June 4th, 2010

The Friday Fit: Fernando Torres, Spain

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50 Responses to “The Friday Fit: Fernando Torres, Spain”

  1. smarty says:

    I love my nando.

  2. livealittle says:

    thank you Kickette. you've made my month. for. serious. i cannot wait to see all that nando hotness in action at the world cup.

  3. CAROLINA says:

    What can I say that hasn’t been said already? Oh World Cup, you’re so good to me and you haven’t even started yet.. Viva EspaƱa en South Africa!!

  4. ba says:

    Heeyyy Nando :) ) Ok, he may be seems very young but you can't deny that GORGEOUS facee!! He's a handsome man…there is no doubt that

  5. Sylvia15 says:

    …….Not as hot as Cesc or Pique or Alonso thoo…:)

  6. KRISTINA says:

    THANK UUU KICKETTE !!!! This pic made my day ! MY NUMBER ONE, Fernando himself :) Love hiiiiiim

  7. tanyip says:

    i never did get the whole nando fever but my god this picture may well of changed my mind yum :)

  8. Cyd525 says:

    Absolutely stinkin’ adorable!!!! oh, lord, the naughty thoughts are back…me sandwiched between ‘Nando and Prince Harry….’scuse me, I need a private moment…

  9. ElNino9 says:

    Mmm, freckles…

  10. D0li says:

    He looks good in that picture, but i could never find myself to be attracted to someone who resembles a child.

    • Ella says:

      yeah, i find him to be cute in this pic (like a little boy)…but nowhere near HOT. i am glad he lost the feminine blond hair do' finally.

  11. yelena says:

    HOTNESS INCARNATE!! my type…

  12. elylovesfootball says:

    woah nando!!!

    wow i just love how he looks in this pic

    well i always love his pics but this one omg :)

    i thought i preferred him with long hair but

    this pic changed my mind..

    he looks gorgeous with short cut

  13. I don't normally find him attractive at all, but he looks delish in this pic

  14. Ms. Emma Krkic Perez says:

    OMG!!! *drool*
    I likeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    Still liked u better with long hair, but…ur still hot?!?!?!!
    Spain vs Chile….90 hot minutes I can’t miss *wink wink*

  15. caitanya says:

    I say, how can a girl look at him and NOT think he is the cutest thing??? I just want to bite his neck :-P

    • Sergo says:

      My thoughts exactly. :P

    • Missy Manchester says:

      Well…I looked at him. And still…nothing. Nope. Nada. I don't get his appeal…but at least Nando Fandos can take comfort that there's one less competitor for his attentions. LOL

  16. Solida says:

    look like a big piece of yummy cake!!!

    wonder what will happen if i put some strawberries on the top!!!

    oooH! super delicious!

  17. Juls says:

    Looks fit and fine! Less hair to distract him from his focus. Besides… the cheekbones and freckles are center stage! You GO Nando! We LOOOOOVE you! Go Espana!

  18. Lauren says:

    Christiano Ronaldo, ALL THE WAY!

  19. cr9 lover says:


  20. aps says:

    I'm kinda coming around to his new haircut. He is gorrrrggggeee!

  21. Lulu says:

    the 1st time i have EVER considered Fernando to be HOT !!! :D

  22. Just when I thought I couldn’t love him anymore. He looks so hot! Though I do kinda miss the blonde locks…

  23. julia says:

    so freakin’ sexy. the new hair looks SOOOOOOOO good ;) fallin in love all over again !!

  24. imhereforthenando says:

    I want to spread him on a cracker.

  25. GoonerGal says:

    Hel-lo Nando 8D

  26. Rory88 says:

    Thanks, new haircut!! God bless you!! XD

  27. Maria says:

    I kinda miss the goldielocks, but still… Gorgeous!

  28. Linda (Gooner till I die) says:

    He looks like my school-mate!! So young…

  29. hannah says:

    he is sooooo gorgeous!

  30. Angie says:

    Just what I needed to get my day started. Love me some Nando.

  31. jess says:

    HOTT :)

  32. hoda says:

    he is just perfect,i cant wait to see him and his lads in world cup.

  33. wasl says:

    looks like BRAD PITT at some angles…..sexy cutie hitman

  34. Ofeily9 says:

    He looks 19, really but he is very very very very very very very cute! Ilove You Nandito

  35. mila_casillas says:

    Looks years younger! And much much hotter. I can renew the crush I had on him. :)

  36. key says:

    PERFECT! <3

  37. Mrs.Roni says:

    Just perfect

    aww how cuteee :D

  38. elnino says:

    It's pictures like this that make my day! Thank you Kickette!

    His cheeks look kind of red,not just in this pic but in many. Nothing wrong with that, I have red cheeks myself. But I'm wondering if he has rosacea?? Could anyone tell me?

  39. lorena_chanel says:

    I used to belive that he can't get more hotter,and then he got a hair-cut!!! Def. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM :-D

  40. Nita says:

    I reeally love his new haircut, he looks fresh! Can't wait to see him back in action for World Cup! Love you Fernando!! :)