July 21st, 2010

The Midweek Mmm: Cesc Fabregas

We know. Cesc Fabregas has already been mentioned today. It’s bad form to do repeats. But today, we needed this. We needed him… twice. Send any complaints to your local government official if you must, but it’ll do no good: there are Cesc toes up in this muther!

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133 Responses to “The Midweek Mmm: Cesc Fabregas”

  1. mary mundia says:

    He cant be gay i mean ,he already has a girlfriend even though am still after him!!!!!

    • mohamed abkir says:

      cesc fabregas the best ok
      is my capitano am mohamed abkir one in the young players in arsenal foot bal club ok

  2. Eebza says:

    No Carla…. *happy dance*

  3. nia says:

    Cesc ism’t gay!

  4. Isabella says:

    waitwaitwait, Cesc is gay?????????????????

  5. dominique says:

    Wow cesc on a vacation alone and carla no were to be seen!!!!i wonder what happend???

  6. simone says:


    • DJ says:

      i like that. i hate hairy men.

      he did during the world cup though. i guess he waxed/shaved them off afterwards.

  7. lacota says:

    I for some reason really want Pique and Cesc to be lovers. I just think they would be the cutest gay couple. I want them to get married and Serio and Nando can be the best man and maid of honor and Navas can be the ring brearer.

    • DJ says:

      you're not the only one =D they're just so adorable together.

      but then i think that i'd never get cesc for myself, so…

    • Mia says:

      LOL I love that comment haha, and I agree they're so cute together!

    • NandosGirl says:

      Me too!! I want them to be a couple.. though I’ve had a dream of the three of us Cesc, PQ & I having a threesome… *blushing*

  8. Gabi says:

    Hi! I think I already posted this, but just in case you didn’t see it, here’s a link to a video of Cesc kissing a Spanish tv reporter in a “recreation” of Sara’s and Iker WC kiss ;-P


    • Laurie says:

      I don't now why but the video didn't excite me one bit…

      The Carbonero/Casillas video didn't either…

      I still watch that Terry/Lampard-kiss though from time to time mostly because of the commentator saying "Emotions were running high." in a rather akward tone :D

  9. AmyFabregas says:

    I think ive died and gone to heaven :')


    Cesc Fabregas <3

  10. JamilaRamos says:

    Phew! The man just OOZES Cesc appeal. In the 4 years that I have been in love with him; I've never seen him HALF NAKED on holiday. He's been such a naughty boy this year; wanking in front of cameras and fans, laughing at Pique's inappropriate drunken behaviour. Anyway…That's what I CALL SEX FABULOUS(gettit?)

    Oh and I LOVE MY FELLOW kickettes; you always make me laugh…LMFAO!X

    • cymraeg_ddraig says:

      Ok, have I missed something here? Wanking in front of cameras? Anyone care to explain?!

      • Laurie says:

        Maybe she wanted to write winking but I'm not sure in what way this would make him a naughty boy…

        But him wanking in front of cameras would probably cause him never seeing the pitch again :D

    • Choo Choo says:

      PLEASE clarify! What do you mean he's been wanking off (is that the correct terminology) in front of cameras and fans? I've looked this up on google and I get nothing. Help a girl out here…I work at a very boring job and need some sort of excitement haha.

    • DJ says:


      • JamilaRamos says:

        Haha! Ladies, ladies. Indeed he was wanking in front of cameras! lemme post you guys a link.

        Ok, here it is enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmvZPDA8TMI

        Actually looking back at it, he's not properly wanking. I got a tad too excited.

        • Laurie says:

          omg… He looks like he's feeling so cool drinking beer in front of the cameras and acting like Al Bundy…

          I'm never gonna watch that video again :D

        • DJ says:

          oh i've seen this. i dont think there is anything cesc does without me finding out, im constantly stalking his ass…

        • NandosGirl says:

          I’ve seen the vid like a gazillion times already.. you’re right it wasn’t properly wanking.. Oh what I would give to be his hand… ;p

      • KDJ says:

        not wanking exactly.. he just conveniently put his hand.. err.. inside his pants the whole time he’s having beer on the field with Puyi. LOL

  11. Jas says:

    Is that his phone? What phone is he using?

