May 11th, 2012

The Friday Fit: Edin Dzeko, Manchester City

That smile? Le swoon. Image: Facebook.

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8 Responses to “The Friday Fit: Edin Dzeko, Manchester City”

  1. littlemissfoggy says:

    He is tasty.

  2. Jenni says:

    As everyone who reads my comments knows, he's not my favourite City striker but still cute… I'd love to hear his Bosnian accent!

  3. Ella says:

    So hot *.*

  4. MissU Paolo says:

    I love Edin. Hope he stays, gets more playing time. He's a great team player.

  5. mata says:

    I swoon. Just love the dimples at Man City.

  6. AC_USA says:

    We are secret;y married. He just doesn't know yet :) )))

  7. Jayy says:

    I love the new haircut Edin's got now, he looks hot ;) Hes so adorable in the City videos – the joker of the group! :P

  8. boston79 says:

    I love that devilish grin! ;)