April 7th, 2010

The Grand National: WAG Style Files

The Grand National at Aintree is one of the most hotly anticipated events of the northwest WAG social calendar. (It’s also a big day for those that earn a living selling alcohol, bless ‘em.)

Yes, each Spring, the ladies of Liverpool and beyond put on their best glad rags, drink copious amounts of champers and catch up on all the gossip while under the guise of being interested in men on horses racing around a dirt track.

Not that we don’t have love for the sport of racing. It’s just…well, right now we’re only concerned about the fashion.  Simply put, any event where it’s acceptable to appear borderline mental and still be named best-dressed is too brilliant to ignore.

Events kick-off tomorrow, and some of our favourite WAGs have confirmed attendance already: Coleen Rooney will be handing out the seriously epic prizes for best dressed; Sheree Murphy gave some fashion tips last week in conjunction with retailer Matalan; and Alex Gerrard confessed to us all how drunk she plans on getting. Fantastic.

Before the barmy headgear and chavtastic dresswear fiesta begins, we’d like to give the Coleen and Alex a few style suggestions for this year’s event.

We must warn you that what awaits may contain ruffle.

Coleen’s best showing at Aintree undoubtedly came in 2008 when she was outfitted in not one, but two Balenciaga dresses.

Her selections for 2009 had us split, however. She channeled Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf in this adorable hot pink dress with giant hair band to hand out the best dressed prize, but her selection for Ladies Day was an ‘also ran’ (that’s racing lingo for fugly). Although we know she was hiding her little Kai-bump, Coleen turned out in a billowing Cavalli something or else that was just downright unflattering.

Back from having the baby, in 2010 we’d love to see Coleen in something like this beautiful Matthew Williamson silk floral print dress. It has the same plethora of color that is necessary to stand out at Aintree, but it’s much younger and fresher.

For two forgettable years, Alex was seen around Aintree proclaiming how ‘fetch’ ruffles were. Last year, though, saw her commendable fashion upgrade featuring a gorgeous Stella McCartney dress and blazer.

Beautiful? Yes. Enough for Aintree? No! We’re not saying Alex should turn up in a ball gown with matching glass slippers (though, would anyone be surprised by this?), but let’s see some colour. For Mrs. Stevie G, we’d recommend this Tibi mini dress – ideal for showing off her perfect pins.

Over to you, Kickettes. Who are you placing your bets on to come out on top of the style stakes this season? Or are you just here for the free-flowing bubbly?

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13 Responses to “The Grand National: WAG Style Files”

  1. Linda (Gooner till I die) says:

    Um… that Alex’s column… seems like I’ve finally found someone who puts thoughts into words in a much more boring way than me.

  2. Erin says:

    I still can’t believe that even a mag like OK will publish what Alex tries to pass off as a “column”. Ha!

  3. I never liked the Cavalli gown on Coleen, but she cleared Beechers Brook easily with the other outfits. :) Looking forward to seeing her choices this weekend.

  4. Eva says:

    Aintree 08 – Bloody hell…what the F did I just witness?

    *almost collapses but regains composure*

    Some women got it okay, some acceptable…the rest: NO.WORDS.

  5. FT9FTW says:

    lol wow it looks like a circus there. anyway, coleen wins SO easily.:P fashion AND looks; everybody else (especially those non-WAGs) is…disastrous.

  6. Missy Manchester says:

    OMG when I first saw the 2009 Alex photo…I thought Paris Hilton had infiltrated Ainstree.

  7. rubyqueen19 says:

    well imight as well have my say on this.because as every year my weekend is ruined looking at these skanks.!!!but if i really had to choose who i like best.without a doubt it has to be alex. she,s not fugly like the other one who,s name i cannot bear to say.uggggggggggggghhh

  8. Amy says:

    I’m so confused.. (I’m from the US) Is it a horse race or a fashion show? or both?

  9. liv says:

    I am placing my bet on the one who doesn’t forget to look in the mirror before leaving the house!

  10. Molly says:

    I like that dress that was picked out for Coleen!! I would wear it!!

  11. bubbly_cheryl says:

    not into horses or these two women, so i'm just turning up for the free drinks