June 16th, 2010

The Sizzle Query: Best World Cup Week One Mid-Sections

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Image via Reuters Pictures.

Footy games three times daily are really doing a number on our brain power. One thing we are always willing to expend energy for?


And even more so?

World Cup torsos.

Today we’re pitting international washboards against one another. Six-pack versus six-pence, etc. etc…whatever. We’re out of analogies, and we’re confident you’ve already stopped reading to click through and judge our chosen few.

Without further ado, let’s get right to the toned tummies which proudly made their World Cup debut during the opening week’s matches. Don’t forget to cast a vote for every ab you see!

Arms Race

hot world cup torsoUSA versus England World Cup

Images via AFP/Getty Images.

Which national team captain did the arms-in-the-air-so-you-get-the-full-effect best? New Zealand’s Ryan Nelson or England’s Steven Gerrard?


Their Ears (And Faces) Hang Low

First round torso World Cup

Images via AFP/Getty Images.

They can throw those shirts over their shoulders like intercontinental soldiers, but that ain’t as nummy as this contest is intended to be. Displeased dispositions aside, do you prefer your abs al dente (Italy’s Fabio Cannavaro) or well-cooked with spicy seasonings (Uruguay’s Diego Forlan)?


Boxy and Bulgey

England Torso hot WC

Images via Getty Images Europe/Getty & Fanpop.com.

No words. Just vote: Spain’s Fernando Torres or England’s Glen Johnson?


Definition Not Required

New Zealand world cup torsoGermany

Images via Reuters Pictures/Getty.

Representing the fellas who can’t always flex their abdominals we have New Zealand’s Winston Reid and Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger.


Let’s Get Together, Yea Yea Yea

shirtless guys in world cup

Images via Getty/AP Photos.

No one likes sore losers. Win or lose, footballers should feel obligated to remove their shirts and/or exchange and/or that part’s moot.

And it’s always more fun with two than one. Therefore, choose your pair wisely: you likey Algeria’s own Marky Marks (Nadir Belhadj and Abdelkader Ghezzal) or Slovenia’s boy banders (Andrej Komac and Miso Brecko)?


The poll is now closed. Week two nominations to follow!

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74 Responses to “The Sizzle Query: Best World Cup Week One Mid-Sections”

  1. Karin C. says:

    God, Fabio is tight!!!

    Shout out to Slovenians, keep up the good work boys:)

  2. Juls says:

    'Nando, Stevie G. and Glen Johnson are killing me! Seriously, I am in dire straits…please make it stop! Ouch, the pain is so severe…love them…am dying…ooooohhhhhhhhhh! Third degree burns…………

  3. Cielo says:

    Fernando Torres is killing me. First the haircut now his six pack on display. hot damn!

  4. Torres&Stevie's Girl says:

    Nando, Stevie and Forlan!! If forced to pick just one—Fernando, with Stevie a VERY CLOSE second.

  5. YoungChelsea4Life says:


  6. Sylvia15 says:

    Any topless of Dah-veed Villa ;) ….I have entered depression after Spain’s lost… & I miss the sight of Cesc… :’(

  7. Homeskillet17 says:

    NANDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stevie G has a funny looking midsection O.O

  8. SunnyK says:

    Oh goodness, Bastian Schweinsteiger has no belly button and it's creeping me out!

    Diego Forlan & Canna FTW!

  9. Leesy Lou says:

    Can I just say thanks for the half naked picture of our captain Ryan!! I adore Ryan Nelsen, he is an idol at Blackburn, and MILES hotter than the picture you posted on here!! He has abs of steel and you can see his pecks from one end of the ground to the other!!!

    Also I'm sure the Liverpool boys Nando and Stevie G have been working on their abs!!! AM-A-ZING, but I still had to vote for our Ryan!! Gwan Nelse!!!! xx

  10. sounderslove says:

    holy abs Fernando!

  11. Redgirl says:

    Stevie's front is as nice as his rear. (Remember that pic, girls?) Oh yum.

  12. Nikki says:

    The Nando piccy was the best , as soon as I saw him take off his shirt during the game I ram to my computer and went to getty images and saved all the shirtless piccys of him I could ! I knew you ladies would be on it first thing in the morning . Although it would be nice of Nando got a tan lol . But I was really sad after the game though , it was so upsetting to see Nando sad , he wasn't on his best form , otherwise Spain would've won . I thought Silva didn't play well at all and Navas made a world of difference once he came on

  13. Ess-Jay says:

    I just wanna take the time to say THANK YOU KICKETTES!

