April 19th, 2011

The Finest Five 6.0: Speak Once Or Forever Hold Your Mouthpiece

USMNT captain

Partaking in this discussion does not affect your rights to be taken seriously as a footie fan. It just makes you a more complete one.

Kickette’s Finest Five list has always been a controversial one with our readers.

We’ve caught a lot of flack over the years for not including Fernando Torres on this list. After his freckles petitioned hard for the right to sit atop our pretty pile, he opted for a club switcheroo, which caused all of our closets to take a turn for the worse. A lesson for all the men out there: if you’re in a room full of ladies who love labels, you better come correct, or else they’ll start policing for your immediate, sun spot removal.

In any event, beautiful ‘ballers are beckoning us once more and we’re ready to give our Finest Five list a makeover (or in Carlos Bocanegra’s case, a full body shower. We’ll bring the loofahs!) You’ll have to pardon our choice to skip out on a total face lift; our Tiffany’s piggy banks have been on diets since the World Cup.

With so many players in the world to pick from, selecting the finest of five ain’t easy (so many players’ lounges to investigate, so little time). Thus, we’re casting a net to you, Kickettes, but it’s not without exceptions. Ever since we once naively asked for you to make a case for/against good and evil, we never recovered from being told point blank that one of football’s most lovely specimens, Marco Borriello, was “perverse”.

For the record, we see nothing wrong with a man who enjoy doing dirty things in the water.

So we put this out there to you, dear readers:

1. Who is the one player you want to give a swift kick in the rear to?

2. Any player who is missing from this lust list?

Just for fun, feel free to tell us and the rest of the world who would be in your Finest Five list should we ever fall off a cliff and hand the Kickette site reins over to our readers.

We thank you in advance for your commitment to the cause.

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482 Responses to “The Finest Five 6.0: Speak Once Or Forever Hold Your Mouthpiece”

  1. sarah says:

    My finest five would be
    -Thomas Vermaelen. His eyes are darn sexy, and those lips? One word…YUM!!
    -Robin Van Persie
    -Sergio Ramos
    -Jesus Navas
    -Joe Hart

  2. April says:

    Has this list update been finalized yet? Because I know this is coming about five weeks too late, BUT, it was only published last week…

    I submit to you new evidence that Benny Feilhaber, is in fact, one of the hottest men to grace the sport: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2768/5740730633_c5…

    He also, clearly is after our own hearts in the accompanying interview: http://www.improper.com/features/benny-feilhaber/

    Benny: Maybe come up with something like the female fans get to vote on one of the players taking his shirt off at the end, so they’ll stay tuned in."

    The kid is smart AND good looking. Sure he isnt playing in Europe's big leagues, but he puts a lot of these other guys to shame with his pretty Brazilian/ Austrian face.

  3. dita says:

    ok it may sound weird but i want PUYI on the hot list!!

  4. fruitbat says:

    Pique. Are you kidding? Gotta be there.
    Nando is cute but sort of a specialized appeal, no? I'd take him off. Plus, he's not cuter when he talks. (All-time winner for cuter when he talks – Xabi Alonso. Slay me now.
    Afellay …Afellay … he sure is tall and beautiful, isn't he?

  5. @Lyandra says:

    I'd give a swift kick to Borriello. And as far as whom I'd pick to be in the Finest Five, there is only one option – Gerard Pique!

  6. Shells says:

    1) Pique
    2) Ramos
    3) Ozil
    4) Nando
    5) Xabi Alonso

  7. RedDevilette28 says:

    BRING YOANN BACK IN THE FINEST FIVE! I wouldn't mind seeing BERBATOV in that list too! *drools*

  8. Sennie says:

    Still cannot understand why is Niko Kranjcar so underrated
    … i mean He have Style, Voice, Class, Eyes, Body, Attitude, he's Awesome as HELL.
    He must be more recognized,
    let's see another underrated Stories:
    Antoine Griezmann, Stanislav Sestak, Christian Eriksen, Toni Kroos, Tobias Schweinsteiger, Edin Dzeko, etc etc
    (check out if you are bored of the same old stuff) but bleh, just my personal opinion.
    … And Ok, i can't deny there's another well known options:
    Yoann; Roman Pavlyu; Nando; Borri; Zlatan; Nicklas Bendtner; Jack Wilshere; etc.

  9. fiddler says:


  10. waka says:

    1. Xavi
    2. Iker
    3. Higuain
    4. Manu Neuer
    5. Xabi Alonso

    We need more Xavi here, he seems to be quite popular!!

  11. ayesha says:

    david villa
    cesc fabregas
    afelley <3

  12. BeJeeBus says:

    Surely you cannot be serious excluding Yoann from the list but placing Pepe instead of him? PEPE?!

  13. @m_longacre says:

    There is no way we can leave out The Ramos! Sergio is…amazing to look at.
    And Bojan is pretty hot, too!
    I just agree with everybody who has said the Spanish National team. :)

  14. Jenny Hdz says:

    bring in: The man with the biggest booty around GONZALO HIGAUIN!

  15. Mrs Real Madrid says:

    2. The Ramos!!
    3. Cristiano Ronaldo!
    No I can only come up with three persons who truly deserves it!

  16. nicki says:

    borri, pepe, joe – no!!
    but yes to:
    xabi alonso
    kike (osasuna)
    valentin stocker (basel)

  17. hannah says:

    1.Sergio Ramos- he is way to damn hot to leave off
    2. Fernando Llorente
    3. Fernando Torres
    4. Cesc
    5. Gerard Pique

  18. mrs.kaka says:

    1. Kaka
    2. Gerard Pique
    3. Cesc Fabregas
    4. Xabi Alonso
    5. Iker Casillas


  19. _Daena_ says:

    Joe Hart should go, theres alot more fitter playeres out there ;P
    Borri & Nando must, must, must stay though!! :D

  20. AllTheWay..Iker ;D says:

    but Iker is for me nr. one :D D

  21. Mary says:

    Give the boot to Nando. The dick transfer move should have been enough to send him on.
    Yoann deserves a spot! Nasri? Bocanegra? Valdes? Ramos for the copa-fail (and the bod!)? So many other people deserve it more!

  22. canadiantck says:

    I live in Canada and its cold for 8 months of the year so whatever semi-good looking men we have in our country are bundled up under layers and layers of clothing. We cannot even lust after our own sports legendsd as most of our professional athletes have missing teeth of some variety (hockey being the cult obsession on this side of the Atlantic). Therefore I believe it is imperative for the magnificent Yoann Gourcuff to be added back to the Finest Five as it is him and his sweltering self that keeps us poor canuck chicks warm at night.

  23. Green4 says:

    Sergio ramos, Yoann gourcuff, David Luiz, iker Casillas, Sergio Canales all the way.!!!

  24. Jade says:

    Count me in for Yoann Gourcuff. Damn, the man is fine.
    And for the rest: Gerard Piqué, Ola Toivonen, Alessandro Malomo and Fernando Llorente :)

  25. coco says:

    Sergio Ramos
    Fernando Torres
    Pepe Reina

  26. Mamma_Mia says:

    Timmy H
    Stevie G
    That is all, thank you for playing

  27. SpellLOVE_I-K-E-R says:

    - Iker Casillas
    - Iker Casillas
    - Iker Casillas
    - Iker Casillas
    aaand…- Iker Casillas
    In no particular order.

    • MrsCasillas says:

      i am TOTALLY agreeng with you!!!!
      Iker for the top 3 ! ;D
      Ikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer !!!
      His name is just too sexy ;D
      but everyone in the Spanish National Team is sexy… ;D

  28. m a h n says:

    i don't care who else makes it on the list just don't remove Borri. PRETTY PLEASE.

  29. MilaDK says:

    Christian Eriksen (Ajax)

    Those are my fav 5 :)

  30. Anne says:

    Better yet…
    Yoann for the Hall of Fame anyone?

  31. lisa says:

    Joe and Pepe have to go… sure they're cute, but definitely NOT finest five material!
    Yoann should be immediately back on, and at #1. And Sergio Ramos definitely deserves a place.

    1. Yoann
    2. Sergio Ramos

  32. Mony says:

    Damn would love to get in the shower with Carlos Bocanegra :D – Damn

  33. SSEE says:

    Iker Casillas (yes please, thank you very much), Yoann, Gourcuff, Pedro Leon, Michael Ballack and Xavi Alonso

  34. kanitaadriana says:

    why can't you make it Kickette's Finest Fifteen?? then manymanymore could be included :D :):):)

  35. arabella says:

    James Younghusband!

  36. @linvinnaar says:

    With as much biased-ness as I can bloody muster, I say Steven Gerrard deserves some recognition!

    PS I think Torres' club needs to be changed.

  37. Leah says:

    Fernando Torres. love love love love love love love love love love Torres. even with the awful hair…HE MUST STAY!
    And please please please add Pique. How is he not already on there?! And Daniel Agger. SO HOT! how has he not been mentioned before?!?

  38. footballfan says:

    did i mention…aaron ramsey?

  39. Lindsey says:

    1. Mario Gomez
    2. Claudio Marchisio
    3. Ciaran Clark
    4. German Denis (he is GORGEOUS, how come you guys never mention him?)
    5. Nemanja Vidic

  40. kat says:

    yoann gourcuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Zahara says:

    this is what i want:
    1) sex fabregas ( perfect male specimen)
    2) geri pique (he wants it too, to be on the finest five, lets do it for him!)
    3) sergio ramos ( cannot believe he isnt on here yet)
    4) mr puyol ( i know, but a girl wants what she wants)
    5) xavi hernandez (cmon, he is soo cute and worthy)

    i dont really get this joe hart thing, or marco borrielo ( i think hes got the cristiano attitude, which i dont like)
    pepe is waaaaay hot, but he doesnt really do enough to be in finest five! but i still love him!
    same with nando, in recent times,

    if there was finest 6, yoann would be there too.

  42. erinlfc says:

    The top five has got to have Nando in, and im a liverpool fan. But what about Gerrard in the top five, isnt he hot enough? :(
    Oh and keep Pepe somewhere in the top five, i like his recent entry into it, after seeing those shirtless pictures of him you provided he deserves a top five spot! ;)
    Pique is hot too!

  43. deni says:

    So this aremy picks:
    Xabi ALONSO –>(do Ineed to say more)
    Iker CASILLAS—> (love him, his a sexy one for sure
    Cristiano RONALDO –>(love him or hate him.his HOT)
    Alvaro ARBELOA —>(he is a kinda new but damn his gorgeus)
    Ibrahim Affelay —>(love the baby face and smile)
    P.S. Common you kickettes Sergio Ramos??I'm a Madridista but he's deff NOT HOT

  44. Suj says:

    Bojan, Bojan, Bojan, Bojan, Bojan!!!!

    if i had to choose though,
    1) Bojan
    2) Iker
    3) Borri
    4) Bocanegra

    no specific order..

