June 14th, 2010

The Monday Mmm: Sergio Ramos, Spain

The Ramos™ drifts off into a blissful state of imaginings and happenstances… where Gucci belts roam free and men can wear pink polo shirts without public offense. We love you, Sergio! Image via AP Photo.

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50 Responses to “The Monday Mmm: Sergio Ramos, Spain”

  1. senora ramos says:

    ok, last post on this, i swear! good luck today my spanish beauty!!!

    vamos espana!

  2. senora ramos says:

    is it wrong that i’m sad i now need to click on page 2 to see his gorgeous face? MUAH love. good luck tomorrow!!

  3. Molly says:

    I just came back to this post to say good luck again to Sergie for tomorrows match :) ! Love ya and the rest of the hottie Spanish NT!

  4. senora ramos says:

    those lips are so kissable!! and the cute little crookedness of his nose. i’m glad he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, i don’t have to share him so much that way :D

  5. Mel says:

    What's with all the haters. Go away if you've got nothing nice to say, please!

    If you can't appreaciate The Ramos, let someone else do that, without having it spoiled by hate comments.

    To me he is pure perfection. Can't wait to see the game tomorrow, and I'm soooo loving Denmark is in the same timezone as South Africa. Football at reasonable times of the day :D Yes please.

  6. Ms bojan krkic perez says:

    I dunno why people r going mad about ramos. But he is Spanish, which is enough to win me over. But if I had a choice of any spaniard he wouldn't be my first choice. That's taken by bojan krkic and Fernando torres. Hehe…

  7. Zlatanista says:

    Sweet Jesus, that man is beautiful!

  8. Winnie says:


    I’M IN LOVE!


  9. d0li says:

    AGH he is so hot! I know he isn’t the best compaired to the likes of Victor Valades, and Cristiano Ronaldo, but he still has his good boy charm.

  10. Anonymous to You says:

    I don't get the appeal of Ramos either but he's on RM so I'll support him.

  11. Senorita Iniesta says:

    Uhm … is it inappropiate if I ask him to do me right NOW?

  12. senora ramos says:

    this has become my favorite pic of el gitano. thank you soooooo much. i think i'll come to this page everyday. or at least until we have a pic of his gorgeous body after a match!!

  13. senora ramos says:

    i have a feeling i’ll be looking at this page all day long. again, thanks kickette for making this monday so awesome!

  14. D.J says:

    i just dont get his appeal. he looks like a horse and dresses with his eyes closed.

  15. lorena_chanel says:

    Kickette you are kiling me!!!First Ramos,then Cristiano…who's next Yoann?! ( please! we need some eyelashes! :-D )

  16. The Ramos…this picture is mighty deceptive I must say. One may be fooled here for a second… :-P

  17. senora ramos says:

    OMG, KICKETTE. you make a monday back from vacay sooooooo worth it with this post. sigh….off to daydream about the ramos.

    it’s like he’s looking right at me and saying, let’s stay in bed all day :D

    • MrsNesta says:

      haha I saw there was 1 comment and thought “I hope its senora ramos who gets there first” lol I think he could be saying that cos he looks very sleepy and VERY HOT :)

      • senora ramos says:

        stuck at work and not able to watch the matches, so i'm just kind of in an almost continual refresh since i can't go to my other site for fear of knowing the scores of the matches before i can watch them this evening, so lol, there'll be lots of post from me today.

        and he's either extremely bored, or someone was a bad boy last night ;D

        • Molly says:

          I have to go back to work tomorrow after my great holiday/vacation lol. So I know how you feel Ramos :) .

          • senora ramos says:

            so molly, your parents are still married right? lol! not a horrible result for either of them. tell your mom i said go yanks!!

            and i have GOT to find a way to be in front of a tv at 9am wed to watch my lovely sergio and his friends beat down the swiss!!

            • Molly says:

              HAHAHA yeah they are still married but barely….just joking lol. My dad keeps telling my mum that USA got luckly b/c of our goal keeper LOL! But I thought The US played well all together so congrats to you! I know!! I really want to watch the Spanish/Swiss game too since Spain is my backup team lol. I may leave work early pretending to be sick lol! And plus I need to see my Iker in action…I think Spain has a great chance of winning this WC :) !

              • senora ramos says:

                lol! molly, love, if i was you i would call in pregnant. lol! just tell your mom that england is notorious for poor keeping, so your dad’s lucky that jozy’s ball hit the post. lol! i feel really bad for green. he may want to stay in sa unless he pulls through an awesome performance for the rest of the tourney.

                • MrsNesta says:

                  Green can always come to my house and I’ll cheer him up! But wish we/me had Iker :)

                  • senora ramos says:

                    lol! i know what you mean, i’d help cheer him up, but he may not want to speak with many americans right now!

                    sergio on the other hand. man i need to find a way to madrid this fall!! before he falls into skanky undeserving clutches, lol!
                    (and miraculously learn spanish in the next few months)

                    • Molly says:

                      Aww Green can come to my house too even though I am still upset with him lol. Make up sex is alway the best haha :) !

    • Thea says:

      Hey ladies! good to see you all alive and well! I am watching the Italy and Paraguay in bed – have to be up at 7 for hair and make up prep for work at 9!! Thoughts of the lovely players keeps me going in this sweltering heat and crazy cold air con!

      • Molly says:

        Hey Thea lovey!!!! Are you still working in Dubai??? I am watching the Italy/Paraguay in bed too with my Fiance lol. Its always nice to have hot ballers to look at right before you get ready to go to bed LOL!

        • Thea says:

          Yess Molly – sill here for the next 4 weeks at least! Seen a few footballers here as well, those that aren't in their national teams like Joleon Lescott. I need more Yoann!!! Hope you girls are well!

      • senora ramos says:

        SIGH, i wish i was in bed. still at work. have loads of dvr to watch when i get home. any games particularly exciting today? still can't wait til wed. i'm going to find a way to watch that match i swear it!!

        • Thea says:

          Ramos amd Molly, you can seriously have my job at the moment. It's hard to be away for everyone one at times like these.

          • Molly says:

            Aww Thea! Its understandable…I couldn't imagine not having my Fiance sitting here with me so I can yell at him when the teams I support aren't playing to their ability lol!

          • senora ramos says:

            aww, thea love. it'll all be worth it when you pay for school. just have dreams of how fantastic yoann looked on friday (you know, the way he looked, not exactly the way he played). or let sergio's gorgeous chocolate doe eyes make everything better

        • Molly says:

          You need to pretend to be sick like me LOL!!

          • Thea says:

            I wish Molly, I seriously do, but my agent told me that as The Greek Goddess Aphrodite – I was derived of a higher plane and therefore cannot call in sick!

  18. elnino says:

    YUM!!! Sergio Ramos!!!!!!! <3.

    That's really all I can say, too distracted by That Face to think about anything else.

  19. Tara says:

    He looks amazing. Can't wait until Wednesday!

  20. Chestike says:

    He looks so cute here.

  21. Molly says:

    Aww Sergie looks so cute and peaceful lol! :)

  22. ICan'tThink says:

    Yes….a dose of Ramos is exactly what I needed right after finishing my university final exams <3


  23. Ella says:

    One word comes to mind: Dreamy.