    Not only has this post made my day.. BUT!

    TWO KIWI BLOKES ON ONE POST! Ohhhhh, I love you, Kickettes! I LOVE YOU!

    Winston Reid is a hero to us, and HE'S FIIIIIIIT! Just look at those abs…

    Ha. This has made news too!! Good job girls. You've made us proud.

    Also. Is it just me or is Nelsen VERYVERYVERY DIRTY!?

  14. kaya says:

    Is that a US jersey that Gerrard has stuffed down his shorts?

    There's only one guy on here who's the undisputed champion of torsos. He of the previously unheard of 8 pack: Forlan.

  15. Making us choose between Fernando Torres and Glen Johnson is just plain cruel.

    Cant pick between Stevie G, Forlan and Glen for second place however. :(

    • HRH ROAR says:

      Just vote Nando, he needs something to cheer him up after the Swiss blooper. :(

  16. Luce says:

    Seriously, you could have found a hotter pic of Ryan – the one on the front page of our paper today looks MUCH hotter!! Who knew?!

  17. Kahlen says:

    Oh my, NANDO looks delicious! He is so beautiful with a super sexy body. I love him!!!

    Whooo Stevie looks quite hot as well, same with Canna of course.

  18. Octoberorange says:

    No Dirk Kuyt = no vote!

  19. Siena Denton says:

    Winstone Reid has the 'Winning Washboard' abs 4 ME! I would also like to apply for that secretarial position…Winstone.

    Kiaora kia koe e hoa!

    Na Siena.

  20. Rue says:

    Have respect for your elders! Fabio all the way! However, I also believe that the children are our future and will throw in a vote for baby face Torres who has grown up quite nicely.

    Put a bag over his head and I’d have lots of fun with Diego. Mmmmmm.

  21. Anna says:

    Stevie G ♥ ♥ ♥ speechless

  22. Beth says:

    Stevie, Canna, torres (though johnson only just pushed out!), not sure between the definition not required two and Algeria

  23. Inés says:

    Diego Forlan's abs are good, but I love more his skills!!!

    Fuck yeah Uruguay!!!!!….I'm so proud!

  24. elnino says:

    El Niño’s torso made me a tad bit happier after Spain’s loss. It broke my heart to see the team I put all of my hope in loose like that. Get better Nando & Spain because this can’t happen again!

    • Kahlen says:

      I completely agree. I was heartbroken when they lost. I can’t possibly take another loss. They’ve worked so hard, everyone in the WC has of course, but I love my Spaniards. Viva Espana y USA!!!

  25. Ofeily9 says:

    Stevie G, Nando, & Glen.
    Represent Liverpool <3, shirtless, OMG

  26. Guest says:

    Could you maybe add another option? “where´s Cristiano, bitches”? cos, like seriously, you know..

    • Ella says:

      Agree! But really, with Cristiano involved, there’s really no contest b/c no one’s body holds a candle to his!

      • Guest says:

        It´s not so much about the context, it´s more about an excuse to repost the pics. Yes, google is my friend and I COULD have saved the pics on my hardrive but didn´t and expect the universe to fix it. So I innocently clicked on this link and where are the ads, and people these are all SECOND RATE.

        • Guest says:

          “contest” instead of context, sorry. will now check google for said photos, sniff. You all bad.

  27. ellie says:

    Why have I never seen Nando shirtless till now? Why is he hiding his beautiful six pack from the world?!?

    Forlan looks delicious, however my vote is and always will be for el Nino.

  28. Zineb says:

    Yum , never thought I'd pick Steven Gerrard… but undeniable torso-sex, second Torres ( Should of won against Switzerland ! I forgive you :D ).

    Wait , no I change my mind. …

    Oh God ! I can't chose between the two , I give up :(

  29. XanJie says:

    Nando turned it out for the World Cup. Months doing physio were damn good for him. So’s the sun. I think I see more freckles.

  30. Diego Forlan. Plus he gets bonus points for how quickly he whips his shirt off for a goal celebration, even risking a card.

  31. jess says:

    hellooooo nando ;)

  32. batso says:

    that’s difficult!!! :p

  33. sarah says:

    Doesn’t matter who I vote for. Fernando has this one in the bag.