  45. Oyasa says:

    MATS HUMMELS. seriously look at this —> http://bit.ly/eTvEFM

  46. Asya says:

    1. Xabi Alonso
    2. Gerard Pique
    3. Mats Hummels
    4. Iker Casillas
    5. Gonzalo Higuain

  47. Asya says:

    1. Mats Hummels
    2. Mats Hummels
    3. Mats Hummels
    4. Gerard Pique
    5. Gerard Pique

    Please, we need at least a German on the list.

  48. Nando'sBitch says:


  49. Marose says:

    My finest five:
    1. Nando (still)
    2. Gerard Pique
    3. Sergio Ramos
    4. Cesc Fabregas
    5. Xabi Alonso

  50. spanishfootielover says:

    GET TORRES OUT OF THERE!!!! he sucks aat soccer and his hair looks horrible now!!! get gerard pique or david villa in there!!!!

  51. emily says:

    Ok – give Joe a good swift kick in kiester. PLEASE and thank you. Also, NO to Pique. He's kind of a douche.
    1. Yoann
    2. Bocanegra
    3. Aitor Ocio (too hot for words)(all over) o-O
    4. Mario Gomez
    5. The Ramos
    Honorable mention to Nico Kranjcar, Llorente, Nandito, Cesc

  52. IBI :) says:

    Ibrahim Afellay needs to be in there!!!!!!!! and Cristiano Ronaldo!
    Pepe and Joe need to go!

  53. IBI :) says:

    Ibrahim Afellay needs to be in there!!!!!!!! and Cristiano Ronaldo!
    Pepe needs to go!

  54. Yaya says:

    1. Yoann Gourcuff <3333
    2. Marco Boriello (mmmm)
    3. Gerard Pique
    4. Benny Feilhaber
    5. Nicklas Bendtner
    No questions asked, hottest guys in the game.

  55. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    I m going to be honnest, but i think that Ramos doesnt deserve to be in it but is all to taste… i mean Pepe is hot but Yoann is better Nando is cute but Carlitos Bocanegra is much better and the pic shows that… the one that should never go is Borri the momoent he is out, i m so out too… an d i love this site..! Joe is something special but i think we can make an exepcion and leave him there… naw!! Gerard pique is way hotter..! :) still I can decide who is hotter!

    -Carlitos Bocanegra

  56. tortilly says:

    I absolutely don't get the Joe Hart thing, but to each her own. Sergio is too delectable to not be on this list. I mean he is THE RAMOS! And for the love of god please do not get rid of Nando. Other votes would be for:
    -The entire Spanish National Team (need I say more)
    -Carlos Bocanegra
    -John Terry (I know he's scummy, but his bulge…..WINNING!)
    -Xabi Alanso
    -Steven Gerrard

    • tortilly says:

      By the way these are not my top 5, these are my possible selections for replacement if for some ungodly reason Serigo is not chosen.

  57. Kat says:

    sergio ramos is on almost everyones list i think this means a spot to the F5 hbu?

  58. Ava says:


  59. Erika says:

    Promote Cesc to Hall of Fame! I think Yoann needs to be promoted as well. Nando is permanently on the Finest Five unless promoted. you can add carlos bocanegra and arbeloa to FF list :)

  60. Fernando Torres needs to get of the F5 and get onto the Hot H.o.F. His smile and his Spanish eyes, I swear drive me crazy. And his pout is the sexiest thing I have ever laid eyes on. Nando is the ultimate package; pun intended…

  61. TOO GOOD TO BE A WAG says:

    Marco Borriello…the man has the sexiest tattoo in history and those thighs *gasps and goes to take a private moment*
    Yoann Gourcuff BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sergio Ramos…Simply for the body and tattoos
    Gerard Pique..Just cause….
    Zlatan Ibrahimovich..The body


  62. Nihaal28 says:

    David villa and bojan krkic should deff be on the list

  63. VivaCR7 says:

    My personal top five:

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo
    2. Sergio Ramos
    3. Carlos Bocanegra
    4. Xabi Alonso
    5. Cesc Fabregas

  64. FORZA-AZZURRI says:


  65. Georgia says:

    1. Gerard Pique
    2. Yoann Gourcuff (sexy :p)
    3. Bojan Krkic
    4. Iker Casillas
    5. Cesc Fabregas

  66. Destiny says:

    Gerard Pique should b

  67. kel says:

    The entire list, as it stands, is all wrong to me.
    Borri – Don't care
    Pepe – Too much hair on his body, not enough on his head
    Joe Hart – Ordinary at best, with unfortunately bad skin although he seems a lovely guy
    Cesc – I sort of see the appeal (beardless) but he's more cute than hot and certainly not hotter than a whole lot of players.
    Nando – Don't get me started. Why do his hips look wider than his shoulders in most pics? The freckles are darling and he's pretty when he smiles but he's just sulky nowadays.

    I'm amazed The Ramos isn't on there. He seems such an obvious choice.

  68. FabregasPublicist says:

    1. Cesc Fabregas – Need I say more? (But I will be much happier if he will be promoted in the HHoF. He was only dropped from the F5 list once!)
    2. Nicky Bendtner – I don't know why you don't like people who are willing to move around around without pants on.
    3. Aaron Ramsey – I thought of putting a Welsh and it was a toss between the Bale and Azza but I'm an Arsenal fan so I'll go with Azza.
    4. RVP – Very good man. And this is one way of saying thank you for giving us photos inside Arsenal's training.
    5. I need an Arsenal break. Maybe Bocanegra can fill it up. Or the Bale. Or Pique. Or Freckles. Or Lashes. Or Higuain!

  69. GagaOverGaga says:

    I hate to say this but please remove Borri, Pepe and Joe Hart. Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos are waaaay hotter. And oh, keep Cesc and Nando. I mean, Fernando broke hearts, but that doesn't make him less gorgeous, does it? :">

  70. @Silcoxski says:

    Get rid of Torres. And I vote for adding Piqué

  71. GaGa4GUNNERS says:

    Nando and Hart have got to go.

    1. Cesc-y Fabulous
    2. Yohann Gourcoff
    3. Gerard Pique
    4. Marco Borriello
    5. Ibrahim Affelly (i think that's how you spell it)

    I'm sorry but Nando never should have been there, you ought to be ashamed for removing lashes for Joe 'sexy ass' Hart

  72. Nat says:

    Gerard pique

  73. Cesc Fabregas
    Gerard Pique
    Jesus Navas
    Aaron Ramsey
    Spanish National Team
    Joe Hart
    Mikel Arteta
    Should I go on or what ?…lol.

  74. Iker and Xabi are already in the HOF. I think Fabregas has to go to HOF too.
    Gerard Pique and Jesus Navas has to be on the list.
    OH YEAH Aaron Ramsey should be on the list..

  75. Sarah says:

    In no particular order.:
    Jesus Navas
    Aaron Ramsey
    Victor Valdes
    Gerard Pique
    Cesc Fabregas (Wait I think Fabregas should just be promoted to HOF.)
    Joe Hart

  76. daffysky says:

    As long as these guys are included I’m happy:
    Gerard Pique
    Cesc Fabregas
    and then whoever except Fernando Torres. I cant stand him.

  77. daffysky says:

    As long as these guys are included I’m happy:
    Gerard Pique
    Yoann Go

  78. The Ramos doesn't deserve anything after he destroyed the Copa del Rey trophy! http://sports.yahoo.com/soccer/blog/dirty-tackle/…

  79. Jen says:

    Xabi, please.

  80. GunninForaWAGship says:

    Cesc and Fern can stay. Feilhaber, Pique, and Ramsey (though it makes me feel pervy to say so since he's so young!) are most definitely needed!

  81. Another lover of Puyi!! I will agree with your list with the exception of The Ramos. He needs to be replaced with Gerard Pique.

  82. oreowithfreckles92 says:

    you should have a thing where people submit their finest ONE or something like that throughout the month or something. There would be a crazy uproar of submissions but, then everybody's person can get a chance to shine LOL :) but if we're speaking in terms of this, torres and fabregas should go to the hall of fame!
    so then that would make room for people such as: van persie, afellay, hummels…. omg orrrr walcott..man this IS hard !

  83. Grace says:

    Please, pretty please, get rid of Nando. As you mention when you added Xabi to HHOF, FAITHFULNESS and CLASS is necessary to make our ovaries explode, and that's where Nando FAILS……
    But a big big yes to Yoann and Gerard!!!!
    p.s. im probably the only one in the world that doesnt find fabregas sexy :s

  84. Jo_ says:

    1. Cesc
    2. Vidic

  85. MissU Paolo says:

    My comment keeps getting eaten-3rd times the charm, eh?

    So heppi to see the David Silva mentions! He's definitely my #1.
    Yoann needs to be in the HOF, much less the Finest 5
    My vote goes to Carlos B or Benny F
    *I* don't get Sergio R, but I can see why he might belong in the F5…but not HOF
    Buh bye Nando or Pepe

  86. nana says:

    Oh and btw, [a little bit of healthy pressure ahem.. ] No matter what the final product of the FF5 is [cuz we know there is just too much 'baller hotness out there to make it into just ONE list], I beg you, take a look at these comments Kickettes. I think we all agree that The Ramos HAS to be on that list… As you were.

  87. nana says:

    Put on the Ramos for Iker's sake!!!
    Bring Yoann back [yes, you made a terrible mistake taking Lashes out]
    Also a little bit of Piquey, and my greek god Llorente would come in handy…

    pd: I don't mind if Cescy, Borri and Nando stay in ;)

  88. sofia says:

    1. Fernando Torres (The haircut in spain is just .. so flattering… as a LFC fan I hate to say this, he does look good in the blue kit as much as I absolutely hate him for it he is still soooo hot.. I just hope he never scores again)
    2. Steven Gerrard .. those thighs:)
    3. Albiol.. fuck yeah who wouldn't?
    4. Sergio Ramos, those locks, that bod, that ass.. He I think is an ass personally but the ass he owns seperately deserves recognition
    5. Yoan Gurcuff.. There are no words..

  89. SoMysterious says:

    Keep Marco

    get rid of Pepe….I mean really???

    Joe hart can replace him…thanks

  90. RAMOSSSSSS says:

    Please add THE RAMOS i dnt really care about the rest just ADD THE RAMOSSS PLZ!!!!

  91. Chloe says:

    1. Yoann Gourcuff
    2. Carlos Bocanegra
    3. Gerard Pique
    4. Cesc Fabregas
    5. Mario Gomez

  92. Anna says:

    Joe Hart? Pepe? seriously Kickettes? I say its about time Ibrahim Afellay cracked this list , the boy is sex on legs! Oh and bring Yoan back … (^^,)

    P.s Davis Villa does not deserve to be on this list , so don't even think about it ! :)

    Much love x

  93. Kaaya says:

    My 2 cents:
    Yoann G
    Marouane Chamakh
    Cesc Fabregas

  94. YAYA says:

    JAVI MARTINEZ. thank you.

  95. M25 says:

    Borri has to go! Definitely!
    And bring Yoann back. Nothing's better than this innocent-but-fuck-me-look from these eyes with these lashes!!

