October 1st, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo: Gorgeous In Grey

Oh, Cris. Sometimes you really just look so lovely. Image copyright whosay.com

If you can peel your eyes away from the way Cristiano Ronaldo’s sweater is gently caressing his billion-euro biceps, might we suggest checking out the first photo of Cris Jr?

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96 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo: Gorgeous In Grey”

  1. evelyn says:

    ohhh plez he does not look life his daddy!!!! :(

  2. JogaBonita says:

    No one rocks the camera like CRon.

  3. VS1986 says:

    What a CUTE baby!!!

    Oh and Cris, I can't forget about you…… those eyes and that smile……. does it for me every time. :)

  4. Zparkle says:

    Omg cute baby <3 And cute Cris too :D

  5. Dutchess says:

    OMG OMG anyone know that CARLOS BOCANEGRA JOINED twitter?? Crissy, Kaka and Carlos OMG

  6. @AgnesWonka says:

    god!!!!! his sweater tightness is sth to thank for!!

  7. aya says:

    The eyebrows are just an EPIC FAIL -_-

  8. RONALIZA says:

    Cris looks so sexy and hot as always..and his smile is the cutest smile i've ever seen!!(BTW i see alot of cute smiles)
    About the BABY,,
    I SWEAR i was about to cry when i saw him,like i'm his real mom, OH and he is SUPER CUTE.

  9. arsenal lova says:

    i was once a huge fan of Cristiano’s. Now i dnt realy lyk him dat much. Bt i luv cesc

  10. Dame Suzy says:

    I couldn't figure out for the longest time why I don't like the Ronaldo. Awesome tanned body, great face, perfect teeth, ability to pose, nice package…but it's photos like this that highlight why I don't want some Cristiano cake. Every time I see that bony Adam's apple, I cringe and grab my throat in pain as if the apple were somehow going to invade my own neck. And I have to see that mutant trait every time he misses a shot as he keeps staring up at God. Which makes me stare up at God, crying out, "Why'd you do it, bro?"

    Where's this baby you commentators keep talking about? Is he hiding behind the Adam's apple?

  11. laz says:

    the sun took down their article on cr jr yesterday evening and the daily mail took down their respective one this afternoon (both about 24 hrs after they went up for the first time). I don't think the uk is under the same child privacy laws as other european countries – like the usa i think the uk media can still publish unblurred photo's of children just as long as it's in a public setting (though i think a parent can appeal if they feel their child is being endangered in anyway).
    I suppose watch this space – if cr's legal team have moved in then we'll likely hear a statement about it in the next few days via gestifute, his facebook or through the media. (though perhaps these type of pics aren't against any law and they've agreed to take down these photo's or any like it in the future after 24 hrs or so once the public have had a look out of respect) though it's unlikely perhaps they even got the wrong child and that is why the photo's are now getting taken down but as i said watch this space, there may be a lot of noise from cr's camp soon!

  12. sana says:

    thats his baby and the mother must be east african like ethiopian or somalian women with a browndark skin tone or idian mixed brazilian women

    • Ding says:

      why must the mother be east african? is it that odd to think that maybe ronaldo is attracted to an average black chick?

  13. *Maylea* says:

    Cristiano as gorgeous as always!!! <3

  14. Taskeen says:

    hot damn i'm starting to appreciate ol' crissy all over again!
    and here i was doing quite well in my all-too-new stage of utter dislike!

  15. bbb says:

    It is funny how everyone kept saying:"Jr. looks like his dad." Who is his dad? Eddie Murphy? :S (words of my friend and I totally agree with her) The baby is upper cute, but really, so far nothing from his dad. Which is better LOL

  16. Zhenya says:

    I wish he would leave his eyebrows alone. Looks like he just had them recently threaded before the photoshoot! Cute baby!

  17. diana says:

    i don't find him to be sexyprettycute at all…

  18. GracieB says:

    it's a love & hate w/ cristiano. but in the end he looks good. i still think he's hotter when he was in Manchester U.

