August 27th, 2010

The Miss List: Fabio Cannavaro

Ladies & Gents? THIS is man. Image: AP Photos via Daylife

Yes, Fabio. We too are somewhat baffled as to why Italy’s World Cup campaign failed as miserably as it did.

But we could have worked through it. Your signing for Dubai club Al Ahli, (while both lucrative and fun, we’re sure) has prevented us from seeing you in all your naked glory on the kind of regular basis we need to maintain our health and well-being.

We may cry. Luckily, for several of us due to hearts of ice and several errant Botox shots, that’s no longer possible. Instead, we’re going to go back and revisit our favourite Fabio Cannavaro moment.

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38 Responses to “The Miss List: Fabio Cannavaro”

  1. hosna says:

    I miss you my first love:(
    me enamoro este guapo hombre:D

  2. Katie says:

    yes you need to come back to serie a definetely, i wish you come back juve…

  3. Karin C. says:

    Fabio, come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack to Serie A!!!

  4. Vivi says:

    I miss you my love!!!!! :( we need Fabio Friday. A picture of Canna’s amazing body every friday. :)

  5. JJT says:

    there's a lot of pictures of him on the alahli dubai website. that's where i keep up on what's going on with him :)

  6. Johanna says:

    How I miss Fabio! This picture makes me sad.

  7. zahara says:

    how i love this beautiful man

  8. Zhenya says:

    Awww sorely missed, so nice to see him here two days in a row – feels like Christmas!!!

  9. Liz says:

    Seeing Fabio Cannavaro on Kickette is the best birthday present! Thank You Kickette for the icing on the cake! this is the greatest birthday!

  10. judit_ says:


  11. debsmx says:

    He’s sooooooooooooooo adorable…too bad we wont see him often now, but I think that there is a moment in a players life where he has to choose between the money or the classy retirement…hard really hard….!!!! Ciao Bello….

  12. senora ramos says:

    oh canna, i miss you. you looked beautiful in white :D

  13. JaneSpotting says:

    Just a kickette lass that does not see it, sorry.

    All the best to him and his 'retirement'.

  14. Rossanera says:

    Amore mio, tu mi manci … seriously, what is this Abu Dhabi business?

  15. sheila says:

    Canna, Gourcuff, Iker, Sergio’s abs, CR’s thighs… Keep the yumminess flowing, Kickette – you guys rule! Can’t wait for Champions League to get running again.

  16. Miss Estonia says:

    O hai abs! :) Don’t worry Fabio, when you guys play Estonia next week, you’ll get to win by a huge margin, dominate, and all the rest, cause let’s face it…last time we had a “great” match, we drew against Faeroe Islands. (No disrespect to my home team, I love them to pieces, but our record ain’t so great) Hopefully that’ll make you smile once again! (You’re welcome! As a thank you, you could do some massive abs-flashing for your fangirls from the icy Northern realms?)

  17. Einah says:

    I miss you Mi Amore :)

  18. me says:

    his time is over (unfortunately his career went on too long) and because he isn't good enough for anything else anymore he decided to earn some undeserved money. That's why!!!

    • C16 says:

      Wow! Don't be so harsh…

      This man won the World Cup.

      • me says:

        yeah, Italy played unfair and unattractive football. This was really a lowpoint in football history. Never seen a more undeserved world cup winner than Italy. I'm not the greatest fan of Les Bleus, but they should have won the game. They were better and not the Italian fairies!

        If somebody asks me about my favorite actors I always tell them it's the Italien squad of the WC 2006.

        Good thing these times are over. Hope Italy rises to the kind of game they were known for before.

        • Lisa says:

          dude… seriously, there's a time and a place. This post is not it.

          • me says:

            true. On kickette there rarelly is. Cause if you don't lik the players' balls your post gets deleted. It's only nice talk, any criticism isn't welcomed here, not from the other posters anyway.

            • mrs*football says:

              somebody needs to lighten up, really. sheeesh.

              • cherryboomboom says:

                “me” is obviously French.
                Dont think about the past anymore , its over . And on this article , were talking about abs . Not the way he plays . Dont go Hors-sujet

                • me again says:

                  It might be hard for you to realize that there are many other people outside France that thought Italy were the undeserved winner. I am English. Pretty much only Italians thought they deserved the victory. Hardly anyone enjoyed the awful football they played. And Cannavaro is not the prototype of fair play. Neither were his team mates. But I especially dislike him! And don't tell me what to talk about just because you talk about his abs. Why would you be a fan of someone because of physical features? Only idiots do that. Are you one? I think so!

                  • cheryboomboom says:

                    Lol , dont be hating .

                    If I'm an idiot , then three quarters of the kickette girls are too.

                    Now take a chill pill

                  • MrsNesta says:

                    ME – WOW you’re really miserable and bitter about 06 lol, agree with cherryboomboom take a chill pill and stop hating. Us girls and boys here on kickette know our football and understand the game and have opinions on players and teams. It was not only Italians who wanted Italy to win in 06 and it wasn’t just because Canna’s got fine abs, smile, bottom, package etc! We can love the game and love the players and perve on them if we want to and we are certainly not idiots for doing it!!!!!

  19. Syrian! says:

    aaaaaw babyyyyyy miss himmmm sow much,, such a pitty we wont be able to see him on pitch anymore that often I mean WHYYY :( .. still love u thooo hottie Italian <3

  20. me says:

    good thing he goes away. As far as I'm concerned, the moon couldn't be far enough away for this "man". Can't stand him, such an unfair player.

  21. Lisa says:

    Oh Canna. i hope and pray his career doesn't end with a whimper.

  22. Tashinka says:

    I shall confess that I am not an Italy fan in general, but F Canna really does it for me. Plus he's my age, so I don't feel like a creepy stalker ogling him in his underwear. I did that yesterday, in fact. His D&G photo made it onto my phone afterwards so I can check him out whenever I want. And then here he is on Kickette this morning… maybe he's stalking ME?!

  23. aps says:

    that is one HOT daddy right there! LOVE the ken abs Canna.

  24. suzie says:

    oh how I love some half naked Canna to start the weekend, and you're right Kickette, he most certainly IS a man.

  25. Dee says:

    TGIF, it's Canna!