February 6th, 2012

The Sizzle Query: Men In Tights

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The title race is heating up across several of the domestic leagues, which means so should our Man Candy detectors.

Except they’re not.

Seems they’re having a bit of technical difficulty picking up on their targets, if you know what we mean.

Images: AFP PHOTO / JOHN MACDOUGALL; AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth; REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo.

Now, we love us some opaque tights and woolly jumpers in the winter just as much as the next group of good-looking girls, so long as we’re the ones wearing them.

We do take serious, serious issue with the crazy-making spandex players are wearing to combat the cold, however. Best left in the reject dressing rooms on the Pineapple Dance Studios reality show, we honestly can’t think of any circumstance or weather condition where they should be worn.

Here’s why: nowadays, players are young and of much potential. Not sure who is feeding them what, but they certainly are growing up rather strong and large of thigh. So then, why should they hide all signs of their smokin’ hot manskin beneath 16 layers of the unsexiest lycra money can buy?

Do you realise and appreciate the importance of keeping one’s nether regions warm and comfortable? Or are you an adventurous type of bystander who thrives on the excitement of flesh flashing? Tell us or our poll how you’re feeling, Kickettes.

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5 Responses to “The Sizzle Query: Men In Tights”

  1. Stephanie says:

    That is by far one of the most ridiculous, most stupidest things I've ever seen…

    And by that I mean this article and the few previous comments this has.

    Are you kidding me? You're a female of this modern day and age and you are seriously complaining about male athletes wearing hosiery? Please, give me a break. Tights, especially athletically designed ones are in fact VERY comforting and supporting of the male "nether regions" and just as so for the leg muscles.

    How do I know this? Just ask my twin brother, Stephan, who's quite the athlete of our family. I'm a ballet dancer and my male class mates tell me the same thing, and you can bet that each and every one of them are straight as lines, including my partner and BOYFRIEND. 16 layers of Lycra hiding the muscles? Now you're just exaggerating. If anything, I say who doesn't like a nylon/spandex second skin of muscle-shaping goodness on a man? :)

  2. shannon says:

    My question is, what is he wearing underneath those tights????

  3. liz says:

    I'm all for making sure my ballers stay warm. Wouldn't want any shrinkage, now would we?

  4. Danielle says:

    Nobody could ever look good in those. EVER!