April 28th, 2010

The Midweek Mmm: Marco Borriello, AC Milan

We were slightly troubled-  for all of two days – upon learning that our dearest of readers did not emphatically indulge in Signore Borriello as much as we do.

But since we’re not ones to wallow in our sorrows, we’re using Borriello’s rather devastating F5 voting data as motivation to convert the masses. Case in point: Marco walking to a Nike promo in Italy.

If you don’t love Borriello, don’t blame us. See: the commenter above and below you, for they probably brought this man’s future post appearances on you.

Thanks TI!

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69 Responses to “The Midweek Mmm: Marco Borriello, AC Milan”

  1. Enter text right here!

  2. I didn’t like the fact that all those thigh-tastic Chelsea players where wearing tights underneath their shorts hiding their fabulous thighs.Isn’t that immoral and illegal?Well it should be!

  3. I love the blog. Great post. It is very true, people must learn how to learn before they can learn. lol i know it sounds funny but its very true.

  4. tigerS says:

    LOL at the haters..

  5. Milanista says:

    Hey ladies, I was drooling over at the borriello thread in the forum, and read that a lot of people asked about his father….don´t know if anyone allready wrote it but his fathers name was vittorio borriello aka “biberon”…and he was shot in 93….with that said….marco comes from a long line of mafia relatives….hot, sexy, beautiful, marco!!!!

    • juventina says:

      thanks girl! I know in interviews he says he died in an accident when he was 10. maybe he doesn't really like to talk about it? either way its really sad and I'm so proud of him for getting himself out of that lifestyle!

    • juventina says:

      Sorry for the double reply lol, but I just googled it and found an article about it! Thank you so much for the tip!! Gives me more respect for him now.

      • Molly says:

        Where did you find it???? I want to read what it says lol :) …crazy fangirl moment lolololo :) !!

      • Milanista says:

        No problem, im a long time milansupporter and i read alot about the players and the club and of course I am a marcoholic so glad to help out! :)

        • juventina says:

          Yeah I'm a Marcoholic too, hence why I started his thread LOL Its strange because I'm a lifelong Juventina so its almost illegal to love him so much, but when you look like that…its hard not to! Feel free to stop by the thread and share comments/pics/vids that we don't have! We always love having new people around :)

    • Molly says:

      OMG thats so sad and scary :( ! Thank god Marco got out of that lifestyle. Thanks for the information though :) !!! I've been looking for info on his dad for ages and could never find anything so once again thanks!!

  6. Mel says:

    Kickette! An idea to help you (and us “losers”) get over the whole Marco not on the F5 list thing – a full, week dedicated to Marco. A post about him everyday for 7 days, will be much appreciated!

    If you cannot not meet this demand, I will see myself forced to create a petition, demanding Marco in the Hot HOF.

    Think about that. You could also just reward him a spot in the Hot HOF right now, saving yourselves a lot of time going over signatures.

    Thanks for a great post, Marco is soooo delish! (Delish enough for the Hot HOF :) )

  7. Liz says:

    I am still devastated that he is not in the F5! HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND THIS HOTNESS?

  8. Sue says:

    OMG! He is the hottest thing on Earth.

    His name just oozes sex.

    C'mon "Marco Borrrriellllllo" rolls off the tongue so easily.

    Thank you Kickette! made this midweek slump so much better :)

  9. shay says:

    He may not do it for me but he certainly inspires loyalty in a lot of the ladies. Can’t knock a pimp for havin game!

  10. Mrs.Higuain says:

    marco is a beautiful MAN and little girls cannot appreciate a hot man over a boy bcoz they are not that far yet.period.
    just pointing that out cuz most of you will realize that when you have matured enough.so like it or leave it.

  11. embee says:

    sexy as hell.

  12. Lolinha says:

    Here's a scruff I actually enjoy.

  13. Andrea Nunes says:

    hey, girls! :)

    i also think marco is a handsome guy but in the 1st pic he looks like a pimp! well, an italian one… LOL!

    maybe he should review his fashion style. ;)

  14. Milanista says:

    No offence to C.Ron, but Marco is a beautiful MAN….C.Ron is just a….beautiful BOY…there you have the difference….

  15. Molly says:

    First off Marco you are so, so sexy!!!!!
    But you are all entitled to your opinion but some of you are just haters!!!! If you don’t like him then don’t comment. Go on to the next post! I don’t like Cristiano Ronaldo so I just don’t comment on his post. Like it is not that hard people!!!! So the next time there is a post of Cristiano I am going to comment on how unattractive I think he is and how he picks skanky, sluts as gfs….SORRY!!!

