All that work he puts down to look smashing for us, and for nothing. No gratitude, no praise. How do you sleep at night?

    I love you CRon, I love all of you.

  88. Kelly_Cahill says:

    Timmy :(

    He is in my list ;)

  89. nonny says:

    what a f*** list! CR9 must be in F5 HHOF ..

  90. MrsYoann says:

    YOANN AND CESC are 1 and 2.

    The world is perfect now.

  91. MrsYoann says:


  92. HannahBee says:

    What a fine list!

    But who's the angry blonde girl in the middle? :P

    Just kidding, there's been a lot of support for Torres to be on the F5 and I guess his time has come.

  93. anja says:

    only 52% for vida? come on girls :) but i'm glad he made it!

    too bad verma and nico didn't make it though. well, more of them for me then, i guess :D

  94. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    I really only care that my Xabier is on here. <3

  95. Jo says:

    Thrilled to see Vida up there! Thanks, Kickette.

  96. Four out of my five made it. No regrets there. And Nando is on the list. So I really just cannot complain.

    4.0 is the best version yet.

  97. Ella says:

    Ok, the finest five is ok and all…i AM glad to see Vida make it…but to not have CR9 on the FF or in the HHOF is a travesty. JMHO.

  98. Katie says:

    Absolutely IN LOVE with the F5! Beautiful choices

  99. julia says:

    FINALLY NANDO :D :D Must admit I was feeling a bit nervous there when I clicked "more"… But what a relief now!!

    But happy to have Nando, Yoann and Cesc on the list!! Mostly Nando of course ;) 3 of 5 is more than good and I think the new F5 is brilliant!

  100. Dii says:

    Yay Nando finally got there! Congratulations baby boy. <3 And my Cesc baby is also there, great. If only David Villa were there instead of that Gourcuff guy, I'd be the happiest girl ever. But thanks Kickette for bringing us such marvelous options, you couldn't really have bad F5 from them. ^^

  101. tammyv says:

    Wow… there is actually some diversity. I approve of about 3/5 of the list so well done

  102. NandosGirl says:

    -squee- 4 out of 5! Nando FINALLY earns his birthright! OMG!

    Wow, Kickette, now you've got me all worked up. :P

  103. Homeskillet17 says:

    NANDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! finally! high 5s to everyone :P

  104. shay says:

    Marco is a good looking guy, but his sleaze factor is a little high. Might be the reason his missed out He looks like he would smell like k-y jelly and hookers.

    • Molly says:

      Marco is honest and if you take his honesty in the wrong way than thats to bad :( ! :) ! Atleast he doesn't try to lie and cover things up like most footballers :) !

    • juventina says:

      Well, that was a tad rude considering you don’t even know the guy…

      • Mrs.Higuain says:

        you have right to your opinion but this guy IS really ok.when you think of what he says you'll come to the conclusion that he only says those things openly that every other footballer knows but won't tell.

    • SB says:

      L M A O !

    • MrsNesta says:

      errr…. think you’re getting Marco mixed up with some of the French NT :)

    • juventina says:

      If you are going to take that one interview against him then I HIGHLY suggest you read the ENTIRE interview correctly translated because the other things he says are not all about sex. There was ONE question in regards to sex. And another in regards to his ex Belen and how he’s not jealous of her new boyfriend and so he shouldn’t be. He has now what Marco already had and thats exactly what he said. Its the truth. In the interview he also talks about his childhood and how much he admires his mother for raising 3 boys BY HERSELF in one of the worst areas of Napoli. His father passed when Marco was 10 and grew up without a father figure. I am actually really disgusted by the way people talk about him like he is some kind of disgusting whore. He isn’t so before you talk about someone like that please do some research. Not once have I said anything bad about anyone on this list (although I have thought them), but it seems the Marco haterade is out in full force. There is a difference between an opinion and being rude especially when you know very little of which you speak.

      • Mrs.Higuain says:

        on the point and damn right! marco <3

        • juventina says:

          thank you :) I'm sorry, I've sat back and said nothing to anyone in particular, but I mean really, he didn't make the list the hate should stop. You got what you wanted, you win. Congrats, now take it like a proper winner and don't continue to talk smack about the people who didn't make it.

  105. Thea says:

    Am thrilled! At last it's all about Yoann. Gutted for Cahil and Marco but you can't win them all!

  106. Vida gets his due (officially). Quite pleased :)

  107. suzie says:

    Wow after all the pleading and campaigning finally Nando has a spot on the F5.

  108. lorena_chanel says:

    YOOOOOANN!!!! That's enough for me!!! :-D

  109. MrsNesta says:

    Oh Marco, you know we love you and in that photo he is thanking us from his heart :)

    • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

      So true!!!

    • MrsNesta says:

      And I love that photo!

      • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

        did u notice the sexy scare on his left hand? wonder what happened!

        • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

          *scar* lol

          • juventina says:

            LOL its probably from when he used to sneak into the rich guy's yard to go play football! hahaha oh marco <3

            • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

              shame…. now i wish that Kickette would make it F6 just to add Marco on the list….. im feeling kind of sad now!

              • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

                And im sad that Villa is not on the list!!! I mean he is a sexy all rounder!

                Sexy footballer, sexy dad, sexy husband, sexy, sexy, sexy!!! lol

              • juventina says:

                lol yeah it’s quite a shame, but he’s coping with the exclusion quite well actually :P

                • MrsNesta says:

                  And think it speaks volumes that the biggest picture for the F5 results is Marco :)

      • Mrs.Higuain says:

        where did he earn the scar on his hand??

        • juventina says:

          he used to climb over this fence thing to sneak into a rich guy’s yard to play football because this guy had a really nice field, so maybe he got it there lol

  110. Tula says:

    :( Just :(

  111. Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

    Wow, what a suprise indeed!!!

  112. Jemima says:

    ahhhh nando& cesc<3

  113. Maristela says:

    Hehehehe. Well, darling, I consider this a great joke, a light thing so it's just a nice way to have fun :) But I am aware that some of the girls you mentioned take this all too seriously. But it's OK: football is about passion ;)

    I am not that radical, you see. I cannot consider Fernando Torres attractive in any possible way but I like Liverpool and appreciate his football skills.

    And about Kickettes editorial choices: I can understand their motives. They have to talk more about the supposed hot guys of the moment. Let's see if World Cup will bring another prettie-and-dumbie player. As for me, since the most of my personal favourites are not to going to play there, I will only appreciate the game.

  114. Maristela says:

    Oh, yes. Now I understand your point. I had not realized yet, but you are right: this way Kickette just let "the people" chose the supposed hot ones while until the latest choice there was not this kind of, let's see, "influence".

    Maybe they became fed up with all the whining the girls made about Torsten, for instance. It was hilarious to see some of them desperate because that "ugly-long-haired-viking" had taken the supreme slot of Cescie, or Nandy or Iker or another random Spanish. Or worse, Cristiano Ronaldo, hahahahaha.

    But I am completely biased about being fan of anti-heroes. :) I always prefer the not so "pretty clean-cut" ones ;)

  115. Maristela says:

    I can’t see any hotness on those Spanish guys – apart from Alonso, maybe. Iker Casillas is so ordinary looking for me! He seems a nice guy though. And what about that Pique guy? He reminds me like if he was some kind of Franck Ribery’s bigger brother minus the scars.

    And you are right: too much fuzz about Spanish clubs. Real Madrid and Barcelona are really great – perhaps the two major clubs in the world, hands down – but people cares too much about their star system. Bayern Munich and Chelsea, despite being sort of “less powerful”, suffer from the same disease: too much hype.