  19. rubyqueen says:

    why are we paying so much attention to the baby's skin colour.!!he;s beautiful no matter what.and as for ronnie the boy 's looking damn fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.:)

  20. Sergo says:

    That picture is better than every Armani picture he's ever been in. Seriously. No exaggerated flexing. No Zoolander face (why even go there Ron?).
    I prefer this. More natural. Way cuter. ;)

  21. jamtart heart says:

    The man's lips disappear when he smiles. It's kind of creepy. That is a fine looking arm in a fine looking sweater, however.

  22. Maribel says:

    Beautiful man, beautiful baby.

  23. Maria!! says:

    Oh god i'm a CR admirer *-* , his baby looks so adorably cute =)

  24. @Annnanas says:

    The baby's cute (: but I'm tired of all the speculations on the birthmother.. wonder if we'll ever know :D CR's facebook says "Hi everyone. Here are a few photos from a new commercial I am filming. I will post more soon."
    He does zillions of commercials right now, Armani, Timeforce, Nike, BES, Castrol, that one – whats the point for the different brands to share his face with so many others?

  25. JVD says:

    He has been working my last nerve since the world cup, but he looks too cute in that picture… I chose to ignore his hair. Its better for my blood pressure.

    CR7 the Sequel is adorable. I guess I should have expected it, but it's nice to know the next generation of Kickettes will have hot guys to obsess about as well.

  26. Zinny says:

    That baby is beautiful. I hope he has a good life growing up. I wish sometimes people would remember that even though his father is a VERY famous, attention-getting footballer, Cris Jr. is still a child and deserves as normal a childhood as anyone else.

  27. aps says:

    Cristiano Jr. has some very pinchable cheeks! Love it!

  28. Zahara (Spain NT, Barca lover) says:

    hmm you cant deny that he is hot!
    but his man-whoreish ways of life put me off.
    howeverr, he is quite good looking (except the shaped eyebrows)

  29. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    im nah a fan of his..buh he looks realli good in this pic

  30. loveu2much says:

    i couldnt stop laughing at those eyebrows cute but wierd and the pic of him on the magazine makes him look 5 years older than his actual age with all those wrinkles and whatever

  31. As long as Cris's genes are floating in the gene pool, we can all feel optimistic about the future of mankind.

  32. shay says:

    Not that it matters but I think the baby looks Portugese. He could be bi-racial but at his age it's very hard to tell. There is no way to know what the lighting was like or if the magazine touched up the picture for various reasons. And I think Cristiano is an equal oppurtunity employer when it comes to the ladies. Either way little junior looks like a precious little dumpling!

  33. Kristina says:

    The hair is still an issue, but I applaud C.Ron's dedication to the propagation of my race.

  34. BarceLisa says:

    whoa, cris! is that a pole or are you just happy to see me?

  35. senora ramos says:

    why does he always try to pull me back in?! thankfully, the eeyebrows remind me why i've strayed from my 1st footy love. (yes, i was late to the party. 06 wc)

    • jackie says:

      oh my i am exactly the same. saw him at 06 games vs england and was like 'who is THAT!?' and he became my 1st love then i moved on once i learned about he sleazy ways. and the first thing that threw me off this pic were those eyebrows.

  36. laz says:

    a lot more unblurred photo's of jr at this source

  37. jellenp says:

    Yes, pretty much the first time I've seen the sweetness, and really, it is sweet. May have to keep looking all day.

    Can't remember the last time I wished I was a sweater….

  38. MadridistaJenn says:

    I'm getting the feeling that that isn't baby Cris. I highly doubt, with the amount of security he has (remember when the baby went to the doctor this past summer), that a picture could just be randomly taken. Besides, Cristiano's baby would have a matching faux hawk, a rhinestone CR7 shirt and hat and pink booties like his daddy. This baby, although cute, looks too average or I could be wrong.
    Cris, you look sexy, as always.

