January 19th, 2011

The Midweek Mmm: Xabi Alonso & Nagore Aramburu in Vogue Espana (NSFL)

Photo Source: Vogue Espana via Una Madridista

As a web publication that deals with perfection on a daily basis (hello, you), we’re relatively blasé about pictorial displays of hotness. Been there, done that. Stole the t-shirt from the bargain bin, etc.

However. Now and again, we come across something that just leaves our timbers truly shivered.

As you browse through the photos below, ask yourself: are any of us worthy of the blatantly better-than-you majesty that Xabi Alonso and Nagore Aramburu are displaying? We need a new tier of our hotness ranking system, stat.

We cannot deal with this much awesomeness. Xabi is truly superior to all other life forms. Put him on a stamp, give him the right to print money, give him his own monarchy.

Look: he’s playing ping pong in a suit, for God’s sake.

And: they do the washing up together. We bet they just had relations.

P.S. This epic shoot is totes how we imagine our life will be like once Iker Casillas finally starts returning our calls.

P.P.S Check out this video of the shoot if you have no plans for the rest of the day.

See more pics at Una Madrista

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78 Responses to “The Midweek Mmm: Xabi Alonso & Nagore Aramburu in Vogue Espana (NSFL)”

  1. Could they be anymore perfect? and omg lol the person who wrote this literally read my mind.. especially con the Iker part

  2. Rachel says:

    If only i could marry this stunning man

  3. Christine says:

    It's a known fact that both exude a classiness that is other-worldly. And Xabi in a suit…unffffff! But what gets the fangirl squeal out of me is the first picture and how they look at each other. Be still my footy loving heart, they are so PRECIOUS AND CLASSY!

  4. nandosfreckles says:

    i just saved all of these photos… they are living proof that 'the perfect couple' actually exist <3

  5. Cheeky says:

    …I just feel so happy and ecstatic and just happy and beautiful and good when I see them…the perfectness makes my eyes water… :'(
    I mean how can this happen?…how is such classiness even POSSIBLE…I'm overwhelmed with positive emotions.
    God Bless this lovely couple!

  6. Zahara says:

    i cant even…

    they are both just so…so wow.

  7. oh my god. this is too much gorgeous-ness for me! I'd really like to dislike Nagore but find myself girl-crushing instead. ugh!

  8. bri_saldana says:

    Ok, i just watched that video….and i died! Just died!

  9. Kaz says:

    i dont kno whether to cry or be happy or just give up on life as i kno it… i really don't know what to do…. on the one hand they are just too adorable… on the other i want!!!!!!! oh well back to Pique stalking…. i swear if anything like this was published with Pique i'd probably be forced to become an assassin….

  10. emma says:

    ohhhh! they r so perfect…….marriage made in heaven……they look amazing together.Makes me jealous………tjis is exactlt how i imagine my life to turn out to be………..OH AND UNA IS AN AMAZING BLOGGER( she is must follow blogger)

  11. Tamra says:

    The entire video makes me smile. They're just so cute together. My favorite part is at the 1:59 mark when he sticks out his tongue. Sent a shiver down my spine. :-)

  12. Alex says:

    He always wears the best clothes can anyone tell me what brands they are? thank you

  13. Femz17 says:

    Omg it's absolutely beautiful!! No words…

  14. jelly says:

    Might I just say that I think Xabi makes a better model than Nagore :D My fave photo is definitely the first one when they stare at each other because that's when they both look the best :D Staring at each other in love :D :D

  15. Laura says:

    beautiful couple! match made in heaven

  16. xbabyshakesx says:

    aww they are gorgeous together!
    too bad their children weren't in the shoot

  17. Crackers says:

    BTW Kickettes, you should go over to Unamadridista- there are MORE photographs there and she's even translated the interview, here! http://unamadridista.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/sti…

    Caveat: don't look at the above unless you're prepared to turn into a pile of (jealous) mush.

  18. Crackers says:

    Xabi's the luckiest man alive, having a wife as hot and classy as he is, haha. Even if I want him, one has to bow down to Nagore (and even if I want her, which I totally do after this photoshoot, how can anyone compete with Xabi?)

    Seriously, I think they just broke the hotness Richter scale.

  19. rainstarmcgee says:

    they are such a beautiful couple, you can just tell by these photos that they are truly in love. Such a wonderful sight, dont see that often in todays world. I wish them eternal happiness and class!

