February 8th, 2012

The ‘Kickette Round’: We’re Not The Only Ones ‘Talking Balls’

The Kickette round commences at 38.29. But really, you should watch the whole show. You’re clearly not busy, because you’re here.

If our appearance on ESPN’s Talk Of The Terrace didn’t give you a hint that boys have no clue what a woman wants from a footballer, our latest foray into TV territory certainly should.

We are honoured to report that ‘Talking Balls’, a web based footie show presented by the hilarious Chris Cohen, will now be featuring a ‘Kickette Round’, during which celebrity guests will apparently be confounded by our love of Cesc Fabregas, confused about manhose and totally¬†nonplussed¬†about the contents of the Finest 5.

We see this as our opportunity to educate, but it won’t be easy. If you need a hint about about how much work is required, watch the part where Antony Costa (formerly of Blue) and comedian Jim Smallman consider who might be included in one of our infamous polls, only to come up with…David James.

It’s gonna be a long hard struggle, peeps.

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11 Responses to “The ‘Kickette Round’: We’re Not The Only Ones ‘Talking Balls’”

  1. Jenni says:

    What channel is this show on?

  2. FootyCookie says:

    love it when guys talk about female stuff lol

  3. Nienke says:

    Lovely people, actually ‘Blue’ is back together and Anthony Costa is still with them. Just reacting to the ‘formerly of Blue’ note.

  4. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Jajaja Cesc!, of course guys would think Cristano is on finest five. Who is the one who looks like he is working in a bank Messi or Xavi?..

    Oh well Kickette, many signs is telling you to change this finest "not' 5! well Aitor is won't lie!

  5. Danielle says:

    Your Finest 5 needs an overhaul. Cesc Fab deserves to be there, no question. But the other 4 need to go…

  6. Maria says:

    It only goes to show how strange the Finest Five is.

    • IrishBlue says:

      It's so true….though I wouldn't be adding the likes of Cristiano to mine anyway. I guess it's hard to please everyone.

  7. Bella says:

    Congrats! Fantastic getting the regular feature (as well as adoration of course) and adorable whilst being played. Don't know how I missed the ESPN which was as much fun.
    In all fairness though, I think you need to inform the gents of the Hot HoF as they fairly named a few not knowing that they were already enshrined elsewhere. No need to tell them who is on it, just that it exists. Gives the contestants a break while adding another twist to the quizzes, and doesn't make us look daft for leaving someone off during, say, the Finest Five Quiz. Just a suggestion in the interest of the Education Project ;-) !

  8. IrishBlue says:

    David ****ing James??????? Men……..

    Seriously though, that was only brilliant! Glad to see this place is getting the recognition it deserves!

    Right decision on the tights situation too :D

  9. bri_saldana says:

    I'm waiting for Kickette to have a spot on ESPN Press Pass damn it.

  10. Jayy says:

    "Hilariously funny females" ;) kickette, I think next stop is WORLD DOMINATION!
    Glad to see these serious issues are being scrutinised – tights are a controversial subject.
    p.s. awww bless, they think they can compete with adorkable cesc and boca muffin ;)