    • MadridistaJenn says:

      NEVERMIND! I didn't realize Cristiano's mother was with the baby. Its weird, considering how media savvy his team is, that they're out without shielding the baby. The baby is cute, though.

      • WHY says:

        I read that his mother felt secure in her native of Madeira and was showing the baby off to family and friends. Maybe she didn't realise the paparazzi was there. Although she shouldn't have been surprised because the paparazzi have photographed her is Madeira before.

        • MadridistaJenn says:

          That makes sense. I feel bad if she was being ambushed/followed by the paparazzi, though. I'm sure they would have like to have a bit more control over the world seeing his son for the first time.

  39. Missy Manchester says:

    Things I wonder about:

    1. How often CRon waxes his eyebrows.
    2. Whether or not he will get eyeliner tattooed on.

  40. gin_in_teacups says:

    That baby is such a cutie pie! But are we sure it's definitely CRon Jr.? I feel like there have been a bunch of photos of kids and the tabloids say it's his son, and then they are wrong. But either way, I'm perfectly happy to see any adorable baby.

    • Gabs says:

      I'm wondering the same thing!!! I'm not making any judgements until I know for sure that's his baby

    • MadridistaJenn says:

      Agreed the baby is cute and he looks so soft. I'm still not 100% sure until I hear confirmation from CR. However because the baby is with his mom, I give it a 60-40 chance.
      If it is his son, I feel bad that he couldn't show his son to the world in his own way, not via paparazzi.

  41. @mezz98 says:

    Cris has been growing on me these last few months. And this picture is just adding to that. He's got quite the mischievous little smile, like he's just finished getting up to something, or is about to. Me likes it.

  42. gin_in_teacups says:

    I was thinking exactly that about that photo of him. I could almost be attracted to him in that picture, but the eyebrows are killing me.

  43. laz says:

    First off all babies are cute in their own ways so his baby would obviously be cute

    second for those who haven't seen, the unblurred photo's of cr (and a baby photo of cr for those who want to compare): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1316… http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/biza… http://www.whynotad.com/advertising/cristiano-ron…

    For a start I don't think a 3 month old would be allowed to get that tanned (for health reasons they have to stay out of the way of too much direct sunlight i think) plus that skintone doesn't look like a tan, it looks natural (and a couple of ppl round the web have said that it looks like the baby has white palms which is common for black/coloured ppl apparently. Also the lips are slightly purple/wine/brown). As cr was v pale and pink as a baby with bright pink/red lips it is safe to conclude that the birth mother is probably relatively dark in colour (not black but quite a dark brown – someone from africian-american, indian/asia origins, etc… – basically any race with dark skin) – i think it's safe to conclude that the girl pictured in portuguese lux mag is not the mother as she is as pale/paler than cr natural colour (and i hope that mag said sorry to that girl for outing her about something that prob doesn't involve her.

    Also though the 2 have a similar features you can see many slight differences between the 2 baby pics. If this child is mixed race then babies are often paler when they are born/young babies and darken quite a bit as they grow up (i'd imagine he'd have a similar skin tone to someone like rio ferdinand as a guessestimate). The baby will prob grow up to have black curly hair/eyebrows (compared to cr's own dark brown naturally curly hair/eyebrows). I think the mouth expressions are nearly the same but his son by the looks of things will have a fuller top lip but thinner bottom lip (which is flat at the bottom rather than a continuous curve like cr's), slightly wider nose and slightly different shaped eyes/eyebrows but prob almost the same eye colour.

