September 29th, 2010

The Sizzle Query: Your One & Only Baller Boy

Yeah okay. So we could be accused of ‘leading the witnesses’. But heaven preserve us, look at him! Look! Image via donadabola

Contrary to popular myth, we at Kickette do not sit around the office all day thinking up new and interesting ways to torture you, our delightful readers. No, we sit around the office all day snarking, sneaking slurps from the brown paper wrapped bottles we keep in our desk drawers and occasionally penning the odd short-tent related missive.

However, today is a very slow news day and we are tired. So to facilitate power napping, we decided to unleash the biggie. The ‘hit you between the eyes’, no prevarication, ‘is that your final answer?’ most agonising, painful, controversial question we could muster. Just so we can sit back and watch you agonise for the rest of the day.

We’re nice like that.

Right. Brace yourselves. Assuming that your life depended on it, which single player would you choose to commit your undying love, lust and everything in between to, spend the rest of your life and loins with and remain faithful to as long as you both shall live? And, of course, why?

Now, while you reel from that, let’s be clear. You cannot have two players. No hybrids, photoshopped freakery, get out clauses, pleading or attempted bribery.** This is one player. Forevah.

So whether your jonesing for Gerard Pique, needling for Nando, bonkers for Borriello or lusting for Lampsy, make your case. We’re waiting to judge you all.

And you love it.

**Unless you have access to club changing rooms or the freebie cupboard at Vogue. In which case, call us. Now.

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514 Responses to “The Sizzle Query: Your One & Only Baller Boy”

  1. Football_lover says:

    Who's picture is this??

  2. Laura says:

    MARCO BORRIELLO hands down. I can't imagine getting tired of him.
    He kicked off a major campaign at Ac Milan which is my team..
    He has a divine body, he is Italian (Something my parents would be proud of)
    And he is very talented.

    I would give anything to have him FOREVER!!!

  3. Madridista7 says:

    David Villa. When I saw him in the World Cup, I was rooting for Portugal but I fell in love with him in several minutes and learned to appreciate the beauty that is Spain, and even though I'm a Madridista, I watch Barca just for him
    a) Rocks a soul patch
    b) Has lovely hair that has the perfect amount of hair gel
    c) Beautiful eyes (most people love green or blue eyes like Llorente's or Lashes', but looking into his beautiful golden brown eyes makes my insides all mushy)
    d) Personality: he attends many charity events, sent personal support to Chilean miners' families, kids love him
    e) Can sing (btw, doesn't he look like the type to write poetry for you and give you breakfast in bed?)
    f) Doting, adorable father (Zaida and Olaya = ovary-bursting cuteness)
    g) Amazing goal scorer for club AND country (Raul, move over)
    h) I can meet his hot team-mates: Iker, Sergio, Fernando, Cesc, Xabi, Pique, etc.
    While everyone is crazy over Nando and The Ramos and Xabi and Iker, you'll always be MY favourite Spaniard, Dahveed! <3

  4. Isabella<333 says:

    oops, wrong link for Sergioo…
    there (:

  5. Isabella<333 says:

    Oh my. This is torturous..
    Fernando Jose Torres Sanz. He's just… Fernando Torres. The freckles, the great body, the adorable hair, the insane booty.. (:…

    Gerard Pique because he is so freakin lovely. Insane eyes, 6'3, hilarious, he tweets, him and Sex are just so adorable, he has a reallyyy sexy voice and he rocks that beard (: I could go on and on…..

    Sergio Ramos- Seriously the man is like sex on legs. He has an attitude, he looks fine as hell in those ridiculous clothes. His body is completely insane.. every time I get a glimpse, I wanna rip his clothes off with my teeth.. its frightening. And about the men holding kids thing, you were so right(of course)
    <img src="; border="0" alt="SERGIO RAMOS Pictures, Images and Photos"/>

    But Alvaro Morata has got me fallin' in love too… those eyes and that skin.. mmhm.

    but n the end, it's always Nando <3

  6. Harley says:

    I'm new to Kickette, so I'm late to the party here. However, this very cruel question just demands an answer.

    My answer will be very different than most others, but for me it has to be none other than Stuart Holden. There are many reasons why.

    First of all, the boy is just gorgeous. Great hair, beautiful eyes, a killer smile, and a body to die for. I normally don't really like blonds, but Stuart is the exception to that. His looks are a great combination of insanely hot and really adorable at the same time.

    On a deeper level, he seems to have one of the best personalities of any player I've seen. He is hilarious, and I love anyone who can make me laugh. There would certainly never be a dull moment with Stu around. He is also kind and charitable, which is nice in a world where the guys tend to get caught up in themselves. He adores his family, which is also a big bonus.

    He seems like one of the most genuine and down to earth guys out there. He's the type that you could bring home to meet your mom and she would love him too. He also happens to be talented, which doesn't hurt either.

    Overall, if I had to pick one player to be my one and only, it would have to be Stuart Holden without a doubt.


  8. cescica says:

    Cesc Fabregas forever <3 if i'd marry him there's no chance i would ever even look at anyone else! he looks great, fabulous, unbelievable <3 and he seems like a perfect guy!

  9. xabimyonelove says:


  10. Catie says:

    Bojan Krkic. Need I explain??

  11. MRS Z.GP says:

    it has to be pique !!!
    well i just fink he happens to be the sexiest man alive and were both born on da sme dayLOL
    he seems reli funny hes voice is fuckin sexyy hes got the most beautiful of blue eyes
    his smile makes me cringe and i cant keep my eyes off him on the pitch
    all i have to say to pique is
    SEXY CAN I???????

    • Nando y Geri 4ever says:

      not the only one Mrs. Z.GP, not the only one :D whenever i watch a barca or spain game, i am ALWAYS focused on where Geri is and what he's doing…..the man is just perfect with his eyes, hair, smile, voice, and (of course) abs :D

  12. Tania says:

    I really want to visit that faraway land of yours..:!!

  13. MRS Z.GP says:

    it has to be PIQUE i request that he shud be on the finest five list next to sex fabregas!!!!!

  14. Lamps. Classic good looks and just enough imperfection to keep me interested forever.

  15. luhv&lust_4 Ramos says:

    it has to be and always will be THE Ramos! He's everything and more that I'm having a hard time for words… He's the perfect mix of "the good" and "the bad boy". He knows how to have fun. He's very much grounded. He's family oriented. He's great with his friends. He's affectionate. He's not afraid to take risks as seen on the pitch and off the pitch (perfect example-his wardrobe). LuhV those tattoos! Bet he has some great hair products too that maybe we could share! hahah ;p He dances flamenco. He sings-for me it always sounds great! He's sooooooooo DAMN HOT that I imagine we'll always be on fire! the list could go on and on and on and on…..

    So for THE ONE and ONLY Sergio Ramos Garcia I choose to commit MY undying LOVE, lust and everything in between, to spend the rest of my life and loins and remain faithful to you as long as we both shall live. I DO! ;) :):D

  16. Olivier Giroud. He's hot. He's french. He can feed you eclairs in bed after a long shag session. Nuff' said.

  17. CFCFanVI says:

    For me it has to be John Terry – he's the #26 on my Chelsea Shirt! He's signed my ball cap – yes I have been that close to him! Why? his strength of character – a real Captain – and he's Chelsea through and through. Oh, and I think he's very cute!

  18. piquetorresvilla says:


    he is beautiful on the inside and outside :)

  19. JaM says:

    Oh yes please!

  20. mrscesc says:

    one and only? it's easy hmm
    Cesc Fabregas, no doubt! he's so cute and cute and cute :)

  21. evelina says:


  22. acanarinha says:

    This is a very cruel question but alas it had to be asked right. After much deliberation of whether I couldn't live without Cesc's dorkiness or Vermaelen's Robocop Pale sexiness, I have come to the conclusion that I can live without either and my one and only baller is Robin van Persie. First of all, he's tall and I'm tall. Second, his children are adorable! which is automatically a +50 here. Third, his parents are artists and he himself is not bad either and that is just plain sexy: Football + Art = SEXY! And although he does tend to get quite a bit of injuries, that just means more time at home. Also, has anyone else noticed that he is becoming a bit grey in the hair…AND IS STILL GORGEOUS! so that means the longevity factor is there…So it's really a win win win win for everyone…but mostly me cause he's beautiful.

  23. Sara T says:

    Fernando Torres without doubt. Sometimes I catch myself staring at other people while thinking ”turn into Nando, turn into Nando, c'mon turn into Nando, why aren’t you turning into Nando?!” xD
    He is too gorgeous for words.

  24. Andy says:

    Yoann Gourcuff !!!!! Do I have to explain???

  25. BlackRose says:

    Gerard Piqué. And get off yer dirty, manicured hands off him, you beetches!

  26. bri_saldana says:

    OK so…I have serious commitments to several players…for instance right now I'm walking around with a deep seeded apprehension/saddness and I can't figure out why. But if I'm honest with myself I'm actually bleeding for Nando! I HATE his club and playing situation. AND Sergio, Xabi, Cesc…etc (SPANISH NAT'L TEAM). Carlos & Timmy w/USMNT. I follow their news/pics/matches religiously! (My DVR is a ridiculous mess). But alas the one true lust/love…PIQUE takes the cake! This tall glass of water has clear blue eyes and pink luscious lips w/a beard that compliments his sizzle. Funny…no actually a little crazy (the…likes to get krunk crazy) and most of all he's so damned HARDCORE! I love a man who's a beast on the pitch…mmmnn makes me wonder where else???

  27. rainbow84uk says:

    Never one to go for the obvious, I have to choose my idol Carles Puyol. I LOVE him…I know it's kinda wrong, but there's just something about his unique combo of hard-ass defensive skills, chiselled-granite body, mad Tarzan hair, love of Pilates and sushi and his sweet, small-town-boy shyness. Plus I could listen to him talking Catalan in his funny Lleida accent forever! Everyone else is welcome to Iker, Pique, Xabi and Villa, if I can just have Puyi to keep! XD

  28. BBsmalls says:

    Thierry Henry forever. That man's gaze makes me forget my name. I would love for him to whisper French sweet nothings into my ear.

  29. Lou says:

    Ok- I'm wayyyyy late to this conversation, but I feel obligated to share to the world. ;) And -drum roll please- it's Kaka! O.o
    You don't know how difficult this was- I was so torn by my love for Nando and Pique as well! D: Nando's sooo innocently sexy and sweet. He's someone I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with. :) Pique's freakishly beyond sex on a stick, and has the exact kind of personality I'm most attracted to. We'd have so much fun as he seems like a real prankster, all fun-loving and free.
    But Kaka's just so perfect for me, I can't even explain it. I mean, he's a devout Catholic. O.o His favorite type of music is gospel, his fave book is the Bible, and he'd be a priest if not a soccer player, and I'm atheist… Yeah, it doesn't make sense. But then there's his freakishly beautiful smile and his easy going, happy-go-lucky personality. He would respect me and treat me well. He's such an honest person too. And the best part? Look at Luca! We'd make beautiful babies. XP

  30. DRAEEE says:

    Nemanja Vidic.
    Without a doubt. He has got it all. He's just gorgeous, he's an amazing player. He plays for my favourite football club. He's a proper hardman on the pitch who takes no prisoners, and yet off the pitch he's just one big cuddly bear! He's just the perfect man. I love him, far too much.

  31. Dame Suzy says:

    Here’s the thing. I’ve had considerable experience with Spanish and Italian tools. And hands down American tools are prettier and don’t point in inhuman positions that make me go, “Really?” This means that I’m not going to try before I buy; I don’t know what’s in those shorts. And Latin loving especially at those younger ages is hindered by the fact that they’ve learned to be silent and quick having to stay at home with Mom and Dad for so many years – into their late 20’s, sweethearts.

    A completely separate point, I would rather NEVER sleep with any footballer than have to marry one and stick with him for the rest of his life. Having to listen to him pine about his glory days into his 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s? Their glory days are short, ladies. Mine I intend to be very long if not less spectacular. Of course, I wouldn't mind sleeping with several footballers, even two at a time. If one's bad, you've got back-up.

  32. Miss Tash says:

    Iker, Iker, Iker…
    I love how he cries. I love how he seems kind of shy sometimes. I love his superstitious touch the goal post thing (I do things like that). I love when he bosses his team around. I love how he is just 1000% KING OF THE WORLD THANKS but carries it so graciously. I love how he puts the media in its place. I love his daft outfits (perfect, but not intimidatingly so). I love his beautiful face and how he goes out with classy girls (notwithstanding the unbearable goody-two-shoesness of The Sauce). I love his beard and want it back! I love how he looks just like Daddy Casilas.

    Iker is a god among men and a colossus in the world of football and my heart. And now for a little Iker-esque tear-up…

  33. Taskeen says:

    Hells yes I would pledge myself to my hot and hilarious Gerard for all eternity without hesitation!

  34. ZoeLeite says:

    I didn't read all the comments but I have a feeling there isn't a lot of Kaka love going around.

    Why Ricardo? Because he is perfection personified. On the field, off the field, as a husband, as a dad.

    He is so perfect he pisses excellence.

    To creep you out even more if I were married to him I would do "unholy things" and get my "punishment" after little Luca is asleep ;D

  35. ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

    i pick the one and only cesc fabregas!
    there is just something about him, his fabulousness with the glorious geri pique, or he fact that he doesnt know that he is so good looking, or his humbleness, or his, his EVERYTHING!!

    kickette, that was very hard. i had to pick between the entire spanisn team. (but really , i love them all)

  36. Alisha says:

    Cesc Fabregas, if it wasn't for him I would have never found Arsenal, I owe him so much, i've been in love with him for 7 years now and long may it continue! James McCarthy of Wigan, Bojan and Fernando Torres are close runners up but nobody could ever compete with Cesc in my eyes <3

  37. Ofeily9 says:

    It's so hard to choose.. Emmm.. I could say Fernando Torres 'cause he is my first love, sonce 2006.
    But there's AARON RAMSEY. He's MY LOVE. He makes me dream, And I can say, IM IN LOVE WITH HIM, and expecting to see him one day, then we will fall in love and have many children who will be pretty.

