April 28th, 2011

The Hook Up & Hand Hold: Marco Borriello & Camila Morais

Serie A stud girlfriendWhere would we be without the Italian tabloids’ blurry photos that routinely spread the grainy fruits of the Serie A gossip mill’s labour? Our skin would certainly be free of stress-fueled breakouts, for one thing. Our fingernails and toes would definitely be maintained during the winter and summer, that’s for sure.

So just as we were marching proudly to ‘Ding Dong The Witch Has Checked Out‘, AS Roma/current Finest Five member (Ed Note: but for how long?) Marco Borriello has done it again. And from the looks of Camila Morais, we must say, we’re pleasantly surprised.

Time for the rundown to crush this Brazilian’s premature promise?

We can’t salvage any viable excuse which begs us not to, so let’s have at it in order of most important facts to most humorous costumes:

1. Camila has met his Mum. For ‘mamas’ boys like Marco and Cristiano, this is big.

2. She and M.B. aren’t afraid to swap spit in public. Surreal to see him openly affectionate with someone other than his previous longterm love/groping groupie, Belen Rodriguez, isn’t it?

3. Camila’s income is earned through her work as a ‘showgirl’, another profession besides Spanish telly presenter that we’re currently seeking gainful employment from.

4. It’s with great pleasure (natch) to reveal her penchant for airline attendant dressing. Make of it what you will.

For those who favour the Italian footballers, what do you make of this pretty, potential new WAG? Do we likey with Borri? Lastly, where does one obtain a ‘showgirl’ job application?

BTW – as for Nina, she’s moved on too (and he’s not half-bad). 

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13 Responses to “The Hook Up & Hand Hold: Marco Borriello & Camila Morais”

  1. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    i dont know what's wrong with him… i mean im dead serious with such beautlifull woman out there (normal not groupies) why would you want to get with some skanks… the pic of the fly attendant just doens't do her any justice.. why Marco? just why?

    And dont even think about getting rid of him on the F5..! dont even think about it!!!

  2. SoMysterious says:

    Now normally i would go discuss this in the Marco group but since i don't know what the hell kickette did with the community section*weeps softly*

  3. Very nice style and wonderful written content , absolutely nothing else we require : D.

  4. Liz says:

    As Marco Borriello's wife (in my head) I am sick to my stomach about this and am choosing the ignore if until she goes away. But she is absolutely stunning.

    AND DO NOT KICK HIM OUT OF F5!!! per favore

  5. Lucy says:

    Dont kick Marco Borri off the Finest Five list. Why would you even think of doing that? Shame on you. SHAME ON YOU! LOL

    I cant believe you would think of getting rid of him. I am now going off to cry.

  6. Por dior says:

    I´m not an expert in wags but can we call Marco´s girl a wag considering that he has a new "girlfriend" every week.

  7. l443 says:

    didn´t she also dated robinho???

  8. Gladys says:

    I don't mean to be a bee-atch, but is there not one of these newish WAGs (aside from Frankie Sanford) with some sort of unique hairstyle and fashion sense?! Honestly, they really all look the same to me– beautiful, but the same. I live in Brooklyn and I swear, every day on the subway I'm amazed at some new chic, eye-catching woman (and I know they're not just in NYC). I guess the reality is that most of these guys– other than their football skills– are not that unique or interesting.

  9. Rossanera says:

    So he went from Belen 2.0 to Belen 3.0. You know what this boy needs? A good swift whack in the head with the polenta spoon …. it might knock some sense into him.

    Please note that I get to spit out the polenta spoon stereotype because as an ill-behaved Italian child I HAVE actually been whacked in the head with a polenta spoon.

  10. xoWinnie says:

    why is it always the " mamas" boys like Ronnie and Marco that date chicks like these?

  11. Brogan says:

    I never like went Borri gets a new girl. As for Nina's new guy….I guess he's good looking judging by the back of his head?

  12. graciela says:

    I thought she was okay til I saw the airline attendant pic, ew gross. It's like tacky hotel-porn. Borri can and should do better.