May 28th, 2012

The Huh? Files: Djibril Cisse & Rosie Roff

Here’s Djibril Cisse sharing cocktail straws with glamour model Rosie Roff whilst on holiday.

That was mean of us, to sell her short as simply a glamour model. Actually, Rosie’s official CV is far more thorough (per her Twitter profile): “international lingerie, swimwear & fitness model. European playmate. World Wide Web Narcissist.”


Continuing on. The QPR striker and his white thonged lady friend were long distance-papped by a Miami hotel pool over the weekend. They got close, but nothing besides Strawgate, thisĀ vague Tweet from R-Squared andĀ this foreign tab claiming things about the two that we know nothing about really drew ire from our internal red flags.

UPDATE: a portion of our original story did draw ire from Djibril’s peeps, though, and has since been removed. We were not, and are not, stating anything about these two other than our opinion. Which was, we found it weird to see them papped together.

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3 Responses to “The Huh? Files: Djibril Cisse & Rosie Roff”

  1. gemma says:

    Another footballer playing away, no surprise there

  2. Paul says:

    Lol shes hot, lucky man

  3. Jayy says:

    “Glamour model” and footballer being too pally pally with each other? Dont be ridiculous Kickette, we know only good things can occur from it(!)
    Speaking of footballers being too pally pally, did anyone see the lovely snaps of a certain Man Utd player who had his hands all over a woman in a Las Vegas nightclub whilst his wife was back at the hotel with their toddler? Sad times.