    • Alik says:

      I so agree with your assessment of Yoann's appeal. He must be back where he belongs!

  96. Linda says:

    I would love some David Silva. ♥ He's beautiful and his type (petite and adorable) has been woefully neglected. It doesn't always have to be about big man meat, does it?
    Esteban Granero, Mesut Ozil, and Mario Gomez ring all of my bells and if it is about big man meat I want Tim Howard somewhere on that list. My Lord, he's beautiful – charming, smart, just an all-around great guy.
    And I agree with a lot of the comments re: getting rid of Joe Hart.
    Thank you for your time.

  97. freckledtattoos says:

    1. You can kick Marco Borriello out, I don't really like him, but he has a fine body… :)

    2. Get Daniel Agger in there for the sake of his smile, his freckles and tattoos. And because there is no nordic player in there… <3

  98. heyy says:

    Top 5
    Sergie Ramos
    Cesc Fabregas
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Prince Boateng
    Marouane Chamaaaaack!

  99. BarcaBabe says:


  100. mel says:

    Ozil??? c'mon…

  101. Ms Football says:

    1. Fernando Torres
    2. Gerard Pique
    3. Yoann Gourcuff
    4. Robin Van Persie
    5. Marco Borriello

  102. sara says:

    put Yoann Gourcuff and Sergio Ramos on the list and let Joe Hart and pepe go i don't find them deserving the spot !!

  103. footyluva says:

    Yoann needs to be back on the list for sure

    Fernando Llorente
    Mario Gomez
    Kevin prince boateng

  104. Kat says:


  105. sergio ramos madridista says:

    the only man that REEAALLLY deserves this is the one and only SERGIOOO RAMOS! i mean has he not shone off his abtastic torso enough and showed part of his butt multiple times this season? all of humanity needs for him to be in the finest five you can get rid of pepe or joe but if nando stays there will be sernando and that would be AMAZING.

  106. VP85 says:

    Benny Feilhaber is moving back to the U.S. – let's get an exclusive interview (a la Chris Pontius) with him!

    My suggestions are:
    1) Yoann skyrockets to #1 on FF or HHOF
    2) Including a USMNT guy, preferrably Bocanegra on the list.
    3) Giving the axe to anyone on the list who is bald, resembles a smurf, has freckles, or name doesn't rhyme with Sex.

  107. Grace says:

    BYE BYE TORRES HELLO GOURCUFF!!!! (and Pique, if possible….)

  108. Jessica9 says:

    Put GERRARD in the list !!!! <3

  109. Sara P says:

    I am thinking that Boca needs some loving!!! That man is gorgeous!

    Also, Sergio Ramos needs some love too. Please add them, as well as keep Nando! How can you have a list and not include these three? Blasphemy!!!

  110. Nandoschiquita says:

    Two things. First, keep Fernando. Though he broke my heart and continues to break it each and every day, he is still the most beautiful thing ever. He has to stay on the list.

    Second, please consider adding Benny Feilhaber. Check these two links out to understand why. http://youtu.be/CbxmOKJdVb8 and http://youtu.be/WfrwNMR871U He's got what it takes people.

    Loose Cesc or Pepe.

    • Sara P says:

      I think I literally just drooled on my computer watching those videos. OMG!!!! I say add Benny and Carlos!!!

  111. soccergirl154 says:

    Sergio Ramos forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The body, the lips and the attitude! He should be at the top of your list.

  112. deparailas says:

    Bring on the Boca. Kthxbai. ;)

  113. essjay says:

    Potentials on the FF:
    Diego Forlan – solely for those delicious abs!!!
    Marc Albrighton.
    Sergio Ramos.
    Carlos Bocanegra.
    Javier Pastore.

    Move Cescy straight to Hot HOF.
    And, no matter what else you do, GET RID OF NANDO! Pleeeeeease. He's no longer hot. I can't stand him. Especially in blue… Urrrrrggghhhh.. Plus he's pathetic on the pitch… Just go away Nando!!! :'(

  114. monica says:


  115. Crackers says:

    Yes, you're so right- they have something for EVERY taste, whether it's adorkables (Cesc) , freckled babyfaced bitchface (Nando), just plain beautiful (Iker) or soulpatch bitchfacers (Villa), GQMFs (XABI!!!), playboys(The Ramos), cuties (Alvaro), sexy bald men (Pepe!!), curly-haired Tarzans (Puyi) or shy boys (Navas)…..*sigh*

    Just put them all in the HHoF already, they belong there as a unit (those who aren't already there, that is).

  116. Tan says:

    Jesus Navas and Aaron Ramsey and Van Persie should be the new additions.↲Keep Fabregas.

  117. Crackers says:

    I think the entire Spanish NT (those of it who aren't already there, that is) should go into the Hot Hall of Fame, our F5 is dominated by Spaniards anyway and it'll free up some space.

    As for the questions here:
    1. Out with Joe Hart!
    2. Put Lashes back where he belongs!

    Also, speaking of hot Frenchmen, can Kickette PLEASE induct Zizou into the HHoF? Hot bald man who makes a true GQMF model and has been proven to violently dislike people slagging off his women….come on!

  118. HiL says:

    Torres has to go……. sorry.
    Actually i don't like the current list so much. They're not doing it for me.

    Yoann should be there again! and… Pique. and Vida. and Poldi!

  119. LionelMessi951 says:

    Pique Pique Pique Pique Pique :]

  120. captaine_anja says:

    1. Nemanja Vidic and Zlatan Ibrahimovic – dangerously hot
    2. Thomas Vermaelen – Vida II hot
    3. Niko Kranjcar – cute hot
    4. Marco Borriello – YMCA hot

    • captaine_anja says:

      oh come one girls, someone must be with me! I even included Boriello to become more popular XD

  121. Mai says:

    Victor Valdes!He's a hot piece of man ass!

  122. Marika says:

    I need only one – Zlatan! Sure he is sometimes cocky as hell but who cares… he is the man!

  123. Kalehua says:

    Bocanegra – my one and only ;)
    Gerrard – yup, I went old school on that one. I loves me the Gerrard!

  124. cutegun says:

    All I need is CESC FABREGAS!!!!! HE SHOULD STAY FOREVER!!!! The Traitor can leave and I want Yoann back!!!! -.-

  125. Babecakezzz says:

    1. Carlos Tevez
    2. Carles Puyol
    3. Mesut Ozil
    4. Ronaldhino
    5. Wayne Rooney

  126. We have no lives says:

    1. Xabi Alonso
    2. Fernando Llorente
    3. Mario Gomez
    4. Bojan Krkic
    5. Yoann Gourcuff/Aitor Ocio

  127. Bethany says:

    1. kick Nando off
    2. Granero

  128. woohoo says:

    spanish finest 5: Iker, Ramos, Xabi, Cesc, Fernando…………Llorente

  129. Mrs. SpanishNT says:

    Give the boot to Joe and Nando and say hello to Fernando Llorente and Gerard Pique!

    2. Sergio Ram-horse
    3. Yoann Go-cute
    4. David maraVILLA
    5. Gerard pick-a-day-where-he-doesn't-make-you-smile
    NO QUESTION…They are most definetly fine…and there's five of them!
    Nando is amazing but his betrayel (especially when his baby wore a liverpool shirt before he even knew his own name) should make him be taken off the list.

  131. Saucy Aussie says:

    lashes.fucking.gourcuff nuff said

  132. Yanks4ever says:

    You're missing Tim Howard, Eric Lichaj and Charlie Davies. Thierry Henry is a cheating bastard and will never be hot.

  133. Liz says:

    1. Borriello


    2. Ramos
    3. Higuain
    4. Pepe Reina
    5. Adil Rami

  134. Kat. says:

    Ibrahim Afellay.
    Leo Messi.
    The cutest things Barca has!

  135. Ali F. says:

    Ummmmm Spain? They all deserve a spot on this list. (minus Sergio Ramos).

  136. Robyn says:

    Lionel Messi and Baby B. <3

  137. Pining4Pirlo says:

    So difficult…oh wait. No it isn't. GET RID OF JOE AND PEPE! And you have to keep Nandina and Borri, and poor Ramos has been waiting for this day. He's earned it, he even cut off all that horrible hair. Reward his good behavior with a treat.

  138. Jaime says:

    BOJAN KRKIC hands down. He's is beatiful. nuff' said.

    LEO LEO LEO LEO LEO LEO LEO LEO LEO LEO MESSI. Most gosh darn cutest person ever. I can look at him all day.. and I do.

    IKER is just one fine piece of man meat. I don't think any would can even possibly disagree. If they did they should get tested to make sure they aren't insane.

    PIQUE I think thats all I need to say.

    DAVID VILLA nobody can work that little soul patch like him.

    NANDO is the the cutest thing ever.

    CESC get in my pants please.

    I couldn't pick just five. I wish i lived in Spain. They got all the boys. Here Canada, we got hockey players with no teeth, yuck.

  139. semaphorin says:

    1 cesc
    2 cristiano
    3 iker
    4 chicharito
    5 de rossi

  140. Ozil23 says:

    You should add Ozil he is defin so hot!
    1. Ozil
    2. Ramos
    3. Ronaldo

  141. Siv says:

    Definitely put Yoann back on ;) . Sergio Ramos, Javi Martinez…Take Borri, Nando and Joe off =P and I nominate Pepe to hall of fame!

  142. embee says:


  143. KicketteQueen says:

    Please add Bojan Krkic! =)

  144. laz says:

    1: i would kick off all of the current f5
    2: replace them with SERGIO RAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. ilovepandp says:

    Cesc MUST stay!!
    Xabi Alonso and Iker Casillas would be good additions!!

  146. Deanna says:

    My Finest Five
    1. David Silva
    2. Yoann Gourcuff
    3. Marouane Chamakh
    4. Kaka
    5. Benny Feilhaber

  147. Winnie Mata says:

    all it would take to convince you cynics is a topless photo of Joe!

  148. xbabyshakesx says:

    I would like to see Borri go and AARON RAMSEY added to the list =]
    or Nilmar, Kaka, and Chicharito ^____^

  149. pearl says:

    for the love of God, put Pipita Higuain in your list Kickette! don't tell me Pipita's smile doesn't make you melt

  150. ToysForBots says:

    You bet. :) I'm all about the Tantalizing Ten, hahaha.

    Also, I just realized that I listed three Arsenal players, but I can't help it if Arsenal is full of hot men.

  151. livealittle says:

    i'm a nando fan but…i feel as though he is no longer deserving of being on he F5. yeah, i know, i'm a traitor. call me loco, but i feel that the specimens on the F5 should be of sound body AND mind, and given nando's recent career decisions, i'm thinkin throwin up the deuces would be a good thing. sorry boonando. that being said, here is my finest in no particular order…

    1) Bocanegra-i think it's time we americans were represented, and he is a really, really, REALLY lovely lookin one if i do say so myself.
    2) pique-has this dude ever been on the F5? kickette, sweetie darlings, this needs to happen.
    3) borri-what can i say? he's a keeper
    4) pepe- also a keeper…hahaha get it? see what i did there? see?
    5) i'll leave the last one to y'alls judgement kickette, because i can only think of 4.

