November 16th, 2009

The Hook Up: Nicklas Bendtner and Caroline Fleming

Nicky BCaroline Fleming

Have you heard? We first discovered the news about our favourite Party Boy’s new love last week. We’ve compiled a few fascinating and entertaining details and thought we’d share with you in compact bullet-point form.

- It would seem that Nicklas Bendtner is dating Caroline Fleming, a baroness 13-years his senior.

- Video evidence of Caroline flirting with Nicklas (possibly pre-hook up) is available.

- In fact, the flirting was mutual:

  • Caroline says to Nicklas, “So, you didn’t think you would be doing this?” He answers, “No, I didn’t think I would be this lucky.”
  • Caroline says it’s sweet that Nicky has his parents and brother’s D.O.B. tattooed on his wrist. She follows this by telling him her birthday.
    Nicklas: We can put that on. Where will you put mine then?
    Caroline: On my butt.
    Nicklas: You already have one there. [hello?]
    Caroline writes her D.O.B. on his wrist.

- Caroline moved to England from Denmark when she was six.

- Prior to that she lived in a castle.

- She married Rory Fleming (he of 4th richest family in England, cousin who wrote James Bond fame), and had two children.

- We mentioned that she lived in a castle, yes? Want to make sure we don’t leave that info out.

- Is Caroline employed? Surely. Aside from her telly show, she’s modeled and published a cook book.

- Wait, we must add that in her telly program, she moves into people’s houses… and cleans them. She sends the wife away and on return the house is refurbished and the husband has been given love tips.

- This. From a woman that lived in a castle.

- She says she loves vacuuming for the immediate gratification.

- The Danish press are freaking out over this. They’ve dubbed Nicky the “ball baron.”

- Here are a few quotes from their objective reportage:

“She’s beautiful, noble and rich. He’s young, hot and famous. They’re the perfect couple, and apparently they’ve realised it themselves.”  – Se & Hør

You can see Bendtner play football with Caroline’s 6 year old son, Alexander… Caroline is wearing boots, a dress and big sunglasses, while Nicklas is wearing jeans, a blazer and black gloves.  MSN Star lounge.

- You know it’s serious when they’re reporting on clothing choices, Kickettes.

- Nicklas and Caroline have yet to publically confirm that they are involved.

- Random, but relevant: on November 9, NB was awarded the Footballer of the Year title at the Danish Football Awards. He brought no date. He came alone. His trousers, sadly, stayed on.

- Should we just declare Nicky Playboy of the year? Or does Frank Lampard still have a chance to take the title?

Big thanks to Nathalia and Melina for the translation!

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25 Responses to “The Hook Up: Nicklas Bendtner and Caroline Fleming”

  1. Tijana says:

    I’ll be honest: I loooooove (!) him. He’s my all-time fave and I’d marry him any day.

    But her? Seriously, Nick??
    She is so damn annoying. Lookwise they’re a great couple, but personalitywise? – I can’t see it happening or lasting.
    And by the way, he’s way too young (and hot) to be a substitute father.

  2. Julia says:

    Oh yes, please, do declare him playboy of the year!

  3. old groover says:

    Is the pelvic prob a result of this liaison? Nics OK apart the from the hubris thing which makes him well suited to Danish aristocracy. I don't care much for her though: and she can't play keepy uppy.

  4. FootballerChick43-"Mrs.Ballack" says:

    I think they would look good together but past that… I’m not overly fond of either of them, so I have nothing left to say.

  5. Toni Waters says:

    This is all part of Monsieur Wenger's much vaunted Youth Programme. You should see the women he gets for the sixteen year-olds!

  6. Inés says:

    "13 years his senior"? what does it mean? that she's 13 years older than him?

    are we all crazy?!!! nicky…are you insane?

  7. Torillas says:

    Oh and I’m actually not very fond of this … pairing. Caroline isn’t my favourite person. Meeh. I hope it’s just a phase, Nicky!

    • Alisha says:

      I'm exactly the same, they do not go well together, he can do so much better! What the hell is she wearing in the video? And I can't really see Nick as being the type to bother with somebody elses kids…

      • mrs aaron ramsey ('pool fan) says:

        amen sister!!! i can’t see bendtner caring about another man’s children (except for agger’s bundle of joy). and seriously what is she wearing???? and why is she hopping around like a fool???!!!!????

        • Torillas says:

          Haha, I know! I can’t picture them together at all. And she’s really annoying me. I agree with both of you. He could do SO MUCH better….

  8. MissEstonia says:

    It’s nice that she cleans houses…I should introduce her to my room, she’d have fun with that!

    Not a fan of NB whatsoever, so I don’t care. But this woman seems a lot more interesting than some of the airheads we read about on here!

  9. carly says:

    This news has left me very ambivalent. I'm both amused and horrified. Well, horrified might be too strong a word, since I have little interest on Bendtner.

    From a sociological point of view this is extremely interesting. lol

  10. mrs aaron ramsey (&# says:

    i hope bendtner plays this bitch like a pack of cards!!!!!!! damn you woman she totally ruined my glow of novak winning and my discovery of 'hot keeper' benjamin siegrist. grrrrrrrr i really dislike this woman grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

    • MissEstonia says:

      Girl…he's not THAT great! Don't let this news story get you down, celebrate Djokovic's win and don't let a footballer make you sad. He DOES walk out of nightclubs with his trousers down…I, personally, would be embarrassed to be photographed leaving a club with someone like that. lol!

    • Alisha says:

      Were you watching the Under 17s final? I saw Siegrist too, he is amazingly hot! And Aaron Ramsey played great on Saturday :) And to Agger's bundle of joy, I'd say it's more likely he'd care about little Nora Torres, the cutest baby ever! And Novak was amazing, you have good taste in guys…

      • agger♥lover says:

        why thankyou i also believe that my taste in guys are fab (still me different name) siegrist is quite sexy and navak was amazing but i’m still sad about bendtner. tho i have a consolation he wakes up and sees that every morning! if that aint bad i don’t know what is

        • Alisha says:

          Yeah I like that idea too but then I just feel sorry for him having to wake up to that, poor Nick! I do have to say though, I used to like Agger but went off him…not too sure why…but definately agree with Siegrist!

  11. Torillas says:

    You're welcome Kickette ladies! :D

    Oh, Mel, I agree! Oliver Bjerrehus is SO hot! Yum!

  12. Mel says:

    Caroline is genious. And she really loves cleaning.

    It's a shame Danish is not understood by everyone, haha. She is someone you should experience!!

  13. Anna says:

    ok that lil hug at the beginning of the vid made me a bit jealous.

  14. "She sends the wife away and on return the house is refurbished and the husband has been given love tips." My God, that is pure genius. I have at least a half dozen friends who would hire her forthwith.

  15. Mel says:

    You are welcome, Kickette. Fantastic articel!!!

    The male model from the modeling link is über bad boy Oliver Bjerrehuus. He is soooo hot. He was most likely 'made' during a mediocre, Danish porno…

  16. Sara says:

    Oh, Nicky… At least he still does his scoring off the pitch. Form must be down with his recent groin op though…

    Obviously this is all just a sly plan by Arsene to get us some funds for the transfer window.