April 12th, 2011

The Sizzle Query: To Cut, Or Not To Cut?

Concentrate on the hair, please. Getty Images/Zimbio.

With a pony tailed Andy Carroll scoring an impressive double in last night’s Liverpool game vs. Manchester City, not to mention the ‘positive’ response that the somewhat cute photo of Edinson Cavani prompted in yesterday’s ‘View From The Sidelines‘ post, we figured it is time to tackle the question of long hair on ‘ballers once and for all.

It’s a question that has vexed the followers of football (who are interested in such matters) for time immemorial. Think Glen Hoddle, Roberto Baggio, David Ginola et al, all pulling off a mullet or pony with varying degrees of success.

The modern day game has largely dispensed with the style. While a number of players are content to toy with the notion of lustrous locks and employ headbands to deal with any fallout from their fash choice, most find a more ‘traditional’ cut serves their needs perfectly.

Are you glad? Or do you think Andy Carroll’s pony is the key to his prowess in the box? Does Cavani’s goal scoring record owe something to his Samson-like locks? Would Carles Puyol (left) be the man he is without his mane of curls? Or would you lock the lot of them in a room with a pair of clippers until their furry friends have been evicted?

Do tell.


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43 Responses to “The Sizzle Query: To Cut, Or Not To Cut?”

  1. Shaz says:

    Keep growing your hair Andy. Love it.

  2. b71sep says:

    Andi is so hot the way he looks right now

  3. Mumtaz says:

    i think andy would be more dashing if he cuts his hair :)

  4. laligaforladies says:

    Puyi cannot cut his hair. At least until he retires. I kinda like Andy's ponytail, but he would definitely look great with short hair. I think Cavani's hair suits him. But if I ever get close enough to the Ramos, I'm bringing scissors with me. Diego Capel too, while I'm at it.

  5. blake2108 says:

    I do love a player with long hair, and Andy Carroll would get it…

    But, The ponytail is atrocious. Keep it long, maybe get it cut and styled a bit and use a hairband instead. Think Sergio Ramos, or Lucas before he chopped his off.

  6. cescanto says:

    I think Andy Carroll looks sexy with the long hair and ponytail. Enhances his chiselled face.

  7. xoWinnie says:

    andy looks hot either way, but i think shorter hair suits him best.
    can you imagine him with a nice haircut wearing a James Bond-esque tux?
    got DAYUM!

  8. Jen says:

    Andy is scoring goals, so keep the hair(although he is cuter with it short). Nando……don't care anymore!! Puyol has great locks!

  9. Jen says:

    I had never seen a picture of Andy Carroll with short hair til now………..oooh cut it, then I could def. start wearing number nine again!!! What a brilliant day Liverpool had!!!

  10. Peaches says:

    Sexy is in the eye of the beholder. Prefer long hair. Andy looks super amazing with it down. Cannot imagine Puyol with short hair. Leave the ponytail alone. No cutting please.

  11. DrStrangelove says:

    Spaking as someone who is in principle delighted with long hair on men (and used to have a pony-tail down to my ass when I was young) I can only say that it really depends very much on the individual bloke. Carroll actually *does* look good off the pitch with it down, but hey, football is a very physical and consequently sweaty activity, and it doesn't look that good on it. But then you can say that about players with short hair as well. Torres' hair always seems to be drenched in sweat after a full game, and it doesn't look that good. So I would say: sweaty long hair shows up more, but don't judge long hair purely on how bad it looks on the pitch. Judge it after shampoo and conditioner and straightening.

    Anyway, I realise now that this is one of those meandering and not particularly incisive posts that I often make so I'll stop now.

    • chay says:

      i don't think i've ever seen it down, have you any photos of mr. carroll sans ponytail-i'm-throwing-it-into-the-wind? :-)

      • DrStrangelove says:

        There are some lovely ones out there but I can't find them at the moment. :/ There's an especially Rrrrr one which is a staged close-up of his face with his hair down, but again, it is keeping itself hidden from google. Will keep digging though!

  12. Cherry says:

    Never ever. You women that like short hair, fine. There's plenty of guys out there with it shaved, clipped, cropped. But leave some of the guys with long hair for those of us that love it. It is sexy. It is hot. It's not as long as mine and wouldn't care if it was longer. So please leave off the scissors. Look what a haircut and no bleach has done to Fernando Torres. Just not the same player.

  13. mochara says:

    To not! It's their trademark even though it might not be the height of attractiveness…..

  14. Andy should NOT cut the hair! It's so romance novelesque! When I'm reading romance novels, I imagine the guy is either Skrtel or Carroll.

  15. @DebStimson says:

    Wow! Thanks for the link. He looks WAY better with his hair shorter, imo.

    Spot on with the rest of your post too!

