August 23rd, 2010

The Ramos Redemption: Stripes, Sunnies & Slicked Back

Image via Real

For those in the know, Sergio Ramos is a man made of a very original, very particular kind of sizzle.

As we mentioned a little while back when he made his debut on our Finest Five list, The Ramos’s appeal is rather straight-forward: he’s shagtastic. That he wears “creative” shorts, makes bad choices in belt-wear and sports shiny reflective bathers just adds to the enigma wrapped in an enigma that is SR. We chuckle, we are confused, but we still would. Twice.

After our award-winning (Stunted) Style Icon released a photo of his recent hair cut (a hugely important international news incident,) we had intense internal office discussions about what his next move would be. A sequin vest? A new necklace made of conch shells? A bedazzled shin-guard?

No. As you can see by these shots of Sergio last weekend, baby’s got his groove back. He’s slick, he’s stripey and he’s completely redeemed.

PS: There’s also this situation [via MGEF] that you’ll need to be aware of.

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149 Responses to “The Ramos Redemption: Stripes, Sunnies & Slicked Back”

  1. Sheck says:

    HOLY COW! I believe that picture just gace me a mini stroke, I feel like suing kickette for not giving me a warning… whatever happened to those warning captions???
    I need to be Sergiofied…seriously

  2. Trish says:


  3. Phew, I can stop crying now and take back my life!

  4. sugar baby says:

    Sergio Ramos , come to mama
    He is like Javier Barden in the movie “Huevos de Oro”… is latin sexy
    and so hot

  5. Eebza says:

    oh em gee.

    i have no words.

    he is back.

  6. Monica says:

    All he needs is me walking next to him!!!

  7. Perry says:

    the best…

    "PS: There’s also this situation that you’ll need to be aware of."

    ow gosh what the hell…how did u get this shot?

    I'm dazzled…what legs, what a perfection, what a ….

    I so freakin need him for me!

  8. lulu says:

    ahhhh MGEF is Ramos heaven, thanks Kickette for the tip!!! I've got a new screensaver, desktop picture, and possibly set of bed linens!

    I almost got run over by a lady in an electric wheelchair because of those pics…

    Bless you, Kickette…

  9. cammie says:

    Sergio is now my favorite Footballer…Cristiano is at bottom at my list until he gets his stuff straight

  10. D0li says:

    S-E-R-G-I-O !!!!! Only he (and CR7, and Pique, and Benzema) can cause this kind of reaction/tingle down under. As of now, he is my top pick since Pique is still with that girl and CR's life is extremely messed up, and Benzema is going down that CR road.

  11. Zahara says:

    Hot damn sergio you are a walking sex machine with a golden heart and i love you mucho

  12. JamilaRamos says:

    Oh gosh, come to think of it…this picture shows that my Father has a similiar dress taste with The Ramos; he likes wearing stripey shirts with white linen trousers and aviators. Yuck!

  13. Taskeen says:

    ahaha kickette you always have the perfect remedy

  14. Dixie says:

    ummm… i’d hit that. at least 3 times.

  15. robin says:

    sergio is the reason why i explored kickette hehe
    he should be in the FF or hot 5 however! he must be in it!!!

  16. Jessie says:

    I thought he looked better with long hair, but this look is growing on me too ;)

    • Crazylittlemadam says:

      I thought that when I first saw the Justin Bieber-esque new do, but I have to say that he is looking mighty damn fine here :)

  17. Leya says:

    oh shit!

    This is what I get for not checking Kickette after 2pm EST!!! How did I miss this post yesterday?!?!?!?

    Newayz, LOVE this look…although I think he should have gone Rayban Wayfarers instead of of aviators…just a thought.

    Oh Sergio, te amo. Y yo deseo que podria hablar mas espanol…

    • Monica says:

      really? i definitely like the aviator look more than wayfarers.

      but he would look gorgeous in either :)

      • Leya says:

        i love wayfarers and aviators equally.
        but its the shirt with the aviators that i don’t like as much (still looks hot as hell of course)…idk why, but i don’t love it.

  18. ASM says:

    tbh,i failed to find him attractive..i used to be sick with his overload posts in this site,but i’m okay now considering he has so many lovers out there..i tried to be one but i can’t deal pretending myself,so i give up..sorry but i don’t find him hot anyway.. ;)

  19. loveu2much says:

    atho i definetly love everything about my babe i sooo hate thos tatoos. i mean a few is alright but he just keeps adding on. plz sergio stop with the efing tatoos

  20. shona says:

    oh dear god infatuated isnt the word for this mans uber hotness :)

  21. rô «3 says:

    he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot .

  22. S4Jill says:

    Oh my God, what a way to start the day, loads of divine pictures of my Sergio…. He really is Shagtastic mmmmmm yum yum!

  23. #eart breaker says:

    I think we should snub vidic out of the finest five and replace him with sergio..and i fink nando shud have second place and fabregas 3rd..

  24. Zlatanista says:

    I`m not crazy about the backslick or the stripes, but if he came knocking at my door looking like that, i wouldn´t throw him out…

    • Zlatanista says:

      I´m taking the opportunity to rave about Sergio now, because when La liga starts this weekend i fear i will have nothing good to say about him.

  25. Steff says:

    Damn it…this is really like “sun is breaking through the unbelievably dark clouds” (which is really not ment in a metaphorical way right now :-D )
    Awesome – saving my day and distracting me from work, what more can you ask for?
    Well, maybe laying by the pool – next to him of course – and having a little chat is one option :-D

    • tash says:

      lol are you sure chatting is all you want to do? ;)

      • Steff says:

        …well…it’s a good way to start things off – whatever those “things” are supposed to be :-D

        Oh, by the way – dark clouds and heavy rain are back…maybe I should take another look at the pic and hopefully the sun will be back in place…*keeping fingers crossed*

  26. Zanzy says:

    If at all this bit interests you guys, you should know that in case Iker for some reason cannot play and a substitute keeper is unavailable our dear Sergio Ramos (Sami Khedira is involved too) will be between the posts. Here's the Link:…

    • tash says:

      I laughed quite a bit when I read that-it would be an interesting game!

      • Rachel S says:

        yes that would be a very interesting game…I'd love to Sergio as goalie!

        • Zanzy says:

          I can’t believe I’m saying this but…… “Oh God please let Iker be out for a game… I really want to see Sergio at goal”

  27. Lisa says:

    still not a fan of the cropped hair Sergio but this man can still do no wrong in my eyes… apart from play for Real Madrid that is!

  28. Emme says:

    You know how Kickette says Finest Five can change depending upon mood, hair, fashion choices, etc? I really think these recent developments should catapult Sergio the into Finest Five! Someone needs to be sacrificed & it cannot be Xabi!

  29. Karin C. says:

    i don't even care if he gets same hair extensions as Britney Spears.

    just make me a baby!


    god damn he's HOT!!!!

  30. SoccerDuckie says:

    Fuq me, that is just UNFUNFUNFUNFUNFUNF!!!!! Which now reads like UNF and FUN, both of which are fine with the Ramos, baby!!!!! :D

  31. Moomin says:

    And.. breathe out..! My lust for The Ramos is back on. Slicked back the new 'do doesn't seem so bad. And then the PS killed me- what i would give to be inbetween Xabi and The Ramos on that lounger with a cocktail! I'm off for a cold shower…

  32. Rachel S says:

    There are no words to explain Sergio’s hotness– everyone else’s comments adequately sum up my thoughts exactly. Only, I’m a bit confused after seeing the poolside pics…his hair looks way different(longer?) than the one he posted on Twitter. Either way, it looks good (thankfully), so I’m less worried than I was when he revealed his new look.

  33. Emme says:

    What a way to start off the week! The Ramos is really starting to grow on me & this new slicked back look is pure hotness! And, whoa, what a situation that whole poolside thing is! The only way that situation could be better is if the swim trunks were shorter and tighter. They both need to show off their legs more :)
    btw – I like a man who can work the tight white pants. It’s not a look for everyone, but The Ramos owns it! It definitely restores my faith in the ability of Real Madrid players to dress themselves.
    Thanks Kickette!

  34. DebS says:

    I saw this pic over the weekend and it is now my desktop. Although….now that I see the pool pic…hmmm :)

    As soon as I saw this pic, Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees (yes…I realize I just dated myself) song came to mind…

    Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,

    I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk.

    • Zhenya says:

      Ha, ha! That song is perfect for him there! :D

      • JamilaRamos says:

        Hahah I can totally imagine him walking and that song playing in the background; I am also imagining that those trousers are flared…now all he needs is a hairy chest,a gold necklace and some platforms and everything will fit in perfectly. But then again the hair makes him look more like a 70′s Mafia or something out of ScarFace.