  152. Sally says:

    OH! AND XABI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm moving to spain….

  153. Sally says:

    umm joe hart can go and you can replace him with the entire spanish NT because they're all just too beyoooooootiful. it hurts.
    fernando llorente needs to be on there. he's a living angel.
    and nando of course. he should just have a permanent position too.
    iker, however, is a god among men. his beauty is too much to handle. he needs a category all for himself…. :)

  154. asdf says:

    Ramos!!!!!! The man doesn't have much class but he is HOTTT.

  155. Sarah says:

    Yoann. How can physical perfection not make this list?
    Cesc. Too adorable.
    Carlos Bocanegra. The way his name rolls off my tongue makes me wonder how the rest of him would fare in my mouth.
    Yoann again.
    And also Yoann.

  156. camille says:

    pepe for sergio ramos?
    think about it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. cisarovna says:

    Suggestion – pick at least one from each of the big leagues – Premiere, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A. The fifth can be a floater. We gotta spread it around.

    Some of my personal faves are Poldi, Nando, and CR7 (ducking to avoid large rocks being thrown my way – sorry but the boy is hawt).

  158. Tee says:

    Finest Five
    Cesc MUST be added to HHOF – ladies, he's been on F5 for an eternity, he deserves to move up (he might even buy us all some doughnuts because of it)
    1. YOANN GOURCUFF – for the love of god, bring the lashes back!
    2. Nando – might encoruage him to score some goals
    3. The Ramos – nuff said
    4. Aaron Ramsey – I'm sure I'm the only one, and yes, he's only appeared on kickette like twice – but mmm :)
    5. Gerard Pique – as a madridista, pains me to say it, but damn his 'I have no self respect and will put myself in every advertising campaign known to mankind just so I can do more smouldering looks to the camera while eating biscuits/wearing jewellery/wearing watches/lacing up boots' tactic is working on me.
    And I love Shakira.

    I better not see any Pepe or Marco Borri-I'm a sleaze who's isn't even that hot-ello. Green sneakers or not kickette, he just isn't doing it for me.

  159. canada says:

    Swift kick in the rear:
    Borri, Nando, Pepe

    Banned for life:
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Sergio Ramos

    Missing from the list (maybe it should be 10 instead of 5) – is some ethnic diversity. Variety is the spice of life and all of these guys are F-I-N-E:
    1. Yoann Gourcuff
    2. Florent Malouda
    3. Emmanuel Adebayor
    4. Cédric Carrasso
    5. Marouane Chamakh
    6. Gerard Pique
    7. Samir Nasri
    8. Sebastian Abreu
    9. Roque Santa Cruz
    10. Thierry Henry (so fine he should be on two lists)

    And can you please put Zidane on the Hot H.O.F. He's still the hottest of them all.

  160. hailtree says:

    this is so hard!!!!!!
    1. Bocanegra
    2. Aitor
    3. Puyi!!!!!!
    4. Cesc
    5. st. Iker.:D

    >>> the Spaniards are monopolizing this list!!!!!

  161. Jen says:

    After years of lobbying for Nando to be on, he has recently lost any/all appeal for me!!! Take him off

    1)Xabi Alonso
    2) Yoann
    3) Stevie G.
    4) Boriello
    5)The guy I sit next to at the pub and/or Pique

  162. @vinivia says:

    how is the ramos not on this list?!?!?!?!??!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! and do not ever get rid of cesc unless it's to move him to the HOF.

  163. Jagger says:

    1.) Benny Failhaber
    2.) Youann Gourcuff
    3.) Iker Casillas
    4.) Bojan Krkic
    5.) Gerard Pique

    Feilhaber and Bojan's time to shine!!

  164. Nicole says:

    1. yoann gourcuff – his highness of fluffy adorableness !
    2. Piqué- damn. THOSE EYES @-)
    3. sexy fabregas – can't get over the ADORKABLENESS.
    4. KAKA !
    5. Aaron Ramsey ! – Damn. I missed him :|

  165. Nando y Geri 4ever says:

    Gerard Pique should most definitely be on this list Kickettes!!!
    My Top Five: The Entire Spanish NT :)

  166. Giovanna says:


  167. Definite boot to Joe. Yoann Gourcuff needs to be added!

  168. l_barton says:

    Gianluigi Buffon and Cristiano for me!! :)

  169. debsen says:

    I think the entire Spanish Team should have the #1 spot. And if not, this would be my list (since some people are in the Hot HOF):

    1. Xavi
    2. Yoann
    3. Villa
    4. Bocanegra
    5. Javi Martinez
    6. Benny Feilheiber

  170. Duha says:

    Well ofcourse the Sexio Ramos must be on the list <3
    Javier Martinez
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Fernando Llorente

  171. Amber says:

    Yoann Gourcuff needs back on… NOW! Joe can go, or Nando, I'm sick of him!

  172. LuvDeuce says:

    Leave Fernando Torres on the list!! Pretty please!!!

  173. Catherine says:

    1. Bocanegra
    2. Fabregas
    3. Lampard
    4. Vidic
    5. Pique

    Joe Hart does absolutely nothing for me.

  174. MESUT ÖZIL — personal fav. But the fact that Sergio Ramos is absent from the list is absurd.

  175. carina says:

    Keep Nando and include Yoann!

  176. This ain't easy Kickette!
    1. Martin Skrtel – Sexy as hell! He looks like a freaking warrior and I needs to be rescued!
    2. Andy Carroll – Tall and dreamy. Nice short tent pics also.
    3. Benoit Assou-Ekotoo – Sexy accent. I would only allow him to speak French to me.
    4. Gerard Pique – The best lips on the planet.
    5. Emmanuel Adebayor – Tall, dark, lovely body.

  177. FisforFootball says:

    Finest Five
    Out: Hart, Torres, and Reina (sorry Pepe)

    In: Pique, LLorente, and Javi Martinez

    Subs: Vidic, Puyol, Walcott, CR7, Jack Wilshere

  178. Shriya says:

    Can we please have Xabi back on the list? That man oozes perfection. He's like the epitome of hotness and classiness combined.

  179. Del says:

    1. Who is the one player you want to give a swift kick in the rear to?

    Nando, the once beautiful blonde hair is gone and now even his freckles have lost all power they wielded over my hormones.

    2. Any player who is missing from this lust list?

    Chicharito, HOW ON EARTH is it that his cuteness has passed you by? I forgive you must have been busy attending to fail files and thighs files. But here's your chance to stick him on that Finest 5 list!

    So my Finest 5 list is:

    Davey Becks
    The Ramos
    Mario Gomez
    Sebastian Larsson

    I also don't know how Sebastian Larsson has missed out on your attention. Sureley a SEXIER, HOTTER, YOUNGER and BLONDER version of Leonardo DiCaprio is worthy of the Finest 5?!

  180. MUfcYanksGirl says:

    I think it's about time to remove Torres off the list. Also, every time I see that photo of the Boca burger it reminds me how absolutely necessary it is that he makes the cut this time around! As for my Finest Five.. Boca, Bale, Yoann, Borriello and Vidic!

  181. Georgia says:

    Cesc, Iker, Villa, Pique, VIDIC

    & I'm gonna put it out there. Wilshere's growing in my estimation,..

  182. lisa says:

    Joe Hart!! he's so cute…or i guess fine. hahaha. that smile is adorbs

  183. Catie2838 says:

    Nando and Cesc stay where they are. Then add the following, shake, and pour over ice.

    1. Ramos (it's about time!)
    2. Boca (how can that picture NOT persuade you?)
    3. Yoann (the boy blinks and I/you/the world swoons)

    In the event that Cesc gets bumped to the HHF (in which case a round of applause for your amazing judgement), please garnish off this list of goddamn sexy with a swizzle stick in the shape of Pique.

  184. Mariak says:

    1.Sergio Ramos
    2. Sergio Ramos
    3. Sergio Ramos
    4. Serg

  185. LuvinBale says:

    My Personal Happy/ Lustful List is as follows:

    #1- Gareth Bale – DUH!
    #2- Marco Borriello
    #3- Nemanja Vidic
    #4- Michael Dawson
    #5- Gareth Bale- Hes so hot hot I had to put him on twice.

    Kickette can post what ever kind of Finest Five List they want but this is my personal sexy man meat list and I am sticking to it.

  186. Carolyn says:

    Nando and Pepe really need to go, Nando just doesn't pull off blue like he did red and I still don't understand why Pepe was ever included on this list. As for the additions there can only be one – Laurent Kosicelny. Please tell me others feel the same way about him as I do?

  187. Emma24 says:

    Van persie

  188. jean says:

    why Cr7 is not included in that list.Regardless of what many people think of him here he is F.I.N.E:)! He deserves to be in that list.

  189. BurgerQueen says:

    Benny Feilhaber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how can you not!

  190. Kristine says:

    He is beautiful. He kinda looks like Navas and Lllorente's love child.

  191. nene says:

    Kick off Torres, Borri and Pepe. bring on Yoann Gourcuff, Kaka and Nicklas Bendtner!

  192. Danielle J says:


  193. Sidney says:

    Pepe Reina needs to go and maybe Joe as well.
    YOU MUST KEEP Marco Borri. He is my love. And Yoann is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. EVER. So he needs to be back on the list ASAP.

  194. Cole says:

    my finest five.
    1. Boca muffin :)
    2. Yoann
    3. Cesc
    5. Mr. Borriello :)

  195. GourcuffLover says:

    Marco Borriello has to go too!
    His STD's scare me!!!

  196. GourcuffLover says:

    I dont care for old bolding men with kids who didnt even play with the NT(thats right PePe Im looking at you!!!)He has to go!!

    My finest Five
    1.Yoann Gourcuff
    4.Yoann G.
    5.Yeah you guessed it Chicharito!

    Im all about the Bambi Lashes!

  197. Lindsey says:

    Marco Borriello better stay on the list or I will never forgive you. LOL No seriously dont get rid of Borri or I will cry.

    Yoann Gourcuff needs to get back on. Nando is just not that cute anymore. sorry but he aint.

    Carlos Bocanegra is freaking hot. Maybe add him in the mix.

  198. Danielle J says:

    1. Sergio Ramos
    2. Iker Casillas
    3. Yoann Gourcuff
    4. Jesus Navas
    5. Gerard Pique

  199. Grace says:

    Finest Five:
    Xabi Alonso
    Alvaro Arbeloa
    Cesc Fabregas

    Players I Wish I Could Kick:
    Nigel De Jong
    Mario Balotelli

  200. kate says:

    here are some:

    alessandro nesta

    kevin prince boateng

    thiago silva

    alexandre pato

    alexander merkel

    mark van bommel

    and yes they all belong to ac milan :)

  201. michelle says:

    keep joe hart!!

