September 25th, 2009

The Friday Fit: Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard in training with Liverpool last week. He really has the lock on best footballer forehead wrinkles, doesn’t he?

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29 Responses to “The Friday Fit: Steven Gerrard”

  1. Riya says:

    Awwww Stevie! He is much too adorable. Not the outright LOOK AT ME type of sexy, but a much more mellow sexy.

    And he doesn’t wear particularly weird clothes. None that I’ve seen anyways…

    Love you forever my Captain Fantastic!

  2. uneditedmara says:

    It's been a while since I've seen Captain Fantastic in a solo post. *sighs* He's just the perfect 'baller that doesn't seem to be so interested in designer duds, fancy parties, or flashy cars. He genuinely seems to just want to play football. And THAT is SEXY AS F*CK. <3

  3. Avenath says:

    I will take Stevie and that wrinkly forehead any day….what a goal over the weekend…that plus Nando's hat-trick just made my Saturday night…

  4. RedinNZ says:

    HURRAH for Stevie!

  5. Redgirl says:

    Kickette – you listened to my plea! Adorable. Doesn't show too much in that piccy but the new stubble is looking Alonso-esque in its hunkiness.

  6. cyd525 says:

    i was put off a bit by reading his autobiography, but i just can't stay mad at him: he's just too damned cute…the cheeky grin, the scouse accent (which in my weaker moments i make my husband use), the buns of steel, his adorable wrinkles and duck walk…oh, Captain, my Captain…what i wouldn't do for you!

  7. Venice says:

    Oh Stevie… so made of win this weekend! That goal reminded me of Prosinecki's at WC 98. One of the best goals I've ever seen.

    Just carry on that way, captain :-D

  8. Emyr says:

    friday fit?
    but he’s completely totally un-fit.
    he’s anything but fit.
    he’s actually really repulsive.

  9. fatiimaaa says:

    awww stevie-g is soo cuteee,, loveee himmmm

  10. Zatti says:

    ow swxy and cute!

  11. Afiqah Matthews says:

    wow,i envy alex so much
    stevie,u’re a hot man with an adorable accent
    luv him and the cute family he owns

  12. kenita says:

    i just love him <3

  13. I love my Stevie. He just seems like the quintessentially nice guy. Randomly bashing guys in bars notwithstanding.

    Also, his legs and abs and just all around talent. Plus that deadly partnership with Fernando Torres.

  14. AnaRitha says:

    Adorable!! I love stevie G, big fan!!! He’s that tipical cute british guy with a pretty accent!! Love it!!!! xD

  15. Kristiin says:

    Hot! Kjekk!

  16. carragher says:

    so proud :)
    stevie is gorgeous!

  17. Lala says:

    “Adorable scouseness”? That’s a great oxymoron!!!

  18. Nina (Mrs. Gerrard) says:

    Stevieeeeee *hugs tightly* love my Captain, always&foerever!

  19. Kate says:

    Love the Captain, love his wrinkles, he's absolutely fantastic!

  20. aristeia says:

    I love my captain. *koalas him*

  21. shay says:

    Eh, he’s average at best. He only looks good when he’s on the pitch.

  22. Blair says:

    He’s really quite adorable.

  23. Baby Freya says:

    Captain Fantastic :) Love him!

  24. gina says:

    He's such a cutie!

  25. mrs aaron ramsey (&# says:

    iggie!!!!!! eeeeehehehe!!!! stevie-kinz…. he needs to smile more often *sigh, wishes he was smiling at insua*

  26. Amy says:

    As cute as his forehead wrinkles are, i think i prefer Franks?!

  27. Erin says:

    Squee!!! I haven't been here all week and I pop in this morning and see THIS wonderful gift from Kickette! :D My Stevie. I love his forehead wrinkles, his lovely blue eyes, his best legs in the world, his immense talent and his adorable scouseness. My Captain Fantastic. *smooch*

    • Nurul says:

      Ditto! I haven't been here for a week too and it's a (VERY) pleasant surprise to see Stevie the first thing as the page loads. Ha!

      He's just TOO CUTE (:

      ps. This picture is best drooled upon with Taylor Swift's song, "Hey Stephen", playing in the background xxx