  35. coco says:

    had a long day and had to ck in with all of you…. this is a blessing… now I can slip my dreams…. OH how I LOVE me some RAMOS…saw this pic over the weekend …and it was grand… Thx to the person who posted those two photos….Love it…. You have done it again Kickette..

  36. Beta says:

    Heaven, I’m in heaven…
    Sergio is my only-ever case of “luxury at first sight”…
    And what a killing ps.!
    You made my day lots better! :)

  37. Abby says:

    I'm feeling pretty spoiled with all the Sergio posting lately kickette! Spoiled and loving it! I know it's out of your control if he happens to take his shirt off in front of a camera, cut his hair or look slammin when he goes for lunch…I'll say small prayers for continued Ramos action!

    • Leya says:


      I must say that once upon a time (back in ’06 when I fell in love with the SNT), I had to keep my Sergio love a secret…all my of world-cup-watching friends were like, “There’s NO WAY you think that guy is hot!!”

      And then I came here and found SO MANY other Sergio-lovers (Serg-ettes if you will) and it makes my life!

      • Tania says:

        "Serg-ettes"… That's really good! Count me as one!

        For years I had failed to find him hot, but once you see it… it's like a revelation!!

        You know, I should listen to my Mum more… She's been saying this for years: "he might not be old-school beautiful, but there is just something about Sergio Ramos that is so atractive". She's a wise woman, my Mum!

  38. LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

    Really? Only 68 comments? I'm not a Ramos Lover but even that kid seemed very impressed by Senor Ramos. :) Have a great night everyone!

  39. Rossanera says:

    I can't seem to see the infamous pool shots. Anyone want to be be a doll and repost the links or something?

  40. serena says:

    thank god i read the PS and clicked on the link…. peace has been restored.

  41. loveu2much says:

    damn he jus gets sexier amd sexier. guy doesnt even know when to stop and he shouldnt. this babes got me so trapped in his sexiness. i hope i dream about him tonight lol

  42. Rossanera says:

    Soooo I started my first day back at law school (bleghhhhhh) with the Reina (which totally put me in a good mood, because then my head was full of Pepe thoughts) and have ended a gruelling day of criminal procedure and the federal rules of evidence with the Ramos (which made it all better.)

    Thank you so much, Kickette, for keeping me sane.

    • gigi6982 says:

      I feel like Kickette will be the only thing that gets me through my last year of law school…the only problem is I am afraid of bringing my laptop with me to class and getting…distracted… 0:-)

      • Rossanera says:

        Ehhh. Before I discovered Kickette, there was Facebook, and Gchat, and Sporcle … and I haven't failed anything yet.

  43. C16 says:

    This is totally off topic but Lashes just signed with Lyon…

  44. WagInTraining says:

    his own range of sergio ramos headbands and other headwear. trust me-it’s gonna be huge! :P

  45. zztop says:

    very nice

  46. MadridistaJenn says:

    Even though I've already seen this picture, Sr. Ramos never gets old. Am I the only one that notices that the weather seems perfect when The Ramos is out and about? *drifting into fantasy land while singing "Close to you" by the Carpenters*

  47. xoWinnie says:

    all i can say is: yes.

    everything, this whole post–just: YES.

  48. miss violet says:

    the ps, my dears, made my monday a better one.
    the body, the smile, the xabi, oh love.
    and these shorts make me imagine oh my fucking god.

  49. Maria K says:

    he is not my favorite footballer but i can’t deny that he is extremely good looking ;)

  50. Tash says:

    Got to late monday afternoon, I was depressed and I didn’t know why. now I do (!) :
    I hadn’t gotten my Sergio-fix for the day!
    Thanks Kickette!!!

  51. senora ramos says:

    what a way to come back from the 1st day of school! ramos i’m so in lust with you. you know you look so effing hot!

    • senora ramos says:

      this was especially helpful as a kid (yes kid) in my history class is 10 YRS younger than me!! but sergio makes the world right.

      • JulieFromParis says:

        Back to school as well, quite a nice day actually with all thoses cutie pies telling me how much they missed me during holidays, yeah as if….;)

        Was looking at the pool pictures again and a daydream just popped to my mind: can U imagine the Ramos as a school teacher, he would be amazing with kids!

        **this comment has been edited**

      • Thea says:

        Ramos – I’m back next week myself, and am also in classes with high school graduates most of the time!

  52. Kassy says:

    seriously, he should not wear a shirt! he is too hot! love him!

  53. michelle says:

    Loving the slicked back look. Maybe he felt that being compared to Justin Bieber was even worse than being compared to Val Kilmer. And there aren’t even words that do sufficient justice to that P.S.