  202. nena says:

    xavi hernandez
    sergio ramos
    fernando torres
    javi martinez
    gerard pique
    ibrahim afellay

    arghhh its just too many to choose from
    but i do agree that cesc should go to the the hall of fame

  203. JA7 says:

    I think Marouane Chamakh is beyond sexyy and shud therefore be included ASAP.
    Sooo how about:
    -Marouane Chamakh
    -Marouane Chamakh
    -Marouane Chamakh
    -Ibrahim Afellay
    -Samir Nasri :D

  204. @DebStimson says:

    wow! 209 posts already?! See what you've started Kickette? lol

    It's good to see some Javi(!!!) Martinez & El Pirata love on here!

    Too many to choose from but The Ramos & Yoann definitely need to be on it.

  205. Picsli says:

    XABI ALONSO- the ramos- pique- fabregas- nando

  206. Raz says:

    Ronaldo I would like to kick! Whereas Pique is my number one <3 hearts in my eyes!!!

  207. Sayit_loud says:

    I just googled Claudio Marchisio and yes, he has really nice eyes. He reminds me of an older version of Sergio Canales.

  208. Laura says:

    Sergio Ramos MUST be on the list!
    Sex-Fab and Nando have to go… the first is adorbs, but just not in the same league, and the second looks like he's 12.
    BRING LASHES BAAACK!! where did he go?!?! how could you do this?!
    Xabi Alonso is a must.
    Leave Pepe, please!
    And how about some Llorente, Pique, or Villa?
    as a wild card… Kaka's a cutie.

  209. Izzy J. says:

    YOANN!!!! seriously, idc about any other player on that list besides him…if he isn't on it, then the list becomes invalid…

  210. Harley says:

    My personal finest five looks a little something like this:

    1) Yoann Gourcuff–He really is a perfect specimen of a man.
    2) Stuart Holden–I love a guy who can be both cute and hot at the same time. Stu has to be on the list.
    3) Carlos Bocanegra–He has a perfect body and beautiful eyes. He deserves a place.
    4) Ciaran Clark–We need a young guy on the list to go with all of the more experienced hotness. He has freckles, sea blue eyes, and a killer body. What's not to love?
    5) Cesc Fabregas–The boy is just plain hot. He has the whole dark and brooding look, with an adorkable personality. The best of both worlds.

    Honorable mention:
    Benny Feilhaber
    Jay DeMerit
    Alvaro Morata
    Bojan Krkic
    Michael Bradley
    Marc Albrighton
    Fernando Torres
    Pepe Reina
    Javier Hernandez

    Why do they all have to be so hot? I would be happy having all of the above names put into the Finest Fourteen!

  211. Kaldy says:

    Xabi ALonso goes to the top

    And Cristiano Ronaldo must be here as well

  212. naylovee says:

    P.S.- i think bocanegra needs some help cleaning up so uhh I'll take one for the team ;)

  213. Dawn says:

    I do not care who goes, as long as dearest BB Lashes is reinstated in his rightful spot at number one!

  214. finetst five says:

    in no particular order
    Carlos Bocanegra
    Jack 'Dimples' wilshere
    Cristiano R.

  215. MeSergio&SaraIker says:

    1. Afellay
    2. Afellay
    3. Afellay
    4. Afellay
    5. and THE Ramos of course – He's one sexy beast :) )

    Its really funny how all of my male friends think that girls like CR the most. But in this 200 comment there are only a few of you that consider him a top 5 :)

  216. Kristine says:

    Ok Ladies, The Ramos has been neglected for far too long. It's time, it's time.
    Joe Hart has got to go, he is at best..cute. Not hot.
    I'd love to see Zlatan, but I know he's too much of an ass. His body is SICK.

  217. rainstarmcgee says:

    Hart and Pepe can go

    please bring back Yoann! and i think Boca would also make a wonderful addition to the Finest Five

  218. Abe says:

    Bocanegra is a must, and I'm not sure why Benny Feilhaber isn't making the cut?? HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE EYES? Tim Howards body is all you need to see and possibly throw in some Oguchi Onyewu.

  219. Kristine says:

    Ok Ladies, The Ramos has been neglected for far too long. It's time, it's time.
    Joe Hart has got to go, while I have only begun to see his appeal. He is merely cute, and not even near hot.
    I would love to see Zlatan on there, his body is sick and I love his eyes/eyebrows and his hair.

  220. Lotte says:

    Ok, my list (which changes now and then:)):

    1. Victor Valdes
    2. Jesus Navas
    3. Xavi Hernandez
    4. Puyi
    5. the Ramos (or Andy Carroll. I gotta have at least one "bad boy")

    I would never have included Borri, Pepe (sorry), or Joe Hart in the first place.

  221. canuckgirl says:

    You must keep Nando!!

    And while I love Cesc, he could go, too. As could Joe and Pepe, who just don't cut it when compared to all the hotness that is clamoring for a spot on the FF.

    It is simply wrong that Yoann is not on the list; he must be added. Keep Borri because his pics never fail to astound and amuse. And while the Ramos doesn't do it for me, I can see why he does it for others, and astound and amuse also apply to him. Bocanegra, Tim Howard, my darling Wesley (Snijder, of course), Pique, Stevie G, Theo Walcott — each of them could round off the list nicely.

    For the love of all that is good in this world, keep the greasy cheeseball that is CR as far away from the FF as possible!

    And how, how, how is Zizou not in the HHoF?

  222. Ella says:

    A first post for me on this site; but can I please beg the inclusion of Aaron Ramsey? ;-)

  223. Anita says:

    Please get rid of Pepe Reina and Joe Hart and bring back Yoann and you could add Bocanegra!! ♥

  224. mesqueunclub93 says:

    oust Freckles, his time is up! I vote replace him with Captain America, Mr. Carlos Bocanegra!

  225. mel says:

    Marco Borriello
    Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos

    I would kick Joe in the rear way off the list, possibly to a whole nother universe………

  226. spvrp says:

    Out with Borri and Torres. In with Boca (because it's about time USA stud gets on the list!!) and Yoann (because a list of pretty is nothing without the prettiest!).

  227. madridgirl says:


  228. jkapps10 says:

    1. GERARD PIQUE (it is insane that he is not already in the finest five!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    2. Bocanegra
    3. Ramos
    4. Yoann
    5. Borri

  229. pintamemely says:

    I honestly can't chose to kick anyone off the list… But the list sure can do with some USMNT love. Whether it be Boca or Stuart or anyone else on that blessed team (like maybe Benny Feilhaber *swoon*)

  230. Hannah Gray says:

    Keep Nando!

    1. Give the boot to Joe.
    2. -Xabi Alonso
    -Iker Casillas
    -Gerard Pique
    -Benny Feilhaber. Not as well known but he is GORGEOUS.

  231. aurelia says:

    There is only one name missing ….xavi hernandez especially when angry hot hot hot

  232. Amber says:

    1.Carlos Bocanegra-I can't help it, I'm an American and I love him. I will always be indebted to the guy who I thought was so hot I would actually need to learn about this strange sport called soccer just so I could watch this hunk of man run around on a field for 90 minutes.
    2. Cesc Fabregas-Quite possibly one of the cutest little guys I've ever seen. I also gotta say that I like him even more after following him on Twitter and hearing him speak English with that great accent. LOVE. Agree he probably needs to go straight to the HHoF.
    3. Marco Borriello-Even though the tattoo is a little slutty, I still wanna see how far it goes. He's just one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen.
    4. Yoann Gourcuff-Fantastic upper body, and dear god those lashes. I want them.
    5. Gonzalo Higuain-All I need to say is thank god he's back after injury. I have missed that shelf booty something fierce. Here's hoping the jersies for next year are even tighter.
    Honerable mention: Stevie G-really just a class act. So sad he's injured. Had to have at least one Brit on the list or I'm afraid you guys would string me up by my toes!

    • Amber says:

      I tried to be good and only pick one per country or this list would be almost all Spaniards! I really used to think that I preferred blondes, but after compiling my list I see that's just not true. Thanks Kickette for helping me learn something about myself ttoday! I'm off to laminate my list!

  233. Sadia says:

    I want Yoann Gourcuff !!! Please

  234. SergiouslyLoveRamos says:

    RAMOS RAMOS RAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I have to say………

  235. Vic says:

    Get rid of Cesc…I just don't find him worthy of being on the list over other great men like Alvaro Arbeloa and Sergio Ramos. Even Sergio Canales is better than little Cesc.
    So for the FF:
    PLEASE add Ramos and/or Arbeloa. And keep Nando!! Whatever you do, leave Nando!!

    Send baby Fabregas to the HHOF…

  236. R says:


  237. Lisa says:

    Get rid of Nando, he's not been doing it for me lately haha! I wouldn't be sad to see Pepe and Joe Hart leave either because I don't find them attractive at all. I kind of feel the same about Marco but Cesc can stay! Love him!!

    My Finest Five (in no particular order):

    1. Cesc Fabregas
    2. Yoann Gourcuff – why did he go in the first place?! He should be back there where he belongs.
    3. Javi Martinez – ever since those underwear ads I am in loooove
    4. Bojan Krkic – what a cutie!!
    5. Gerard Pique/Sergio Ramos/Alvaro Arbeloa – I couldn't decide between them!

  238. vodka for bfast says:

    Aitor Ocio
    David Villa !

  239. tinka says:

    Why are people suggesting players who are already in the Hot Hall of Fame? No need to shout for Iker, Xabi or Becks to this list anymore :)

    Then the most important: BRING YOANN BACK!

    Borri was nice for a while, but he has to go now. As well as Pepe, Joe Hart and Nando. Cesc can stay.

    I would like to see in the list Mats Hummels and Aitor Ocio. And some love for Esteban Granero would be nice :D

  240. MsMe says:

    Well, obviously…
    1. Gerard Pique (sex incarnated)
    and a very distant
    2. Fernando Llorente
    3. Fernando Torres
    4. Xabi Alonso
    5. Sergio Ramos

    Spaniards, yes I like them.

  241. I think Mr. Shakira deserves at least an honorable mention in this list! And did we disqualify C Ron for his total lack of body hair?

  242. hbandshbreak says:

    As cute as Joe Hart is, I would have to say go… My noms:

    1. Cesc
    2. Nando
    3. Sergio Ramos
    4. Esteban Granero
    5. Benny Feilhaber

    Also Lukas Podolski, Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra, Miguel Torres, Matteo Ferrari, Mats Hummel, Rene Adler, Aitor Ocio, and oh so many more!

  243. bri_saldana says:

    I don't have an order….just BOCA PLEASE! Yoann PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! The Sergio of course….I can do without Borri or Joe heart. And i'll trust your executive decision with the rest :D

  244. Lara says:

    Yoann Gourcuff (I want him BACK!!!)
    Fernando Torres
    Gerard Piqué
    Césc Fabregas
    Iker Casillas

  245. Gabs says:

    It's such a difficult decision!!! But I'll give it a try!
    1. Yoann
    2. Piqué
    3. Marco Boriello
    4. Cesc
    5. CR

  246. lisa says:

    Yoann Gourcuff

  247. MissMarghiB says:

    You should totally get rid of Joe. I loved his changing in the parking lot as much as ya'll did, but he's really not Finest Five material!

