November 6th, 2009

The Friday Fit: Fernando Torres Gets Wet

Flick it, Nando.

We had other plans for this space today, Kickettes.

But, our in-box wants what it wants. And this morning, we were emailed a set of Fernando Torres photos that involve him getting wet in the name of his PES 2009* advert. This sole situation would be enough to warrant our undivided attention, time and focus for at least three weeks.

Wonderfully, that’s not all we were gifted today: we were also sent this amazing best-in-shorts, short-tent, air-pocket of glory. Enjoy.

Fridays, we want to marry you.

*We’re not gamers in any way shape or form, but maybe someone who is can clarify? Is it some sort of soft-porn, soft-focus footballer extravaganza of suggestively shot glory? Is the aim of the game to douse Fernando in water until he begs for a towel? Why haven’t we bought shares in this company yet?

Work it, but don't hurt 'em babyJust take it off, you're wet alreadyMust keep hair behind ears for security purposes

Thanks M and BF!

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38 Responses to “The Friday Fit: Fernando Torres Gets Wet”

  1. Elly says:

    He. Is. Epic.


  2. Avenath says:

    OMFG!!!…i don't know how i went through the whole weekend without seeing this first…

  3. K! says:

    Oh…my…God! i have seen this article all day long, i LOVE fernando torres……………………………….and seeing this pics OMG OMG is all i can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could meet him!!!!!!! even though i would be with him like for 5 seconds i dont care..i want to hold his face…!!!! <3

  4. julia says:

    oh my fucking god! I have wondered for a long time now why Nando isn’t on the F5.. I don’t think you have another choice but to put him there again, that is certainly where he should be! gaaaaah!

  5. fatimmaa says:


  6. becca (mrs lampard!) says:

    I dont think you need to post anything else this week!
    this is lushhhh (:

  7. eyes_on_nando says:

    i just keep coming back to look at this… words can't do this man justice… just me or is it hot in here?? =0

  8. What a wonderful wonderful ending to the week.

    I'm going to be dreaming of wet Nando all weekend long. :D

  9. sounderslove says:

    Rainy weather is coming, there should be lots of wet!nando in the very near future.

    F5? Please?

  10. goalkeeperette says:

    I'm speechless. Which doesn't happen very often. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMNNNN!!

  11. mrs. aaron ramsey('pool fan) says:

    !ay caramba! demasiado caliente. fernando torres….. *gasps for air* Need PES 2010!!

  12. NandoFo'Sho says:

    Noo Kickette, i’m now going to have indecent thoughts for the whole evening
    i do love the cutie but i have maths revision to be doing :D

  13. Lolinha says:

    I respect the Nando, I just don't see him as a sexual being. :(

  14. GinaVillamelon says:

    Hmm, I DID send this to Malin on twitter, but I fear she’s been holding out on you Kickette.

  15. Giggs is god says:

    But he is a ladyboy!!

  16. Alisha says:

    I was at the game the day the “short tent” picture was taken and he was stretching during warm up and he was touching himself…it was a great sight :)

  17. Jamila says:

    I think it was for when on PES the footballers play in the rain and i think it was to help the makers what he looks like wet if that makes any sense :S

  18. Erin says:

    Oooh, wow! Finally get a chance to pop onto kickette this week and it’s Nando Nando Everywhere! Wet saucy Nando, no less. That’s a good Friday. :)

  19. Toni says:

    OMG, that made my day :D
    A wet nando is all a girl wants <3

  20. lalala says:

    If you want a whole video of this Nando goodness it's at Whole thing is alternately cute and drool-worthy but skip immediately to 1:10 for wet Nando highlights. How does one get the job of spraying down footballers?

    • Mrs. Mila Casillas says:

      Seriously, we need to keep Nando wet at all times. Didja see the close up of his wet abs. Didja?… I need to clean up this puddle of drool off my desk.

  21. I KNEW if was you who provided the other pics Freya! Haha, sure was fast, I sent the air pocket this morning…

    But no Freya. No F5 until Malin says so. :P

  22. KateAlonso says:

    that made my day! DEFINITELY! I have to get that PES 2009 I'm sure there's a Torres bonus in there ;)

  23. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    *has lost ability to speak*


  24. G says:

    PES 2009 is a football videogame, like FIFA. It stands for Pro-Evolution Soccer. I would imagine it is actually the 2010 version he was shooting for

  25. LoveLamps says:

    I'm sorry. Is there a video game involving footballers and soft porn? How can I get this? I must have this NOW.

  26. FootballerChick43 - says:

    I don't know whether to feel violated or guilty. But this is one Fernando Torres picture that I have to say does make me find him SLIGHTLY good looking.

  27. Meer. says:

    Wow. That certainly puts Fernando in a different perspective.Especially the starter pic. I mean… Wow…

  28. Baby Freya says:

    Wow Kickette, that was speedy! But the home page looks SO much hotter now!

    Surely this is the perfect reason to put Nando on the F5 now? :D