  54. Tania says:

    Yeah, baby, that’s more like it!!! The Ramos is back with a vengeance…!!! :)

    Senora Ramos you really need to come and see this!!! There are no words… or maybe just one: YUMMY!!!!

  55. Phie says:

    The P.S. link is popping up my anti-virus big time. Just a warning to you all that it could be potentionally infected.

  56. Amber says:

    Whoa you sized down those pool side shots quite a bit.

  57. JulieFromParis says:

    Pictures of the team restaurant meeting have been on madridista’s site for a few days now but hey always good to see!! Thanks for sharing!

    Now about that PS xD : OMG, I was on webcam with a friend when I clicked on the link and he saw my face melted and was like “What?? what happened??”. Im such a ridiculous groupie but I cant help myself when it comes to this guy :)

  58. marie says:

    Ramos exhausts all superlatives.

  59. JEEsus says:

    This is kind of getting ridiculous now, Ramos is ridiculous. Marry me.

  60. Cristana says:

    I just had a Ramogasm.

  61. cymraeg_ddraig says:

    Right. I'm going to admit something here. Please don't throw anything at me. Here goes.

    *deep breath* I just fail to see the Ramos attraction.

    There, I said it.

    And now I'm going to make it worse.

    He does look slightly better with shorter hair….

    *Runs away*

    • gin_in_teacups says:

      I'm as dedicated a Sergio fan as any, and I don't think any of us will shun you for your opinion. I for one, am fine with having one less lady trying to get a piece of the Ramos pie. I think as long as you're just saying he's not your cup of tea and not saying anything insulting, we can all still be friends.

    • AngelDust says:

      Hey, it's okay…I used to not like him very much too…thought his hair was gross…but then I saw some other pictures and THEN I knew what it was all about.

      And I have a confession to make too: I don't really like how he looks in this picture. Let's just say that he always looks infinitely better in uniform

    • JV says:

      Ha! Don’t worry about it… I for one am a fairly new recruit (but love ya now, SR). And I have been in your position many times (Lampard, Drogba from the neck up, Villa, Forlan, Puyols, Becks just to name a few…)

    • caitanya says:

      Cymraeg, you are not the only one who fails to see anything attractive about “Serg,” as i love to call him. To me he is cheesier than a can of Cheez-Wiz. He has the face of a My Little Pony. However, having said that, i still adore him, as i am a Madridista. He prefer him on the pitch in his kit and his little hippie headband!

      • caitanya says:

        *ahem* I meant to say “I prefer”, sorry for typo

        • cymraeg_ddraig says:

          I am however always open to pictures of naked torsos. And he does indeed have a good body. So from the neck down, yes please.

    • Steph says:

      haha, you're not the only one! I like him, but I just don't see the attraction, either. :/ Though the new haircut is totally working for him, I agree. :)

    • DJ says:

      LOL! i like him but even as a madridista he’s unattractive to me :D

  62. manutd(L). says:

    yes yes yes! he's delicious, i so would ;) x

  63. CrazyforNando says:

    He is so friggin DELICIOUS!

  64. Cammie says:

    Yeah the shirt is kind of drug dealer/pimpish..but he makes it WORK!

    • noelle says:

      LOL,i thought that about the shirt too but yes he does make it work! he’s just workin his charm on me =)…. im in love <3 sigh*

  65. Zinny says:

    Dearest Kickette, I used to not care for him but you have made a Ramosphile out of me. I have to say, the hair is much improved. And yes, I am more than okay with the abs situation. Mmmmm.

  66. MrsVilla-to-be says:

    Yeah!That`s more like it! Sergio is back in the saddle!

  67. Claire the Forest Fa says:

    I'm on holiday in two days. This is a good going-away-present.


    Sergio? Have I got your attention? Good. Marry me. The age difference doesn't matter. I'm sur we'll fid a place where you can marry a thirteen year-old. (This isn't serious)

  68. Mel says:

    Mmmmm. He is so HOT. I wanna marry him!

  69. Goosie says:

    Ramos + Xabi = My Dream

  70. danieramos says:

    I love this man so so much! If he wore bedazzled shin guards it would just make my life!! And yes i would hit that like the fist of an angry god.

  71. Elle says:

    That site took the pics I purchased and edited, and then did a crappy job of erasing my watermark. Ugh.

  72. Leá says:

    Oh Sergio. Even though your fashion choices are somewhat awkward, there is no denying that you are a very, very attractive man. Love the slicked back look.