    • Mrs.Higuain says:

      lolololol love you for this,girl!

    • juventina says:

      LOLOLOL Molly, your amazing! <3 For real! That's hilarious! Love it! good work soldier!!

      • Molly says:

        Lol thanks!!!! And good work to you too solider!!!!

        • juventina says:

          LOL Well thanks! :) I think we make a pretty good team haha! Marco would be proud of us defending his name like we do! Hot damn that man can work sunglasses like nobodys business! Also: I know a lot of guys who have been into the plaid/checkered thing lately, but NONE of them have been able to pull it off. Marco can. Good work babe! You get an extra point for that haha

          • Molly says:

            We do make a great team! We are the Marco Military lololololol!!! :)

          • Niko's loverღ says:

            I also think that these poor girls just do not find funny or … at least enough, the posts of those who they believe are the best.

            and so they feel the need to enter by any means, to offend a REAL MAN, handsome, sexy, and respectable as Marco. Too bad for those girls.

            that Borriello is Delicius and I will not hesitate to defend him. ღ

            • juventina says:

              Yeah! Marco is alll those things! He’s wonderful! Good to hear someone else is willing to defend him, he appreciates the love ;)

              • Niko's Lover says:

                yep he's sooo sexy/hot/insertsomethinghornyhere. Lol we are a nice team. marco also is Lucky. ihihi

        • Mrs. Q.Borri says:

          Included me on it too…!! im all about Marco too.!! <3 Soldier for life*

  16. MrsNesta says:

    Oh Marco, your gorgeous any day of the week :) with or without clothes, playing footie or on a night out with Canna, treating your mum on her birthday or looking lush on a Nike promo. WHATEVER your doing, you definitely do it for me!!!

    • MrsNesta says:

      OMG and I’ve just seen that Arsenal are to play AC Milan in the Emirates Cup at the Emirates Stadium in July!! *Whoop whoop*

      • senora ramos says:

        rm and ac are playing in benefit match on may 30th!!!!!! marco, iker, and sergio (among many other fine specimen) on 1 pitch!!!!!

        • MrsNesta says:

          OMG what I wouldn’t do to get there, need to start planning now LOL :)

          • senora ramos says:

            alright, 30ish days to scrape up a few thousand $$$ to get there! that’s my 1st anniversary too!! but hubby will be in wv working, so, let’s do it

            • MrsNesta says:

              Ok you're on, OMG I'm getting excited, I'm hoping Sandro will be fit (I mean recovered, cos we know he's fit), if not then I want him to travel with his team mates to support them and then he could be in the stands and I could be sat near him and then we could get chatting and then he would invite us to have drinks with the two teams afterwards and then this senario could go anywhere lol :)

            • MrsNesta says:

              Happy anniversary for the 30th, your hubby would want you to have fun lol :)

            • Molly says:

              Awwww happy anniversary!!!! And can I come????? I want to have drinks with Sandro, Marco, Iker and Sergio :) !

        • senora ramos says:

          sadness ladies. i missed the part where it said former merengues and ac players :(
          but maybe marco et al will come anyways. thought it was a little weird as i thought they would be in camp around that time

          • MrsNesta says:

            Nevermind, I’ll take my car off e-bay, start saving/enter competitions for SA :)

            • senora ramos says:

              budwiser (or however you spell that nasty beer company) is having a SA big brother type house show. just sayin'!

  17. liv says:

    Hey gorgeous, if you’re not going to leave the house wearing a suit or sans cloth, please don’t leave the house!

  18. That picture looks like a still from a new film about two brothers – one who opened a pizzeria in Corona Heights and the other who became an enforcer for the mob.

  19. lulu says:

    im kinda annoyed that Marco didn’t make it to the f5 but all we need now is a new shirtless pic of him to make up for it :D

    • LuvinBale says:

      I like my Marco without clothes. Fully clothed he's just good looking but without clothes he just eminates sexiness.

  20. juventina says:

    Wow, isn't it hilarious how in the F5 vote everyone complains hes too skanky because he is all about sex and no clothes. Now this man goes to an event to endorse Nike boots and does a meet and greet with fans and what not FULLY CLOTHED and he is still called names. Damn hottie can't catch a break! That is just fine with me because I will take him everyday of the week, clothed or not!

  21. Carrie says:

    I thought the first picture was of the guy from N Sync, Joey. Not feeling this guy at all.

    • DutchGooner says:

      Loool same here i woz thinking what the hell is Joey doing on Kickette hahahaha

      Nah he is definitly not MY cup of tea, he's very unattractive

  22. shay says:

    I just don't find him attractive.

  23. JaneSpotting says:

    Er…no. Sorry, but no.