May 12th, 2010

The Midweek Mmm: Harry Kewell For Politix

Anyone else noticing any similarities between Harry Kewell’s skanties shoot for Politix and the iconic Freddie Ljungberg Calvin Klein campaign?

Imitation / flattery / etc: we’re just happy to see Politix picking up the torch and taking it to the next level.

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10 Responses to “The Midweek Mmm: Harry Kewell For Politix”

  1. Ellaxx says:

    Oh WOW. I wasnt quite prepared for that as I was scrolled down.

    He looks amazing. I am a massive fan of old freddie, but I think Harry looks even better.

    Wow. *saves pic*

  2. solida says:

    how hoTTTTTTTT!
    actually, i’m in a room with 3 air conditioner now, but i still feel hot from my computer screen!!!
    love the muscles!!!!!!

  3. chelsea says:

    Total WİN!!!!!!!i like Kewell he looks thousand times hotter than Ljungberg.i just don’t like him.

  4. hp says:

    I’ve never liked kewell, but g’damn he’s smokin here. However, I still love Freddie Ljungberg.

  5. KatiGaray says:

    not keen on Australians (the whole South Africa vs Australia thing) but wowawewa he looks fine!!!!!

  6. Miss_Nana says:

    Harry does look very, very good :P . I like his pics and they do have some similarities with Freddie's pics (the background, for example). But I will always prefer Mr. FL.

  7. Mrs.Roni says:

    ohh my gosh!!! 0__o damn sexy!

  8. carly says:

    Politics has never been so interesting…oh it's Politix.

  9. Erin says:

    Hot damn….Harry's still Hunky!

  10. Sharpey Shuffle says:

    i remember harry when he were young , and what a sweet boy he were . . . and what an attractive man he turned out to be . . . and an amzing team they were . . . lee bowyer , alan smith , gary kelly , mark viduka , jonathan woodgate . . . leeds ! leeds ! leeds !