    If I could only add one player, then it would have to be Javi Martinez!!! He's not only sexy and enjoys walking around sans pants, but he's also really cute and just a wee but dorky! Dorky = Sexy! And if you can't add Javi, then please, please add an American! The USMNT is definitely lacking a presence. My vote would be 4 Captain America Carlos Bocanegra or Tim Howard!

    My Finest Five:
    1. Javi Martinez – sexy dorky underwear model
    2. Alvaro Arbeloa – have you seen him looking all smart and sexy in his glasses???
    3. Marco Borriello – for some reason I find his dirty ocean antics hot
    4. Carlos Bocanegra – he's Captain America!
    5. Sergnando – I think they are hotter together than apart

    • @DebStimson says:

      for a second, I thought this was Una. But then it would have been Javi (!!!) Martinez. :p But I agree…he's totally hot!

      • ~*~Ange~*~ says:

        not only would Una put Javi(!!!) ..but she would have had Iker on the list …. those are two main guys!!!

    • ~*~Ange~*~ says:

      that is soooo true Alvaro … he can rock smart & sexy oooooo sooooo very well … plus he is always twitting & posting pictures

  248. Emari says:

    I'd kick Nando and Borri to the curb….
    Piqué definately NEEDS to be on this list

    1- DO NOT REMOVE FABREGAS!!! no matter what!
    2- Piqué (I can't believe he isn't already on the list!)
    3- Bocanegra would be nice or maybe Javi Martinez
    4- Gourcuff should come back
    5- Joe or Pepe can stay

  249. matilda says:

    So many players. It’s hard to choose. But I’m all in for the Spanish boys.
    1. Cesc Fabregas
    2. Martin Vingaard
    3. Gerard Pique
    4. Javier Hernandez
    5. Sergio Ramos

  250. SoccerRocks says:

    I'm gonna go with 2 versions of the list.

    First, my real, personal version:
    1. Michael Bradley
    2. Carlos Bocanegra
    3. Benny Feilhaber
    4. Tim Ream
    5. Jay DeMerit

    Second, a more realistic, nationally diverse version:
    1. Carlos Bocanegra
    2. Jan Gunnar Solli
    3. Rafael van der Vaart
    4. Michael Dawson
    5. Xabi Alonso

  251. nooneinparticular says:

    well the one that most deserves and you kicked out mercilessly …………………… High Royal Fluffiness Yoann Gourcuff of the Kingdom of Carebears

  252. blitzenTO says:

    Sorry, Borri, you do nothing for me. You’re outta here! And Fernando too, at least until he gets a new haircut or scores a goal, whichever happens first.

    My Finest Five (leaving out Xabi and Titi, who are already in the Hall of Fame):

    1.Xavi Hernandez
    2.Victor Valdes
    5.Joan Capdevila

    I seem to have picked all Catalans, how about that! I would have put Zidane in there, but I guess only ballers who are currently playing are eligible?

    And sorry to the Sergio Ramos fangirls, but I Just. Don't. Get. It. Oh, well, diversity is what makes the world go round!

    • Lotte says:

      You have three of my favourites! But as you don't get Ramos I don't get Fabregas. Instead of Fabregas and Capdevila I would pick the two boys from Sevilla: Jesus Navas and, yes, Ramos :) .

    • Maria says:

      aaaaaw Joan Capdevila gets some love!!!!! he is goodlooking in his own way!!! =)

    • WAG2BE says:

      Puyol. Seriously. I love him for beign spanish and all, but the whole hair blowing in the wind thing he has going isnt working for me

  253. pintamemely says:

    I honestly can't chose to kick anyone off the list… But the list sure can do with some USMNT love. Whether it be Boca or Stuart or anyone else on that blessed team (like maybe Benny Feilhaber *swoon*)
    I understand where everyone is coming from by listing all the Spanish players, but the truth is, there are other (and maybe even much more) beautiful men than the ones who just won the World Cup.

  254. Goonergirl says:

    Bye bye Nando. Hellooooooo Pique!

  255. naylovee says:

    I think Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere deserve to be on the list, Oh and Affelay.

    CanNOT forget about sex fabregas. Anyone else cesc crazy besides me?

    thats only 4 but i was only thinking of arsenal lol.

  256. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Sergio Ramos and Higuain :)

  257. Marie says:

    The RAMOS! he has done so much to deserve this.
    I have a question/request, is it possible to include Pep Guardiola in some list??? he's hot even when he just drinks water!

  258. Sarie says:

    In no particular order:
    Stevie G
    The Ramos
    Yoann… that's six, I know.

  259. chay says:

    1) I would give the boot to the whole lot: i am not into any of the current top five. And most importantly, i don't know how pepe reina is hotter than fernando torres??

    2) andy carroll needs to be on the list! and gonzalo higuain! And one of my personal faves, esteban granero!

  260. Lydia says:

    I'm all for Boca joining but can we kick out Torres, now that he seems to be growing his hair long again, and bring back Xabi and Yoann?

    My Finest Five:
    1. Carlos Bocanegra
    2. Xabi Alonso
    3. Cesc Fabregas
    4. Yoann Gourcuff
    5. David Villa

  261. gin_in_teacups says:

    I could do without Borriello. And since Torres moved to Chelsea his appeal his seriously dwindled in my eyes.

    Now it is time to lobby for my boy. How HOW I ask you, is The Ramos not on this list? Does he not inspire many an impassioned post? Does he not often go shirtless? Are we not overcome with joy and dirty thoughts whenever he appears on our television screens? Kickettes – it is time. Sergio Ramos for Finest 5.

    As for my own personal list:
    Benny Feilhaber
    Stevie G
    Jack Wilshire

    • hbandshbreak says:

      Perhaps Cescy and The Ramos should be promoted directly to the HHOF and that would free up spots for some new boys?

      How can The Ramos not be on this list? His services to hotness are numerous and his fashion disasters are delightful!

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        I would support that move. They deserve the legendary status that comes with being a HHOF-er.

    • Hannah Gray says:

      Ah, a Feilhaber fan! Isn't he glorious?(:

    • Kat says:

      sergio ramos NEEDS to be on this list i mean he is such a pimp and badass and might i add his hair is freaking AMAZING! SERGIO RAMOS IS SEXAY.

    • Gill says:

      Seriously, if Ramos gets overlooked again, I'm gonna call it a conspiracy. How is he not here already? How? COMO?!! lol

  262. ciotog says:

    Marcus Borriello
    Joe Hart

    Cesc (with beard)
    Pepe ( the SNT celebrations- he seems like he'd be loads of fun ;-)
    (Nando- i'm on the fence)

    Sergio Ramos, Javi Martinez, Pique – This SNT shoud really go in the HHOF we may never collective hotness like this again!!!
    also possible Bale

  263. balicious says:

    1. Who is the one player you want to give a swift kick in the rear to? Fabregas and Pepe…or Nando (i don't mind)
    2. Any player who is missing from this lust list? Yoann Gourcuff and Xabi Alonso

  264. Navi says:

    Nando or Joe has gotta go! Nando is not pretty with his hairstyle and it's not fine if you can't score. Joe is really not that pretty.

    We should add an American like Bocanegra, Feilhaber, or Lichaj. A person who's not American: Aaron Ramsey!

  265. diana says:

    1-Mario Gomez
    2-Mats Hummels
    3-Xavi Hernandez
    5-Van Bommel
    I wouldn't mind to see Bastian Schweinsteiger, Alessandro Matri, Leonardo Bonucci and Ribery(yes, what?)

    • Surly Wench says:

      Diana, thanks for showing some Bundesliga love. I agree, we need some representation for Mario and Mats. I think it’s worth noting that Mario and Mats are well-spoken (I admit I’m not at total fluency level in Deutsch). I flinch when they interview athletes and all that comes out is mangled dribble, but with these two fine specimens, I don’t have to turn off the sound when they talk to the press. : )

  266. Leya_S says:

    Jeez, I go away for one weekend, and I come back and THIS is what I've missed?!?!?

    Yoann Gourcuff needs to move to HHoF, plain and simple.
    Finest Five as follows (in no order):

    Geri, El Ramos, Bocamuffin, Timmy Howard, (USMNT REALLY know how to take a freaking black & white pic!), Bojan, Chicha, Cescy, Ibi Afellay, Theo, Jack Wilshere, Salomon Kalou, Mario Gomez, Marouane, Llorente

    Oh, sh**, I can't just pick 5…
    Okay, how about this:

    Geri and El Ramos for SURE in and Nando and Joe out. I don't love them any less, but Geri and Sergio have been HARDCORE dying to get in here.

  267. Alexa says:

    Add Yoann
    Remove Joe

  268. rslkdl says:

    1. Marco Borriello
    2. Yoann Gourcuff
    3. Carlos Bocanegra
    4. Aitor Ocio
    5. Iker Casillas

  269. Sophia says:

    Reina and Hart don't do it for me, nor Nando really…..in no order, Fabregas, Affelay (his skin…) gourcuff, pique, benzema….am tempted by chicharito, but his face is too innocent it feels wrong…

  270. Alif says:

    1. If someone needs to go it would be Joe Hart. He's certainly fine but lacks charisma for me.
    2. Aitor Ocio, whats else?

  271. Aas says:

    Joe Hart out, Sergio Ramos in.

  272. tara says:

    Nando (Nando! Nando!)
    Daniel Agger

    But that was a hard list to make.

  273. Rosie says:


  274. mamaly says:

    Jose Forever

  275. Rebekah says:


  276. Gill says:

    Please. If you're not going to add Sergio R or create his own list for being forever amazing and sexylicious, there's not even a question to ask.

    Who can go? Borri is boring and Nando aint even scoring- freckles and a fine face no longer cut it ;-(

  277. ellin says:

    torres out, andy carroll in.:)

  278. Summer says:

    4.Sergio Ramos

  279. Rosie says:

    Nando has to stay, though I am a Liverpool fan, you cannot deny his total gorgeousness. I may cry and weep to see him wear blue, but he must stay!!! Though the inclusion of the rather fetching Mr Carroll CANNOT be denied !!!

  280. Kat says:

    1) cesc i just dont get his appeal..sorryyy
    2)sergio ramos: i mean look at him HOT DAYUMMM.

  281. Red_Girl says:

    Stevie G and Xabi Alonso head my list.
    Remove Lady Di with the freckles please – he ruined his image forever by pumping up his love for one city and then jumping ship at the worst moment.
    Beyond that I have no firm feelings and will enjoy my fellow readers’ suggestions and ogling their nominees’ thighs. Thank you, girlies.

  282. Kat says:

    1) the Ramos <3
    2) Jesus Navas ( his eyes are too amazing to go unnoticed)
    4) Gareth Bale
    5) MARCELO! most adorable man in the world

  283. Elisa says:

    Sorry, but I just can't keep Nando on my list. Maybe next year, once the sight of his adorable freckles no longer makes me angry. I would LOVE to see some USMNT reppin' on this list, i.e. Carlos Bocanegra or Stuart Holden.