  20. Cammy says:

    They are too perfect, love them. Only Xabi could make cutting veggies so hot. Even the housed they used on the shoot is perfect.

  21. ~Una Fan~ says:

    Hey I visit that blog… Una such an awsome blog writer…

    1. Can Xabi and his beautiful wife Nagore stop looking so perfect …
    2. I'm sooooo jealous … of the fact he looks at her with soooo much love …
    3. WHERE CAN I FIND ME A SPANISH MAN LIKE THAT!?!?!?!( or Xavi, Fernando L & T, Javi, Pepe, David V & S …ext)

    Thank You Kickette for showing us that we can not compare ourselves to the WAGS!!!

  22. dontaskmetosmile says:

    Oh, Kickette. You got it spot-on when you indicated this post as NSFL. Because, really, what else is there for us mere mortals to do but to give up on trying to live any sort of life, because what is the point, when we'll never get what they have anyway? All that's left to do is to wallow and drown my sorrows in buffalo wings and cheesecake.

    But seriously. This. much. perfection. HURTS.

  23. Stefania says:

    I LOVE this couple! they are seriously the cutest couple in Spain, perfect for each other. And Nagore is GORGEOUS! I wish them nothing but happiness.

  24. Leá says:

    He's so in love with her. It's wonderfully obvious in these pictures, and it's so endearing. Seeing how much he cares for her makes his not only a classy, classy gentleman, but also infinitely more attractive. My only hope for them is that they have a few more beautiful children and grow old in a classy way for us all to admire.

  25. @mezz98 says:

    Such. Epic. Hotness.

  26. Anne says:


  27. rubyqueen says:

    oh wow what a beautiful and intimate couple.i feel like i'm intruding on their perfect life.:)

  28. Emme says:

    This is too painful. I just can't look.

  29. kim says:

    the first picture is so beautiful, that it hurts..seriously! ;) I love them both ;) Ok, but of course Xabi is my favourite one ;)

  30. Jive says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t post the pic of Xabi and his devilishly, sexy smirking reflection! That is my new wallpaper.

  31. Jive says:

    He is off the chart the most handsome man living. She is the luckiest woman. She’s just lucky my voodoo can’t cross the Atlantic.

  32. dontaskmetosmile says:

    Oh. My. God. I cannot get over how perfect these two are. They are perfect on their own, and they are perfect for each other. I won't even dare call Nagore a "WAG" because it seems like such an insult to her, she clearly in a class of her own. And while there are definitely other beautiful WAGs, her type of beauty is just elegant and timeless. I can't even think of any other WAG I would describe in such terms. And then on top of that, she's married to THE Xabi who is exactly as classy as her….

    Excuse me, while I cry my eyes out over the fact that a mere mortal like me never obtain such perfection. Ugggh. I need cookies. Or ice cream.

  33. balicious8 says:

    the first picture is overtake breathing! they have a wonderful chemistry and so they're nice couple :P

  34. CharlieMF says:

    Ok Woow, these two are a sincerely beautiful couple… Classy, elegant… just woow!!

    P.S: Kickette please, PLEASE!!, if u ever find pics like this of Cesc and Carla- DONT PUT THEM UP!! Please!!!

  35. Lashes says:

    I'm jealous of him! She is the perfect woman, spitting out beautiful babies, and impossible to hate even if she hit you. Seriously I want to be their baby to be around all that loveliness all day. And yes I live in a closed ward mental hospital…

  36. striker9 says:

    oh my goooooooood. that video is amazing. i didn't understand a single word tough, because i don't speak any spanish, but they are so sweet. i think they are the most beautiful and classy couple!
    can anyone translate what they say in the video?

  37. Catie says:

    They look like a Spanish fairy tale (swoon). And no one looks as good in a suit as Xavi does. No one.

  38. Emmm says:

    classy as always :)

  39. gladstoneanderson says:

    What lush, romantic photos.
    Like the rest I can't help but imagine someone else in Nagore's place.

    Yep, I mean Stevie G.

  40. FootballDaze says:

    God, she is just LOVELY.

  41. Whitney Hot4Spurs says:

    Kickette, You're not doing much for my self esteem with this posting. Do you see how flat this girls stomach is? And his leags are spread with her standing in between them…Lucky Bish!

  42. Awww, I bet he's such a good husband!

  43. kitty1979 says:

    I'm not jealous at all……………………………………………………..