    Honestly I don't think that his son is going to share that many of his fathers exact features but then again a lot of mixed race children/teens don't look like either parents as often there features are a real combo of all their parents features but i'm sure slight elements of both parents will be visible to see as his grows up, even if exact shared features may not be. Also there is that old wives thought process of little girls looking like their dads, and boys like their moms so that could pan out but as we don't know what the birth mom looks like we don't know if the baby looks like her (for all we know they could have almost identical baby pics themselves)

    But ronaldo has a very cute baby and it's good that he has dropped his guard and allowed the child to be taken out in public and not attempt to hid it anymore (unless he didn't know/didn't give permission for his mother to do that and he's now quite annoyed with her!) Now hopefully we will see him do the father thing himself and see him do normal things in public and live practically a normal life as a dad (just with a dad that have the paps tracking him 50-100m back once in a while) – at least with pap shots they are natural compared to ok/hello shoots which look set up and a bit fake (plus he'd prob be asked about the back story on becoming a dad which he obviously does not want to reveal for one reason or another) – the papps catching him with his baby relatively often from now on culd work wonders for his pr and public image – just ask becks!

    sorry about the length and i hope i didn't offend anyone here!

  44. Missy Manchester says:

    You've seen the mother????? Do you have a link?

    • Danielle says:

      No I haven't seen the mother just the baby. It's pretty obvious the mother is black

      • MadridistaJenn says:

        She could be black, but its not necessarily true. Genes work in different ways when it comes to complexion. It depends on the ancestry of the parents and the probability of gene variations (which is enormous). She could be of many descents and African descent could be one of them.

        • Danielle says:

          That is all true I was going by what cristiano looks like (remember dude spends alot of time/money on tanning) and also looking at what his family looks like ie mom dad sisters brother and what the baby looks like. And to be totally real we don't even know if the baby that is with his mom is even cristiano jr. His family members have a lot of babies and small kids who live with delores and company. So all of this is a guess. Either way the baby is hella cute :)

        • Pique_Xavi says:

          I agree 100% because in my family (we are all mexican) we go from the whitest almost transparent skin to the darkest brown. So it would be hard to tell especially as a baby. People often mistake baby features for racial types or to look for similarities with a parent but often babies have some features like the shape of noses to help them nurse when breastfeeding. Its natures way of helping. From the pics I saw he looks like my nephew in color and his dad is light skin and my sister medium brown I guess you can say but the baby seems to change skin tone from time to time. As long as the baby is healthy and happy and I'm glad to know that is family who takes care of him and not a stranger.

          • @DebStimson says:

            very true. My daughter was very light skinned when she was born but as she got older, she got darker. Now she has beautiful tan colored skin that all her friends spend hours in the sun, trying to get. Actually, when she was young (4 or 5), people commented that she looked more hispanic than anything. So yeah…it's really hard to tell when they're that young.

            • Phie says:

              I agree! I think he looks almost identicle in colour to the pictures of my brother-in-law's father when he was a child – and he is 100% Portuguese.
              Only time will tell.
              Adorable, chubby cheeked baby though!

  45. Violets says:

    Sigh. Most of the time, I can ward off my Cristiano feelings by just reminding myself that his skin is probably crispy and he spends more time in front of the mirror than I do. However, he looks really, REALLY good in this photo. Like someone actually picked his clothes out for him instead of a Gucci store throwing up on his body good.

    Also, his kid is super cute (we're definitely sure that's him, right?), but I hope that the press respects his privacy. Also, he definitely looks like he could be biracial to me, but it can be kind of hard to tell with babies. They can grow up to look completely different.

  46. d0li says:

    I could be wrong, but that baby looks half black.. he's alot darker than CR and CR's mother and his hair is kinda curly. There's nothing wrong with having a mixed baby but man of the women who've come forward are white, maybe we're looking in the wrong direction? I think we should give him some privacy with this one though.. after all we are dealing with a child.

    CR always looks amazing! Well except for that hair! I mean can't he get a decent hair stylist and fix it? Love him though! He looks so cute and happy in that pic, wonder where it is?

    • RedAne says:

      it's the entrance of my house!!! that's why he looks so happy and cute!!!

    • Alvedon says:

      @doli I was thinking that the baby looked mixed race too….
      Now I'm really curious about the mother. But I respect Cris' wish for privacy.
      Still dying to know tho.