    Mine are:
    1. Yoann.
    2. Stuart Holden.
    3. San Iker
    4. Fabregas
    5. Aaron Ramsey.

  284. Sia says:

    Cesc Fabregas
    Gerard Pique
    Yoann Gourcuff
    Theo Walcott
    Martin Vingaard

  285. rosiefab4 says:

    Vidic kinda tarnishes the beauty factor you've got going on, so he's out and…. (drum roll please)…. Pique in his place!!
    (and yes, that does make the FInest Five a little Spanish heavy, but that's never a bad thing)

  286. tra says:

    1. Pique
    2. Casillas
    3. Nando
    4. Cesc
    5. Walcott

  287. Americus Killaponius says:


    And we all agree that Sergio needs to be on this list. And Geri.

  288. @vrock112 says:

    Tim Howard, Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas, Robin Van Persie, and Carlos Bocanegra :) yum!

  289. caquark says:

    Ditto on the Spanish National Team being on the list. 86 Pepe and Joe. Add Yoann and Pique. Nando, Borri and Sex-F can stay.

  290. ToysForBots says:

    Here's my own personal Finest Five list:

    Sex-Fabregas – Remove him and I will cry.
    Javi Martinez – Likes underwear modeling.
    Yoann Gourcuff – He's been working so hard to come back!
    Mats Hummels – Hottest German alive
    Stuart Holden – Absolutely adorable in every sense!

    My honorable mentions would be Robin van Persie, who is beautiful but has an awful habit of wearing under armor, Marouane Chamakh, who has an amazing face and body but is channeling some of C Ron's old hairstyles, and Charlie Davies, who is completely adorable AND is in the middle of making an awesome comeback after an almost fatal car accident, but who I feel does not show his torso nearly enough.

    As for who to kick off the list: Nando defected to Chelsea and his poutiness is more depressing than cute, I just don't find Joe Hart or Pepe Reina as attractive as many other footballers, and Marco Borriello…well, I'm totally okay with Marco Borriello. The other three I wouldn't be heartbroken if I saw them leave, though.

    Also, I actually think Cesc needs to be upgraded to the HHOF. He's young, sure, but he's only gotten hotter with age and is always on the F5 list, so I think it needs to be done to give others a chance.

    • Sara P says:

      How could I have forgotten to add Stuart Holden to my list? He is absolutely adorable!!!

  291. Ashlee says:

    GERARD PIQUE, the man is beautiful. no really, beautiful
    CESC FABREGAS, like fine wine
    THEO WALCOTT, he's cute okay. He's cute and we could train him well.
    SERIGO RAMOS, obvious reasons


  292. blake2108 says:

    1. Gareth Bale
    2. Gareth Bale
    3. Gareth Bale
    4. Gareth Bale
    5. Gareth Bale

    In all seriousness, i'd have to say mine is (and I'm sure none of you will agree with me on these)
    1. Gareth Bale
    2. Marc Albrighton
    3. Stuart Holden
    4. Morten Gamst Pedersen
    5. Aaron Ramsey

    With David de Gea, Ola Toivonen, Fabio Coentrao, Jack Wilshere, Sebastian Larsson (who I met again at the weekend and forgot how beautiful he is) and Joe Hart amongst many others who on another day could well be in my finest five.

  293. WAG2BE says:

    NANDO (just leave him in spot 5 hes had enough dissappointment recently, no need to fuel the fire guys)
    then i dont care =) i just love them

    the Ramos
    i personally had huge crushes on chamakh, kevin prince boateng, and benny feilhaber for the LONGEST time. but they rnt going to make it up here anytime soon ="(((

  294. karlaa says:

    Niko Kranjčar

  295. Emiliana says:

    I’ll keep my Finest Five to myself, as all of them have been mentioned here already.
    Although Kickette, I simply can not keep the tall Swedish superhottie named Ola Toivonen from you.
    Just sneak a peek at his long blonde locks, and then feel bad, because he’s a little bitch in the field.
    But so so hot!

  296. Rossanera says:

    Marco, Claudio (Marchisio), Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, and Pepe – because he IS fabulous. Pepe embodies the philosophy that sexy is all about attitude.

  297. leaaa says:

    Kickettes I know you appreciate that every girl has her own preferences. For this reason I know you will understand that there is only one man for me who needs to be on this list:

    Branislav Ivanovic

  298. babybo9 says:

    the hottest five in the world of football right now must be:
    1. bojan krkic
    2. chicharito
    3. gerard piqué
    4. jack wilshere
    5. david villa
    all five together are hotter than a volcano. =D

  299. nandosfreckles says:

    Yes, Torres has been getting on my nerves lately but you can't get rid of that freckled beauty!

    1.Gerard Pique
    2.Fernando Torres
    3.Nicklas Bendtner
    4. Bojan Krkic (well he is age appropriate for me!)

  300. NinaNoir says:

    1. Bye bye, Joe Hart. Smurfs may be cute but definitely not hot enough to climb this list of elite excellence.

    2. Bring on the Ramos! Every summer the only thing we all wait for are the Sergio Ramos Holiday Photos ™, and those abs demand recognition! He might not be classy, but he IS hot.

    Thank you and good night.

  301. xoWinnie says:

    the Ramos needs to make a comeback. Torres can GTFO.
    and we need a "bad boy" up there..throw out the old (Pepe)
    and bring in Andy Carroll.

  302. Jamie says:

    Leaving Sergio Ramos off the list would be a crime against humanity.

    And Nando needs to stay. Think about the freckles!

  303. Alik says:

    My finest Five in no particular order:
    Chicharito (for the freshness factor)
    Ramos (for the sexiness factor)
    Kaka (for spiritual well being :)
    Pique (for being hot news right now)
    Yoann (Just find him beautiful)

  304. ohmygerard says:

    THE ENTIRE SPANISH NATIONAL TEAM. Make it Finest 11 + 5. Please, Kickette, we implore you.

  305. anna says:

    1. cesc fabregas
    2. gerard pique
    3. david beckham
    4.sergio ramos
    5.xabi alonso

  306. my finest five

    1.- Yoann Gourcuff OMG
    2.- Cesc Fabregas
    3.- Javi Martinez
    4.- Sergio Ramos
    5.- Gerard Pique

    • ciotog says:

      Love that list but I'd be sad to lose Pepe- 'shopping cart-bearing, bubba bouncing, drunk on the phone to his mama lump of man meat'(-to quote kickette) that he is!!

  307. IrishBlue says:

    Sorry to all the Hart fangirls but Joe has to go. He's cute, but I just don't think he's Finest Five standard. Same goes for Reina.

    Put Kevin Doyle in, just for me?? Pretty please?? Ok….so if I can't have that: I want PIQUE. Come on!! Those eyes. those lips….he is the epitome of FINE!!

    I would also love to see the inclusion of Nemanja Vidic. He's moody, he's strong, he's tall, he's the personification of sex. Hello.

    My Finest Five:
    1. Kevin Doyle
    2. Gerard Pique
    3. Shane Long
    4. Nemanja Vidic
    5. Aaron Ramsey/Chicharito – can't decide sorry! :o

    A little shout out for Alan Smith too hehe

  308. stargirl_candy says:

    please put Gomez on the list

  309. Mirella says:

    the Ramos

  310. Grace says:

    get nando off of there! (this is the bitter liverpool fan in me speaking)

    Daniel Agger is a sex god, and his tattoos are so beautiful.
    Other than that popping Xabi -classy- Alonso isn't going to hurt.

    I beg you don't get rid of Pepe, he's fabulous. <3

  311. black widow says:

    mmm … lashes, arbeola, valdes, the ramos and keep pepe.

    or you could just promote the entire spanish national team to the HHoH and be done with it! it would free up a lot of spots on the finest five!

  312. pinkimartini says:

    I just saw a photo of Boca’s thighs from a recent St Etienne photo…it is a crime that he is not listed. *HIS THIGHS*

  313. stargirl_candy says:

    mario gomez
    Steven gerrard
    xabi alonso
    Cristiano Ronaldo

  314. akira says:

    xabi needs to stay in this list!!!

    • Americus Killaponius says:

      Xabi was promoted to Hot Hall of Fame, He's above finest five level.

  315. Sayit_loud says:

    I apologize to the other kickette soldier ladies but Nando needs to peace out and step down. He have been on there long enough and now it's time to let a new face grace the list.
    Personally, I would love to see either Javi Martinez or Mats Hummel back on the list. In recent posts, both of these men have shown us that they are insanely sexy and are not afraid to get half-naked for our viewing pleasure! Isn't seeing half-naked gorgeous European men what brings us together on this site haha?

    Anyway, here's my Finest five:

    1) Yoann
    2) Marco Borriello
    3) Mats Hummel
    4) Javi Martinez
    5) Dennis Aogo

    • Sayit_loud says:

      **He has been there long enough.
      ***Javi Martinez or Mats Hummel on the list (not back on it).
      Sorry about the typos. Do you see how images of hot European athletes affect the human brain? Haha!

    • MadridistaJenn says:

      I'll take Mats and Javi (on this list or in my bed) because (a) the list needs some German hotness and (b) Javi is just 1.90m of mmmmmmm!
      Fresh meat is always welcome!

      • Maria says:

        jajjajaja "Fresh Meat" … I do love me some Javi Martinez … & he is one of the 23 reason why i <3 the Spanish National Team!!!!! =) & one of the 25 reason why l am a fan of football!!!!!

    • IrishBlue says:

      Javi!! I forgot about Javi!! He's absolutely gorgeous.

    • bri_saldana says:

      Great point, finest five should be 1/2 naked europeans….wait! does Javi=chicharito?!?!?!

  316. Kadie Ozil!! says:

    5.ALVARO MORATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. Ali says:

    I wouldn't mind adding some Bocanegra to that list. He is one FINE man !

  318. sdisalvo10 says:

    I'm really confused about how pepe and cesc are even considered top 5!! XABI ALONSO is way hotter!!!

  319. mimi says:

    Please, Nando has to be on the FF-List!

    My list so far:

    1. Nando
    2. Sergio Ramos
    3. Danny Agger
    4. Iker
    5. Cesc

  320. sloane says:

    i love the spanish national team too but do you guys even watch serie a?!?!

    3-de rossi

  321. Sarah says:

    Cesc Fabregas just has to be on the list if not, he should go to the HOF.lol.

  322. Sara says:

    My finest 5:

    - Piqué
    - Yoan
    - Ibi Afellay
    - Victor Valdes
    - Boca

  323. Tara says:

    As long as Pepe and Borriello stay in there I don't care! FAF

  324. isayhello says:

    i'm sorry lovely's but, torres needs to take a jog.


  325. Guapabs6 says:

    My Top 5 would be:
    1. Puyol
    2. Victor Valdes
    3. Danielle de Rossi
    4. Jack Wilshere
    5. Tim Howard
    yes I know I have skip the hottest couple Cesc y and Geri but for the moment these lads deserve to be in the list imo :)

  326. Coco says:

    Oh come on! Nando is going through a very, very, very rough time and you let him fall so easily?