  38. Steph says:

    Yoann Gourcuff without a doubt!! Just look at him here—>…

  39. Sake-chan says:

    *sighs dramatically*
    Jeesh, that's THE question! And I wish I could put Sergio Ramos, Fernando Torres, Iker Casillas, Thomas Müller and Sergio Canales in a mixer and get THE man, that would be THE answer to THE question.
    Anyhow, as this is not possible, I will make it quick and painless:
    El Ramos. Easy as that.
    Coz he's perfect.…

  40. MrsFigo says:

    Luis Figo <3
    I have loved him for like ever now, he is my idol, my gorgeous babyyyyyy xxxx and our birthdays are only a few days apart, we are just meant to be, mwahhhh xXx
    By far the seixiest player of all ;)
    Ti amoooooooooo Luis <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  41. elylovesfootball says:

    RVP for sure! the man of my dreams
    In my eyes Robin is just so perfect he can't be real, i have a lot of reasons to say him:
    the smile, the eyes, his talent, his adorable family (yeah i would like to have him all for myself but at the same time i adore his family), his funny expressions, how sexy he is , he plays for my fave epl team, his bromances with a lot of people ;) his butt, how adorable he can be sometimes but also a bitch some other times, his hair (everytime i see it it makes me want to pass my hand in his hair)
    As you can see my reasons to say RVP are really good ;)

  42. Kristiana Senna says:

    Tom Mueller…mwahahaha :) didn't see that coming, right? Well, I can't say any of the Spaniards would be my one and only 'cause, ehem, let's just say that I'm a Germany fan :) I don't really know why it's him though; it just hit me ;) Thomas really was there from 2009 'till present :) Golden Boot :)

  43. littlegirl says:

    girls, i think we are too much for one only Torres…i'm ready to start the fight. :)

  44. Dru says:

    Hahaha, yeah- I'd be a little scared of that temper, but it'd still be sweet considering he REALLY doesn't like anyone insulting women, particularly women in his family (see: World Cup 2006 final headbutt)

  45. Nahenahe says:

    I have been thinking about this all day and all night and only one name, face and body comes to this mind. BENNY FEILHABER! He is my Forever!

  46. senora ramos says:

    lol! you are my sister from another mother with those choices!!!

  47. Lymari says:

    Mario Gómez. Those eyes…

  48. jtango says:

    It was Crouchy, but after his recent shenanigans and Iker's WC tears, I will "settle" for being Mrs. Casillas.

  49. Rusty (Mrs Fritz) says:

    Even though I'm now the Deutsche Nationalmannschaft's unofficial cougar right now, I'm still going with Clemens Fritz. He's got a great body, he's got freckles, he's incredibly pretty, and there are other reasons that I just can't go into ;)

  50. Laura says:

    I'm the weirdo… Van Der Sar… For reals. And to top it all off, he laughed when I asked him, "So, since you're Dutch you obviously love windmills, mayonnaise on chips and hardcore pornography?" sigh…

  51. Ines says:

    uhhh piqueee!! hes so hot, hes tall, hes handsome, he makes commercials licking chocolate….. mmmm….. hes just…. amazing!

  52. mimi says:

    Nando 4-ever! <3

  53. Maya says:

    Iker for sure:
    1) Gorgeous smile, jawline and a really wonderful face overall.
    2) Down to earth.
    3) Seeing him around kids makes my heart melt, he is going to be an amazing dad.
    4) Adorkable fashion sense. And when he dresses well or suits up, its like watching the most beautiful sunshine.
    5) Doesn't trash talk rivals, friendly with his teammates AND CAPTAIN of Real Madrid ( my club) and the current World and European Champions.
    6) Seems like a pretty affectionate boyfriend…… lucky pasta sauce.
    7) My love for him started from 2002 so its been a while and he is still my favorite. 8) I have a thing for goalkeepers especially when they get all angry.

    I could go on but simply : I JUST LOVE HIM!

    • Dru says:

      My love for him started with that ridiculous match against S. Korea, he's grown up so much since! (I say this even though I'm younger than him, haha)

      Agreed on EVERYTHING, but especially the adorkability and the affection, as well as his ovary-busting potential when he's in the presence of children. And YAY I've found someone who shares my goalkeeper love (started with Fabien Barthez, all the way to Oliver Kahn and the torch came to rest on Iker in 2002)

  54. SylviaC1 says:

    Sergio Aguero..! ^^ his cute baby boy Benjamin is the cutest baby ever..!! I think i love Benjamin more than his sexy daddy..!

  55. Nicole H says:

    Give me my Boca Muffin any day of the week.
    and by any day I mean every day.
    3 times a day, perhaps?
    Greedy … yes.
    I know.
    Not ashamed :-D

  56. Swedie says:

    Yoann Gourcuff, cause he reminds me of the first man I fell in love with, and could never have (no, it wasn't even a celebrity). Yes, he's beautiful, but the attraction lies in his personality and the way he lives his life. He's SHY. He's a nice guy. Do you know how hard it is to find a nice guy when they're that famous, successful, and good-looking?!

  57. Anamaria says:

    Ok….after syncing all comments I have to say I love all of them… let's to the countdown for me…

    5. Cicinho…..The man was my first football love….I adore him, and his baby boy Heitor…
    4. Marco Borriello…..ummmmm *yummy*. One word for him => ITALIAN
    3. Yoann Gourcuff…and as you all know….he's adorable, cute Lashes
    2. Miguel Veloso…. my portuguese lover…..he's hot and funny:X

    But my final choice, and without doubt is:

    1. SERGIO RAMOS…..and though I love his hair, eyes, nose, lips ( =p~ ) arms, chest, butt, legs, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIS HANDS… * I have something for a man's hands *. Let's not go into his personality, we all know how good he is with kids, not only daniela, but the kids with disabilities too.

    I could see myself married with Sergio 8-> let's just pray I'll find a guy as good as him……

  58. Lynx says:

    Michael Ballack!

    Tall- I need someone who can tower over me.
    Well-built- he's got amazing hip dips and it's a joy to see him run… when he can.
    He's injured often, which means I get to F^%$ him silly at home :D
    Not to mention he's the kind to commit to you and not stray or cheat on you with some bimbo. Sigh <3

  59. Anon says:

    Okay, I'm having serious trouble deciding, and can't believe one of the guys hasn't even been mentioned yet. Lukas Podolski is truly adorable, but tbh, I think I'd have to go with….Jamie Carragher! I know, I'm one of the few, but I can't help myself. He seems like a total man's man, no-nonsense, no real fashion disasters to avert for him, and I love that he comes off like such a private guy–not always searching for the spotlight. Plus, I'd be lying if I didn't admit I kind of find his temper hot. I have a hot temper, so does he, I can forsee some really pleasant ways to make up :)

  60. I would blab on about my lust for him, but I’m scared he might read this.
    So I’m playing it cool…. ;)

  61. Need you ask?
    Niko Kranjćar.
    I love him, he knows that and he loves me.
    Follow me on twitter for some serious sexy footballer talk… i’m getting a bit of withdrawel lolll….

  62. MrsNesta says:

    Ooh almost missed this one :)

    Well it has to be my husband ………. <3 Alessandro Nesta <3 :) . Apart from being one of the most talented footballers of his generation (in the world) he is just lush and kind and shy (he said he was embarassed by all the attention and he didn't really know what to do). He should've definitely married me instead, haven't quite forgiven him for falling on love at first sight with someone other than ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    And because of this I have had to have some back-up plans and it goes a little something like this:

    Iker, Cannavaro, Borriello, DDR, Alonso, Gourcuff, Ramos, Pirlo, Pique, Albiol, Cesc, Henry, Buffon, Toni, Llorente, Navas, Bocanegra, Roberto Carlos, Kaka, Guti, Thomas Mueller, Mario Gomez, Rene Adler, Pires, Marchisio, Totti and may add some more later LOL :)

    Also if had to choose one manager for life, well there's only one for me …….. Arsene Wenger xxxxxxx

    • MrsNesta says:

      adding from my catalogue men Vermaelen and Aaron and ok RVP as he looks well hot in the photo.

    • Alvedon says:

      I definately cried a little when Alessandro got married.

    • senora ramos says:

      lol! you got here way before me!!! and as if there could be anyone besides nesta for you!lol

      • MrsNesta says:

        Haha and I wonder who you have chosen …….Hmmmmm, does he play for RM?, does he own a pair of green jeans? does he have lush hair (short or long)? Think you have to choose your husband as well LOL

    • ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

      you know, i thought that mrs nesta was a shorter way of saying mrs iniesta!i am terribly sorry!woo boy ,i was waay off!

  63. blah_blah says:

    i know… I totally agree, I can't chose so I'm just liking the ones I would pick ;) very cruel the kickette ladies (and men?) are. Surely a finest five of our own wouldn't hurt too much hmmm? :D

  64. Nausicaa says:

    V. surprised no one's mentioned Diego Forlan yet- the man sounds like such a sweetie, apparently he took up football on a pro level after making a promise to his sister (who'd been paralysed in a car accident) that he'd make sure he earned enough money to support her and keep her comfortable. I wanted to wipe away a few tears on hearing that- who WOULDN"T want to spend the rest of their lives with someone who loves their family this much?

    (and on a superficial level, he looks like a manly blond god, the only reason I can find for arguing against him is that I'd probably faint at least once a day from being next to that hotness)

  65. CuppyCake says:

    Easy one, I'm going for Berba, he's not just a pretty face (and my god he's got the most amazing blue eyes!) but he's also pretty intelligent, creative and down-to-earth which is so endearing :D

  66. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Well i thought i would wait this one out like the coward i am, but what the hell. Here´s how i´ve been thinking. There is so many amazing footballers out there, and soo many cute (Jesus Navas), sexy (Zlatan), adorable (Xavi) ones. But if you´re talking "for better or for worse" and happy-ever-after i have to go for someone i don´t think have been mentioned here yet. And i think some of those who has gotten to know me through my somewhat confused comments on this blog will be surprised.

    Here it comes: Andres Iniesta!

    And here are my reasons:
    1. He´s got a sweet personality
    2. He´s cool
    3. He´s intelligent (very important)
    4. And we like the same things: Wine, chocolate, books (even the same ones) and music. We would have a great time!
    Plus he´s a hero!!

  67. Niki says:

    There's just something about Mesut Ozil, I can't put my finger on it. He's not the most beautiful in a conventional way, but he draws me like a moth to a flame. My pick right now for sure.

  68. Adair says:

    No question. Bebe Yoann all the way.

  69. yelena says:

    yes! xavi it is!! nice one blitzen, couldnt have said it better!

  70. YouNeverWalkAlone says:

    I'm going to say this to you: NONE of you are going to know who I'm talking about, but if I had to pick one, it would be Alvaro Morata. Forever.…

    Okay, so maybe he's only a canterano of Real Madrid. But I fell in love with him from the first time I saw him, and this is why:
    1) He's absolutely adorable. Totally, completely, adorable
    2) He's only 18, which puts him a lot closer to me in age, not like my other love, Joan Capdevila (I can hear girls going ewwww already), who is literally like one year short of being twice my age
    3) He's not famous (yet) so we wouldnt have to deal with all the difficulties that fame brings.
    4) No competition whatsoever

    And a shoutout to all the other girls who chose 'ballers that aren't as famous!

    • Dru says:

      Oh, Real's got some hidden cuties in the ranks all right. I was just thinking it's high time Kickette does a post on Sergio Canales who's just joined the A team of Real, he's a touch young for my taste but so cute, I can't imagine spending time around him doing anything other than pinching his cheeks and cooing over his babyface.

      Alvaro is adorable though. I'd pinch his cheeks too, even if my final answer to the question will always be Fernando Torres :)

  71. YouNeverWalkAlone says:

    "I'd Never Walk Alone if I had Nando. " lol. Best. Comment. Ever.

  72. Lisa says:

    i wouldnt have watched football or rooted for spain if it werent for cesc :D He's the only one for me

  73. cescyspain says:

    there's no one but cesc for me. I didnt think it was possible for me to love him any more but ever since he got twitter and started tweeting those pics i cant but adore him even more <3

    • LosAngeleno says:

      Though I didn't choose Cesc, I have to admit that his is pretty much the only Twitter feed I regularly read. It completely brightens my day. So I'll take him as my wacky next-door neighbor. I'll come by with cupcakes for you guys.

  74. D.J says:

    CESC! I LOVE HIM <3<3

  75. canederli says:

    Oh, you're not the only one – he's my pick too! :-) Love him!

  76. DJ says:

    CESC! not only is he incredibly cute but i love his personality and now because of his twitter i love him more than ever, i didnt think that was possible <3

  77. canederli says:

    There's so many foxy guys out there (Iker, Sergio Ramos, etc.) it is hard to choose but if I'm finally settling down, I have to pick Mesut Ozil. I think he's cute and hot in an atypical way that's just going to get even sexier as he gets older. Also, there's something very sweet and shy about him. He's a chess playing dork and that's just how I like 'em. ;-) And when he gets on the field? Whoo, boy. That's a thing of beauty.

  78. MadameGourcuff says:

    yoann, sergio ramos, iker, llorente and most of the spanish team.

  79. Einah says:

    Daveeed Viyaa. No on else

    He's the Spanish goal machine
    He's humble
    He's all for social responsibility and education. I am too ;P
    He's a great daddy (I believe)
    He's a faithful husband (I believe)

    He's not a media whore
    He can be funny but most of the time he's INTENSELY MYSTERIOUS


    That hidden fire tells me happy sexy times wohooo!!!

  80. DutchGooner89 says:

    after a full 24 hours deliberation i have come to th conclusion of going for MR PERFECT ROQUE SANTA CRUZ…hes the THE perfect man! beautiful smile, beautiful face, beautiful personality. Love you BOO

    Hes closely followed by Robin van Persie he is my veryy own CHOCOLATE legs.>>>Love you boo!

  81. Lustin' In the USA says:

    OMG this was so, so hard.
    Well…Ballack made me love football, Boriello makes me lust football, Diego Ribas makes me want babies that look like him, Pique makes me want to kidnap him and have him for my own…..but in the end after much, much deliberation, a bottle of wine (or two) a lot of lustful fantasies, and one (or five) cold showers, I had to narrow it down…and in the end I chose none of the ones mentioned above.
    In the end I had to go French :) and so I will say Cedric Carrasso.
    Because he can't help smiling in the Bordeaux press conferences, and that crooked smile makes me want things that are illegal in a lot of places, he's smart, he's funny, he understand things like food and fashion and overindulging and diets, he has a fantastic bum, great hands (so important right?), he loves fast cars, uhhh did I mention he's French? I could listen to him read the phone book and it would make me want him.
    So there.
    Whew! I have to go have another cold shower now…right after I watch some videos of him :)

  82. vanessa says:

    It was easy for me…. it's Lashes pants down (hehehe did u like my pun on hands down, jeez im a dork) :) .