      • D0li says:

        I'm starting to wonder if the desire for privacy was more of a racial problem rather than him not knowing the mother. I'm hoping it's not but you never know… from what I've read there is still some racism in europe. I dont know the mother, but the idea that she would keep quiet about the baby and not brag that she was carrying the legendary CR's love child makes me think more of her than his current gf.

        • Alvedon says:

          I know, you could be onto something there. There is still a lot of racism in Europe but I don't think it is as big a problem in Portugal as it is in other places. There's a large Portuguese community in my part of London and most of them seem like they are of mixed descent…I could be wrong though. I defo rate the mother for not selling her story.

          • d0li says:

            Well from what I can tell, the racism is mostly in Italy.. I hope it's not that big in Spain because I love me some Pique! (I'm black, and 1/4 portuguese).

            I'm currently living in the US now and I've met alot of European men who flirt with me more than the American men, I think they are mostly attracted to the fact that I am from the Caribbean and not America.

            I am glad that she didn't tell her story, especially after being bashed the way she was.. but we never know what happened. CR looks happy,and so does the baby :)

  47. Emme says:

    That baby is adorable. I wish there were some pics of Cristiano carrying the baby around. That would be way too precious :)

    • @mezz98 says:

      Might be dangerous though. Such a photo might cause my ovaries to explode-lol

      • Emme says:

        lol – a pic like that would probably have to be categorized as 'not safe for life' but I would love to see Cristiano carrying his little bubba around in one of those baby slings or baby front packs. I hope he turns out to be a good & loving papa :)

  48. almica says:

    OMG that little baby is adorableee..looks just like his daddy!!! :) ))

  49. sidney says:

    awwwwwwwwww that baby is so adorable.Cristiano is gorgeous as usual:):):)

    • d0li says:

      THANKS! I could be wrong, but that baby looks half black.. he's alot darker than CR and CR's mother and his hair is kinda curly. There's nothing wrong with having a mixed baby but man of the women who've come forward are white, maybe we're looking in the wrong direction?

      I think we should give him some privacy with this one though.. after all we are dealing with a child.

    • Emme says:

      thanks for the unblurred pic!

    • hereforthenando says:


  50. Roxxxy says:

    The baby looks mixed!! Is the mother black??

    • d0li says:


    • Cammie says:

      I think the mother is black, I have seen pics of him with black women on the beach

    • BarceLisa says:

      it could be his own genes. Madeira is closer to the coast of Africa than Portugal and its history is closely linked.

      • laz says:

        eye colour can skip a generation or 2 but skin colour?
        i think that is very rare, like one in several thousand – comes under the subject of polygenic inheritance i think (don't quote me on that, my knowledge human biology is horrible) your theory is possible but very improbable i'd think

        • @DebStimson says:

          it's entirely possible. My daughter's ancestors are german(read: white) and african and yet her father is very dark brown. Just like brown eyes are a dominent trait and yet you will see some in the same family with blue or green eyes. Genes are really quite a fascinating thing.

  51. DutchGooner89 says:

    Ive never been attracted to Cris7 but he looks rather gorgeous in this pic….and his lil bubba will surely be a cutey pie wen he grows up.

  52. hereforthenando says:

    1. I wish that I was that pole. Straight up.
    2. When you said Cris Jr. I was really hoping that you meant something else. But I'm excited to see his bubba, from what I can see he looks adorable (obviously)

  53. jackie says:

    not sure how adorable the baby is yet with that pic but super thanks for posting it. i wonder if he's mixed? not that that makes a difference of course haha

    • JVD says:

      Odds are the mother wasn't latina, so white or black mother the kid was gonna be bi-racial, right?

  54. romina says:

    mini cris hehehe, yeah is it me or does the baby look rather tan???? any possible hypothesis on the ethnicity of the mother???

  55. Leya_S says:

    meh. he's alright.
    but that sweater sure does fit really well.

    also, I was a little disappointed by this pic of mini Cris. I can't tell anything about him :(