  12. kelly says:

    hi he is so sexy i just love him and i want to have been there with him love u kelly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Dominique says:

    yummy! thanks Kickette! :)

  14. KRISTINA says:

    mhm, nothing special in my opinion

    anyway, where is his gf ? or is he single?

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      LOL Not to offend you but if in your opinion he's nothing special why then ask where is his gf or if he is single??? I mean if you're only interested in this cutie for his football skills why the need to know about his personal/romantic life?

      • KRISTINA says:


        it was just Q, I thought that he has GF , at least last year I saw some pic of them , thats why I asked if he is single or not now .

        Is something weird on my Q ? Or Do I need to be in love with him for my Q?
        I think no,

        Cesc is good player but he look doesnt interest me, sorry

        • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

          Again, LOL mine was also just a question and no you don't have to be in love with anyone but I don't see the point in asking the question if it doesn't matter to you that is all. Though everyone here talks about his looks we do know reality and know he does have a gf just that I find it puzzling and curious how many girls who don't have in interest on a player but yet post comments just to state that fact. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion just like I said before other people who aren't interested in a player don't ask about their gf's. To each its own. Goodbye.

          • JamilaRamos says:

            But this is kickette ladies, we ARE allowed to ask those sorts of questions and not be questioned.

            And it looks like he's still with his girlfriend hun, because he's wearing that ring on his index finger; she gave it to him as some-sort of an 'anniversary' of our relationship thing. He said so on his show which was on SKY1 2 years ago.

            • JamilaRamos says:

              And I'm not trying to be a 'peace keeper' or anything. Just need you guys to stop QUESTIONING each other like that. As afore mentioned.

              • KRISTINA says:

                ooo, thank u so much for answering me JamilaRamos :)
                I was just curious about :-)
                Have a lovely day

  15. Lorihanna, Torres :] says:


  16. Kate says:


    This photo should be illegal. It's making me think TERRIBLE thoughts. Ohhh Cesc + water = X-rated minds.

    • La Futbolista says:

      Kate how could you post this?!?! I mean there is nothing else to say except SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, and more SEXXX! Oops, did I just type that? Lol, I officially can't function/ breathe. I need SEX, I mean Cesc. Lmao.

    • Black Rose says:

      UNF… UNF… *grunts* *gasps* *climaxes* *swoons*

    • Eli aka NC says:

      I love you girls, you do make me laugh with your comments LoL

    • sounderslove says:

      holy. shit.

      cesc, do me now.

    • cymraeg_ddraig says:

      Ding dong. That is all

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      Why isn't Pique helping him reach his back? I swear its been a couple of day since they have been photographed together being all playful. I hope they are not mad at each other… maybe Cesc said no to Barca? Oh this is torture, I know the links lead to adorable, sexy poses or smiles, and possible nakedness but my hand has a mind of its own and always clicks!!! I think the sun if following those two because in Sunny San Diego the sun has been missing since pics of Fabrique showed up.

    • MadridistaJenn says:

      Wowzers! All I can say is: YES, PLEASE! WITH A SIDE OF PIQUE! Words cannot beginning to describe what’s going on with me right now! Thanks for link, it was like dangling a carrot over a starving woman. You made my day.

      • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

        When I first began stalking, I mean learning about the players on this site that term of dangling a carrot in front of a starving woman, and my first reaction to that was oh silly women… now I TOTALLY understand. Pique is my giant carrot. Cesc the appetizer before the big meal… oh what a happpy meal.

    • CescHoney says:

      O M G !!!

      Thank you so much for posting this …

      This is one of the best things I've ever seen.

      omg he is sooo hot… :D

      I'm out of words.. really :D

      *saved this as a wallpaper* :D

    • NandosGirl says:

      *speechless* I’ve just had a ‘fabregasm’…

  17. cescyspain says:

    you just made my day kickette.

    please more cescy posts <3

  18. DJ says:

    He is sooo adorable!! how can a woman say no to sex…erm cesc?

    cute toes =D

  19. Zinny says:

    Oh my dear GOD. Cesc, por que eres tu tan caliente?
    Sex has become my favorite footballer. He’s just perfect…in terms of everything.

