April 19th, 2010

The Monday Mmm: Fabio Cannavaro, Juventus

Oh the Italians. They helped everyone ease into last weekend and now Fabio Cannavaro is making Monday more manageable. Plus, only he can make a suit and trainers look good.

Bonus: He took his shirt off two weeks ago. Soz for holding this hostage.

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22 Responses to “The Monday Mmm: Fabio Cannavaro, Juventus”

  1. aisha says:




    his smile never changed, i cant believe this the same man that i felt in love with since he was just 20 years old and wear gialloblu jersey….

    i love you Canna… :)

  2. NandosGirl says:

    Ah, better with age… -swoon-

  3. mamaly says:

    What about the KISS

  4. senora ramos says:

    my GOD that man is so beautiful. i <3 and will gladly leave sergio for you, canna!!

  5. Molly says:

    *Takes deep breath*…I love him!!!!

    • MrsNesta says:

      But he's mine lol :)

      • Molly says:

        LOL I'm not trying to steal your husband LOL LOL!!! :)

      • Einah says:

        Can we share pleeaaaassseee??? *teary eyed pleading* LOL :)

        Gawd! I'll take Monday…Sunday..whatever! hahha

        • MrsNesta says:

          Ok :) , I think/know there is enough ‘Canna Love’ to go around! Feel slightly selfish as I have other husbands LOL

          Molly, you can have some ‘Canna Love’ as long as you share Iker?

  6. Beth says:

    I just don’t see it anymore… :(

  7. Syrian! says:

    he will still be hot,, the older he gets the hotter he becomes damnnnn

    love himmm <3

  8. Einah says:

    He's like George Clooney to me. the older he gets, he hotter he becomes :)

    Hurray for Canna! :)