February 23rd, 2011

The Midweek Mmm: Gerard Pique for MANGO

Images: imgur. Thx Johannagara!

Barcelona hottieLike a prescription drug label, these B&W supermodel shots of Shakira’s boyfriend should come with a warning:

- “Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while staring at Gerard Pique”.

- “Dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing”.

- “Keep out of reach of small children”.

Barcelona shakira boyfriend WAG- “Tell your doctor immediately if your behavior changes”.

- “Store in a cool, dry place”.

What would your warning label say if you were to suffer from a severe case of Pique Pox, Kickettes?

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68 Responses to “The Midweek Mmm: Gerard Pique for MANGO”

  1. Raz says:

    uhm have u guys seen the making of this ad on youtube… O.M.G.!!! hotter than hot-his pout, posing not to mention when he gets sprayed with water and is all sexy and wet (in slow motion)!!!

  2. honeybee says:

    i love meds. yum.

  3. Dee says:

    This is one sexy man.

  4. DavidVilla7_Lover says:

    Wow.. that reminds me of how lucky a girl i am! couse i have meet you Gerard and you are even more hooot in real life…! i can't wait to se you tonight play against Mallorca..!

  5. mochara says:

    I've just died and gone to heaven (side effects may include shock leading to instant death)

  6. wahey says:

    oh god, i've watched the video four times and am now in tears. i love the water part mmmmm.

  7. Zahara says:

    there no use in lying…i felt my heart stop for a sec when i saw this pic and i went 'gasp'!
    dios mio, he is so perfect

    warning: the sight of gerard pique will cause sudden and permanent desire to migrate to spain, and possibly extreme blushing and hot flushes. see doctor if redness persists for long.

  8. rainstarmcgee says:

    oh what i wouldn't do to be on the receiving end of those luscious lips….

  9. mrs.navas says:

    ohhh baby, i just scrolled down and………BAAAAAM!!!!! i literally shivered, this man is dangerous. shakira is one lucky B-ATCH.

  10. bri says:

    ** OMG the clothing he is in the main picwearing looks exactly like the boys uniform at the high school i went to!

  11. shay says:

    He's so hot I almost did not see the terrible clothes.

  12. Manisha says:

    wow :D

  13. Loreleilee says:

    Well, let´s just hope that this Shakira thing won´t spoil him. It would be sad to see a good thing going bad.
    By the way, it seems that she is the one more excited about this relationship than Pique, like in every picture she has this glowing expression…I bet that she was the one doing the pursuing and was the active one…
    Maybe Gerard will get bored with the constant attention, it may seem flattering right now, but he wants to concentrate on football and this will get tiring. I don´t think this thing will last very long. I´ll give it some months.

  14. boomch says:

    apply to the affected area as directed :)

  15. Liv4footy says:

    Mixing piqué and other other brands is required to get full use from effect!

  16. *Maylea* says:

    Yes, that's the same I thought o_O
    Kickette can't share Nando's fotos or his family…? WTF?! :S

  17. Guest says:

    he cleans up so well! looking good in that first shot with the blazer. the pout though… lucky shakira for getting to kiss those lips lol his beautiful blue eyes look good even in black and white

  18. BarcaGirl_Indo says:

    I love him so much…

    but I like him the most when he smiles and looks happy for photoshoots,
    like the one he did in Don Balon Magazine as Papa Noel… :)

    but yeah, he still HOT anyway…

  19. RONALIZA says:

    I didn't like his face in the pics..there is something awkward has stolen his prettiness..

  20. Winnie Mata says:

    yeah yeah yeah! so the real question is, when are the PETA ads and Playgirl cover coming? :P

  21. Lulu says:

    -Store in wet, warm place. Hahaha. But seriously that “shakira’s boyfriend” was really weird to read!

  22. simone says:

    Seriously is he allowed to be this hot this is so not normal

  23. C16 says:

    I like my Piqué happy and he doesn't look cheery in this pics. Soemthing weird is going on. That's all :)

  24. cherryboomboom says:

    Stay near police station !

    anyway , although I'm a crazy pique lover , I dont like these pictures .
    I don't ike when he poses andpouts his mouth ! I prefer when he is laughing , smiling or just being a complete idiot :)

  25. Mony says:

    Until Pique starts playing well again, I can curb my enthusiasm on him. So eh, he looks alright.

  26. *Maylea* says:


  27. Stefania says:

    So HOT!! I can just look at him all day, is that a problem? I don't think so! I would love to shake him well! Thats because Gerard= SEXY!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Oh…eh…I can't think of anything witty to say. Those labels of yours just got my dirty mind running wild!

  29. lala says:

    my label would read apply generously to sensetive areas when ever needed, keep out of reach of children and share with fellow footballers including and not limited to: cesc, leo and xavi. If any side effects should appear then use should be intensified and repeated more frequently…….

  30. henrietta says:

    Sorry Kickette – maybe it's the aura of "emasculated tool" he's exuded of late or the cheating on his ex-GF, but I just don't find him hot anymore. At least I can still have unrealistic expectations of Yoann & Nando…

  31. Zinny says:

    "Shake well before using"? Is that what he is supposed to do to me?