    • hbandshbreak says:

      I just think he looks hideous with that pony tail. Why would he want to wear it that way?! I was shocked when I saw how much better he looks with short hair. Did you see the funny item about him and Martin Skrtel during the game yesterday? It was on Dirty Tackle – hilarious – it's in our round up here – last item: http://wp.me/p1gviD-AB The last item had me rolling on the floor, but after seeing how good he looks with short hair, I may have to reassess my opinion. ;-)

  16. Amber says:

    Kickette – You need to warn a sista when you are going to post a hot thigh picture after the jump. I was not ready for that.

    Anywho – I have never minded long hair on a guy as long as they take care of it (wash and comb it, and keep it neat). I don't think that either Andy or Puyol would be the same with out the hair. I think that is part of what makes them attractive. In summery, I say, as long as it doesn't affect the ballers' performance and/or ripped muscles(abs, thighs, and the like), then they can do what ever they want.

  17. balicious says:

    Everyone with a ponytail hair needs to CUT, except dear Puyol

  18. chay says:

    on a different note, anyone else notice andy's shorts?

    • someone who likes films and books says:

      That's the only thing I notice to be honest.

      I blame Kickette for this HAHAHA :p

  19. chay says:

    oh andy, how i love thee–but cut the hair, please please plase! you are so gorgeous and that hair adds nothing!

    i love these "tarzan" comments re puyol, they are cracking me up!

  20. Zahara says:

    puyi, cut your hair, and we are DONE!

    lol i could never leave you

  21. freckledtattoos says:

    Carles keeps his hair. It's part of his personality. :)

    Andy should definitely cut it. He would look great with shorter hair… hbandshbreak posted the link to a picture… :D

  22. black widow says:

    i love, love, love how everyone is like "yes, cut it … except for puyi!" hahaha. bless. i totally agree. captain tarzan needs that fierce mane, but everyone else should get to the barber, stat.

    that said … i would absolutely LOVE to see (photoshopped, it'd have to be) photos of puyi with short back and sides, or one of becks' magical 'dos over the years, or bald even!

  23. Liz says:

    Cut it Andy. It's almost as long as my hair and that isn't sexy on a guy. I don't mind longer hair on a guy but not super long!

  24. blitzenTO says:

    And while we are all admiring Puyi's delicious thighs (thank you Kickette!) and silky hair, I should remind you that tomorrow is our favourite caveman's 33rd birthday!

    I hope his teammates present him with a spot in the CL semi-finals as his gift. And that the Barca team doctors give him a clean bill of health very soon! <3

    • Gladys says:

      5 big thumbs up to that! (as in Puyi's #, not the controversial "manita"). I can't believe he's almost 33…what a bad*ss (tender-hearted) lion-maned god. It took me a while to love that hair but I think I'd cry now if it were gone.

      As for Carroll, all the fancy hair-cuts in the world aren't going to erase his a-hole-ness.

  25. frau dryer says:

    Never cut!

  26. Maxima Decima says:

    I think my problem of Andy Carroll’s hair is jealousy. As a girl I wonder why my hair is not as beautiful and flowing as his. Therefore he should cut it. And Fernando too. Fernando looks like he’s just to lazy to get it done. And I think we all agree about Puyol. Why is he even in this discussion?

  27. B&W says:

    Yes,yes kickette some of them ponnys need to meet a scissor, except for puyi!

  28. Americus Killaponius says:

    Andy, cut it. Nando, cut it (at least back to a stylish version of the same length or something). Sergio, keep it the length it is now, no longer no shorter. Puyi, leave the locks alone.

  29. Lotte says:

    Puyi? No way. Never. He's Captain Tarzan, the Beast, the Legend, the Hair!

    Andy? The funny thing is that I was just thinking about that (I'm watching a replay of Liverpool's fantastic game against Man C). And yes, yes I really think he would look good with short hair.

  30. tracy765 says:

    I'm sure lots of players think their long hair gives them Sampson-like powers, but I don't really care if they have it long or short (either can be smoking hot) so long as they manage it well during game time. Andy Carroll at least keeps it in a ponytail for games, so it isn't a distraction. Others (looking at you, Nando) just come off as ridiculous when you see them fussing with their headbands during a game.
    That said, if Puyol ever cut his hair, the Tarzan fantasies of a football fangirls and boys everywhere would go down in flames.

  31. Ariadne says:

    andy will look like johnny depp if he cuts his hair a bit… just a bit ok?

  32. hereforthenando says:

    Carles Puyol is perfect just the way he is, in all of his Tarzan glory. I wouldn't change a hair on his manly head.

    Andy Carroll, on the other hand… The ponytail needs to go. I'm sorry AC, but it just isn't doing it for me. I don't really have a problem with long hair, but when you can put it in a ponytail, enough is enough.