  73. gin_in_teacups says:

    I'd seen these before, and my reaction now is the same as then. Good GOD Sergio, are you trying to give me heart attack? You so fine baby.

    Meanwhile, if he did break out a bedazzled shin guard I'd probably die of love.

    • Rossanera says:

      Side note, but back when I was actually playing footie and not simply lusting over it, one year, my teammates and I actually DID Bedazzle our shin guards. (We were obviously an all-female team).

      It was totally awesome, I tell you.

      • MsLaSuerte says:

        Could you possibly explain what "bedazzling a shin guard" means?:) English is not my native language and I can't imagine what it's all about.:) Covering a shin-guard with some polish, stones or what?:)

        • Jamtart Heart says:

          Yes, exactly!:) A 'bedazzler' was a weird little instrument that let you afix fake gemstones to just about any surface, if I remember correctly. It was trendy in the 1990's for little girls (and I guess, craft-oriented women?) to 'bedazzle' the pockets of their jeans, their purses, etc. with patterns or initials or whatever. The word kind of caught on, haha, and is now used more broadly to talk about gaudy, over-embellished, needlessly flashy items.

          God, that man is so hot, it's actually ridiculous. He's like a special brand of Euro-hot that no matter what he does, he's still hot, in spite of it. See: weird gingham bathing bloomers, with seemingly gathered legs for maximum tan potential. On anyone else, those would be tragic and possible even criminal. But on Sergio Ramos? I'm so blinded by the earnest, all-consuming hotness of the man, they barely even register, hahahaha.

          • Rossanera says:

            Yup. He can do no wrong, because whatever he does, it is excused by his hotness.

          • MsLaSuerte says:

            thanks a lot for taking your time to explain me that!!:)

            and yes… Sergi can't help being a sexy beast no matter what he does with his appearance!:) Vida must be out of the finest five and Sergio deserves his place there!!!!!

  74. C16 says:

    He is FINE!!!

    My friend is totally obsessed with him… and I totally understand why.

  75. crss2001 says:

    hellooooo lover!

    oh my god he is just wow…wow..this will certainly get me throught the work day ;)

    • Abby says:

      You took the words out of my mouth! I had seen these pictures already too, but after a long hot day in the city to start the week, hello lovah is all I could muster! Sergio is just what the doctor ordered!!

  76. Berbie's Barbie says:

    He is indeed Shagtastic. Now I can't stop staring at the poolside pictures.

  77. JV says:

    Monday was going to be so ho hum, then this happened. Oh, Sergio… you are sex on legs.

  78. Kc95 says:

    There should have been a warning attached to the final pics. I'm having trouble breathing.

  79. Gilly B says:

    Hot as hell. Baby is BACK! Happy to see he's recovered the hair situation- ladies, we are off red alert and back to green ;-)

  80. JamilaRamos says:

    Oh my, Ramos, oh baby…

    Was that last picture derived from torrente 4 or what? Because the whole thing looks rather staged.

    Just look at him, the man clearly knows he's got a load, and he ain't afraid to flaunt it! I just hope that Xabi loosens out a bit, you know, let his hair out. Yes, yes he's a father, but so is Guti and just look how flamboyant and fun he is. Plus he's older…so excuses Xabi cat!

    • Emme says:

      Xabi's style is pretty straight-laced, but I don't think he could be taken seriously if he was going around dressing like The Ramos or Guti. It's a personality thing & he's a fair-skinned ginger! Some of the things Guti wears would look totally absurd on Xabi. That man, with the exception of the 'Poppin' Collars in Hollywood' incident (which almost gave me a heart attack), always looks fine, so his style should not be messed with! He is one of the few footballers who can dress himself :)

      • JamilaRamos says:

        Hahah don’t get me wrong. I meant his persona seems to be too demure, he needs to have a bit of fun once in a while with El Ramos or Drenthe.But his sense of style is edgy and I believe that English bands such as Oasis or The Artic Monkeys have influenced him.

        • Emme says:

          Understood :) – and when I say straight-laced I mean non-Gutiesque. I don't know if anyone needs a repeat of the 'Alice in Wonderland' tuxedo (unless at a costume party). I love my ginger just as he is (although I need the beard to come back), but I agree a little bit more of the Ramos could do him some good!

  81. Sara says:

    I was starting to have Ramos withdrawals….but where is the link to his recent pics?

  82. Laura says:


    You should have attached a warning to that P.S.