July 2nd, 2010

The Friday Fit: Cesc Fabregas, Spain

He’s fierce and he’s fluffy. So deal with it.

FYI: in case you missed our recent Cesc-related tweets, 1. He loves strawberry Actimel and 2. He has an interesting choice of songs selected on his iTunes Playlist.

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60 Responses to “The Friday Fit: Cesc Fabregas, Spain”

  1. Belen says:

    I need the blackberry messenger of Cesc Fábregas

  2. ArsenalFan says:

    he looks so much older with it! I love him with or without it though <3

  3. RDFC = Love! says:

    Aww that’s so cute

    Like a bear! *snuggles up to cesc and plays with his beard*

  4. Eebza says:

    when he came on at the QF without the manly facial hair, a part of me died inside…
    we’re now back to the 15 year old look… no man.
    why shave if you can rock a beard???

  5. ba says:

    He's really fluffy but i don't find him attractive

  6. Kelly (gunner girl) says:

    hi i love cesc fabregas so much with a beard or not but good h shaved i love u cesc and i hope u stay in arsenal because u r really good love u sexy kelly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • gooner till i die says:

      ahah ahww me 2 :( if he leaves i will cry :( loveee u cesc hope u get a goal 2moz against germany ly loads xxxx

  7. Hello , this was funny …, I look forward to reading more in the near future !

  8. Riri says:

    i love cesc fabregas so much….

    hope he can play fulltime against germany

  9. Alisha says:

    I miss the beard so much </3

  10. jess-mfc says:

    he’s hot with the beard, but im so glad he shaved :D

  11. simone says:

    See when you put fabregas in the game it changes. Vicente de Bosque made the right decision finally yesterday.

  12. Einah says:

    Ah Cesc! Sooo cute but when you start tugging at Senyor Bitchface’s shirt causing him to tumble, it make you…cuter? Hmmmm.. Then you start a man pile followed by the whole team at the risk of injuring your scoring guy… cutest? Hahaha I’m not sure :D

    By the way, aside from the WC implications, remember he still doesn’t baby boy so take absolute care of him pls :) )

    P.S. Thank you for shaving :D

  13. iida says:

    1. He shaved.
    2. He got to play today.
    3. Spain won!
    4. He shaved.

    Could this day be any more perfect?!

    • VeNia says:

      maybe if they win the world cup and HE plays and scores!!!that would be the most perfect thing EVER!!!

  14. dcubetcha says:

    his eyes look gorgeous, but he's gotten a little lazy with his manscaping.


    ……….marry me!

  15. Mini says:

    Damn it, he shaved! This is officially my desktop background in honor of beardy Cesc <3

  16. Elle J says:

    Love, Love, Loooove him!!!

  17. cescristeven says:

    great news everyone….CESC SHAVED!!!

    • Black Rose says:

      such a shame… But he's a QT anyway. It was GREAT to see him play. Go Spain!

      • cescristeven says:

        i got my doughnut eating, 90210 loving, mushroom hating, eternally happy, actually playing, gorgeous cesc back!! the beard made him look sooo serious.

    • RedAne says:

      this is not great news… i loved the hairy Sex… ops, Cesc…

  18. gooner till i die says:

    i loveeee u cesc but plzz shave that flaming beard off b4 i do it 4 u lol xxx :)

  19. Elle J says:

    Love, Love, Looove him x

  20. VeNia says:

    somebody pleaaseee give him a taste of good music!still adore him though!!!

    P.S.you should really shave…and quick!XD

  21. Ms. Emma Krkic Perez says:

    Cesc needs to get his Cesc-y ass on the field, del Bosque!

  22. GoonerGal says:


    still love you tho.

  23. Gunner Girl says:

    OMG!!! whats up with the beard? He is just under the influence of all the barca players. I love you CESC!!! <3

    Hey, does anyone no if cesc has twitter?

  24. Black Rose says:

    could his eyes be any darker or his face any cuter? (also, the beard gets bonus points for RAWR hotness) Awww I love him so…

    Our music tastes couldn’t differ more but who cares, I’m ready to give up my entire ipod and my Joy Division t-shirts for him.

