November 18th, 2010

The Sizzle Query: How Do You Like Your Iker?


Simple Q&A as a fun exercise for our enthusiastic, extroverted bunch of footy aficionados: which state of undress suits Casillas best?

A) Shirtless, because an Iker hip dip sighting of this caliber is rarer than seeing Halley’s Comet

Real Madrid Spain keeperB) Sans bottoms, which helps speed up the front-door-to-bedroom-door timing and execution

C) Unsure, because the thought of Sara Carbonero’s freshly-cut bangs sharing sink and mirror space with the aforementioned man once they move in together has sent your brain into a downward spiral and you’re unable to make an accurate judgment at this time.

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53 Responses to “The Sizzle Query: How Do You Like Your Iker?”

  1. AllTheWay..Iker ;D says:

    We love him just the way he is..!
    Naked or not !
    With the beard or not !
    He is sexy..!! dont care what he is wearing.. what he is saying.. even if he is speaking English ;D
    (i like him best with longer hair)

  2. coco says:

    what are they engaged…. did i fall asleep and wake up from a nightmare?

  3. MrsVilla-to-be says:

    Shirtless and Pastasauceless

  4. mayraa says:

    It doesn't matter… anyway!

  5. rubyqueen says:

    naked and covered in chocolate sauce.:) with a side offering of his sexy brother too.mmmm.;)

  6. leesha says:

    oh pastasauce…
    ill pretend she doesn't exist and say A all the way!!

  7. C16 says:

    I like Iker the way he is… Cheesy! lol

  8. Zahara says:

    i like my iker bearded, shirtless with all his la roja teammates in the car with him and his brother too!

  9. sarakhatmi says:

    Sara looks great in her new haircut, she looks so fresh and cute. Iker is hot in what ever way, you just cant get enough of him and his dorky, cute and hot ways. I go for a and b, c i cant pic because i want to see their os gone look so adoring. I want them to move in togheter, they are perfect match if you ask me :D

  10. Emme says:

    shirtless with a little stubble on the face

  11. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    I'll go with B. It sound soo hawwtt

  12. Michelle says:

    i like iker sans pastasauce, sans shirt and sans pants…and with me ;)

  13. Lily says:

    Feel better, Iker (I know I'll have to try)

    I'll take him shirtless, with or without the beard. I mean, there is bare Iker-skin there, why would anyone choose any other option? Besides, I think possible razor-burn is kind of sexy, it gets you thinking about just who caused it and how *waggles eyebrows*

  14. Nihaal28 says:

    With is jersey on xp

  15. Lynz says:

    as tantalizing as sans bottoms is… i have to go with shirtless.
    but whyyy is there no naked option? :]

  16. gi0ia says:

    Oh, definitely shirtless! I just love a well built torso, and this photo is just supersexy! :-)

  17. Marika says:

    I prefer him naked face to face. And i don´t mind if Unai want´s to join with us!!!!!

  18. KatB says:

    I like him best with a side of his brother ;)

  19. Alex Samuel says:

    I like mine with a kiss! :P

  20. ThatWelshOne says:

    I like my Iker straight up, naked and raring to go

  21. Léa says:

    Oh god, he is beyond attractive. Honestly, I would take Iker any way I could get him ;)

    • JaneSpotting says:

      I know. Seriously only…Mr & Mrs Casillas should be congratulated. Quel specimen of a man!

  22. AlianzLM says:

    Naked. Period.

  23. Jessie says:

    Ummmmm….did someone mention Sergio?????? Must have been dreaming

  24. Einah says:

    And here I thought I'm well over Iker. The Pastasauce connection just…affects me haha. In reality, I'm very mcuch aware that they're most likely happy together but It just doesn't translate to how I'm feeling (meaning: crappy, slightly nonsensical jealous).

    Kickette! Save me, I need a dose of Villa to ward off Iker. The 'moved together' is just…ARRRGGGHH. LOL!

