July 29th, 2010

The Hook Up: Gonzalo Higuain & Soledad Fandino

Let’s check in on the love-life of everyone’s favourite Argentinian glutes carrier, Gonzalo Higuain, shall we?

The above lady in the silver nightie from La Senza’s popular Space Skanks Collection is Soledad Fandino. She recently broke it off with her longtime beau, Nicolas Cabre, while Higi was rumoured to be steadily dating Luciana Salazar.

Although last Sunday Higuian took to the Argentinean airwaves and denied said love affair with silver nightie girl, the foreign tabs are insistent that this hook up is not only the real deal, but true love.  Knocking pins back together at a bowling alley in Plaza Serrano has that affect on people. *Eyeroll*

What is also uncertain is the vacation status of his booty shelf: some say he’s spending another week in Buenos Aires, while another outlet reports that this new duo is holed up at Hotel Riu Palace in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Either way, Higi is not with his Real Madrid teammates in Los Angeles – yet.

So what’s his new chick all about? Put it this way: the lead shot used above was one of the more demure shots we could find of Ms. Fandino.

We’ll keep you posted.

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57 Responses to “The Hook Up: Gonzalo Higuain & Soledad Fandino”

  1. cheetah says:

    no no no…he's mine

  2. Miss. Sweden says:

    NO NO NO. MY HIGO NO! He´s denied it, she denied it, his mom denied it, I denied it!
    I´m not gonna act like a 10-years old Justin Biever-fan and shout "HES MINE" and such another weird things. But his absolutely NOT hers.
    Embrace it.

  3. LaNovena says:

    hes expected in LA within the next few hours & back in training tomorrow. Cant wait for the pics!

  4. Mrs Navas says:

    Gonzalo!!! come on!!! why do footballers insist on being with models who look like they stand at a corner every night? shame on ya'll!!! can't they just find a normal, unknown girl like my boi Messi or like ma gangsta Fernando Torres.

  5. Estefi says:

    I am argentinian,and all I can say is…
    Soledad is a VERY BAD actress and very stupid,and she’s known here as a family-breaker. She made a famous comedian actor get a divorce from his long-time wife,and didn’t even waited for that to start a “relationship” with him…
    I don’t know,I personally don’t have the best concept about her,and many people here in my country think the same way. I think Gonza can do much better than this.

    • Inés says:

      I don’t believe she hooked up with Pablo Granados!
      those were just rumours

    • RedGirl says:

      I agree with you Estefi, I think she’s an awful ‘actress’ and if my memory doesn’t fail the rumours about Pablo Granados and her were true…

  6. Pam says:

    He is also dating Luciana Salazar? That woman also hooked up with Messi..She has sex with all football stars.

    • Mrs Navas says:

      I saw pictures of her in a swim suite….. i was traumatized. her….uh….body scared the crap out of me.

    • Blackwood says:

      and musicians. and politicians.

      She (Luciana) first jumped to fame by sleeping with Luis Miguel when he came to give a series of concerts here in Argentina and giving interviews about it afterwards. Now she's dating a well-known politician. She also claimed that she wanted to spend the night with Madonna when Madonna came to South America a couple of years ago.

      • RedGirl says:

        and she thought Madonna was going to even care about that *rolleyes*… all she did was making a fool out of herself… que boluda es! =P

        and her new teeth are funny hahaha

  7. Inés says:

    I love Soledad Fandiño!

    she's a great actress, she played a role in 2004 (that gave her fame) in a comedy show, I used to love!

    she's gorgeous too!

  8. Blackwood says:

    It's a known fact that Argentinian football players like older, sleazy "models" or "actresses"… if you take a look at most WAGs of the Argentinian National Soccer Team, they're pretty much all the same… some of them had been around and slept with more than one of the team until they finally found the one that would marry them… I think the only players who still date average down-to-earth girls are Messi and Agüero (although I think he used to hook up with Romero's wife before she got married, but Giannina is like most girls next door, you know, except for the fact that she is Maradona's daughter).

    As someone form Argentina, I don't really care for what the players do outside the field, except that it bothers me when footballers start paying more attention to models and whores and stop caring about the game, even though they get paid a lot to play, and begin acting like they're Hollywood stars.

  9. Mrs Puoyl says:

    Hahaha, "Space Skanks Collection"!! I only saw this post just now and Kickette you are the best!

    I don´t know this girl, but the dress kinda speaks for itself i think. And Gonzalo, i have nothing against you but please stop scoring so much (goals i mean:))! As a Barca fan i´m loosing sleep over you!

