February 10th, 2010

The Midweek Mmm: Niko Kranjcar

Seriously, is this photo some kind of a sick joke?

Are we expected to maintain our daily routines and schedules after seeing Niko looking this delish? It’s time for someone to take responsibility for the photos released into the public domain.

The economy doesn’t need anyone taking “niko-leave” off of work at this point. And yet, that’s exactly what’s going to happen as soon as we speed dial our doctors.

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35 Responses to “The Midweek Mmm: Niko Kranjcar”

  1. Helena says:

    im a HUGEEEE spurss fann anddd in one match sitting in the third row right infront of where he took all the corners was sooooo annoying, imean i just wanted to JUMP ON THE GUY! im like 13 and soooooosooosooo in loveee hes like the best thing thats come out of croatia ! he is so sexy, ihave photos of him EVERYWHERE ! peeng eyess mannn, gawjuss teeth, sexy ruffled hair… but im still waiting for him to take his shirt off ;/



  2. moomin1314 says:

    Good god he's beautiful…

    I am new to this site but this picture is exactly why I joined!

  3. Bella says:

    Oh man I didn’t realise he was this good-looking! 0.0

  4. MrsNesta says:

    Keep coming back to this picture……think i’m addicted……shame he plays for Spurs!

  5. missbubbles says:

    With this face – deffo a Finest Five material :)

  6. queen says:

    too bad he's married!

    but i still loove him! <3

  7. Tash says:

    yumm XD

  8. NinyaC says:

    His eyes are beautiful. What a face ♥

    • Steff says:

      Take note, men. He does not mess with his eyebrows! He has hair on his face that is not waxed and he is beautiful! Leave the waxing to women and drag queens where it belongs! I like a man with hair.

  9. Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

    Mmmmmmmm, what a piece of art!!!

    So sexy!!! Is he trying to pull a Iker!!! with the beard!!!
    I do see a slight resemblance. Could be IKer’s younger brother….

    Oh Iker, When will you get of my mind…..

  10. Kat says:

    He's the definition of pretty eye-candy!

  11. Sigh, those eyes…. *Swoons*

  12. aps says:

    He is gorgeous! Love his eyes!

  13. Sarah says:



    I give up. He is too damn pretty for his own good!

  14. Bella-Milan says:

    Sweet Jesus! What a pretty, pretty boy!

    I could hurt him. ;-)

  15. Venice says:

    Looking better by the day, you handsome devil <3

  16. MrsNesta says:

    Thanks Kickette, this picture has made my day (wasn’t having a good one) but now all of that is forgotten………mmm

  17. Gorgeous eyes. Such a dreamy look on his face here too.

  18. ba says:

    handsome men!!!

  19. Rebecca says:

    EYES EYES EYES EYES EYES! *hyperventilating*

  20. kil says:

    As Paris Hilton would say, thats Hatt!

  21. I added him to my Fantasy Football team this week. I hope he’s more than a pretty face because I need the points!

  22. Callie says:

    Mmmm Niko <3

  23. Lamps' babe says:

    This man is PERFECTION.wonderful eyes….

  24. Dexter says:

    WOW…. what a hottie….. I agree put him on the FF!

  25. Missy Manchester says:

    Umm….this photo of Niko is my fault fellow Kickettes. Someone mentioned my name and he drifted off into la-la land thinking about me. :D

  26. Shipra says:

    Niko Niko Niko Niko Niko Niko <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  27. Dutch says:

    wooow he is lush :)

  28. carly says:

    Oh my God!!! :-O

    I had seen it smaller and with a terrible watermark but this has a different effect.

  29. HiL says:

    Haaa.. this guy is.. perfect.

  30. Ella says:

    YUM YUM YUM! He should be in the FF based on this photo!