  32. Nando y Geri 4ever says:

    Best Midweek Mmm ever. God, he's hot.

  33. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by kickette, Björn Olsson, Yasemin, Lusi Zhang, Tanya Heath and others. Tanya Heath said: RT @kickette: http://bit.ly/dRIF0Y B&W photos of @3gerardpique in full 'Supermodel, Work!' mode? Oh, alright then. [...]

  34. Melanie Gedeon says:

    is it bad that the first thing i thought of when reading those taglines were something very dirty…
    i dont think so.
    plus i would much rather him in hot and wet rather than cool and dry.
    juss saayyinn….. ;)

  35. balicious says:

    Oooh hello pique! Eres guapoo ;) he has a nice lips hum

    P.S i noticed the gabardine that he wore, i have too one very similar. How weird xD

  36. Sara says:

    If only he had a different face….

  37. MadridistaJenn says:

    Happy hump day to me!

  38. Summer says:

    G =Gerard
    U =Unique and Unreal
    A =Attractive
    P =Perfect
    O =One Love

  39. Liz says:

    Side effects may include a penchant for practical jokes, epic bromances (take your pick of Cesc, Bojan, etc.), and the undeniable urge to end every sentence with moc mocccc

  40. D0li says:

    I don't know, non-single Pique just doesn't do it for me.. atleast with Ronaldo I know it's nothing serious so he will eventually break up with her and come to me. I think I need something a bit stronger, what do you recommend?

  41. Stunned says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  42. GunnerM says:

    I disagree with all your warning labels…tee hee!

    Ok, we can shake a little before use…!

  43. Taskeen says:

    Why ya'll gotta say things like "shakira's boyfriend" so early on in the post?? (it's all very confusing since i really like her but its only natural to be sad right? right??)
    But yes, i am slowly moving on from my sadness and all i can say is #Oooooooooh

    Danger: may cause potential flat-line situations and the need to spontaneously lie down for long periods of time (possible knee-buckling included)

  44. MsMe says:

    Nice piece of meat, they don´t come any better than this I suppose.

  45. IrishBlue says:

    I need a lie down. Piqu-itis has taken over and has left me hot, sweaty and not in control of my own thoughts….be careful, its VERY contagious….'Oh hi Cesc, would you like to join my daydream too? Come on in babycakes there's room for you too….'

  46. black widow says:

    he looks like he should be in seventh year at hogwarts in that first pic (it's the blazer, i think).

  47. lorena_yGp says:

    …and one more thing- will there be underwear line included !!!??? ;-) :-)

  48. lorena_yGp says:

    For the 100000000 time I will use wise words from Beckham: " SO SO SO AMAZING,SO SO SO AMAZING,SO SO AMAZING SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZIIIIIIING!!!! " :-) )))

  49. nandosfreckles says:

    CAUTION: staring at Gerard Pique may cause extreme HYPERVENTILATION.

  50. meh says:

    I can't EXPRESS how god he looks…I genuinley died for 3 mins :) ))

  51. laligaforladies says:

    I had a naughty dream about him the other night, so he's suddenly in my own F5. It doesn't matter if he's five years younger than me – we now know he's into older women ; )

    • Leya_S says:

      Okay sorry to post something unrelated but I'm dying to know:
      I was reading your comment (which is hilarious btw) and I noticed your little profile pic. Is that a pic of someone (you?) next to a wax statue of Fernando Torres in his Atletico Madrid kit? If I'm totally off base, its only bc I've been squinting at this picture for the last 5 minutes trying to figure this out, haha.

      • laligaforladies says:

        That is absolutely me next to wax Fernando Torres at the Madrid Wax Museum! The pic was actually taken back when he was at Atlético.

  52. Leya_S says:

    Surgeon General's Warning: Staring at Gerard Pique may cause spontaneous crying, drooling, pregnancy, or death by other crazed fans.

  53. Cara says:

    "Warning all Men, Women and Children. This is the Kickette Army Offices. Theres a highly deadly disease sweeping the globe, its called Pique-Itis.There's no cure for this disease so its touch and go at the moment. The symptoms are unknown but have been know to include;

    Uncontrollable Drooling.
    Unstoppable Shaking and Sweating.
    Hot Flushes whenever "He who shall not be named" name is mentioned.
    Fainting and Dizziness in public or just in general.

    If you have ANY of these symptoms… Report to the Kickette Stations Immediately for help.

    And If you encounter any one with these symptoms on the street… DO NOT APPROACH! They are armed with 6 inch Louboutins and Mulberry Purses filled with Bricks and extremely dangerous.

    Thank You.

    Barcalona FC.

    • Linda says:

      Hey I love your approach!
      If kickette didn't have me giggling like crazy already your comment certainly would have.
      Just one small comment though, you're saying pique is infected by calling it Pique-itis, itis means infection. (like Hepatitis, infection of the Hepar(liver)) But I'm sure you meant that in a positive way Hon!

  54. MrsNesta says:

    Gerard, Gerard what are you doing to me, I've got loads to do and I think now none of its going to get done, this is a bad thing, well ok this is a very good thing, this is very good, although I have to say your a very naughty boy, ok I'm going to stop now and just look…..