  20. fembot says:

    Ugh I seriously hope Sex – I mean Cesc heh – doesn't go over to Bcn. He'll go from being a great young player who is the captain of a great English team to sitting on the bench for Bcn, which is overcrowded with great players who have seniority over him. And I would think it a shame for him not to play as much as its humanly possible… which would be good for the game, though mostly for for Kikette ogling delight, natch.

    /end rant

    • Dylulu says:

      I absolutely agree! Not only would it be bad for him and Arsenal, but we also have to remember that benchwarmers rarely remove any clothing! Where does that leave us?

    • cescyspain says:

      i dont think he'll leave arsenal for another 2 years, not till xavi stops playing less. plus all the cesc-to-barca saga has been extremely exaggerated by the media.

  21. Andree_M says:

    He's dreamy. :D

  22. Inés says:

    Cesc= Sex

    that's all I have to say

    defo, solito te ves más bonito!

  23. German2505 says:

    And that guy in the background… thinking “I’m going to get this sexy thing” ;-)

  24. freddiegirl says:

    Aww Cesc! I’m going to miss him when he (finally) leaves Arsenal for Barcelona. He had oddly cute little toes…

  25. Claire says:

    Good body, but he just doesn’t do it for me.

  26. gin_in_teacups says:

    Cesc’s tootsies are adorable. And I hate feet, but his are somehow not only tolerable but lovable. These footballers just seem to be able to take things I normally find repugnant and turn them into sources of amusement and joy.

    And oh yeah, the rest of him is pretty great too – look at that tummy!

  27. Sylvia15 says:

    omg. i just orgasmed.


    • NandosGirl says:

      Me too. I've just had a 'Fabregasm'… LOL… I'm married but can't help having very 'dirty' thoughts everytime I see Sex, I mean Cesc… I even have XXX-rated dreams of me having a threesome with Cescy & PQ… Oh, boy! Here come the images again.. I need a cold shower.. Darn you Kickette! How am I supposed to concentrate at work after this?

  28. TristaJade says:

    Um, I have no problems with repeats of Cesc. ;) He looks great, as always. :D

  29. manutd(L). says:

    cesc. (L)

  30. simone says:

    This is torture. Notice the guy in the back wish i were him

  31. Natalia says:

    oh my god! kickettes you don't have to apologize.. we love pictures of cesc!

  32. Alisha says:

    I've been looking back through all my pictures of Cesc recently and noticing how much he's changed, i'm so happy that i've seen him change from a boy to a man, it's hard to imagine him being that same 16 yeard old boy that joined Arsenal all those years ago! I can't imagine football without him, I Love Him!! <3

  33. Any says:

    Oh, come on! Seriously, http://fuckyeahfabrique.tumblr.com/ second picture down. I need to go home now.

    • Steph says:

      lol. Thanks for that! :) With all of these Tumblr sites now, I'm seriously considering getting one to follow them all and stuff. haha.

    • Barcelista says:

      OMG thank you thank you thank you so much for the pics.. I can't stop looking.. I keep scrolling up and down cos I want to see it all at the same time..

      Thats it! I'm making a "hot-naked-Barca(+Cesc)-wallpaper-for-my-desktop".. And I'm gonna pick the finest (*cough* *most naked* *cough*) picture of Cesc and Pique and have it live/natural size printed out on a duvet and/or a blanket (one person on each side) so I can sleep with them :) (I hope I don't sound too nasty ;) )

      Hahahaha OMG just imagined what would happen if I asked my boyfriend to sleep with it :) Hahahah!! :D

      • Steph says:

        OMG. LOL. That reminds me of the show Skins, actually. Nicholas Hoult's character, Tony, had some bedsheets sort of like that. haha.

      • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

        Oh, you're not alone with that idea. I too want to do that but with the boys at the time in the locker room. They should do a pic like the Italians all oiled up and in short or speedos (thoug I prefer shorts). If you know of someone who does this kind of work let me know LOL You can just order them since the pics don't belong to us :( Copyrights suck! I still can over the fact that there is a man with cute tootsies.

      • Any says:

        If you're really going to do both, you should have one on the flat sheet, one on the fitted. And me in between…oh sorry, this was your idea. I really am going home now.

        • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

          Oh this is why working in group is a good idea, from one great idea to another… that way no matter in what position you wake up the first thing we'll see would be a spanish hottie. Nice ;)

    • DirtyBlonde says:

      omg i love you for this hook up!!!!!

  34. Laurei says:

    I'm angry with him. I'll be even more angry if he leaves Arsenal. No more Cesc the captain, no more Cesc the cheaky devil and most of all: no more Cesc interviews in English. I mean, that's obviously what youtube was made for…

    I love him but certainly not enough to learn both, Spanish and Catalan….

    • Lya says:

      Trufax bb. His English is actually realy really good considering that he’s a footballer and they seem to be ridiculously resistant to picking up languages (cf. David Beckham trying to give press conference at Real Madrid). But I don’t mind at all because his accent is super cescy. Just like everything else about him. :D

      Also! *goes rummaging for videos of cescy cesc speaking Catalan*

      • Steph says:

        haha. But yeah, his english is pretty good, actually. And same, I like his accent, too! It's so cute when he's speaking in english. :D

        • Laurei says:

          Spaniards speaking English are always cute. But with Cesc it's also what he's trying to tell you. Sometimes he runs out of words, uses words out of context or utters something like "I'm not a quicker-thinker.". I remember readng this article about his first training session and him screaming Yes! all the time. I'd give a lot of money to have that on video :D

          • Steph says:

            haha, yeah, that's true. :D Spaniards speaking english is pretty much always cute. Oh, I know. It's so cute when he does that! lol, yeah, I read that part the other day. True, I bet that would've been pretty hilarious to watch! :D

  35. Barcelista says:

    OMG *swoon*

    Just died – for like the 3rd time today!

    And do never ever apologize for posting Sex Kickette.. erhm I mean Cesc.. Just keep it coming cos I want more!! He's just so pretty perfect!!!


  36. CescHoney says:

    one more pic for all the other addicts :)

    • Steph says:

      haha, yay! Thanks for that! :)

    • Zhenya says:

      LOL RE the couple behind him- I bet that woman hasn't heard one word her husband/boyfriend has gone on about. She looks to be zeroed in on our sexy Cesc!

      • Jackie says:

        aha yeah that couple is lucky… If it were me I would casually move closer and closer to Cesc. ;)

  37. German2505 says:

    Ha! Same thoughts ;-)

  38. MadridistaJenn says:

    Check out the guy in the back! He's like, "G-d, I wish that was me!" Ha!

  39. Kahlen says:

    Cesc is just too adorable ;)

    Haha who's the guy in the back?

    But okk so off topic, but was I the only one who didn't know Jesus Navas has a gf?!

    • cymraeg_ddraig says:

      I'm not sure who the random is but he seems to be doing the "is it him, I'm not sure" thing. Mind you I probably wouldn't be able to believe my luck either if I found myself on a beach with Cesc!

      As for Navas, I didn't know that either but then it doesn't suprise me! He's kind of hot.

  40. CescHoney says:

    OMG, everywhere I see Cesc topless. This really made my day.

    Suddenly it's so hot here!! awww… kickette, you are so awesome, really :D

    oohhh I can't stop looking at this pic

  41. Black Rose says:

    oh kickette, please don't apologize. I can never get enough Sex Fàbregas to go through the long, hot summer days( and especially I can't get enough while he's on holiday with his bff)… More, puh-leeze? ;)

  42. Dee says:

    Can I put sunscreen on him? It's something I've never done before and therefore would be great for a "Things to do before I get old" list.

  43. LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

    OMG he's not my cup of tea but to say he's not worth a double take??? You must be out of your mind to even utter those words and even worst? To type them on a page dedicated to the cutie. I honestly came on here to not only see the cutie put on his lotion and drink his water, sadly there isn't much to see but I guess one picture will have to do. Okay, I was also hoping to see some Pique since the other posts I was chatting with the gals and specially Steph who happens to love Sexy Cesc so I'm sure she'll love this post and the other.

    If you don't find the guy attractive that's find there's million others who do and who would love to see more of him and I'm not talking about posts or pictures LOL :D

    Oh his toes are cute what the hell? Nice way to start the day Kickette thank you !!! :)

    • Steph says:

      haha, hey! :) Yep, like you said, I'm loving this! I did see some pics of Pique yesterday, though. Saw them here: http://cescpiquebarca.tumblr.com/ Just have to go back a few pages, but there's some. For your Pique fix! ;) haha.

      • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

        Aaaaw thanks Steph I sure needed that. Last night I saw a conversation you had with some other Cesc crazy lovers and I loved the Fabrique page. So adorable those two. I guess Pique did get lots of attention with that vid and now is his love's turn. I can't and won't complain though. They are both precious. Oh and don't know where I saw this comment but I can't seem to get it out of my head I keep singing in to myself and I kind of hate when something like that happens… I just don't function well LOL This this is what someone else said, maybe some of you Sexy lovers… sorry I meant Cesc lovers will maybe start a band and sing this, well if you root for Barcelona, here it is:

        "If Cesc Fabregas goes back to Barcelona, then Justin Timberlake should rewrite his song "I'm Bringing Cescy Back" for Barcelona"…. Don't know why but I found that to be cute, perhaps because in my head it would be Pique who sings it :D

        • Steph says:

          haha, no prob! Since you've mentioned you love him, I figured I'd share the pics. :D lol, in the other Pique thread that closed I think, right? haha, I know! They're too cute! But the Pique vid was awesome, too. Not gonna lie. LOL, I know! I saw that somewhere else, too! OMG, that would be pretty awesome. And I still do love that song, so it's perfect! OMG, Pique singing it?! I'm dying! LOL. The funny thing is, I could SO see him doing that, too. :P Maybe we should get JT to redo it for us? haha.

          • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

            Yeah they closed it down :( … but now we gotta praise the other half of Fabrique. The nerve of some people who say they don't see why girls go crazy for him… grrr I mean I'm not in love with the guy but if Pique loves him I can learn to love him, lol. Seriously though, Cescy is special if more than one girl says he is. Yes, Timberlake should totally do the remake. He can get millions of dollars for it. Do the boys dance? I've never seen pics of them doing that. What better video then Pique singing while Cescy dances???

            • Steph says:

              Yeah, sucks they closed it, but yep! Now it's time to talk about the other half of that bromance! :D haha. Ugh, seriously! But oh, well. More for the ones that DO like him! ;) haha, yep! If Piqué can, then so can you! lol. That's one of the cutest bromances I've seen. They're like, cute and dorky at times. I love it. Right? If more than one girl says it, then you know there's something about him! Don't get why they keep saying there isn't, but idk. :/ LOL. YES. He should! JT needs to get back to his music anyway and stop with the acting. :P Hmm, haven't seen too many of them dancing, actually. The closest I've seen are like, these two pics of Cesc dancing after they won the World Cup, but no footage anywhere. lol. Can anyone point me towards some pics of him dancing or anything? :D

              • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

                This little bromance has so many girls/women going wild. Perfectly understable though, right? And Yes, more for us so why complain or dwell on that subject. That’s how hot I find Pique that I even starting to have a thing for his little Cescy LOL :D IT’S SO TRUE!!! They are dorky and I do find that attractive, but don’t understand why. Possibly because you want men that can be serious when it counts but know how to have fun.

                Deff. JT needs to get tracked down and offered such an opportunity. And yes, to any Fabrique ladies out there if there is evidence these boy can dance or attempt to please let us know :) Oh, it is a piece of that song for that show. I don’t know when it came out but I saw the reruns. I guess when it came out I wasn’t into that kind of humor. But now when I see “Fabrique” it comes to mind.

                • Steph says:

                  haha, totally! They're just super cute and funny together. Love it. :) Not to mention, they're both hot. ;) OMG, seriously? LOL. :D Good, though, cause I think those two come as a pair. haha. How can you not love Cesc, though, anyway? He's just adorable! In pics and in interviews and stuff. Love him! Right? They're dorky cute! Yeah, I guess that could be it for me, too. I really find their whole dorky yet hot thing so attractive, too. And they always look like they're having tons of fun together, joking around and stuff. I'd SO love to be a part of that. :P OMG, YES. JT should totally do that. Someone should suggest it to him. lol. Yep, it's from that show! haha. It started like, at the end of the 80s and went on through the mid-90s. I was kinda young when it ended, but I did watch some reruns after it did. :)

                  • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

                    Ha ha Yes a pair dorky spanish hotties. I find myself thinking way too much about Pique and the rest of the package, lol whenever my nephew speaks. For some reason he has a spanish accent and we don't know where he got it from. He's about to turn 3 yrs old so not like he travel there. But how much is too much? Maybe its not enough, lol. What would I do without Kickette? Today my team lost and bad I needed a pick-me-up so I came here to look over links these lovely ladies provide of the PACKAGE Fabrique. Noticed that on one of the links it showed a pic of little pique licking his lips… I think he was a teen then.

                    • Steph says:

                      haha, yep. :) OMG, seriously? LOL. He has a Spanish accent? OMG, how cute! Random, but cute. haha. Wonder how he got the accent then? They did? Oh, that sucks. :( Yep, yay for Kickette! Totally loving this site. :D I even signed up for the boards, but I haven’t really had a chance to start posting or anything. lol. Are you on the boards? OMG, YES. I’ve seen that one! Yeah, I bet you loved it. ;)

                  • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

                    he he he :) I mean, I just happen to look over again at that five second video but just for research purposes, lol, to compare. Yes, sadly my team hasn’t had a few good seasons and I can’t stop loving them even though there are fans who say if we turn our backs on them now it will make them play better but its like turning your back on family. Anywho, I have been thinking of joining some boards specially the one I saved to my favorites ;) but right now I’m busy since yesterday my nephew was born and I got pictures to take aswell as video. I guess Pique will take second place for now. Well, my other nephew is funny because if we imitate the accent he looks at us all weird:)

                    • Steph says:

                      To compare. Uh-huh. ;) haha. Oh, that sucks, but exactly. I totally get it. So what if they haven’t been doing so great? You still love ‘em! I feel the same about my hometown baseball team sometimes. I get it. :) Really? Oh, cool. I wonder what boards those are? ;) lol. Oh, really? Aww, congrats! :D OMG, he does? LOL. Too cute!

    • Barcelista says:

      Don’t worry he’s definitely my cup of tea ;)

  44. AC_USA says:

    We seriouslu need to figure out where this guy spends his summers so wecan all just go there and at least spend the summer on the same beach where he spends it, if nothing else!! I mean think this like 16 hours a day, for 7 days….heavennnnnn :) )

    • Liz says:

      I agree all the way! imagine all of us Kickette girls together, it would be crazy!

      • AC_USA says:

        Exactly…all of us kickette girls “chasing” Cesc on a beach…..aaahhhh a dream come true :) )

  45. Liz says:

    post all the Cesc you want!!! ;)

  46. rslkdl says:

    Reaction 1: Mmmmmm

    Reaction 2: How far up the shorts can I see? O:)

    Reaction 3: Awwww! Such cute toesies!

  47. Saskia says:

    Ooooh…gosh, almost died when i opened kickette, there has to be a warning! :)

    Imho, there could be something like this every day… <33

    he even has nice feet :D

  48. VeNia says:

    not one complain!!!i always am happy when i see his little cute Cescy-face(and body!xD)

  49. Eliza says:

    Did I just say "mm" out loud? Yes, I think so.

    • Starsarella says:

      yea i did too ;)

      o and btw kickette NO COMPLAINTS FROM us reeeeer @ fabs

    • Jackie says:

      LOL I said it in my mind cause people are in the same room as me … so that would be weird doing that… aha ;P

  50. balicious8 says:

    I think so, Kickette! Exaggerating a bit with Fabregas. Sorry but this post is not worth. I think Cesc is very normal guy and he's not attractive at all

    • MadridistaJenn says:

      I would have agreed with you a couple of weeks ago because I thought I was more of a Ramos/Pique girl. He's one of those guys I've grown to find hot. He's so soft spoken and funny and wow…Sorry I just melted. Look up some of his interviews on YouTube (like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob2ADpnMarc). Give him a second look/chance.

      • balicious8 says:

        i know a bit of him..I have followed Spain NT for a while, so i keep thinking that he’s just cute and not hoot like many people say. Well, at least you do not have to complain cuz Kickette seems like a lot Cesc

  51. senora ramos says:

    kickette, there is never a need to feel bad about multiple posts of one hottie :D

  52. Steph says:

    Ahh, this SO made my day! :D No complaints here! ;) Love this guy!

  53. kai says:

    sexy cesc….lurve him…

  54. vivo_barca says:

    kickette, you have my day..again.. is this not the image of a god?? ;)