  25. caitanya says:

    WOW–better than coffee for a jolt in the a.m.!!! Be still my beating heart!!! I may need a cold shower though.

    To me, he is still the most beautiful man on the planet!!!

    • caitanya says:

      In my dazed state, i forgot to write my choice: B :-) It is indeed rare to see our señor casillas sin camisa — dame mas y mas!

  26. bri_saldana says:

    07:53 am Texas time….My blood is pumping and I'm now AWAKE!!

  27. laligaforladies says:

    I just hyperventilated a bit.

  28. Sara says:

    A) Shirtless mmmmm.. ;D
    Oh lala! nice pic of Iker.

    Soooo bummed about Spain losing Portugal :'(
    But that shouldn't matter because Spain won the World Cup. :D

  29. Skye says:

    I can't be the only one who wants to lie down for a bit after that disaster yesterday- 4-0 isn't even a defeat, it's practically a spanking!!! Hope the team don't lose morale about it though.

    I don't think even pics of San Iker can act as total consolation for yesterday, but he looks better shirtless, thanks. Mainly because Iker showing bare skin happens once in a blue moon, he's weirdly shy about shedding clothes post-game but made an exception yesterday (I'd still have traded the shorts removal for a win though).

    Pastagirl still has good hair and pretty eyes, fringe notwithstanding. ok, that is an understatement, she has FAB hair.

  30. gin_in_teacups says:

    I believe the answer you're looking for is "YES!" And damn Sara looks great with her new bangs. I thought she was pretty before but the new style makes her look gorgeous.

  31. MadameGourcuff says:

    E. none of the above until he gids rid of pastasauce. until then i'll have to take sergio

  32. dontaskmetosmile says:

    A! Of course! Those hip dips! Mmmmmm…

    But at the same time, I am feeling a little of C as well. It really is just so, so, so wrong for him to be with Pastasauce. Arrrrgh. It bums me out, seriously.

  33. littlegirl says:

    ah, shirtless…

  34. McRed says:

    Shirtless. He is soooooo gorgeous in that first picture. If he didnt exist you couldn't even dream up someone that hot.

  35. Thea says:

    Option C – he's just not attractive now he's taken!

  36. Niina says:

    D: all of the above! Oh, Iker, why would you hide that amazing body in oversized suits and behind the back of Pastasauce?!?

  37. Simone says:

    100 % C Unsure

  38. blake2108 says:

    Best shirtless pic of him I've ever seen. So that's swayed me.

    I don't care about his beard either. It's not kissing I have in mind if I were to be with him….

  39. eatmyboost says:

    Shirtless – I am so glad he shaves his chest because I hate hairy chests and Iker having a shaved chest makes him even more gorgeous.

  40. BarceLisa says:

    I don't mind A or B just as long his face is shaved. He needs to hire the person who shaved his chest in the top pic to follow him around with a razor 24/7.

  41. Ashley says:

    Sorry he does nothing for me. His GF need to lay off the eyeliner.

    • Chrisy says:

      I have to say every time I see them together all i can think is "this is so wrong, so so wrong!"
      I'd rather to see Sergio kissing Iker honestly.

      • Caro says:

        Sergio and Iker, let me think about it… hmmm, no, rather have Iker kissing Sara and Sergio kissing me… ;-)

  42. Marie says:

    i'l go for the shirtless iker and the dips! (a big jar of nutella has dragged me out of my 'unsure' status)

    by the way kickettes isnt this is the right time to bring back on operation black cats/kittens?????

  43. senora casillas says:

    Shirtless.totally shirtless.↲He looks so invìting in the pic.↲N the hip dip…can just look at the hip dip the whole day.

  44. lorena_yGp says:

    Once again David Beckham is my favorite person to quote: So so so amazing,so so so so amazing,so so so so so so amazing,so so so so so so amazing!!!
    This is for all Kickette's ( including myself ) who are still in depression after Portugal vs Spain :-( On other hand I can't wait for EL CLACISO and Pique vs CR!!!