  25. YasminMarisa says:

    Cesc, Robin and Yoann posts all in one day? You have made my day. Will be sending you a huge packet of Jaffa Cakes as a thank you gift.

  26. Barcelista says:

    OMG kickette! First Lashes and now Sex.. Erhh I mean Cesc.. *Swoon*

    Absolutely loooove him.. A true cule and a true gunner :D (if only stupid Del Bosque would let him play some more!! Wanna se Sexy on the field.. Erhh I mean Cescy!)

  27. cescristeven says:

    "I listen to it and it's summer, even if it's December."

    can cesc get more adorable? yes, yes he can.

    Bratz?! really cesc?!

  28. Gio says:

    oh Sex.. ehm, Cesc.

    "no me doy por vencido.. reminds me of my girlfriend" SNIFF. I hate her!!

    but he also says "it reminds me of SOMEBODY" in another song, but it shouldn't be his girlfriend, since he mentions her just a few lines later.

    Who could she be??? OMG.. isn't he a motherfucker??

    I don't care, still love him. <3

  29. Inés says:

    he's adorable!!! but…I hate the fact he likes a romantic song because it reminds him to his girlfriend!! (hate her)

  30. Little Miss Arsenal says:

    Love. The. Beard.

  31. D.J says:


  32. MissEstonia says:

    I hate the beard. Awful.

  33. Sylvia15 says:


    omg more of cesc please!


  34. iida says:

    Cescccccc! He. Is. Just. Perfect.

    Now if only we got to see him on that damn field sometimes. Hear me, Bosque?

  35. I am an absolute beard fanatic so I am going to say this look is workin for ya Cesc. Keep it!!

    • Alisha says:

      I could not agree more but I think he may have shaved it off :( I miss it already

  36. senora ramos says:

    oh sex…i mean cesc. you look so sad love. tell del bosque you need to play more. and stay at arsenal. you just think you don't play now…

    good luck tomorrow! vamos espana!!

  37. Merit says:

    I'm relatively new to soccer, and its assorted stable of veritable sexy stallions. I'm in utter shock that I managed to overlook a sport with so many fine/sexy/fabulous men. How did I manage almost 30 years on earth without these men?! I saw a commercial with a man I know now is Cristiano Ronaldo, and I was all "Girrrrl! Who is THAT?" A little Googling and a few clicks later, I run into this wonderful website. Glad I am not alone in this world! Also, "Girl! Who is THIS?" Fabregas? I wouldn't kick him out of bed either. YUM.

  38. simone says:

    The only hairy man i love.

  39. Ofeily9 says:

    Please Shave Your Beard even if your Sexy with.

  40. tammyv says:

    WOW… he looks like the lovechild of Iker and Ben Affleck

    This is most confusing

  41. Kile says:

    Gorgeous. The beard is sexy.

  42. lorena $Yoyo Gaga$ says:

    First Yoann,now Cescy !!! we need this kickettes, after Brasil gout knock out :-( so KEEP THEM COMING !!!

  43. Amanda says:

    I just love how he doesn't care. There's an interview on youtube where he says he watches Desperate Housewives… and then the interviewer laughs about it and asks: "You watch Desperate Housewives?"… And he just says: "Yes, once I started watching it I couldn't stop"..

    ahhahahahahahha SOOOOO ADORABLEE! And I need adorable right now!

    I have tears on my face because my Brazil got eliminated! :(

    • D.J says:

      me tooo!!!!seeing kaka cry brike my heart. now he's all like i dont know what my future holds, maybe he wont even be at madrid next season…melo was like a one man sabatoge. i HATE, ABHORE, DEPLORE, DETEST (and dont know what else) felipe melo.

    • Carolina says:

      That game was the 2nd most horrible game in the World Cup, at least for me (the first most horrible game was when the U.S. got eliminated). Seeing Kak√° heartbroken was unbearable. I’m just glad I found this website a few weeks ago, and now i’m hooked!

      P.S. I’m loving Sex, i mean, Cesc in this picture…LOL

  44. Deedz says: