July 12th, 2010

The Monday Mmm: Spain In The Changing Room

Images via FIFA.com

They’re emotional, half-naked and drinking beer. This, Kickettes, is our happy place.

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118 Responses to “The Monday Mmm: Spain In The Changing Room”

  1. ArsenalFan says:

    oooh Navas…

  2. Jessie says:

    I keep gazing at these pics…my dream job…assistant in the locker room….ahhhhhh a girl can only dream……

  3. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    To be that trophy and be surrounded by those hot men..now that is heaven

  4. Jackie says:

    I think you have probably made my day with these pics, I thoroughly enjoy seeing Sergio Ramos with out a shirt and that long wet hair lol it's so hot!

  5. D0li says:


  6. Lorihanna,Morales To says:

    uuufft fernando' definition of sexy





  7. Mehdi says:

    ¡Viva España!

    spain has very fans in IRAN…!!!

    اسپانیا قهرمان شده….خدا میدونه که حقشه

    به لطف یزدان و بچه ها…اسپانیا قهرمان شده

  8. LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

    Piiiiiiiiiiiique!!!!!!!!!!! Xaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavi!!!!!!!!! Where are you??? And agreed, Navas eyes are so mesmerizing that when he’s in a pic your eyes immediately go to his direction. Its late I should go to sleep maybe I’ll have another dream of Pique & Xabi falling into my arms happy from winning and too tired to noticed they are sharing me HA!

  9. shilpa says:

    .. oh my god.. sergio…. those abs are killing me..1.. 2.. 3… (counting abs)

  10. Dru says:

    I thought nothing could beat the cuteness of San Iker's tears after winning, or the team tossing Coach del Bosque in the air, or the giant huddle….but I was wrong, I hand it to Javi's bucket-hat :)

  11. Mel says:

    Some much needed showing of skin from The Ramos. Finally he takes off his shirt when cameras are present. THANK YOU!!!!

    Yay for Spain taking the World Cup Trophey, I knew they would!

  12. Inés says:

    my vagina has just exploted!

    • sarah says:

      hahahahahahahaha im nearly ata chokin i laughed so much when i read your comment

  13. Claire says:

    Yesterday I realised that my boyfriend has a big resemblanace to Sergio Ramos…same hair…same six-pack…that's my Alejandro ;) . He doesn't min me looking at the Real Ramos seeing as he thinks the same of Cheryl Cole…only less dirty thoughts ;-)

  14. Audreyh123 says:

    just read that on march of this year, xabi and nagore divorced. is this true? havn't read it any where else but im like scanning the internet xx

  15. Jasmie says:

    I LOVE kickette it's the most amazing site on the web! :) :)

  16. cescyspain says:

    i never thought i’d say this but for some reason shirtless iker is doing nothing for me. i mean this guy was the man of my dreams and now…nothing! i just him find him hotter with his shirt on!

    shirtless sergio on the other…HOT AS HELL!

    Where’s cesc?! no spanish nt post is complete without cesc! He’s the most adorable BAMF in the world! he was absolutely amazing against netherlands. the next world cup belongs to him!

    • Feneha says:

      I totally agree… Where is Cesc?? No one has even mentioned him!! Well that I know of!! I mean he gave the assist to the winning goal!! And was wonderful throughout!! I want Cesc!! :)

  17. Sher says:

    When Nando smiles, the world is a happier place. He’s so cute I can’t stand it! Very, very happy for all these boys (and excited that I finally understand the appeal of the Ramos!)

  18. Violets says:

    Iker+Shirtless+World Cup = perfection

    Also, it’s nice to see Nando looking really happy (and with that Liverpool scarf)–El Nino had a rough WC.

  19. ess-jay says:

    effing hell. i love you women. this has brightened my day up so much. it's jus beautiful. utterly beautiful. all of them. ohhhhh, and that shirtless iker and even the ramos is shirtless … *melts*

    also, congrats to spain. you deserved it for being the better looking team! :)

  20. Liz says:

    Ahhhh Sergio Ramos makes my life happy!

  21. Mona says:

    Did the Iker kiss feel like Jerry Maguire where he realizes he misses his wife, runs home to tell her, then she responds, "you had me at hello". This kind of felt just as sweet, but a more realistic version of that moment; where triumph in sport reminds us that having someone to love is a triumph in life and those moments of achievement are only meaningful when shared with those we love.

    Pastasauce, you are a lucky girl. Now go on, you crazy kids, and make some mini-keepers!

    Who is the boy with the bucket on his head? Seems like my kind of guy :)

    • Trillian says:

      That's Capdevila with the red bucket on his head.

      • Trillian says:

        Oops! Sorry, that's Javi Martinez. Capdevila had a similar bucket on his head in an interview with PastaSauce. I got confused.

  22. Alisha says:

    Oohhh no Cesc in any of them :(

  23. Alejandra T. says:

    NANNNNDOOO! Omg thank you so much for these morning pictures, made my day, especially Nando looking all sweet and adorable as usual. Nice to see him wearing the scarf and thinking of his team after this victory…and nice to see his gorgeous face in general :) )))

  24. D0li says:

    Does anyone have my darling Gerard Pique? I was worried because he looked a bit lost after they were standing on the stage as if he were looking for someone..

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      I know, I've searched the pics and vids for Pique and Xavi my latest obsession but he's MIA and when I see him its only part of him behind people. I wished he was in the pics and vids shirtless or like a certain someone without any shorts either LOL I miss seeing Pique play didn't think it would affect this much but its torture seeing this pics aswell and satifying. I miss Pique & Xavi.

  25. shevaughn says:

    in my opinion spain has the sexiest players

  26. Nandolover says:

    spain should also win an award 4 having the hottest players in the world! Feranando take ur shirt off!

  27. senora ramos says:

    OMG! sergio, the thoughts you are making me think in the bottom pic is enough to make everyone blush no matter how naughty the girl. GOOD LORD MAN! i’d REALLLLLLY like to see where that tat ends, :D

    i also love the top pic. my boys! i’m so proud of y’all.

    • MrsNesta says:

      Yeh Sergio is teasing us :) , wish oh wish oh wish I was there celebrating with them :)

      • senora ramos says:

        THERE YOU ARE!!!

        well ladies, it appears that a trip to spain is certainly in order (as if it wasn’t before). we can go all sexy in the city madrid style :D

        • Molly says:

          I am ready for Spain! I need Iker! *stuffing a few black cats into my handbag* :) !

          • senora ramos says:

            where have you ladies been?! lol! aww, molly were you gutted at “THE KISS”

            i have a feeling there will be a hole bunch of little sergios coming into the world in about 9 months, lol!

            • MrsNesta says:

              watching footie got in the way lololol But defo need to start organising a trip to Madrid asap :) Clearly they've gone wild and need our calming influence, or something like that LOL :)

            • Molly says:

              I was anxiety ridden from this game! Its all I could think about! Couldn’t do anything else LOLOLOL!!

              I tried not to let the kiss get me down. And at when I first saw it I told myself not to be upset b/c we just won the WC. But now that my exitement from our hot spanish boys winning the WC has died down a bit (just a bit though) I am devastated! I really, really hate Pasta with a passion now!

  28. Deb says:

    WOW! just WOW! ty ty ty for these pix, Kickette and thank God for google so I found this site.

    Sergio, for the love of God, DO NOT cut that hair! Hotness incarnate!

    And Torres…so adorable!

  29. sheera says:

    congrats to spain i like all the photos the first one i like the most our 5 spanish madridistas hard luck to the other madridistas

  30. Molly says:

    OH. MY. GOD.!!!!!!!!! Shirtless pictures of Iker!!!!!!!!! I love them all so much. I am just so, so happy. This whole thing has made my life! I am putting the shirtless Iker photo as my twitter background! :D :D :D !

    <3 Iker <3 <3 Spain NT <3

  31. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    VIVA ESPANA!!! loving these pics, kickette! also, am i the only one to notice that jesus navas looks quirky in every pic he’s in? weeeiiiird :)

    • Cymraeg_Ddraig says:

      No I've noticed that too….trying to figure out if I think he's cute or not!

      • Steph says:

        haha, same here! I'm leaning towards yes, but idk. Totally love his eyes, though. :) Loving these pics, too! :D

        • Cymraeg_Ddraig says:

          I think my issue is next to Iker and co….not so much. On his own though, I could be tempted! Plus I havent seen him shirtless yet. Very important!

  32. Zlatanista says:

    I don´t agree with those who say that the likes of Iniesta and Puyol are unattractive. I have never been a sucker for the “pretty boys”, with a BIG exception for Nando (it´s just disturbing how much he looks like my nephew :) ). I love the big crooked noses, and whatever! Puyol is one of the manliest men i know, and Iniesta has an inner beauty that shines through his eyes! And as far as size goes: “the littlest birds sings the prettiest songs”.

    But i agree Ramos is hot like h*ll!

    Thank you Kickette for the locker room pics! Just keep them coming :)

  33. KateAlonso says:

    VIVA ESPANA!!! VIVA LA ROJA! OMG I still can’t believe it! they’re the WORLD Champions!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  34. Xannie says:

    Nando has a Liverpool scarf around his shoulders. This is a good sign!!

    And, thank god for the loss of Sergio's shirt.

  35. VeNia says:

    they are ADORABLEEE!!!just love them!!!

  36. Sylvia15 says:

    Jesus Navas!!
    Sexiest Spanish Romanian!!

    omg.. i hate sara carbonero. kissing iker in front of millions of ppl! GRRR..

    Aww Xabi and Raul!!


  37. Anita says:

    OMG!!! Nando!! :D he looks sooo cute!!!

    Felicidades España!!!! :P

  38. Homeskillet17 says:

    SPAIN COMPLETE ME! AND COMPLETELY DRIVE ME INSANE! (in a good and a bad way) my poor heart near gave out during that game! but i’m glad i lasted long enough to see them win!! ahhhh so happy!!!!!

  39. Ana;) says:

    I can’t help look at Valdes in the pic of Torres! I’m such a pervert! Haha!
    Ohh and Navas!His eyes are just!!! I could stare at them forever. Well deserved win!Thanks for the pictures Kickette, this is certainly a Monday Mmm!!

  40. S4Jill says:

    Oh my shattered nerves, what awesome pics of the beautiful Sergio. I’m so happy for Spain, it couldn’t have happened to a hotter, I mean nicer bunch of guys. It was an honour having them in my country. I’m just damn sad they’ve all left!!!!

  41. Erin says:

    Thrilled for Spain! Really happy for the Dutch as well, to make it to the final. I was cheering for both of them to make it. Well, ok, I was cheering for the teams with Liverpool players and these two were my favorites (along with England, but that dream died early). I’m predictably club before country.

  42. Eebza says:

    Ramos is beautiful in picture 2..

  43. MrsNesta says:

    Have just been watching some of their celebrations on the telly and WHAT I WOULDN'T GIVE TO BE PART OF IT!!!!!! Also need loads more photos of Navas (better with his hair natural)as can't stop looking at his eyes and loads more photos of Llorente, pretty pretty please :)

  44. Rezia says:

    Where is my boy Pique? Where? Where??

  45. Beth says:

    Xabiiiii, so perfect

  46. Thea says:

    Note how it’s all RM players hogging the trophy – guess it’s a novelty for them!

    • Lisa says:

      oooh that's cold! you didn't need to go there. I'm a proud Barca girl but I think this World Cup win should be a unifying force between us and the Evil Empire. The Dark Lord (aka Florentino Perez) should see this as a sign to invest in his Cantera just like Barca did.

      • Thea says:

        I just kinda bored with the whole World Cup and Spainish celebrations – just want the new season to start now and get down business of beating RM!!!

        • Lisa says:

          It hasn’t even been 24 hours and you are already over celebrating?!! Come on how often have Spain won a World Cup? Answer: ZERO. I don’t think I’m gonna be sober again until La Liga season begins. I just hope we finally sign up Cescy and his Waka Waka dancing fine-ass self.

    • PepaCandela says:

      Right? There had to be SOMETHING to celebrate at the Cibeles this year. Poor dear was getting lonely ;-)

  47. tash says:

    Ahh I think these pics are enough to get me through today (sadly had to go to work :( )

  48. beri says:

    Oh goodness….I love me some Spanish footie players! They’re even sweeter in victory! :)

  49. marie says:

    loving every moment of the Spanish victory!

  50. ElNino'sNina says:

    I was so exstatic when i saw that Nando's mistake actually HELPED for the goal!! ahhhh!! That was amazing, and so were the picturess<3 Thanks as usual Kickette, for helping me wake up in the morning!

  51. Linda (Gooner till I die) says:

    Awww… Nando with that L’Pool scarf!! <3

  52. p4ng says:

    Isn’t it wonderful! Our dearest lad Fernando Torres with a Liverpool scarf!

  53. Deedz says:

    I've never really been a Ramos type of girl…UNTIL NOW. =O Congratulations Spaiiiin! Also, where is Cesc???

  54. Samantha says:

    u should definitely do a special piece of jesus Navas…his eyes are so dreamy!!!

  55. ermira says:

    ah, senor Iker *faints*

    gets up again and go : ah, senor ramos *double faints*

    and again, gets up and saw Jesus Navas's eyes: *dies*

  56. Melina says:

    Yum, Iker!! But I want my Villa fix…where is he??

  57. Jo says:

    Congratulations to Spain. It wasn't a good game for a neutral but it was a good goal to win it.

  58. Congratulations Spain! I can't think of any team that deserved it more.

  59. PinkLlama says:

    Needs more shirtless players :P

  60. aurrie says:

    damn…serg that tattoo on your arm is really distracting

    • Eebza says:

      yeah, im also not feeling that one…
      i like the others on that delicious body of his though.

  61. Maral says:

    Sergio with no shirt makes me a very happy girl :D I'm glad you guys got to get this photos up! It's wonderful seeing them all so happy! I'm so proud *tear* Just made my monday a bit brighter :)

  62. Didi says:

    Fernando Torres is crazy, he signed for Liverpool to get trophies, he still hasn`t won nothing with LFC in these 3 seasons and now he`s posing WITH A LIVERPOOL SCARF(and world cup – aaaaaaaa spain won!).

    I love him and I hope the owners won`t sell him.

  63. senora ramos says:

    sergio, where are you going to put another tatoo love? oh this is the best monday ever!! i love my boys in red (and especially out of it)!

    kickette, i expect your stalker, ahem, invesigating will result in pics of the ramos's new haircut as soon as it happens, right? lol!

    • Missy Manchester says:

      I NOW see what all the fuss is about re: Sergio Ramos. LOL Don’t worry ladies…I have a hottie of my own at home so I won’t be encroaching on your territory!

    • Eebza says:

      at first i thought he’s try and do it himself… scissors on the pitch
      then i realized this is sergio ramos we’re dealing with…. hahaha
      in south africa we have a term to describe the hottness that is The Ramos
      that is it.

    • senora ramos says:

      i reallllllly hope this person knows for sure there will be no haircut
      b/c that makes my life!!!

      • Deb says:

        what a lovely site, senora ramos! Tons of pix featuring the Spain NT's celebration…all of them with the Ramos! Well done!

  64. simone says:

    Agreed i could not close my eyes last night after Spain won the world cup

  65. Einah says:

    I don't see Senyor Bitchface here :( But anyhoo, did anyone else noticed that while almost all players were grabbing the trophy for their personal pictorial, i didn't see Viya latch on to it after his first touch on the podium. I analyze too much but for me it was a sign of class :D Too bad he didn't win the Golden Boot, damn Mullerrrr!!!!

    • Katee says:

      Uhm, Müller deserved that boot! He had the same amount of goals AND two more assists than Villa- and in one game less!

      • Einah says:

        Uhm,I know the statistics, dear. I just wanted him to win it.

        • Eebza says:

          yeah! its a damn pity about those statistics… totally wanted villa to get it!!!!

          at least we can be happy at casillas and his golden glove, wow :)

  66. nur says:

    mmmm so good :) ) so thanks a lot for these great photos inside!! =)) <3 <3

  67. Lisa says:

    Oh Iniesta. Of all those tall dark handsome Spanish players (who make up 90% of Kickette.com content) it took the short pale unattractive one to win the World Cup. And how can you not love someone who pays tribute to the captain of his rivals?

    So, make a long story short, The patron saint of Kickette.com is… Andres Iniesta! Never before has so much hotness laid their hands on the WC trophy: Iker, Sergio, Pique, Cesc, Xabi, Nando, Villa, Valdes, Pepe Reina, Jesus Navas, Llorente… I feel faint. All of them (and us) have San Andrés to thank for that!

    As a Barca-girl I never thought I would say this but I am most happy for Del Bosque. I remember when Real sacked him right after winning La Liga and I felt outraged… even though he manages my sworn enemies! Del Bosque is a god now so Florentino Perez, hang your head in shame!

    • Eebza says:

      'short pale unattractive" its exactly that…

      hahaha, iniesta and puyol… sho

      guess the others are too busy with their man bags and pleasing their female fans :P


  68. elnino says:

    Iker is naked. Iker is drinking. I'm immensly happy.

    El Niño is totally happy and he kind of got better at the end, don't forget it was his pass that reflected of the Dutch defender that landed at Cesc's feet to pass it to Iniesta, good job my Nando and everyone in the Spanish squad! Can't wait to see the celebrations today.

    • Minnie says:

      YES IT WAS and we will always remember it because Nando had a part in that goal PLUS he was hurt at the end.

      Anyone else remember him just lying down at the end? Poor Nando

  69. Maya says:

    I'm still so sleepy, but those sure woke me up.

  70. IrishBlue says:

    Aaaahh…..very nice! I couldn't think of a better way of procrastinating when I should be writing my literature review….but where's my Pique??? <3

  71. KRISTINA says:

    oooo, thank u , amazing pics !!! GONGRATULATION to the Spain

  72. Goosie says:

    Oh Nando. How I love thee so. It's also good to see that Xabi is still alive and kickin' after taking a massive kick to the chest. I love thee so too, Xabi!

    Congrats La Roja!!!!!!

  73. MEER. says:

    Rather would have seen orange vs nudeness in those pics xD

    PS. Please do cover the festivities of tomorrows homage to the Dutch Squad, in our capital city Amsterdam

  74. Innocenza says:

    Now this is what I like to wake up to. Oh Furia Rojia, you are my heart.