  34. Oh holy mother of God. Ohaii Nando!

  35. Dii says:

    Thanks Nando, at least something good from that terrible match of La Roja… <3

    • Nikki says:

      I know after I saw him take off shirt , I was like : one good thing came out of the match ! Please Spain do well in the next game !

  36. Alexis says:

    Whoa, Torres. Where did this change come from? I guess that time off due to injury was put to some good use!

  37. elnino says:

    Nando is winning by a landslide!!

    As you can see I've come back.

    Nando is my pain killer for tonight (TODAY, not TONIGHT, thought I wish for the latter). The pain killer to my extreme heart ache at La Furia's loss.

  38. VeNia says:

    Totally go with Mr. Nando ’cause there’s really no comparison!!!!!!And then I would go with Stevie G!!But Forlan is really good-lookin’ too!!hehehe!!

  39. senora ramos says:

    alright, never thought i’d pick an englishman, but stevie g, deigo, nando, and slovenia

  40. tammyv says:

    I am writing in the USMNT for their INTERVIEW Magazine spread… I feel getting drity, muddy and half naked should be supported to the fullest extent I can

  41. aristeia says:

    I knew those abs before I clicked. Stevie's body is RIDIC. *pants*

  42. Alessandra says:

    my vote goes to fernando. although i was mad dejected with our shocking loss today, seeing him half-naked did cheer me up a bit.

  43. Johanna says:

    "Il Capitano" will always be my favorite and Ghezzal looks good with busted head and all. haha

  44. julia says:

    ooooh nando. so sad about the loss, but this certainly made me feel a bit better, like life´s worth to live or something. Stevie babe you're nearly there though, ;)

    • julia says:

      oh and by the way, THIS IS FOR ALL NANDO LOVERS: don't forget to go on gettyimages.com and search for nando ( http://www.gettyimages.se/Search/Search.aspx?cont… ); there are about 10 more shortless photos there, all in different angles.. ;)

      • Briel24 says:


        Thanks so much for the link! Tons of lovely Torres torso and a few beautiful Nando bitchfaces as well…. much appreciated!

        • julia says:

          no probs sistah! like the bithcfaces though, he wasn't very happy about being on the bench… and WTF is Nando and David Villa doing on one picture? *you know which one*, just look at Villa's sexface!

      • sounderslove says:

        brb drooling.

      • sounderslove says:

        oh shit is he crying?? i wanna give him hugs and kisses and make it all better :(

  45. Bada says:

    Good glorious god, Stevie G's body is just criminal. And Nando, where have you been hiding that wonderful six-pack??

    So my votes: Stevie G, Forlan, Nando, Reid, and Slovenia.

  46. sarah says:

    Although I have to say, I thought Nando was adorable but now, this new dark haired, more toned lad is material for wholly inappropriate thoughts. Dammmit!! I feel like I did when one of my guy friends at high school changed his appearance, stopped wearing glasses and toned up one summer. I never thought of him as anything but a friend but whoooeee that changed. That's how I feel right now.

  47. Lydia says:

    I feel like I've betrayed Nando but Stevie and SA sun make for one yummy footballer!!

  48. DKatie says:

    Can't take my eyes off of Nandos and Stevie Gs absssss :) )

  49. Lora says:

    Steve, Diego, Glen

  50. Freya says:

    God! Nando has gone from puppy fat to toned and defined swiftly! Loving his transformation…he gets my vote. Having said that, I'd have voted for him anyway!

  51. Briel24 says:

    Is it a problem that you can vote more than once? I'm very tempted to take advantage of this and tip the scales even more drastically in Torres' favor! *trying to resist*

  52. iida says:

    Oh, I most certainly can hear the drums, Fernando. Mm.

  53. Mona says:

    That Winston Reid. Paying attention.

  54. Goosie says:

    fernando torres wins! however steven gerrard and winston reid come in a very pleasing second, with the slovenians coming close behind in 3rd.

    but really, there are no losers in this poll.

  55. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Stevie, Forlan (purely because I've seen Canna's so often that it's really nothing new, lovely as they are), Glennie and Slovenia. Love Bastian, but they're not quite up to snuff when compared to all the rest in this post.

  56. beri says:

    oh Nando….

  57. Lila says:

    for a fair decision i have to check stevie g and nando one more time. or maybe two..

  58. Glen, Glen, Glen! All day everyday!

  59. Erin says:

    Stevie! Canna!! Torres!!! Glennie!!!! *thud*