  10. LaNovena says:

    i really hope it aint true. Would break my heart. :(

    a year old video, but the end is amazing! Im melting away! His smile!

    I could watch that in an endless loop…

  11. MissAnthrope says:

    What is he like 22? Every guy(by that I mean a hot footballer)goes through a skank phase so imma take a chill pill and let this slide Pipita ;>

    • caitanya says:

      Much to the chagrin of a lot of the female fanbase on this site, Anthrope is right: He's young and he can do whatever he wants. More so than most women will ever know it, many guys have an attraction to "sleazy" women and would hook up with them. That doesn't mean they will marry them, necessarily.

      Let gonzalo live a little. He is young, handsome (correction: HOT), one of the top footballers in the world. I don't understand why everyone is freaking out. Men are programmed differently than women.

  12. Ashley says:

    This post does not have anything to do with Cristiano Ronaldo yet these posters are so obessed with him that they have to mention him. I wish everyone would just leave Cristiano alone. He is not responsilbe for GH picking up someone with questionable taste. What Gonzalo does not have a mind of his own, that he need someone to tell him who to date.

    • Ms. Footie says:

      Relax, Ashley. It's called being humorous. HAHAHA And it's such a funny comparison really. Don't take it seriously, hun. : )

  13. MissAnthrope says:

    This is not good for my mental health *screams* :)

  14. neenyah says:

    I see Cristiano's taste in women is contagious! Gonzi, please… no.

  15. Liz says:

    I don't want to know this :(

  16. Zinny says:

    I only recently discovered how hot he was but I sure hope he doesn’t date “ladies” like this. Wow, he is good looking. What was I saying?

  17. Sheena says:

    They are not dating. He denied it, she denied it and his parents denied it. I feel bad for Gonzalo he’s always being paired up with whores. Thats not his character but Cristiano’s…lol!!!

  18. caitanya says:

    I'm unsure why everyone is calling her skanky. Am i missing something?

    • caitanya says:

      I meant to add that she is one lucky lady if she is shacking up with our Gonzalo! Ai-yai! So jealous (in a good way)!

  19. Lisa says:

    Gonzalo Higuain looks a lot like the actor Wes Bentley (who is apparently a huge soccer fan).

    You may know Wes as the weird, plastic bag camcorder guy from American Beauty. He also starred in a really good football movie called Game Of Their Lives.

    google them both and tell me you can't see a similarity. I'm conflicted because I don't like Gonzalo but I love Wes.

    • caitanya says:

      No conflict to me–i know who wes bentley is and he is hot as hell. Hinguain is also hot as hell, but i do not think they look the same at all. Sorry for the cliché, but it's like comparing apples and oranges.

  20. salma says:

    He's staying at Playa del Carme I saw him saturday night and she wasn't with him, he was with some friends. He's staying until next Saturday.

    Messi and his girlfriend are also at Playa del Carmen.

    • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

      Yes, a friend of mine told me that Messi was in fact in Mexico vacationing so from that I assumed that he would be there too since footballers tend to travel in pack, lol. Regardless of anything, like the girls here say he’s young and to top it he’s rich and famous. He will “date” many women who won’t seem like the marrying type to many. He might even marry one :) But hopefully he will get to be with someone not just based on their looks or from the girls side just because he’s rich and famous. We love these guys (footballers) and we want to protect them, lol :D .

  21. This whole story makes me sick with envy. To be holed away in a hotel room in Mexico with Gonzalo… mmmmmm

  22. dss says:

    Yeah cheezy nightie photos are always really questionable but the link the Kickette gals included…if you click on it there is a picture where she is fully clothed and she looks like a normal, pretty gal.

  23. Dani says:


    Really Gonzalo?

    I think he's just a bit too attractive for her,

    He can definitely do much better than that.

  24. Lila says:

    they aren't dating!!! she denied it in her twitter. She is a nice gil, usually keeps a low profile, i like her but she's old for him, she's 28!

  25. C16 says:

    Is she wearing a babydoll in that pic?

    • MeL says:

      Indeed, Yes is.. .. she’s a lingerie model and a vedette (and or showgirl) or so I’ve read, but to me this spells stripper is that so?? I mean I so think Im mistaken but I have read those actual words!! anyone??

  26. Liv says:

    If its true he's dating this girl, and is lying about it than i will lose some respect for Gonzo;I am not a real fan, but he's one of Real's player i truely respect. I don't car if he's dating her or not, but to lie about such is just ridiculous!

  27. senora ramos says:

    ICK ICK ICK!!!

    please gonzalo, i'll believe you love. this is just toooooooo ick!!!

    cron having a bad influence imo ;)