October 25th, 2010

The Monday Mmm: David Beckham

Image via  (Zimbio/Getty)

By fulfilling all the criteria we require in a perfect footballer, David Beckham is the marker that all other players should be striving to reach.

Firstly, he’s generous. He takes his clothes off a lot. For fun and profit. He’s also thoughtful. By having beautiful kids he has ensured that we will be replete with leching material in twenty years time when he is arguably past his best. And yes. He is versatile; able to recover from even the most hideous of hair situs. (Getty Images/Daylife)

And finally, he’s so darn perfect he remains untainted by the whiff of skankocity that dogs his every step. (Or he has just has really good lawyers. Whatever).

Which is why we are taking this opportunity to pay homage to this image of loveliness that above all others sustains us through those darkest of times; when we’ve reached our credit limit and the bar has run out of vodka.

Dave? In honour of the fact that you scored (and stripped) and your LA Galaxy boys beat FC Dallas 2-1 to take the MLS Western Conference title, you’ve been Monday Mmm’d.

Yeah, baby.

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19 Responses to “The Monday Mmm: David Beckham”

  1. Abigail says:

    I just had a TITO – Tingle In The Ovaries :')

  2. Peachy says:

    Awww his kids are really adorable and cute. They look so much like their dad. omg! Especially that one who is wearing that white t-shirt and the cap! And he is very cute!

  3. BrionyLou says:

    That picture just made my ovaries sigh *wibble*

  4. Gen says:

    tooo beautiful… such a awesome daddy!!!!

  5. Ezz says:

    Bravo Kickette. You've given me warm and fuzzies in my errr warm and fuzzy???

  6. GracieB says:

    it takes a real man to kiss his kid(s) on the lips

  7. Gillian says:


  8. Zinny says:

    This. Man. I will never not absolutely adore David Beckham!

  9. ConnPossible says:

    He is the Adonis of our time.

  10. Tania says:

    So sweet!! I love seeing him with his boys! It's so great that neither him nor his kids are embarrassed to show how much they love each other.

  11. Missy Manchester says:

    Gotta like a man who loves his kids and isn't afraid to show it!

  12. Laura says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Becks…
    It's all about that bundle of sweetness – Cruz.

  13. Lunare says:

    Awww, I just melted. I didn't like Becks at all a few years ago, but now I'm starting to change my opinion. He's so sweet in the first pic. What a beautiful family. In the second pic David reminds me of Johnny Depp or is it just the hat and glasses?

  14. littlegirl says:

    che dolce!
    i restarted loving Beckham…there was a period when i dislike him, he were too "Victoria husband", he was too "fashion"…now he is again the good looking David Beckam.

  15. Maribel says:

    As Rachel Zoe says: I die.

  16. jellenp says:

    I knew you'd be planning a special post just for this! Ah, Kickette, you spoil us! (Not that we don't deserve it!)

  17. Kylie says:

    Cutest 'baller fam ever.

  18. tammyv says:

    He gave his blood for kickettes everywhere, literally… he was all bloody so he had to change shirt twice, and shorts once. And his goal was breathtaking… his being all wet, his hair productless and his playing like he was a member of the team and not prima ballerina was a shock to my becks hating system.

    And the best daddy becks moment, tying Cruz's shoe…

  19. CarmenOcio says:

    Awwww his children are so adorable, and so handsome! give it another 10 years, they're gonna be heartbreakers! I bet they're gonna be such gentlemen!