  44. Jen says:

    Oh. My. God. That video is so sweet, I think I love them both!!! They are so sweet together, and I can't even hate her for having the hottest, sweetist, sexiest man.

  45. GoldMedal says:

    Is this only a my suggestion or she is older than him? Could someone answer me please? However they're a beautiful couple!

  46. You'veStolenMyHeart says:

    He's so beautiful and I tell him everyday…

  47. @Lyandra says:

    I want to hate Nagore. I really really do. But they just look so perfect together.

  48. Alia says:

    pphwwwaaaaoorrr. my brain has stopped working

  49. SoccerrLoverrr says:

    how romantic and beautiful is the first picture of him and nagore!!!?! They make sucha beautiful couple! *sigh*

  50. milka says:

    He looks sooo hot! I don't know if I can handel so much hottnes :D I love when he wears suit. He looks so elegant, classy and in the same cute. The look beautiful together :) Yeah, I'm kinda jealous of her ;)

  51. GigiSantaCruz says:

    Seriously Kickette! If you are trying to kill me, just have mercy and put a bullet through my heart already! I can't bear it anymore… I know i should've felt satisfied with the photos but I couldn't not watch the video… So com'on, put me out of this misery now!!!!!
    The Alonsos are awesome!!

  52. monique says:

    This is the most beautiful photoshoot I have ever seen. They are adorable. Wish Xabi and Nagore all best!

  53. deksoi41 says:

    Is this for the February issue (ah, valentine sweethearts…)? Now, to find out how to get my hands on Vogue Espana…ASAP!!!

  54. mochara says:

    They are such a beautiful couple and it's so obvious how much Xabi loves her! (sorry ladies)

  55. Anjali says:

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but do check out the video between 1.07 and 1.10 – he looked so much like Steven Gerrard! And man this couple has class : )

  56. beebe says:

    i love it when a couple are so cute together that you ain't even jealous of her, despite the fact that the girl is with your man of your dreams

    • faith says:

      i know right? absolutely cannot summon any hate or jealousy! just looking in awe and wonder.
      it's like they have a special force field that repels haters, tackiness and poverty.
      I die!!!!!

  57. Xabi_eyecandy says:

    Xabi is perfecto! they' make such an adorable couple :) i can watch that video over and over again…awwwww i want them to stay like this foreverrrr!

  58. ThatWelshOne says:

    I love this couple. However, I can't tell you what I would give to be her right now. Definitely my right arm, and possibly my cat…

  59. Nandoschiquita says:

    Insanely hot side-eye at .53

  60. Summer says:

    They are a LOVELY couple, both pure class, wonderful, gentle…He's the perfect man, he's always perfect, too perfect and they're lucky because everyone can see that they are so in love with each other, they're lucky because everyone can see that this is a TRUE love, they're lucky because I think that they have found the right person to share all their lives…I'm a little jealous for their happiness but I'm so happy when I see them because they put a sweet smile on my lips! :)

  61. Annie says:

    I would move to any monarchy they ruled. They're so beautiful and they seem like such lovely people.

    • Maria says:

      They ARE lovely indeed! Of the many times that I met them in Liverpool (I swear they were all accidental hehe) they were always so nice and warm. I miss them in Liverpool :(

  62. SunnyK says:

    ::sigh:: Well, I'm not getting anything done today. And, will someone come wipe the drool off the keyboard for me?

  63. Beth says:

    They are both absolutely beautiful but seriously she was my favourite WAG because she never did stuff like this and just had a relatively normal life. I hope this is a one off and she doesn't become one of those "model" types that most WAGs are. Not that I'd mind too much about seeing more of her, but still. What a stunning woman. And Xabi too. Gorgeous.

  64. ive never been more in love with these people than right now.

  65. Elisa says:

    Thank you for making me realize that I will never, ever in my life achieve this level of classiness.

    • Missy Manchester says:

      They wouldn't be that 'classy' either if they didn't have:

      1. Lots of money
      2. A damn good photographer
      3. A professional stylist

      Look at the tier 2 players…they're fit…but they rarely look classy. You need a whole TEAM of experts to deliver the Xabi/Nagore magic.

  66. MadridistaJenn says:

    They look so elegant and phenomenal; its almost too perfect. The photos and the video (which I watched in complete wonderment) are flawless. I'm completely in awe of this couple.

  67. jellenp says:

    Oooooh…overwhelmed by the epic glamour….