    Sernando is a must on this list! I beg you!

  327. Grace says:

    I'm gonna have to petition for the inclusion of Andy Carroll.

  328. aggy says:

    i think it should be the top 10, just 5 is too difficult!!!
    MARCO MUST STAY!!! she is the hottest guy everrr!

  329. Karen Senoo says:

    I think Pepe has to go definitely, I mean, I just don't get it, there are many footballers more handsome than him!
    Here's my finest five list:
    - Aaron Ramsey
    - Stuart Holden
    - Carlos Vela
    - Ciaran Clark
    - Joe Hart

  330. lumb says:

    Yoann must must must make a come-back!
    my finest five (in no particular order)
    -Mats Hummels
    -Sergio Ramos

  331. Sarah says:

    1.Cesc Fabregas
    2.Gerard Pique
    3.Pepe Reina
    4.Joe hart
    5.Jesus Navas.

    and the subs are: Sergio Ramos, Mikel Arteta, Bojan, Llorente and RVP.

  332. Shiv says:

    NO MORE FERNANDO TORRES !!!!!…..totally in agreement with hereforthenando!

    Finest Five:
    1. Pique
    2. Theo Wallcott
    3. Steven Gerard
    5.Pepe Reina

    • Gladys says:

      Love your list…especially lovely Ibi! He's a Barca soul trapped in a Real Madrid body (sorry, no insults intended on either team but every time I look at him I have to remind myself that we actually have a tall dark and handsome youngster on the squad.)

      • Gladys says:

        That said, I would also vote for adding Higuain and Boca (and maybe even Esteban Granero and Mark Gonzalez, though perhaps they're a little random).

        Nice to see that there's such a variety of taste on the site– maybe there needs to be a lottery system for the top fifty, just to make it fair.

  333. Alia says:

    Pepe is hawt buttttt…. just not F5 worthy for me. I don’t dig marco either. Ummmm I say SERGIO RAMOS and maybe Pique

  334. Maria says:

    Xavi Hernandez
    Alvaro Arbeloa
    Iker Casillas
    David Villa
    Gerard Pique
    Cesc Fabregas
    Sergio Ramos
    actually can we just have 1st Place the SPANISH NATIONAL TEAM!!!! … its hard to decide!!!


    • Anna says:

      best idea ever ;)

      • Maria says:

        which idea???? the one of….



        that the SNT should #1 on the list … jajjajaja

    • bri_saldana says:

      i agree…they're probably one searing hot body unit anyway. SNT #1!!

    • Maria says:

      Dear Kickett,

      It has come to my attention that many people view the same as I do. And I am sending this "letter" on the behalf of all those people, that think that the SPANISH NATIONAL TEAM SHOULD BE ON THE TOP 5 LIST!!!


  335. lorena_yGp says:

    !!! Yoann Gourcuff !!!
    Gerard Pique
    Theo Walcott
    and I will say- Marc Bartra- even he plays in Barca B trust me ladies-in few years F5 will be a regular place for him :-) )) just google him, trust me…

    but I will accept- Iker, Sergio, CR, Jack Rodwell, Snijder, Kaka,Cesc, Vasdes, Xabi Alonso,Remy…I can go like this for days :-) ))

    • lorena_yGp says:

      Ohhh I forgot TORRES!!!!

    • Maria says:

      I <3 Marc Bartra … his dark hair green eyes … close to my age … the man is close to perfect … & as someone said here be4 … FRESH MEAT!!!! yummmy… jajjajaa

  336. for-Nando says:

    1. You're not going to make me choose…no Ma'am
    2. Sergio Ramos definitely
    I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but Kickette, I am appealing to you, do not take my dear Fernando off of the list. Please, I beg of you. Or create some new list for 'ballers that we love/hate deeply and put him at the top.

    Finest Five (in no particular order):
    -Nando, forever and ever <3
    -the Ramos

  337. Rooneygirl says:

    Yoann has to be on that list! He's just so yummy! Nando and Sex Fabregas (with his bird) have to stay, add Cristiano too, we can't forget about his abs, And i'll go with Vidic too since i'm a Man Utd fan!

  338. Leá says:

    I think that Cescy is lonely without Pique in the finest five. Even as a RM fan, I'm going to lobby for his inclusion. He's so attractive Kickette! We need to make this happen. Of course, The Ramos would be a welcome addition as well :)

  339. Americus Killaponius says:

    Cesc needs to be promoted to Hot Hall of Fame. He's the only one who keeps surviving every cut without getting stick for it. I think we all agree that he deserves this.

    Yoann is a classic, really. He needs to go back. And there are plenty of ballers who deserve to be on this list but never got their glory.

    So Cesc to HHoF

    Consideration for F5:
    SERGIO RAMOS (he deserves it more than anyone)
    Yoann to retturn
    Robin Van Persie
    Poldi or Basti

    That said, I better not see no Carlos Bocanegra on this list. Or even David Luiz or Gareth Bale (not a fan of the latter, don't see the appeal at all in that Ace Ventura Face, and the two of them are just too new to the scene.)

    • Americus Killaponius says:

      Kaka really deserves this as well. Also maybe Stevie G.

    • Leya_S says:

      I've said it before and I'll say it again: Yoann to HHoF. He gets so many votes everytime, it just seems natural. I think Kickette only took him off F5 last time bc they knew the kinds of controversy it would cause, and they wanted to see how many ppl would petition to have him moved back on. That being said, I think he needs to be on HHoF, and I agree that Cescy should be there, too. So, Yoann & Cescy in, and Freddie needs to get axed, sorry. 2 in, 1 out, HHoF needs a 10th anyway.

  340. Sarah says:

    only have one thing to say. LOL. Fabregas has to be in the Finest Five, no matter what.

  341. nessy says:

    torres needs to go, he is not worthy of a place on the finest five anymore.
    so in no particular order:

  342. ilana says:

    come on, give Ibrahim Afellay a way in, kickettes. i know you love him!

  343. numeronueve says:


  344. Louise says:

    My top guys are all in the HOF (Canna, Xabi, Iker), so I'm generally set (and obviously have excellent taste).


    Torres has to go. That no goals pout isn't cute, it's pathetic.

    And Boca more than deserves a place for services to female (and some male) footie fan kind, especially after last summer.

    Pepe should stay. Big men represent.

  345. Spainardlover5 says:

    Finest Five:
    1. Nando
    2. Yoann
    3. The Ramos
    4. Pique (HOT DAMN.)
    5. Stevie G

  346. Spainardlover5 says:

    Nando cannot go. Ever.
    BRING YOANN BACK. I honestly don't understand why he was kicked off in the first place, but he needs to return.
    Pepe can take a hike……….

    • Kate says:


    • nandosfreckles says:

      and so can Joe Hart!

    • Peg says:

      Nando can go. I loved him. I really did. But we love footballers, yes? And we love faithfulness. He can't seem to play and he's dissed the team that made him a superstar and loved him unconditionally. We're talking the top five of hundreds here. Move over and make room for a more worthy candidate. Pepe — anyone who's as hot in a suit as he is shirtless — and plays as well as he does — let's not be rash here.

      • Spainardlover5 says:

        I get what you mean, but Nando will forever be in my heart. I loved him before, and I'm not going to drop him just because he made a move that's meant to further his career. I'm an Arsenal girl, so rooting for Chelsea isn't exactly my thing, but I can't say that I wasn't soooo happy when he scored. I'll love him till the end, because he deserves it <3

  347. Sergz says:

    I want Chicharito in that list. I don't know why, he has that kind of face that I just want to pinch and also, I want to cuddle him.

  348. Kat says:

    Sergio's got to be on the list. He's been begging for it, Kickettes, doesn't this picture prove it? http://unamadridista.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/kid…

    Since we can't show him our gratitude for his skin exposure, I think a spot on the Finest Five will suffice? Until we finally get ourselves to Madrid and offer our services as his personal shorts adjuster, of course.

    I never really got the appeal of Joe Hart, so if someone had to give way for Sergio, I'd pick Joe.

  349. hereforthenando says:

    YES KICKETTE!! I have been petitioning for Fernando's exclusion from the Finest Five since January 31st!

    1. Betrayal really makes people less attractive. I vote that Fernando be removed from the FF. Sorry, old friend.
    2. I'm going to be unconventional and vote for Carles Puyol, because let's face it: Puyi=sex. You will probably put Yoann back in, and I really support that as well.

    My Finest Five:
    1. Puyol
    2. Stevie G
    3. Pepe Reina
    4. Against my will, I have to go with Tim Howard. His willingness to get naked for photo shoots is just too much for him not to be on my list.
    5. C Ron. Guilty pleasure.

    And that's just because Xabi is in the HHOF. He would be on the list FOR SURE otherwise.

  350. Zan says:

    byebye Borri

    and HELLO
    Kaka! Or Ramos! Or *lesigh* Llorente!!! YES!!! Llorente!!!!

  351. sarah says:

    Please let us get rid of Torres. PRETTY PLEASE. The sulking is no longer cute, his hair is a disaster.

    • NinaNoir says:

      Oh come on, Nando is a classic. His freckled bitchface never goes out of style.

      • Leya_S says:

        Being a classic doesn't mean you get to monopolize Finest Five space forever. And as of late, he's not working to hard to be there. In the meantime, Gerard Pique is petitioning hardcore to be on the Finest Five, what with his dating an international superstar, staring longingly into her eyes, doing interviews left right and center, and lets not forget his delicious photo shoots, and recent goal scoring for Barca!!!! (this is NOT me criticizing Fern's goal-scoring drought, I really do feel bad for him). There are a lot of hot ballers, so the being hot part is easy, but IMHO, they need to put in extra WORK to get (and remain) on the F5.

    • wehoL4 says:

      Agree ! Later Nando. It was fun while it lasted

    • kaytee says:

      I agree. Nando should go. When he can SMILE he can go back… maybe…. I love his freckles, but he's kinda getting on my nerves. I like someone who can smile after any game… good or bad. You can be the most beautiful person in the world, but I wouldn't go near you unless you smiled! Then you look inviting and nice.

    • I agree! He's not looking so good on or off the field nowadays. Maybe he needs to be removed temporarily until he works things out.

    • Amber says:

      Agreed to the second power!! The sulking is getting annoying!! Plus the fact that his was an expensive player not even close to good form. Give him the BOOT!

  352. mpho says:

    Bojan Krkic is super hot! I think you should publish more stuff on him and his life because he is gonna be as famous and wanted as Cristiano Ronaldo or Fernando Torres! And he is a great player :)

  353. Ali says:

    I wouldn’t mind some Bocanegra :)

  354. Bri says:

    1. No more Nando… I know he has a huge following but I just don't get it…I'll cringe now for when you all throw your stilettos at me…
    2. Yoann Yoann Yoann Yoann Yoann. It is absolutely necessary. It's about time ladies!!!

    My finest five would be:
    -Sex Fabregas

  355. Kate says:

    Don't get rid of 'Nando!!! Please please please!!