  83. ubermunster says:

    David Villa, hands down. The man cannot only strike beautiful goals, he also sings:

    What more can a girl want? Oh, maybe an older Jack Wilshere. :-)

  84. Alvedon says:

    I have loved Alessandro Nesta since I was 13 but now I'm leaning more towards Pique….
    I'm sorry Sandro, but you're too serious and shy. A girl needs some excitement in her life!!
    Sometimes tho……I have dirty, dirty, unmentionable thoughts about one Sergio Ramos.
    I have more benign thought about Cesc Fabregas but they are no less unmentionable.
    Basically I'm just a big ho, I ain't gonna lie, I wouldn't turn down any of the Spanish NT except maybe Iniesta…

    • littlegirl says:

      why we all love a different footballer, but is always Sergio Ramos to…"inspire" us?

      • Alvedon says:

        LOL…it's that dirty grin he wears all the time…
        Or his love for walking around half-naked.
        Or his just general sexiness…yes the last one.

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      Hey, you're not the only one who would take anyone on the Spanish NT!! I'll talk any…and All!…of them!

      @littlegirl: Nooo kidding!

  85. saraloha says:

    ah, kickette, this is so easy:
    Xabi Alonso, by a thousand miles.
    Hate him to bits for leaving us (this will haunt me until my very end) but he's just the most perfect man i've ever set eyes on. Yes… not just footballer… human being in general.
    Couldn't name enough reasons why this is true so i wont even start :)

  86. schokoboks says:

    Long ago, you posted a picture of Gaby Heinze. He was my number one well before that glorious day, but that sealed the deal. He's an oldie, but a goodie. Ferocious on the field and – I'm certain – elsewhere……

    I realize his thighs may not be as strong anymore, but – for me – he is still it.

  87. arsenalgirl says:

    ah that's easy: Yoann Gourcuff!! He's gorgeous, those lashes, those eyes, his smile, his body….for me he's perfection :) Down to earth, sexy accent, polite, humble. Yoann 4ever!

  88. cherryboomboom says:

    Hatem Ben Arfa :D

  89. LosAngeleno says:

    Thanks so much for this, Kickette. All the hilarious comments have really made my day. I especially love all the Ramos fans. If I had my way, he'd share himself with all of you. But as for my choice…

    in the real world, my taste runs somewhere between large-nosed, sunken eyed, robotic Eastern Europeans (Vidic? Berba?) and clean-cut California surfer boys (Boca?). But perhaps it's age, or just the need to be protected against harsh weather, knife fights, or some sort of coming apocalypse…

    because I'd go with the winner of a gladiatorial wrestling match between Diego Perez and Carles Puyol. Both are super hot and manly, amazingly talented and aggressive on the pitch, and highly respected (not so sure about other women/gay men, but straight guys the world over would be high-five-ing me in public wherever we went). They also seem genuinely nice, down-to-earth and intelligent. The downsides: Perez is already a committed family man, while Puyol needs some serious fashion help (I'm also not a huge fan of all those random tattoos). I also fear that in a fight, Puyol's hair might be a distinct disadvantage. On the other hand, if it took place on a floating ice chunk off Antarctica, he’d have it in the bag.

  90. caitlin says:

    My first footie love was Francesco Totti (a little while ago), but now it would have to be Nando (sorry Totti!).
    For all the reasons mentioned previously…unbelievably gorgeous, yet cute; down to earth; devoted to his wife and daughter; fantastic footballer and of course THE FRECKLES! Just one delish piece of man.
    Seems I have a thing for the initials F. T. :-D

  91. @amia_arsino says:

    it could only be Bojan. perverted and maybe not the smartest choice, but i'd stick by him forever, on and off the pitch.

  92. Ess-Jay says:

    This is horrific, ladies. ONE man? :( But it's too tough. Santa Cruz. Or Stevie. Or Alonso. Or Iker. Or Giggsie. Or all of them?! :D
    Ahhhhh…. Alright, alright. I think. I think, just because he's the cutest one, and my love for him is undying… I'd have to go Roque Santa Cruz. He's pretty much perfect. Yes, he doesn't have much game time (~sadface~) but he's adorable, and delicious and a good player and and and and yuuuuummmm! I'd sell both my kidneys for him. And my left leg.

  93. arwenevenstar says:

    I know alot of youse don't see him the way I do, but he is just gorgeous.

  94. anasofiaag says:

    Marco Borriello, perfect in every possible way. And in person he is even more goregous.

  95. isla says:

    pipita higuain *drool*
    those eyes, the accent
    & he possessesTHE best backside everrrrr :D

  96. sofia says:

    dear kickette,if our PCs explode..we'll put the blame on you…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-/

  97. tigerS says:

    Can I choose someone who is already retired?! Then I would say David Ginola ..simply the Sexiest Footballer EVER!

  98. loveu2much says:

    i love sergio ramos no man can come close to him in any sense. and its crazy there are some wonderfully sexy guys out there but the ramos is just that shining light in the darkness. as much as i tried to get over him i just cant there are just so many reasons to love him. i would marrry him in an instant (i think i might be the one to go on one knee) i might even ask him to marry me if i ever do meet him crazy or not. lotsalove to you sergio

  99. moomin says:

    Well it's a choice between 2 for me… Niko Kranjcar and Xabi Alonso. Both beautiful, gorgeous eyes, hair, teeth, thighs. killer accents and smiles to die for. Both classy men, loyal to their wives, no sleaze and have brains as well as looks. I could quite happily spend my days watching Mad Men with Xabi while stroking his ginger stubble. However I could also quite happily stroke Niko's hobo scruff beard too.. both well dressed. hmnn.. this is difficult.

    i am thinking ( deep breath) that perhaps Xabi just shades it as he shows his beautifully sculpted abs, short tents and chest fuzz off more happily and causes my ovaries to explode with his cute way with his kids nd pushing a pram. However, Niko dearest if you were to get your kit off more and be pictured looking adorable holding your mate Modric's baby then it would be draw and i'd have to toss a coin! i'd be perfectly happy either way i'm sure!

  100. J-Mi says:

    Piquechu ftw!! His eyes, his eyes…his lips, his lips…his height, his height…his laugh, his laugh…but most of all, his smile, his smile!! I myt just b developing an obsession, bt screw it, da man is made of giggles n deliciousness!! Even though NONE of my familymembers, frenz (esp. Guys) n otha weird humans c what I c in him, I wud totally cut a bish 2 get 2 him, lolz. Depending on my mood n d way my hair loox.

  101. Jamie-Leigh says:

    Marco Borriello!!!!!! this man is amazingly gorgeous and his body is hot hot hot! and he looks like the bad boy type which is sooo my thing :)

  102. J-Mi says:

    Piquechu!! Piquechu!! His eyes, his eyes…his smile, his smile…his lips, his lips…dear Gah, I even luv his beard n I h8 beards!! Sumtyms he is so dorkalishas d@ I burst out laughing n my WHOLE family n most of my frenz, esp guys, cant undastand my lusty luv 4 him, but I cnt help squealing evrytym d camera focuses on him during a game. N da way he is always smiling n being an all round gigglepuss=love!! I think I myt need therapy 4 my growing obsession wit GP3.

  103. @vinivia says:

    THREE languages!!! i'm learning catalan from him…

  104. orangerie says:

    C A R L E S P U Y O L
    for everything physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual that he can be
    TE AMO, PUYI!!

  105. Lashes says:

    Oh my.. I don't know which one I want to be so I can have that precious moment with Bojan/Henry! I settle for being in between them…

  106. @DebStimson says:

    This has to be near the top in the number of posts….7 pages?! See what you've started Kickette?! :D

    Some really brilliant comments here! Gotta go with Ramos and for all the reasons previously mentioned. :P

  107. twoshoes says:

    Yoann Gourcuff. Definitely. I don't need reasons, I just need him. :p Easy.

  108. anne says:

    It has to be Fabregas. Not just for the looks but for the great personality….Oh who am i kidding?have you seen that adorable smile?:X

  109. Marose says:

    I'm a married lady but I'd choose Fernando Torres. Oh yes, I have my Gerard Pique fantasies but Nando is the man!

    I love reading the comments here. Oh, the choices we have to make!

  110. natalya says:

    He inspired me to start playing football. All the exercise, being outside on the grass in sunlight, and connecting with people make me feel so much more alive. Fernando Torres foreva! :)

  111. S4Jill says:

    For me it will always be Sergio Ramos, he is perfection on and off the field, I don't see the lame dressing, I think he always looks amazing. His hair is getting good again but it's that face, body, hands…. even his feet are awesome and I'm very freaky about feet. I also think he's a genuine kind of guy, does his bit for family and charity. What more could you ask for.


  112. Femz17 says:

    Nando!!Love him.He is gorgeous and down to earth and he loves his fans. And the freckles…sigh!

  113. xbabyshakesx says:

    My first ultimate bias was Kaka but after watching and stalking many players Kaka has moved down the list a bit, though still in the top 4 ^^ I'm struggling between Nando, Cesc and Chicharito

    BUT i think i'll have to go with Cesc.

    Everything about Cesc is gorgeous and amazing. He just seems so dorky and silly yet serious and knows how to be a great captain. i love his accent, have you heard him say helicopter? ^__- just makes me want to hear him say my name in an angry Catalan accent kekeke

  114. popularmyth says:

    IF this is …
    a) about a committed and undying faithful-as-long-as-you-both-shall-live kind of choice and
    b) our own little fantasy world where we can pretend he's not already married …
    then I have to say Fernando Torres. As gorgeous as so many of these guys are, Nando seems like he's one of the few who actually would be faithful and nice to be with for the rest of your life. The others are more of a heat of the moment, temporary lust 'em and leave 'em kind of choice.

  115. cyd525 says:

    Alright. Here, I'm going to say it: Pepe Reina. I know, I know, I have had a thing (a seriously hot thing) for Steven Gerrard for years, but when push comes to shove (i love it when I talk dirty), I don't really like the man that much! I fancy the hell out of him, and would do things with him that would make a sailor blush, but I've read his autobiography, and I just don't like him. Pepe Reina, on the other hand, is hot as hot can be, bald (I LOVE bald), built like a brick sh*thouse, and seems to have a wonderful personality. True, I couldn't understand much of what he would say to me, but some things don't need words. My guess is that life with Pepe would be pretty sweet…and I can always have a fling with Stevie G…or Joe Hart…or Nando…

  116. serenalona says:

    Gerard Pique. Always. Yes, he’s a little dorky. Yes, he has questionable motives concerning Baby Bojan. Yes, his hair has a mind of it’s own. I love all of it. His sense of humor is ridiculously adorable. Plus his body is to die for (all that height HNNNGGGG) and those eyes. Those blue, blue eyes have kept me up at night more times than I want to admit.

  117. Maria! says:

    No one compares to Cristiano Ronaldo & Yoann Gourcuff =)

  118. Jen says:

    After the picture of Carlos Bocanegra, I was torn, and was only momentarily swayed. However, it will always be forever and ever my darling Fernando!!! Such a great guy, still so humble, gorgeous, a great dad, true to his woman(boohoo not me) and truly a great footballer!!!!

  119. emma says:

    I choose Nando in a heart beat. Everything about this man is perfect. He is adorably handsome. He has a down to earth demeanor and is so humble and greatful for everything in his life. The fact that is he is one of the best strikers in the world doesn't get to his head. I also admire loyalty in a man, and he has proven that time and time again. My perfect day would be spent outdoors with him, just being close. Then staying in at night and maybe watching a movie. He likes to keep a low profile and I definitely like that. I can see that he is a famil man and adores his wife and daughter, he's such a cute dad! His smile is beautiful and so is his body. Going to bed in his arms would make me the happiest woman alive… but for now he'll just continue to be in my dreams.

    This pretty much says it all


  120. SoMysterious says:

    I lust, I love, I daydream and dream at night of only one man: Marco Borriello. Not even for members of my favorite boyband(BSB Forever) have I ever felt so strongly about a man I do not know personally. I don't know what it is. I don't know how it is I feel this burning desire to be with this gorgeous man who isn't even aware of my exsistence let alone a loyalty to him. Tuesday night, even though on wednesday i had a calculus exam, I waited until 2a.m. to watch the Roma champions league match(that's the time it was going to air on the footballt channel) that ended at 4 a.m. I was so tired taking the exam but just to see him smile and take the field, and to be blessed enough to watch him score made it more than worth it. When i say I love Marco, I don't mean i love him like the average fan who sweats over his looks, I truly love the person he is from what I have been able to read/watch. I'm not on some fatal attraction sh*t, but I do feel this weird vibe/connection to him. I can honestly say that i would be fully content if I am only privelaged enough to be a fan and admirer from afar, but I would be lying if I said that I wouldn't be ecstatic to be even be a friend of his. I'm extremely happy to have found this site and people who feel the same way about the gorgeous Mr.Borriello. Thanks Kickette.

  121. @Lyandra says:

    This is just cruel, Kickettes. but I think if I had to, I'd probably pick Nando. I love him so much no ordinary mortak can ever match it! :)

  122. Sam says:

    Lol… exact same response except, result = Granero

  123. Says_Who says:

    After several minutes of careful deliberation and much wikipedia-based research, I would have to go with Owen Hargreaves. I don't care if he has a busted knee! He's very cute, has a super lush head of hair, and he's a fellow Canadian! Plus he's quite a private person for a professional baller, which I highly respect and admire.
    But is it possible for me to shrink Yoann, Aitor, and Cesc down to doll-size and carry them around with me?

  124. RomaLover says:

    Marco BORRIELLO is just a godsend for Roma.. :)
    and for my eyes.. ;p

  125. ILOVETORRES says:


  126. sarrible says:

    Carlos Bocanegra. Today, tomorrow, forever.

  127. Ariez says:

    Marco Borriello….THAT MAN IS PERFECTION!!!

  128. W G says:

    I'm loving ur RM choices! :)

  129. Anita says:

    OMG!!! kickette this is cruel!! =S but if had to choose just one it would be Kaka because he wasmy first love and he is a great player, husband, dad, man, but he is also cute and hot :) then
    2nd Cristiano Ronaldo
    3rd Fernando Torres
    4th Yoann Gourcuff

  130. Anita says:

    OMG!!! kickette this is cruel!! =S but if had to choose just one it would be Kaka he is a great player, husband, dad, man,notn he is cute and hot :)

  131. livealittle says:

    foreva-eva? then that would be one Fernando Jose Torres Sanz. hands down.

  132. Peggy says:

    Cesc. Cute, young, extraordinarily talented. Hes a leader, but he still has that adorable dorkiness and a great sense of humor. Pus, the boy is HOT. And he plays for Arsenal :)

  133. peachmargarita says:

    Of course the one and only Lashes – Yoann Gourcuff that is. I adore his French accent and his hair and his abs and his lashes…errr isn't that ob-vee-ooouuzzz?? And his voice is cute – it suits him, not like Becks' voice – Becks is godly gorgeous but once you hear him speaking with that strange girly voice you're just…can't stop thinking about that annoying bit each time you look at him again. Plus, I can teach Yoann to speak English and I adore living in Lyon!

  134. Nora says:

    I think I'm the first one on here saying this (either that or the site is still processing the angst of women (and men) everywhere having to narrow down their fantasy harem), but I would go with David Villa (with Xabi Alonso as a close second because he is the type of guy you can bring home to meet the parents).

    David wins because:
    1.) In the world of beautiful football Gods, he's not too over the top pretty, but has a rugged dark sexuality that is intriguing and I never tire of looking at. I would never feel not pretty enough next to him (like I would next to Sergio or Yoann), because I would be feminine beauty and he would be masculine.
    2.) His hair. How the hell can he play an entire game but keep his hair beautiful and make me want to run my fingers through while reciting love sonnets. I also want to run my fingers through it while doing other naughtier things.
    3.) His bitch face. I get kind of out there and weird, and need his bitch face to bring me back to earth. It would also be nice to scare away obnoxious people
    4.) His voice. I've always liked being with guys that can sing, but not musicians because they're flaky. Villa's voice is surprisingly pleasant.
    5.) His gentleness with his children. Ovary and Uterus explosion. I might not be able to have children with him because reproductive organs are gone. Exploded. Into nothing. Likewise, this is proof that David Villa is god because I often pray to God to end my pain during my period and I can't have a period without my ovaries and uterus. Thank you God/David

    There's more, but I want to keep this PG, because I would seriously get into the NC-17 mode.

    • Lilly says:

      I couldn't agree more

    • Einah says:

      I'm all for David too but I have to say – You rock the description, girl! :)

    • senora ramos says:

      lol! nora, if anyone deserves the lovely dahveeeed, it's you. lol!

    • suejvr7 says:

      I am 1000% with you. What I would do to have a little piece of him!

      Thank God for David Villa

    • suejvr7 says:

      I cant get enough about David! Please send all the info you have!!!!!!!

    • Nora says:

      Oh, I forgot to mention his humbleness (aka he's not a media whore) and his soul patch. I always have this rule about men not being able to have a soul patch unless they've killed someone. David Villa is the only exception to this rule. Although, he could say that he's killed someone and I'd believe him. I mean, he's exploded thousands of ovaries and made lesser men quake in their boots, so what's one tosser who probably burned to death in the inferno that is the god-like presence of David Villa? mmmm thinking of him sets parts of me on fire *drool*

  135. EM. says:

    So it's a toss up between Gourcuff and Adler. Yoann Gourcuff because – other than his French which melt me every single time without fail – I want in on that bromance with Chamakh :P Otherwise, it's Rene Adler. Although I do not understand a word of German (..yet..), whatever he does say sounds lovely. He also seems relatively intelligent and he's gorgeous.

  136. Jeri says:

    Wow, this is hard. I seriously considered Fernando Torres (that ass is very tempting…) and Pepe Reina (how much fun would HE be?) but if I can only pick one? Xabi Alonso. The more I learn about him, the more impossibly perfect he seems to be.
    Things I love about him: Obviously, he's gorgeous (and I'd forgotten how hot he is clean-shaven!) His voice is sexy beyond reason. And the way you can hear the smile in his voice? Kills me. He's ridiculously adorable with his kids. He's a city boy. He is perfection in a suit. His ideas of fun times conveniently correspond with mine – oh how I'd love to curl up on a couch and watch a Dexter marathon with him! He still clearly adores his old clubs (that loyalty is unbelievably endearing.) The way he seems to take care of everyone around him. I mean, what's not to like?

  137. Kata says:

    If forced to pick one, it will always have to be Nando for me, seeing as he is the one who brought out my full love of football (in the US, it isn't bred in). Of course, I cannot consider it in reality- his family is too adorable- but in an alternate universe…

  138. EternalDreamer says:

    Not an easy task. I'd like to select someone a bit less obvious, but often those boys don't get enough media attention to really know more about them than their stats and if I'm going to pick a man "forevah", I feel it can't just be 100% looks (99% is ok, right?)…after reading all of the arguments here, I'm going to have to line up for Iker. He seems very down to earth, sweet, passionate, a touch of crazy/quirky and definitely unquestionably hot (not just his bod, but also his gorgeous face – that jawline!). Honorable mention to Xavi and my lust of the moment Higuain (don't know how to accent on my computer :( ). Xavi after his self-deprecating and humorous "midget" comment and Higuain…well, Kickette and pics explain best:…

  139. Jfred says:

    Becks. I know, I know… But he is BECKS! Kickettes, may I remind you, the hair, the moves, the UNDERWEAR billboards.

  140. Jfred says:

    Becks. I know I know but he is. He just IS! c’mon kickettes

  141. Sarai says:

    Lampsy. Without hesitation.

  142. @canada2uk says:

    If I could only have ONE forever it would be, without a doubt, John Terry. As hard as it would be to never fangirl over Frank Lampard again, I couldn't live without my JT fandom.

    He's tough. He's persistent. He's daring. He's a leader. He's a Chelsea legend. He's a man's man. He's naughty. He's often surprisingly soft-spoken. He's oh. so. sexy.

    John Terry, all the way.

  143. Widget55 says:

    For me, right now, I choose Steve Cherundolo. I know I’m in the minority and I do love the Spaniards (Nando is a close second.)  Why, you might ask (and probably who?) but his smile is so great with his dimples. My heart goes all crazy  for his smile  And he’s sweet and loyal (been with (Hannover 96 for 10 yrs!). And he combines the two things that I am – American and German.  (he learned the language fluently!) He’s perfect, small, my age and I bet he’d be a great husband and father.  So there’s my pick and good night!

  144. Winnie Mata says:

    Sergio Ramos, of course.

    i will admit, i've become quite smitten by the hotness that is Joe Hart over the last couple of months, but the truth is, Sergio is one of the first 'ballers i've actually crushed on for something other than his looks. he has a great personality! he's friendly, funny, and approachable, and his skill-level is undeniable.

    my disappointment in him ran deep since he got his haircut i will admit.
    but i love him nonetheless, my torches have not burned as bright for any other (except my boyfriend of course, hehe!) and besides! hair grows back! he'll be back to his gorgeous sultry, head-band wearing, slicked hair flipping self in no time!

    (p.s. sorry Joe Hart, but if it makes you feel better, you're still #1. on my list!)

    • Lala says:

      you took the words right out of my mouth! I was going back and forth…The Ramos or Joe. But I think you are right, although if you are picking Sergio I can take one for the team and choose Joe ; )

      • xoWinnie says:

        oops, last sentence i meant 1.5! but seriously, he is gorgeous!

        they both are!! it's so damn difficult!

        Kickette,can't we just pick one baller per position? :(

  145. Mrs. Torres says:

    I will forever and always stand by my beautiful, breathtaking piece of beauty that is Fernando Torres. The only reason why I support Liverpool FC is to somehow, maybe through magic to connect to my Nando and let him know that I am with him forever and always.
    1) He's so sexy
    2) Super cute accent
    3) Such a sincere and honest cutie patootie
    4) Amazing body
    5) Amazing football player! (When he's not recovering from injury)

    You have my back, mi bello Fernando. I LOVE YOU

    • Dru says:

      Also, reason
      6) completely adorkable!!! I mean, I've been going all over Kickette today spreading the news of Nando's love for wikipedia far and wide- how is anyone supposed to resist a footballer who's also a nerd?

  146. adrianamo819 says:

    I can't believe nobody's mentioned him yet….


    I mean, really. He's smart, funny, speaks every language under the sun, has great potential for a career when he retires from football, and, oh, sweet Jesus am I a sucker for his dimples. <3


  147. Colleen Fabregas says:

    I'd say it comes down to three. Rafa Marquez and Cesc and Messi.

    Rafa: He's Mexican, plays for the national team, that would make my family incredibly happy. He's smart, tall, disgustingly handsome and he at least used to play for barca. Now he's in NYC so i could spend more time with him cause we're so close. Down Side: There would be a bit of a language barrier, my spanish isn't too good, his english isn't too good. Oh well, i'd survive

    Cesc: Cesc, my god. Where do you even start? He's beautiful, language wouldn't be an issue, he plays for arsenal, he was trained in Barcelona, there's a significant chance he'll come back to barca, he's badass, and he loves doughnuts! He looks like he could be rough, and god knows i'd appreciate that. Also, I love the last name Fabregas and i think it fits oddly well with my name. Colleen Fabregas.

    Overall, my one and only would have to be cesc. Everything fits together so well. We would have lots of babies have Krispy Kreme Doughnut Discos in our spare time. We would grow old together wonderfully. Oh, it would be beautiful

  148. Erin says:

    I love Xabi Alonso. In spite of the fact that he broke my heart by leaving LFC, I still love him. The man is pure class.

  149. Liz says:

    Definitely Marco Borriello.

    But if that didn't work out…. Ramos, M. Torres or Higuaín.

    Beggars can't be choosers!


  150. Bridget says:

    Michael Owen, now and forever <3 He's faithful, he's cute, he's been my footballer crush since we were both 18.

  151. Joy says:

    No contest Aitor Ocio!!!!! I need my Latin love

  152. Nandoland says:

    Fernando Jose Torres Sanz.
    You have the millions of freckles, not only on his face, but all over his chiseled body. You have that sweet smirk that always seems to creep up on his face. You have that short, sexed-up brown hair. Those chocolate-brown eyes. That beautifully structured jaw. Did I already mention his chiseled body? And dat ass, of course.
    But underneath his boyish features, Fernando is all man, and a sweet one at that. He’s got a brain on him, or he wouldn’t be so bloody talented. He’s loyal to his teams, his friends, and the people he loves. He respects women in the most refreshing way, and he’s great with kids. And that bitchface would look great in my bed.
    Not to mention dat ass.

  153. Tee1025 says:

    I refrained all day from responding but I find my inner-fangirl won't be silenced any longer and I need to get it off my chest. Francesco Totti makes me want to do all sorts of wicked things to him, some of which I'm sure are probably illegal in some countries. Aside from the fact that he plays for my team and is a club legend, he seems like a devoted father and husband which I find incredibly sexy (not that all those many pictures of him mostly naked don't add to his sex appeal for me ;) as does that gladiator tat of his which I find ridiculously hot) . So yes, I'll take one Totti to go, grazie!

    Honorable mentions must go to Canna and Becks.

  154. Emme says:

    the above picture is Marco Boriello if that was the pic you are referring to. He is on loan to Roma from AC Milan this year (I think)

  155. Therese says:


    1. HIS SMILE! That's really it.

    2. when he gets mad–so sexy
    3. leadership/maturity
    4. bad ass goalkeeping
    5. not too waxed or blinged

    • Tania says:

      Yessss! Even though I choose The Ramos, one of the things I love about Iker is that he sports no tattoos or bling of any kind. He's just so the really-hot-milionaire-guy-next-door…

  156. Sani Sunshine says:

    For old times' sake, and because he is the reason I got into football in the first place : Alan Shearer. England's best ever striker, incredibly fit, very cute, fantastic personality. A legend.

    Out of the ones who are still active : I've developed a huge crush on that lovely Lion Kingn Llorente in his whole adorable massiveness. That man just gets me, he's mighty and handsome, and warm and sweet… I could go on for ages.

    Honorable mentions for Raul, Bergkamp and Klinsmann (ancient, I know :D )

  157. Ms Emma Krkic Perez says:

    BOJAN <3
    1. He is close to my age. He is only 20.
    2. His bromance with Pique is freaking ADORABLE.
    4. The way he sticks his tongue out while doing interviews.
    5. HE IS SO TINY!! :s
    The list goes on, but I'm still trying to get over BARCA'S 1-1 DRAW WITH RUBIN!!!!

  158. Sarai_01 says:

    Without a doubt the amazing Cesc Fábregas takes my heart!! Absolutely adorkable!!!

  159. Gerard Pique hands all the way down <3

    • D0li says:

      Yes I love him <3 but since he is in a relationship, I gues I can look at other guys.

      • @meljustfell says:

        thats the beauty about fantasies.
        they always leave their girlfriends for us
        and its romantic and amazing
        i mean iker, xabi, cristiano, fernando, and so on are all in relationships.
        but everyone is still madly in love with them
        but if it doesnt work out,
        its gotta be cesc or bojan.
        soooo cutee <3

  160. nenita says:


  161. Emari says:

    Yes you did.
    Oh the madness!

    Raúl Albiol. Yes, that lovely, unfortunately injured but soon back in action, Real Madrid centre-back.
    why? I'll tell you.
    A. height. nuff said.
    B. the competition isn't as fierce for him as say for Torres (2nd place, but alas, I gave him up to countless others). Wouldn't be that much of a need to punch women away.
    C. The accent. Spanish players… yes.
    D. The smile. :D
    E. He can cook!


  162. nessa says:

    You ladies at kickette are fabulosly awesome! I will have to go with the ramos! He has the body the hair those lips….and we could totally share purses :)

  163. lampsy. that is all. <3

  164. Mariam says:

    boriello is so hot but hes too much of a slut for me. i like me some yoann gourcuff….. but in boriello's clothes. i dislike yoanns clothing choices.

  165. Georgina Sanders says:

    Okay, after that much arduous torture of selecting my footy love between Fernando Llorente and Carlos Bocanegra, the battle between blue-eyed Greek god and green-eyed Roman gladiator has been won by:


    1) the eyes –… (need I say more?)
    2) the smile – it's just so warm and kind and everytime I see him, I fell all giddy inside
    3) the body –…
    4) the super adorable "Lion King" hair (which I would like to do many things with) –…
    5) the height (I'm 5'11) – damn he's tall!
    6) the voice – Mr. Baritone has a great bedroom and conversational flare to it
    7) musically-inclined (I play the violin and he the clarinet) 8) Spanish :-)
    9) he looks like he'll be a great dad
    10) looking gorgeous when wet and just fulfilled a fantasy of mine: him as firefighter (or cop)
    11) girlfriend – *tear* okay this stabbed my heart a bit but at least his girlfriend is not the typical wag because she works at a hospital in Bilbao. Her name is Maria.

    Sorry Carlos, it was hard but I guess I can console myself with this video when I look at it:

    • Tania says:

      Great reasons and even better pics to match! Those photos of him holding Pepe Reina's daughter (I think) are beyond adorable!!

      • Georgina Sanders says:

        Yup.. that is Pepe's daughter building sandcastles/playing/being adorable with Fernando in Ibiza..

    • Rachel S says:

      I love how you've got this all figured out and completely analysed every aspect of him! That's dedication!

  166. BostonShani says:

    I, in fact, do have a list. I mean, who can honestly pick just one, right?
    1. Xabi- ok he’s my yummy, classy, ginger-bearded, can-take-a-kick-to-the-chest, gentleman. He’s my first footy love and fantasy husband/babymaker.
    2. Sergio Ramos- I’m a minority here, I know, but I love his hair now. It just makes him look more manly and drool-worthy. I love to watch him kiss his teammates, then take his opponents down. Oh yeah, did you see his body? Yeah ya did
    4. Nando- Totally down to earth and has some serious babymaking qualities. I mean, have ou seen Nora? The cutest baby ever.
    4. Cesc/Pique- Yes, I put them together. They’re hilarious when they’re together. They also make 3somes seem like a brilliant idea :0)
    Well, I could go on, but I think I covered the majority of my obsession

  167. Kc95 says:

    I don't even know what to say. On one hand, I feel my duty is to bring home an Italian boy and make my parents proud. Cannavaro or Totti, to be precise. But then there's a part of me that pull my heart toward Spain, my adoptive homeland.
    I want Sergio Ramos. But my father would flip his lid.
    I love Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol, but they both play for Barcelona. And I pledge my love and loyalty to Madrid.
    So it comes down to the one and only Iker Cassilas. Though it truely is a painful choice. I feel that everyone could respect him. And of course, I love him more than anyone on the pitch and would be more than happy to dispose of the wicked Pastasauce.

  168. micorazonperteneceraespana says:

    Xabi Alonso without a doubt… ok maybe a ramos doubt… but i'm going to go with Xabi! He just makes my heart melt everytime i see him with his babies <3

    • rupster says:

      if i had jus one more green apple vodka shot i wud've thought i wrote this…xabi, with side of ramos….mmmm…. :)

    • bekad0ll says:

      ha! i love your “maybe a ramos doubt”!
      Mine was more like.. I’ll go with ramos without a doubt.. maybe a fernando doubt. :]

  169. Lizavfc says:

    Thomas Hitzlsperger. I’ve loved him ever since he played for my team, Villa. So chuffed he’s back in England with West Ham!
    He’s one of the most down-to-earth, intelligent, charming, and of course gorgeous men of the footballing world. Plus, he has an amazing German-Brummie English accent. It certainly is something special.
    I bet no one else will suggest him. He goes unnoticed really. Which is just fine cause then I get him to myself :)

  170. Nando y Geri 4ever says:

    This is one of the hardest decisions I've EVER had to make in my life. You've got Nando. The freckles, the hair, the smile, OH GOD he's hot!!! and then you have Geri. Handsome, tall, muscular, and those DAZZLING LOVELY blue eyes!!!!! oh, and his hair looks so soft and cute!!! So, believe it or not, I'm going with……………………….GERARD PIQUE!!!!!!!!!! the main just oozes lovliness, and he is so cute when he has to run around in the game with a giant bandage on. In the past, Nando would have been my first choice, but I'm falling over Gerard at the very moment :)

  171. Leo Messi.

    Tough one, Kikette, tough one. And I was pretty much stuck between two players, although there are many, many more I fancy and admire. Finally I chose Messi… wonder why? Right, he's not the beauty in person, but he's cute. And classical beautifulness can be boring from time to time. And at least most people fancy the classic beauty more than they do the special –> good for me. And he's so humble. And talented. And talent does make sexy. And he has quite some fortune, hasn't he? He's smallish and narrow, which I really like. And he's kind. And the fact that he's much closer to my age than most of the other ones I fancy has finally made it for me :) Congrats, Leo. Now you just gotta realize.

  172. Annisa says:

    well mannered. great player. good boy. nice & shy. has beautiful long thick eyelashes. pearly white smile. wonderful eyes. hot as hell. drop dead gorgeous. eeerrr, what else?

  173. Aline says:

    CESC FABREGAS. I just can´t get enough of his cuteness. A Perfect smile, a family guy and that Spanish accent that kills me! YES, I DO MARRY YOU CESC.

  174. Alexandraa says:

    oh dear..there are absolutely too many men in this football-graced world. but, if it were life or death, kill me in an instant situation, it would have to be Nando, the love of my life. reason=i dont think there is an explination needed.


  175. Cherry says:

    The one and only Steven Gerrard. He had more testosterone in his little finger than most of the footballers out there. Second would be Fernando Torres, of the finest ass in footie, and then Niko Kranjcar for being the cutest thing on two feet.

  176. ElNino9 says:

    Torres. Forever and always.

  177. MrsC says:

    Oh, ladies, I knew this before you asked. All fun aside, Carlo Cudicini is and always will be my one and only.

  178. M says:

    Cesc Fabregas! Saturday nights eating Krispy Kremes and watching Gossip Girl – my kind of night!

  179. Howie says:

    There are so many men I lust over, so this is about the hardest choice ever. Naturally, it will have to be one of the Spanish ballers. Even then, it's such a difficult decision. My first football love was Nando. I still hold a place for him in my heart, especially since he seems like such a good person, but… Then there's the others. Xabi, the classy GQMF, who like good wine gets better with age; Iker, with his brooding eyes and hands of God himself. Even Puyi. That man is a demigod. He's such a hardworker, and he's become an "acquired taste" thing for me. I mean, his BODY!

    But in the end… Only one can stand. And that person is… *drum roll* Xavi. I've weighed all the pros and cons of each player. Here's why:

    1. Not too much competition =)
    2. He seems like a really genuine person
    3. He seems able to hold an intelligent conversation.
    4. He's cute, in his own way.
    5. I bet he would make a great dad!
    6. Just would be a good person to be with at the end of the day.

    But anyone else would be just fine. JUUUUST fine.

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      LOL there's more competition that you think my friend. I even have close to real dreams about him. My obsession keeps gettting stronger for him. Even the shape of his head is sexy to me.

      • yelena says:

        haha, im fine w/ competition.. sharin is lovin for me.. i cant believe that there are actually a lot us goin gaga over XAVI!! weeeeeeeh, for me XAVI=substance! profound!

        • Pique_Xavi says:

          LOL sorry but Imma be CR, I mean "selfish" he he he :) But I wouldn't want to share Xavi. And those baby pics of his are soooooooooo adorable. In one he looks like my hermoso precioso nephew.

  180. EGR says:

    I try to be fair with my footy-watching by watching many different teams and giving everyone a fair shot. There are of course many inspiring players, but it simply cannot be helped – when I watch Real Madrid and the camera goes to Sergio Ramos, my mind goes to a very, very naughty place. That's love, right? Right. ;-)

  181. juventina says:

    Borriello. That was easy ;)

  182. mellow says:

    ROQUE Santa Cruz.
    Because he is the most sympathic, the kindest, the most handsome football player I have ever seen. And because he is a beautiful man, he has the perfect face, the most beautiful eyes, mouth, nose, body, everything.

  183. Soccergirl154 says:

    Without a doubt ” Sergio Ramos” he seems fun, commited and full of passion for everything he does. As fir his fashion sense? Believe me when I tell you he won’t be wearing clothes at all.

  184. Tasty Torres #9 says:

    Wow ladies we are really on top of this one! But I mean come on, I’m really missing Nando. It’s like since he cut his golden locks he’s nowhere to be found. And I’m really not liking the new hair. Pique, Cesy and Marco Boriello are my go to boys b/c I can never seem to get any Liverpool games thru my cable. Still, when it comes down to it, Nando does it for me.

  185. Steph says:

    Just one?! Oh, this is hard. I'm torn between Xabi Alonso and Cesc Fabregas! Xabi is not only gorgeous, but he just oozes class. We would be classy together, for sure. :D But Cesc is also adorable and hot at the same time. Gah, I can't pick. I won't. I can't pick! :P

  186. mamussa says:

    I take Iker Casillas and his sad, sad eyes. I think my ovaries would be happy to go into hibernation for a very long while after they get tossed around for a bit by my alpha-male peace keeper. I love his superstitious pole-tapping after goals and when he gets nervous. I love how serious he is and his inability to uphold the flood gates when something good happens to him. His questionable fashion sense? PFFT! Easily hidden behind his beautifully sculpted lower extremities and his broad, strong shoulders. The man is what my friends and I call a "locker room leader." I can just imagine him going, "Xabi, xabi… here, let me help you with that. Grab a grip this way…" CIRCLE-JERK TIME! (Ok, is that wrong?) lol.

    • Dru says:

      *sigh* and marrying him means he can still keep bromancing Sergio, and maybe let the wifey watch (or better yet, join in)! I love how he gets slightly emo and is super-affectionate to all his girlfriends, and he wouldn't give a rat's *ss if the paps were watching if he really loves a girl.

      And if the ovaries ever recover, you just KNOW he'd make a great dad.

      • lingeringlavaclouds says:

        If my ovaries ever recover, you better believe that there will be at least 12 little Ikers and Ikettes running around the world, romancing people, leading their countries to great victories, making bitchfaces almost constantly, causing perez hilton to explode with all the pap-watching-affection, talking about papi and how great he is, learning how to play soccer….

        ok, I think an ovary just popped. I've gotta preserve the other one.

  187. ChristinaLPF says:

    If i had to choose just ONEof the many super sexy ballers it would be Raul, he is handsome classy, amazing, is spaniard(that's always a plus) He just seems like the perfect guy. Plus he is on the Kickette hot h.o.f. for a reason

  188. EastTXN says:

    While very fond of Sergioramos (one word), Xabi, and Florent Malouda, Diego Forlan is unquestionably my #1! what a classy and beautiful man!

  189. Eiro! says:

    I'm with Lashes here. It's to hard of a decision!! In between Ronaldo, Iker, Nando, Ramos and so many more it's just to hard of a decision, you should feel ashamed of yourself. Just thinking about all of these delicious men I'm about to faint

  190. Tania says:

    Now, Kickette, this was a toughie!!! If you had asked me about a month ago, I would have instantly said Iker: he just looks like the perfect hubby -sweet, loyal, loving, goofy, a family man and, of course, VERY HOT. And yet, and yet, I still adore him, but I just have to go with someone else: SERGIO RAMOS, you have just been promoted from the-booty-call-to-end-'em-all to perfect-fantasy-hubby, so please stand up!!
    I don't care that he's much younger than me and probably at a different stage in life, it. just. feels. right.
    And I'm with Rossanera here, with all due respect to the many wonderful ballers around the world, I just had to choose among my boys…
    By the way, when it comes to my Spanish boys, I really thought Iker would have won by a landslide…!!

  191. @AgnesWonka says:

    Cesc Fabregas.
    I'd have 12 children with him!
    there is a problem: if I marry him, I'd never want to get out of bed!!!!!!!!!

  192. Iker_Fernando says:

    Iker forever. He's so hot and the best goalkeeper in the world!! Too bad he's married…

  193. sofia says:

    o.m.g…!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the real meaning of "torture"…!!!!! i've been a football fan since i was 7 i think!!! -thanks to my big bro-!!-and now i am 21..all this time i used to like several players..i cant even recollect some of them!! the ones that lasted longer are francesco coco,alessandro nesta,rafa marquez and cesc.. so i am obliged to pick between them.. rafa marquez leaves first..just because.alessandro and francesco belong to the past..they are something like ex-es.i really love cesc..he is cute,handsome,commited blah,blah..but he is young and i can't imagine myself being married with him..or him being a papa!!! (come on!!!) cesc is just for eating icecream at the park and playing wii at home..!!! (adorable anyway!!) well.. i believe that a man should make you feel safe and much more so…… cesc out too!! (sorry cesc!!i hope you can live with it!!) well..i loved francesco deeply.. i was young and he came to me as a cup 2002 ->…. so i choose fransesco..although i have lost his trails for some years now..and despite the fact that he will cheat on me at some point!! (of course,at this point i will brake up with him and pick sb else..right fantastic kickette????) :P :P :P

  194. AKA says:

    Edwin VDS.

    I'm a silver fox kinda gal.

  195. JVD says:

    This is just… unfair. But nothing more than I expect from the devious minds that brought us finest five voting between CR7 and Fernando Torres. *moment of silence*

    I've got it narrowed to four…

    Fernando Llorente- 6'5'' inches and well worth the climb. He's got an amazing body, amazing face- those eyes-and he's humble about his other worldly hotness. He's bright and sweet in interviews (super sexy speaking voice). Plus, he looks broody and intense. I took a psych class (yes, it was freshman year and online, but what ev…) so I could totally help him work out any pent up aggression. I would love to help him work out pent up aggression.

    Gerard Pique- 6'3'' 1/2 and again I would gladly make the trip. Body? Looks like it was carved from granite. And egads those thighs! Face? Adorable and that beard drives me crazy in a very good way. Personality? He seems like so much fun and from all I can tell he is smart to boot. Oh, and that voice. He could make the warning on a hair dryer sound sexy.

    Sergio Ramos- Tall enough, too hot for words and the headband. He can sing and I don't even like musicians. He wears lame and all I can think is "he makes lame look good". He cuts his hair and I literally am p*ssed off for a minute. He says he's flattered to be compared to Val Kilmer and instead of gagging all I can think is "isn't he the cutest thing ever?". No matter what I say I hate or don't like, the Ramos does it and I turn into a giggly, hair twirler.

    Carlos Bocanegra- Miles of perfect cinnamon skin, Mediterranean blue eyes and a smile that could seduce a nun out of her habit. Incredibly sexy voice often overheard saying intelligent things, doesn't take himself too seriously (looking at you Donovan) and really, really witty. Plus, as an American I can appreciate that he is the poster boy for Mexican immigration (a heartfelt thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Boca for making him!!!!).

    OK, JVD… like a band aid. It comes down to Llorente or Pique for me and I'm taking Llorente. I might feel differently if presented with a pic of Pique with his kit molded to his body in the rain like last Saturday. But I'm taking Nando L. cause I'd give up high heels for a whole week to touch him. LOL, as long as I get to pick the place. Sorry I wrote a book, but this is serious business.

    • Kc95 says:

      Llorent's got the eyes. For sure.

    • Nando y Geri 4ever says:

      Gerard Pique description: I give it 50 thumbs up! What I really like are his amazing blue eyes and hair though. It just looks soooooo soft!

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      I second what Nando y Geri said… and as a woman who dated someone who is 6'3" and with such a voice, well it can be quite fun, lol. I know PG…. so I won't say more :) LOL You would have 107 thumbs up but we're only allowed 1. Loved the description though.

  196. Gabriela says:

    So easy, 1- he likes flamenco 2- he's funny 3- he's got marvelous arms


  197. Bella says:

    Oh no kickette, I think I used too many exclamation points and got removed by the administrator! Can you put me back or do I need to write again — I'm still faint from writing the first one. I'll go lie down until I see whether I've reappeared. xxBella

  198. Maria says:

    While I was still deliberating between Iker and Stevie G, along came the REAL love of my life forever:
    Because, he’s just perfect :)

  199. IFAPtoMarcoBorriello says:

    Marco Borriello.. sex on legs..he will always and forever be SEX for me.

  200. Roy Maurice Keane. Since 1993. Where Keano's concerned, you either get it or you don't and I've got it bad. :)

  201. blake2108 says:

    .I'm gonna use this as a plug to get Gareth Bale as next week's Tuesday torso (or maybe any other excuse to get him on the site. he's not on here enough!). Did anyone see him after the Spurs game?! *drools*

    Love him <3

  202. Ashleyy says:

    SERGIO RAMOS. without a doubt.
    with that body.
    and those moves.
    and his style.

    but if for some reason he should decide to settle down before we can get married, i would settle with joe hart :)

  203. Lou says:

    Hello…..He's absolutely Gorgeous!!!

    One and only? Alan Smith for me. Stunning in every capacity, from the eyes to the lips to the tighs :p And I love his never give up attitude! xxx

  204. anja says:

    ahhh… I'm a little relieved… i think no one chose my boys yet and since my best friends don't understand me either I think I have a fairly good chance to get them both. ha ha ha :) but only one??? how can you do this to me, kickette?? how could I ever choose between them??

    well at the moment I would go for IBRA because this bitchface is just so goddamn sexy and buff and angry that my true love VIDA seems like a little cat next to him…. ooops, did I just say my "true love"? seems like I'm still undecided.. *aarrgghhh*

    but as ibra plays for milan now, I shouldn't support him anymore – seriously: how can you play for inter first and then go to milan, above all berlusconis club??? (yes, i know that he has been in barcelona in between)

    but still… he is just sooo hot. hot hot hot. but vida too. and now he is the captain. oh captain, my captain..

    sorry kickettes I can't decide. sorry for ignoring the rules. how did goethe say? zwei seelen leben ach in meiner brust…

    • @aristeia says:

      You do realize he always leaves to go to another club in controversy… plus he left Juve for Inter, and the Juventini still revile him. He even left Ajax to go to Juve amidst drama. He thrives off the drama, that one. ;)

  205. JVD says:

    Brave girl. Would that I could overcome my disgust with his crap to focus on his physical perfection.

  206. starbucksgirl10 says:

    WHAT? just ONE?? are you serious!
    OK that’s a very hard question…and it would depend what country i’m in :D but why go into detail and bring out my long list of countries and players lol
    I mean between Mr Bocanegra, Cannavaro, Iker, Xavi, Alvaro, Moya, Valdes, Pique, Cesc, Borriello, Yoann, Ballack, Podolski (most from one country alone so that wouldn’t work) and my LONG list of mexican players that are not sexy to anyone else in the world, but to me are absoluuuutely SEXY (and this definitely has to do with more than looks cause my boys can be funky looking but to me are sexy as hell and hell no i would not mind having a lil one on one with them jijijiji)
    I would go with the obvious…SERGIO RAMOS…as we say in spanish “quiero, merezco y acepto” which translates to “i want, i deserve and i accept” lol
    He might fail in the fashion and skank department but its all good…no really its ALL GOOD!! He is absolutely sexy!! Personally I think its the hair that makes me go gaga over him…just wanna tangle my fingers through it and pull his hair!!
    But in respect to my original list of boys i’m gonna have to go with my Mex player Hugo Hernandez…He’s tall, dark and handsome…literally, well to me…i’ve lusted over him for the past two years…there’s just something that makes me go weak at the knees xD

  207. chicagambeta says:

    Do coaches count? In that case I'd have to say Mou, in fact I'd be happy just being his buddy, he'd make me laugh all day long with his antics. Just watching him is pure entertainment. And he is the (only) voice of reason in football (check out his video interview for his definition of "pressure"). Always provocative, no highfalutin, and supremely good at what he does. And of course he'd introduce me to all the hotties in his team.

    • MadridistaJenn says:

      YES! I want to have a million beers with that man! "For me, pressure is bird flu…I'm feeling a lot–I'm serious." OR "Pressure is millions of people–in the world, parents no money to buy food for their children." OR "No eggs. No omelets…some eggs are more expensive than others and some give you better omelets" This man is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

    • Kc95 says:

      So you go for the silver foxes. I respect your choice whole heartedly. Thank you for being original.

      • chicagambeta says:

        Actually in real life I seem to go out with men younger than me – must be all those collagen-rich beef tendons I'm chomping on. But yes, if I thought hard, this silver fox would be my "forevah". Thank you for your vote of confidence.

    • TARA says:


    • mamaly says:

      drop dead gorgeous and a bit of a bad boy, irresistible

  208. C16 says:

    Oh God! I'm gonna cry!!! *breathes deep

    Ok, I love my Gerard Piqué deeply and I'm sure he would make me enormously happy and I love those blue eyes and his goofy self
    I choose Yoann. Without thinking it twice. Cause I'm sure we would be happy forever and ever, wouldn't cheat. I'm sure he would make an INCREDIBLE husband. He's polite, intelligent, nice… I just have no words for how amazing he is.
    Oh yeah, and he totally looks like a Disney prince :)

    So there. Many guys to choose but Yoann gets my deepest love. LOL

  209. MadridistaJenn says:

    DAMN! DAMN! DAMN you, Kickette! Recently I came to a turning point in my imaginary relationship with The Ramos after 19ish months of pure bliss. We're currently in a rough patch and I need to see more Twitpics, a new pair of tight purple jeans or a Gucci man-bag. I'll admit I strayed on Sergio and I've actually fallen for Gonzalo Gerardo "El Pipita" Higuaín! He makes my heart get all pitter-pattery and he doesn't even have to wear a flashy man-bag. He's always so "contento," understated, and those eyes and that smile…..*melts into a puddle*

    • Leya_S says:

      I, too, gave up a romance with Sergio. I loveeee Higuain!
      But I chose Geri Pique, instead.
      Btw, I hope you're comforting Pipita for all his missed goals…that boy couldn't buy a goal right now so I think he needs your love to fix it. ;)

      • MadridistaJenn says:

        Ooooh, you brought up the missed goals that I try so hard to forget about. You have no idea how many candles I have lit in honor of Pipita and his legs…those strong, muscly, thick legs….Never mind, I forgive him, he'll do better next time! It's that damn Cristiano, not my Gonza!

    • ilovepipita says:

      You'll have to fight me for Pipita or we can share!

      • MadridistaJenn says:

        My Pipita dreams/obsession has intensified over the past few months, going from practical/healthy (last year) to distantly deranged, so we may have to have a Gonzalo-off! Quick, when was his first national goal, sing the Argentine national anthem, what did he want to be as a child? First one to Spain wins! *googles cheap airfare, credit card in hand* Wait. *blushing*
        Or we can both continue our unspeakable Higuaín fantasies and celebrate the beauty of El Pipita with the other Higuaín lovers. Glad to see there are more Pipita fans on Kickette (and I'm not nearly as desquiciada as I sound)!

    • senora ramos says:

      oh, jenn, how could you forsake sergio?! pipita, you say?! well, he is my 2nd fav merengue, so i see your gonzalo and raise you a estaban. yumms. but "shelf booty"as he is so named by the kickettes, is hella hot!!

      • MadridistaJenn says:

        I know! I feel like I'm cheating on The Ramos, but I needed something new–Pipita's sculpted thighs and perfectly round butt needed my attention. Gonzalo and Sergio are only 3 points apart in my book, meaning I could be back to my Sergio love in no time. El Pirata-fantastic (second) chose, he's hot and smart, but so quiet.

  210. Simone says:

    I call this torture won't be able to sleep tonight

  211. Kyra says:

    David Villa.

    (bring it on!)

  212. ShayeLee says:

    Without hesitation: Iker Casillas.
    A – His looks are to die for, including outstanding bitchfaces.
    B – He really comes across as a nice guy, bit goofy sometimes. But hey, that's the way I like 'em.
    C – I think the way he dresses is cute, no metrosexuals for me. Bring back the beard by the way.
    D – Even though I'm not really sure about miss Pastasauce, at least she's not a cheap silicone WAG. He likes down to earth girls with cool boots.
    E – Come on! He's the best keeper in the world. Nuff said.

    • Dru says:

      That's the best presentation of reasons I've seen on this thread! I went for Nando (and not without a little pain, thank you cruel Kickette) but I actually like Iker for his hideous clothes off the pitch, it just makes him adorkable in my eyes.

    • Kc95 says:

      Agreed on all accounts. Every single freakin' one.

    • iker2 says:


  213. Louise says:

    My first, my always…

    Fabio Cannavaro. He's a classic.

  214. Dru says:

    Hahaha, this is cruelty indeed! Surely two isn't too much to ask for, right?

    • MadridistaJenn says:

      My thoughts exactly! Footballers are like Pringles, you can't have just one.

      • Kc95 says:

        I freakin' love this comment. Though of course, you can pick a flavor. And my flavor of choice is Spanish Natinol Team.

        • Pique_Xavi says:

          Even though I have the hots for two Mexicans one not been "good looking" but I totally lust for him I find myself craving the spanish flavored ballers too.

        • Lashes says:

          That's the perfect answer Spanish NT (Pringles..) then one can imaginary have all of them.

  215. @alixia_726 says:

    The answer is simple – I am hopelessly devoted to the underappreciated (and currently injured) Raul Albiol!

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      You go girl! Raul Albiol *is* underapprecieated. Haha, he's my 2nd choice after Morata (even more obscure!)
      High five to girls who love underappreciated ballers like me and you!

  216. LuvinBale says:

    For some reason my post isnt showing up so I will try one more time.

    My response is for Blake2108-
    I thought I was the only one who loved Bale. Or obsessed which ever way you want to put it. Glad to see someone else who appreciates Bale as much as I do. Didnt know he had a GF.

    Oddly enough I wouldn't go for him though- to young for me. By about 10 years. BUT- Michael Dawson on the other hand is a bit closer in age and I think he is just adorkable!!! I love how tall he is, he seems very sweet in all the interviews I've seen him in and the famed"peen" pic Kickette put out last year sealed the deal for me. HELLO!!
    Spurs are definitely missing him right now with the injury and all. Hope whoever his GF is she is taking good care of him and giving him thigh massages. *dreaming of rubbing Daws thighs* Mmmmmmmm.

    I definitely have a thing for semi-dorky tall, pasty/pale men with accents. I'm including Schweinsteiger in this group.

  217. Amy says:

    easy. Yoann because he's so damn hot!!!!!

  218. teresa says:

    Surprisingly, this one is so easy 8I
    Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one, but SCHWEINI.

    SO. MUCH.
    My Bayern love may contribute a bit, but I'm sure my Schweini love also contributes to my Bayern love so in the end it's just ONE BIG CIRCLE OF LOVING.

  219. Inga says:

    Stevie Gerrard.
    since you should go with your first thought on these kinda things. :)

  220. Ava says:

    Yoann Gourcuff. No question.
    I have many reasons, but one of them (possibly the most important) is because I want my children to have eye like his. DEM LASHES.

  221. Tatiana says:

    Going to have to go with the classic here: Luis Figo!

  222. kitty1979 says:

    I couldn't have put it better myself. All hail the silver fox!

  223. tracy765 says:

    After much consideration, I have to go with Pepe Reina. He's hot, without being so blindingly gorgeous as to prevent my daily functioning (i.e. I would just want to follow someone like Bocanegra around all day like a drooling puppy.) Pepe has proven bubba skillz and must certainly be good with his hands. I adore his bald head. I'm kinda tall but he's taller. And! He clearly knows how to have a good time (WC plane ride home, anyone?)
    My inability to speak Spanish may be a slight hindrance, but I think I'll manage.
    UPDATE: Wait, wha? Apparently he and Nando are next door neighbors?

  224. Zhenya says:

    Always Canna for me. I'm relatively new to football. I fell in love with it in 2006 during the WC while living in Germany and vacationing in Rome right after the Italians won. That whole NT was hot! Looking back at the 2002 team, they were pretty great too! I'll always have a special place in my heart for the German NT team though, they called that summer a fairytale. :)

  225. Gigi6982 says:

    Yeah, that is pretty much my reaction to the Spanish NT, I will have babies if I can have their babies! hahaha.

  226. miss violet says:

    Can't do that.
    he's spanisj, for sure.
    but more?
    omg i just fogot about titi..
    i just can't do that.

  227. rslkdl says:

    I can’t even pick one from my team, let alone the whole, uh, selection. I’m going to have to think about this one long and hard.

    • rslkdl says:

      Okay. I can do this. *deep breath annnd exhale* I’m bonkers for Bad Boy Borriello. He’s beautiful – face, body, all of it. His voice makes me melt. His expressions make me smile. He plays lovely ball. And I must say, his tattoos drive me absolutely wild.

  228. @orionstorm says:

    If I really had to choose only one, no matter how much I love Mesut Özil since he got my attention this world cup…

    Xabi Alonso. I was too blinded by the Germans early on to notice Spain. But ever since that foot-to-the-chest in the WC final, and when I thought he looked like Jason Bateman (ha!), he commands my attention when he's on the pitch. I always know which one he is by the way he moves. One of the few that I think looks fantastic with a beard, and I love the gingerness. :) He's the calm, quiet guy that's always got your back. Love that. So many more reasons, but they don't matter. lol

    Ah! Love his name too! Nearly forgot that. I'm such a dork.

  229. Bekad0ll says:

    I would have to go with the Ramos. :]
    While the entire Spain National team makes this a tough decision.. green pants (and sandals!) and all, I Love me some Sergio. lol

  230. @entchenmv says:

    'cause he's cute and sexy as hell. and a damn fine footballer. and I melt everytime I see him smile (which is daily, because I have a pic of him on my computer desktop). also his family's dog is cute, his sense of humour perfect for me and his height gives me a reason to look after my feet a bit more and choose sneakers over high heels.
    did I mention he's sexy as hell?

  231. Grace says:

    Gonzalo Higuain. LOVE the man!!!

  232. @mezz98 says:

    Xabi – the man who made me a Real Madrid fan. Loved him since the Liverpool days. Love him still. I love his bitchface as much as I love his smile. His sexiness isn't in your face, but it's still SO powerful.

  233. Georgina Sanders says:

    Oh gosh!! Kickette, I'm gonna have to get back at you later cause I have to look at my saved desktop pictures, articles and bookmarks regarding footballers. This will take hours of extreme research and very, VERY extreme heart, soul and in-between-the-legs reflection because this is an extreme life-changing decision that I'm sure will rock my footy love foundation to the very core.

    • hereforthenando says:

      Haha, I'm loving your dedication to making an informed decision. Due diligence is necessary for this task!

    • Georgina Sanders says:

      Okay.. after too much left-clicking on my mouse and many open browser windows, I've narrowed it down to two players: Fernando Llorente & Carlos Bocanegra. Let me get back after I've given my reasons and my decision.

  234. BarceLisa says:

    can't go wrong with a classic.

  235. Emme says:

    This is torturous….I want to say Carlos Bocanegra for many reasons, but in the end my choice is Xabi Alonso. He is a good sport on the pitch – breaking up fights, consoling the inconsolable player from the opposition post-match, so it's obvious he is kind & has a good heart. The ginger hair, the beard (which needs to come back) are just way too sexy. He can dress himself, so I wouldn't always have to worry about having to prevent some fashion tragedy of shiny trousers or an Alice in Wonderland Madhatter tuxedo. He wouldn't mind watching Mad Men with me, likes good food and wine, and would probably not mind spending Sunday mornings in bed reading the New York Times and if I'm lucky, would tag along and spend countless hours with me looking at the Titians at the Museo del Prado. Not to mention, our blue-eyed, ginger hair children would probably be the cutest on the planet.
    Thanks, Kickette! This Sizzle Query has made my day! Looking forward to reading the comments

    • Ali says:

      Seconded, thirded, fourthed etc. And he seems pretty easy-going, so some evenings he'd probably just let me sit around and marvel at his cheekbones. What a great marriage!

      • Emme says:

        He does have great cheekbones & for the record, I have no idea if he has any interest in art, but I figure that he ranks pretty high in the sophistication category. So maybe countless trips to Museo del Prado would not entirely be out of the question. Forgot to mention that in imaginary relationship land, we would probably have a cute little house in some fishing village in the Basque country to spend our holidays. I would cook him fresh fish every night and gaze into his eyes all night long. What a happy life :) I am a sap. I can't help myself

    • Dru says:

      Y'know, I was thisclose to deciding Xabi would be the man for me, for every single one of the reasons mentioned above, but ultimately Torres won out for having a higher adorkability factor. But still…..I Heart Xabi.

      • Emme says:

        I sympathize with you – it's a tough choice when it comes down to Xabi & Fern. The one thing I cannot deal with when it comes to Fern is his inability to grow a beard. That ginger beard puts me over the edge. I am not sure anyone has looked sexier with a beard :)

    • @vinivia says:

      i love the ginger beard. his lower face just looks so sad and lonely without it…

  236. izzy says:

    iker. the rolled up jeans only made me want him more. lol.

  237. Leya_S says:

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyy Kickette?!?!?!
    This is too hard!

    I would have to sayyyy…
    Geri Pique <3

    He's really my style. Hot, fun, tall, and a complete dork. And he has beautiful hands. And he can teach me Catalan and Cesc can come visit any time. Plus: potential three-way with Zlatan?!? (Just kidding, *wink* *wink*).

    Sergio Ramos was a close second. He's usually my first choice hands down, but as of late, I have been falling more and more in love with Geri. Plus, as MUCH as I love SR15, I think we'd fight over closet space.

    • ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

      you pretty much summed up whats going on on my mind, except the closet space heehee…hopefull when sergio is with me, he wont need any clothes!

  238. Hannah (Mrs Gerrard-Lampard-Torres-Terry-Fabregas) says:

    I think my name says it all. I just cant pick between them but if i had to be with one for the rest of my life it would have to be stevie G…. I could just bathe in his gorgenuss :)

  239. This question is absurdly easy for me, but anyone who's run into me on Livejournal knows that. ;)

    My answer is: Philipp Lahm. I dig his tiny and his adorable and his sexy (yes I find him sexy). I like that he's a bit of a nerd. I love that he loves animals. I love his passion for the game and his intense desire to know more about it, to learn it. I love Bayern and I love the German NT. I love – LOOOOVE – that he believes in a liberal, equal society and is totally cool with gay players if they ever choose to come out. Basically, Fips is perfect for me. :D

    • Dru says:

      I've always thought Pippo was cuddle-worthy, but I didn't know he was this cool (and considering football's track record of homophobia, MASSIVE kudos to him for not buying into it)! His new wife is one lucky girl, all right :)

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      I'm glad someone brought him up! I was just thinking about him.
      Everything you said, I agree with! Philipp Lahm is so adorably tiny and awesome and UN-homophobic.

  240. Rosey says:

    Just one!!!??? *bitesnails* OMG! I think….Lashes… but Marco is a very close 2nd

  241. RONALIZA says:


  242. heartluv3 says:

    What a cruel question! But I'd go with Nando. He's not only delicious, but has a sexy accent, has a good personality, and he is so damn talented! Pique is competing for my #1 spot but as for now it is still Nando. And so is Iker. And Cesc. Pretty much the entire Spanish team, actually. Goddammit Kickette!!

  243. BarceLisa says:

    kickette didn't say anything current or PAST players. Since this is the case I'm going with my first football love, Roberto Baggio. He's an oldie but a goodie. I have seen photos of him recently and he still looks good. I didn't have to think long and hard about this one. This is the man who made me fall in love with football in 1994, I am already forever grateful to him for that reason. Life with Roby would be filled with great food, romantic getaways and spiritual retreats… very Eat Pray Love.

  244. DeeRoma says:

    I am not one to judge. You listed very good reasons.

  245. Laura says:

    Sergio Ramos. Done. Deal.

  246. Amber says:

    Carlos Bocanegra! Even though I did suffer over Cesc and Iker too, I have to be faithful to my American boy. Especially a California boy! He is what first drew me to the USMNT, and I am still smitten. I am not ashamed to say that I will be a Boca lover for life. Not to mention the dimples! Oh those dimples! I. Die.

  247. Stacey Marie says:

    Oh no question…Sergio Ramos!
    He has every quality in a man that makes me weak in the knees. When I look in his eyes I see strength. He's fearless and brave. He's sooooo passionate and it resonates throughout his entire being. He's super protective of loved ones which is a total turn-on. He's funny, sweet and loving sprinkled with just enough naughtiness, I bet he could go for days ;) His smile gives me butterflies and he has THE SEXIEST VOICE OMG! We don't even need to talk about his gorgeous bod, I mean c'mon, his thighs, his calf muscles, his shoulders, his arms, his chest, his butt UNF!! He is just everything that I am looking for. SOOO SEXY!

  248. Ninjess says:

    Am I the only one who is totally in love with Steven Gerrard?

    *cheers*. I get him all to myself, then!

    I love his smile and his eyes. I love his devotion to his family, his team, and his nation. I love that, when he makes a mistake, he tries to make it right. I REALLY love that he flies under the radar a lot of the time. He was my first footie love, and I learned about the game while watching him play.

    Are other boys hotter? Yeah. But if I’m choosing a baller for LIFE, I’ve got to go with Steven Gerrard.

  249. hereforthenando says:

    This isn't even a question for me, there has always been one person for me out there, and one person only.

    Of course it's Fernando Torres.

    Not only is he devilishly attractive, but there is so much more to it that makes me sure that it's love. It's the way that whenever he has the ball, I believe in him. I know that everything will be okay, because Fernando is here. Will I ever have this undying devotion and trust in anyone else? Probably not. It would probably creep them out if I did, though.

    I am forever Fernando's gal. There will never be another.

  250. suzie says:

    easy, Fabio Cannavaro.

  251. Rachel S says:

    This. is. torturous!!! I'm torn between so many on the Spanish NT….but I'm gonna have to go with the one and only Sergio Ramos. Besides the fact that he is a fantastic footballer with intense passion on the pitch…..He is *unbelievably* sexy and hot, while at the same time cute and adorable. Plus, often endearingly dorky with that fashion sense. His personality seems so sweet and caring too. Not to mention he spent his holiday volunteering for UNICEF. Oh, and one more thing, in addition to my ovaries exploding every time I see photos of him, the pics of him at the beach with his niece pretty much sealed the deal. I bet he'd be a GREAT dad! Anyone else with me??

  252. Lorena $ Yoyo Gaga $ says:

    If you ask me this question 10 days ago i would say Yoann Gourcuff right away!!! BUT…. after seeing TF commercial with Gerard Pique…( and 382474863545 videos on youtube) I must say GERARD PIQUE!!! The new crush is sooo big that he moved Yoann- so you know it is serious! :-0
    P.S. And as someone said this for Cesc- it's great to have Pique around- I must use same fact-…IT'S GREAT having SEXy around the house most of the time :-)

  253. loves la roja says:

    i love all of the answers – this forum has made my day! I could never choose between my spaniards – nando, cesc, xabi and sergi.

  254. Tahlia says:

    THE Gerard Pique

    why? he's Spanish, tall, got blue eyes, a bit dorky and he wrote a book!

  255. RandomHero94 says:

    Daniel Agger. Just because.

    He's hard working and always gives it all on the pitch. Damn honest, he doesn't go flying and diving and nonsense like that. Quiet but always there for his team.
    And of course, he's drop dead gorgeous. His tattoos are beautiful, the whole quiet-but-fierce-warrior attitude going on. He's Scandinavian. There's not much else to say!

    • Nandoschiquita says:

      I love him too! He's got that scouse accent coming on a little bit – which makes him even more adorable.

  256. Rossanera says:

    I'm actually really surprised no one's picked Il Capitano (Cannavaro) yet, actually.

  257. AleraGriffin says:

    Cesc! no doubt about it. he is undeniably cute, even in that awful leather jacket. but he isn't one of the ballers who gets in the news for making an arse of himself, for being silly yes which another reason I bet he could make me laugh for hours. Also his accent is bomb dot com and he speaks english very important as I dont speak spanish

  258. cristina says:

    Marco Borriello

    you did see him right ??? But he´s more tha just a pretty face , I´ve seen tons of interviwes with him and i can tell he is quaite intelligent as well , not to mention the maturity he showed with all the Belen situation. And i apreciate him even more knowing he left home at 13-14 to make a future for him an his family , and i appreciate his mother for raising 3 boys on her own in nit such a good environment as is Napoli after the father or her kids was killed. And he´s always nice to his fans and always gives them autographs and taking pctures them.

    • aurrie says:

      their dad was kille d……omg didnt know that…i just thought he died of a mysterious disease…

  259. Lilly says:

    Dahveed Veeyah….
    coz he's a badass man-biscuit

  260. laligaforladies says:

    Iker Casillas, no question. Although he's undeniably a very good-looking man, I've never thought of him as the hottest of them all (I'm going to have to go with the Torres girls there). But he's definitely my favourite of them all. He's sweet, ridiculously nice, and unbelievably good at his job.

    • Dru says:

      It was a tough choice for me between Iker and Nando- but you are right, he seems so nice and level-headed, and he's a hero in the nets, and you just KNOW he'd be a great dad (not to mention, a loving boyfriend- so rare to find boys who aren't afraid to show their SOs some affection).


      Kickette, this is cruelty, making us pick just one. I mean, TWO isn't too much to ask for, is it?

      • Tania says:

        I'm with you!!! Can we please, please, please pick a hubby and a lover??? Pretty please???? Really, I'm torn here, I really need to have two!

  261. Pique_Xavi says:

    Noooooooo omg nooooooooo! I simply cannot not choose one over the other. This is so hard. The two have captured my heart from the moment I first laid eyes on them which was on the same match but different times. Was lucky to have very lovely dreams of both of them. But if I truly had to choose to keep one for the rest of my life??? Xavi…. the man seems like the type who puts all his love and dedication to what he really wants, love LOVE LOVE!!! his quirky smile with those tiny cheeks and love his hair without the gel. I go nuts for his serious face during every match and when someone in his team scores he burst into the sweetest smiles!!! I melt. If anyone has seen that video of when someone asked him what he would tell his future son if he won ballon d'Or you'll know what I'm talking about. Xavi is mature and ready for the taking and recently single… I'll take one of him! I can listen to him talk about football for the rest of my life <3. Pique as gorgeous and perfect in many way is just not ready yet and by the time he gets there, THIS grape will be an old dried up prune.

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      I forgot to mention that Xavi is my seal of security for yahoo if anyone knows what I'm talking about you'll know how much I trust this man. Oh and the love I have for him is so real that except for one time (didn't last long) I had never dated someone under 6ft tall…. with him I don't care we'll be two shorties in love.

    • Leya_S says:

      Hmm, I was waiting to see which one you would choose, haha. :)

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Ha ha ha well, it was hard. I mean just last night I had a dream I was chasing down Pique at a book signing in my city which wouldn't be true in the first place. And when I found him and he actually let me in his room he also pose for me to take pictures of that gorgeous face of his, BUT there is something about Xavi that I don't know attracts me to him sooooooooooo much. His voice, his laugh, his smile, even his eyebrows! Lol Xavi is a man that seems like my type smart, funny when needed, and football lover that is hardworking which I appreciate a lot :) Pique would be a lusty eye treat. I'll say it again, I'm not the cheating type so it kills me to choose ha ha ha.

        • Leya_S says:

          I had a hard time as well. I was choosing between Chicharito, Pique, Sergio Ramos, and Cesc Fabregas. They're all my age and all so beautiful! But Pique is just too adorkable to pass up, I <3 him….all 6'3", gorgeous hands, pouty lips, piercing eyes, constantly bandaged, scruffy lusciousness of him.

          • Pique_Xavi says:

            His brow, his jawline and those beautiful eyes is what first attracted me to Pique because is what I usually notice in a guy. To top things I really believe he is like this super smart guy who hides it not because he's embarrased but because he doesn't like to show off…. but right now I'm lusting more over my little diamond shape head Xavi. Who knows next week it will be back to Pique, lol. So fun to be able to have fantasies about ballers here on Kickette without the "crazy looks" i get when take deep breaths whenever I see a hot baller on tv, LOL

    • yelena says:

      OH MY word! oh dear, we both are in love… and both with the same people!! and yes, if i am to choose, i would choose XAVI too….and everythin you said above are sooo true! he drives me crazy in an inexplicable way!

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Yes the Xavi is wonderful. I don't think its healthy to think of this man so much like I do. Its going to drive me nuts! :) LOL

  262. gin_in_teacups says:

    This is an easy one. The Ramos. Without a doubt, without a second thought, no agonizing over it whatsoever.

    Undoubtedly the man is fine and would be glorious to look at day in and day out. But it's definitely his personality (or what it seems like his personality is) that wins me over. He's fun and goofy, sort of a life of the party type. I tend to be a bit more serious, and I think a good couple balances each other out. He'd bring out my party side, I'd bring out his depth. Which I know is there because of his work with UNICEF and apparently he read The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas. He's also a family man, which I adore because I want to have a big family. From what we've seen with Daniela he would be an amazing papa.

    Now, I know he has been with some questionable ladies before, but he strikes me as someone who, when he settles, he's settled. Definitely seems the type to shower his chica with lots of affection and devotion.

    He seems to be a bit short tempered, as am I. Potentially problematic, but I expect we could just fix that with some steamy make up sex.

    • hereforthenando says:

      God, The Ramos is amazing. You certainly have the right idea with the make-up sex.

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        My Sergio IS amazing. As is Nando. When we they're respective WAGS we should shop and get mani/pedis together :-) Oh what a nice dream world that is.

        By the way I'm adding you on Twitter. I need more Reds fans on my feed! I'm bel_esprit_ so you're not like who the hell is this person who just added me?

        • hereforthenando says:

          Added. Awesome.

          I'm probably not alone in this, but I think that I would be an amazing WAG. I would actually look interested when I attended games, I'm great at spending money, and I would always bring the LOLs. This needs to happen.

    • Zhenya says:

      Wow, he read The Boy in the Striped Pajama?! I would have just expected a baller to watch the film if that option was available.Actually not just a baller any type A male! I wonder if he had to break out the Kleenex?

      I also think he would make a great papa. I'm glad he isn't marrying "young" like most of his peers.

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        I can't swear to it. Someone told me that he talked about the book in an interview, but I've never seen the proof. I'm just choosing to believe it because the thought of him reading serious novels makes me happy.

        He is just so freakin' cute with his niece! Great dad in the making. Agree about the marriage thing too. Partly because (not gonna lie no matter how dorky it makes me sound) it will break my poor heart when he gets married, but also, they ALL get married so young and it doesn't seem to work out too well most of the time. Better to play the field when you're young, sexy, and rich, and hold off on marriage and kids until you're a bit older and wiser.

    • Kc95 says:

      You just made me think about make up sex with Sergio Ramos. And I now am second guessing my choice.

    • Leya_S says:

      Nooooo whyyyyy?!?!

      I'm coming to terms with the fact that I chose Pique over Sergio, and now you're killing it!

      It's the videos. The book interview and TimeForce watches interview with Pique pushed me over towards his side in the last few weeks, but now this Sergio video business?!? I just sat there glued to the screen like "OMG he's so hot and sooo sweet!!!"

      Really kickette? Can't I have both????

    • senora ramos says:

      dammit gin. you are making me share my man again!!!! not fair!!!!
      lol! i just love sergio. and i'm so glad that people can see what a wonderful person he is besides being drop dead gorgeous. again, you are a worthy opponent (lol) for sergio's affection. lol!

      i love the short temperdness. make up sex is always hot, but hot tempered make up is the best!! :D

    • KatiGaray says:

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Ramos is well mesmerising a life with him would me the most fulfilled one could get

  263. peachymint says:

    Bojan Krkić Pérez. End of discussion.

    DEM THIGHS aside, I actually just legitimately want to be with this guy and like, take him to Disney World and go play at the beach or something, even more so than letting him do unspeakable things to me behind closed doors. Like. Seriously. My number one fantasy with him right now is cooking lunch for him. That and we'd have the most adorable children ever, I wish I could say I was making this up but we really would. God, this sounds so creepy, me being all I WANT TO MARRY HIM ANYWAYS SO COMMITTING ISN'T AN ISSUE SINCE I CAN FINALLY TAKE HIM TO DISNEY WORLD :D

    I swear I wouldn't be this creepy about it in real life, honest. ):

    • Rachel S says:

      I must say, interesting choice! But a good one at that. He seems really cute!! I totally have cooking for footballers fantasies too, haha. I'm pretty sure we all feel like our adorations/fantasies for our chosen baller boy are creepy, but whatevs, this is the place to confess!

    • Mick says:

      Oh goodness, I though I was the only one who wanted to parade him up and down Disney World. Except I fully intend to combine the unspeakable acts and Disney World into a single experience. I mean, those long lines do get pretty boring…

  264. Mel says:

    Bonkers for Borriello, what a great sentense!!! Where do I sign up for that?

  265. diana says:

    emm …there's too many(ballack, pippo, borriello<3, de rossi)…damn it i fell for him ten years ago(i was ten :/) and my love is still as strong : it's alessandro nesta!!!

    • Rossanera says:

      Oh I heart my other Alessandro too!

    • DeeRoma says:

      10 years…wow.

      My choice was always easy for me.

      • Rossanera says:

        I've loved ADP since I was 12. I'm 26 now. That's 14 years … so my love of Alessa has been more or less the only constant in my life!

        (Side note: wow, I'm old).

        • littlegirl says:

          oh no! we are not old! we just were very young when we started to follow the football players…

        • DeeRoma says:

          Ok…my footie love is relatively new [July] because he replaced Canna. [Shocking, I know].

          But my longest crush….Nathan Fillion….since 1995 [from his first role on my then favorite soap to Castle now]. So um yeah….15 years now. I was still in senior year of HS.

          • BarceLisa says:

            I always loved Canna (and still do) but once he pulled that Real Madrid shirt, a lot of that love vanished.

            omg I love Nathan Fillion! esp. his latest show Castle. The first time I noticed him was on a show called Two Guys and a Girl, which also featured a young Ryan Reynolds.

      • diana says:

        yea i know 10 y.o is young,,
        my brother was a football fanatic ever since…so i used to watch games with him…back then nesta played for icky lazio..

        + we share the same birth day :) )

    • littlegirl says:

      mi riporti indietro nel tempo di almeno 10/12 anni…del piero, totti e nesta erano i miei preferiti quando facevo le medie…

  266. michelle says:

    This is tough, but if I could only have one I guess I would have to go with Sergio Ramos. I am sure he has the capability of preventing me from thinking of any other footballer, anyway, as shagtastic as he surely is. And we could share purses.

  267. AlianzLM says:

    Iker. end of story.

  268. Kylie says:

    Such a difficult question to answer…just ONE baller?! I'm gonna go with maybe a not so obvious choice, Stu Holden. He's just so funny, and he seems like the kind of guy who would just keep you happy and laughing forever. And that's what's most important to me. Plus I think his hottness is underestimated. So many people are like, 'Oh Stu is so adorable', but really have you seen him shirtless?!!! HOT!

  269. Dru says:

    OUCH! Only one? Really? I have a friend who's a chocolate maker, surely her products would be effective bribes too- enough to get me a bit of Diego Forlan, perhaps? But my final answer is….Fernando Torres.

    I mean, look at him. The man is down-to-earth, sweet, unswervingly loyal to everyone in his life, from his wife to his club (pretend Olalla and his bubbas aren't going to make me a cheating skank trapping him into bigamy in this hypothetical situation), completely adorkable (this factor is what brought him out ahead of Xabi in my affections – I mean, his favourite website is wikipedia!) and he likes Oasis and Kasabian just like I do. And he has freckles!

    • Kristina says:

      His favorite website is wikipedia? Why am I just learning this? I can't even…that's just…amazing.

      Yeah, I have to second all the Nando love up in this.

  270. Evelyn says:

    This is a toughie; of course anyone from the Spanish NT qualifies for shortlisting but then there is the added problem of the ever gorgeous Yoann Gourcuff. To have to choose between all of those beings off beauty is one of the hardest things I've had to do since pretending I wasn't hungover at college the other day, but the winner has to be my Gerard.
    The man is just adoreable. He is sweet, caring, funny SPANISH and lovely and tall. He just has the whole package and he just wrote a book, a literate footballer!

  271. Rossanera says:

    Here's the rest, because my comment was broken up:

    He's multitalented! See this for proof. Not only is he Juventus all-time leading scorer, one of gli Azzurri's most prolific strikers – Maradona picked him as one of the 100 best players of the century, but he sings! He can shake his hips like Shakira! I die. (Skip to 1:47 if you don't want to watch the same thing.)

    … and, finally: he's Italiano. I may love my Spanish boys, but there is nothing like hearing a man speak my language to me, especially in a voice as soothing as Del Piero's. I was born Italian; I will die Italian, L'Inno di Mameli is the song of my soul, and in my heart of my hearts I know I could never spend my life with a man who wasn't of my people. My culture and traditions define who I am and the man I share my life needs to share that with me too. I know this is horribly old-fashionned, but as I've grown older I've realized that it's actually something that's really important to me.

    • Rossanera says:

      I have no idea where the rest of my comment is, but my answer was Il Pinturecchio, Alessandro Del Piero.

      • DeeRoma says:

        Very good choice.

        • Rossanera says:

          i'm mad you can't see the rest of my comments though where I talked about his reaction to Calcipoli and the other ways he's a class act … and where I linked to his La Sai Ultima di Totti appearance.

          Oh, Alessa, ti amo con tutto il mio cuore, adesso e per sempre.

      • DeeRoma says:

        Do you have any of his CDs?

        • Rossanera says:

          No! I can never mind them!

          But that reminds me of another reason: he's an Eros fan. As am I. This means that we'd easily agree on our wedding song … oh yes, I want Eros at my wedding. I AM that cheesy.

          • DeeRoma says:

            Considering that my current song choice for a non-existent wedding is Lady Antebellum's Need You Now….I am cheesy too.

      • Andrea says:

        Great choice!

    • littlegirl says:

      good choice…i'm Juventina and i grown up with the capitan Alex Del Piero, i got a poster on my room's door, a photo in the school diary.he is a very good person, he is loyal player and he is not a "v.i.p."…

      why did i chose Torres?ah…that ass, that freckles, that smile…oh my God…

    • Tee1025 says:

      ADP is a good pick and you gave good reasons. He always comes across as an overall good guy, plus he's loyal and oh yeah – one hot Italian :) He showed class and dedication when he stayed with Juve when they were relegated when so many others jumped ship. He stayed true and helped get them back to Serie A. You can't help but respect someone like that.

      • Zhenya says:

        I love when players are loyal to a team,no matter which team that may be. Di Natale turned down Juventus this summer to stay with Udinese, even though he isn't getting any younger. I guess he has turned down others in the past. That fact and the D&G ads makes him one of my favorites.

  272. Rossanera says:

    Alessandro Del Piero. Why? He was my first love and true love lasts a lifetime, ragazze. Here's the rest of my laundry list of reasons:

    He's beautiful. Duh.

    He's a class act. He's a Cavaliere Ufficiale (I think the translation is knight in English), he's won two awards for gentlemanly conduct, and a Golden Foot award.

    He's loyal. He stayed on to captain that was Juventus when lesser men (looking at you, Captain Cannavaro) jumped ship and headed for calmer waters. I think that's so admirable and speaks volumes to his character.

    He's got a wicked sense of humour. See this for confirmation. Oh, and the other thing that video exemplifies is his killer smile. Makes me melt like gelato in the Tuscan sun.

  273. Christiane says:

    Yoann Gourcuff, I love that France men!
    The way he speaks is so hot, beautiful eyes and well, it's him…

  274. Mrs.Borriello says:

    Marco Borriello. it was a difficult decision, but having met him in person, i can say that he is even more sexy in person than in pictures (shocking and unfair, i know). So i give my Marco my devotion.

  275. Zinny says:

    Ugh it's hard to choose between Cesc and Nando but I think Cesc.
    He's gorgeous, first of all. Judging from his interviews, he seems funny, sweet, and genuine. He legitimately seems like a good, straight-forward, wholesome guy. But he looks like he could have fun at the same time. He's dorky and doesn't care if you judge him for liking Desperate Housewives; he does what he wants! And uhm…he looks like he'd be good at sex. Just sayin'. And the added bonus of always having Pique over at our house =)

  276. Marie says:

    the talented, passionate, ingenious, miniature 'baller is my knight in shinning armour , even if he bores me to death with footy talk i'l love him……

    • yelena says:

      wow, i thought im the only one who could appreciate the midfield maestro! wet!xavi = hotness, plus he's really smart… his combination of wit and humor is irresistible!

  277. Ongaro says:

    Torres, it's you, it's always been you. Through the hair times and the hard times- the marriage, the children, the injuries everything. I have stood by you no matter how my family and friends judged me. Assure from the adorable accent, body, eyes, face, gentle personality…he can do no wrong, even with llama hair.
    Although my sisters would disagree and opt for the Ramos and Cesc respectively.
    Although there is the conflicting Pique factor but I stand by my decision.

  278. issy_b says:

    Riccardo Montolivo! He's brainy and surprisingly well-spoken for a footballer, and very passionate on the pitch. Plus he looks like a Roman god–gotta love the beautiful cheekbones and big blue eyes. Yumm.

  279. blake2108 says:

    Easy. Mr Gareth Frank Bale.

    Love of my life.

    He's gorgeous, adorable, great body, great player, lovely accent and he comes across as a lovely man off the field. I've loved him since I first saw him 4 years ago and it's got stronger since. And when I saw him in the flesh for the first time (watching him in a game) on 30th January this year, probably the best day of my life.

    I don't think there's one thing I wouldn't do for him. I just wish I could see him play more often. He's just all the superlatives imaginable

    His girlfriend is the luckiest person alive.

    Just love him. No one even comes close.

    Gareth <3

    • LuvinBale says:

      Damn!! I thought I was the only Bale lover here. I do agree with everything you said- just love him to bits!

      But to marry someone, I would go with Michael Dawson. He is adorkable!!! I love tall men, he seems kind and well spoken. And I do think he is yummy. Plus he is a bit closer to my age- I would feel like I am robbing the cradle with Bale. Definitely missing Daws right now with him being injured. Hope whoever his girlfriend is is taking good care of him. *dreams of rubbing Michaels thighs* mmmmmmmm!!

  280. Berbie's Barbie says:

    After canceling it out "The Ramos" and "Becks", I will have to go with Iker Casillas. I fell in love with him back in the 2002 world cup and still haven't fall out of it. He might have issues with fashion but he's super gorgeous, a marvellous goalkeeper and the biggest sweetheart ever. Iker, para siempre!

  281. Luna says:

    Sergio ramos.
    He's da sex. And if that's not enough reason then here is some more.

    His body is amazing (aka he's got great genes) and we'd make beautiful bbs together.

    He's undoubtedly a great shag.

    If I ever get annoyed with him I imagine a dorky grin from him and all our troubles will be forgotten.

    Does he have unsuspecting depth? Who knows. But he sure cleans up well and can undoubtedly win a girl over with some flamenco dancing. Or he can sing. UNF.

    But most importantly there is no possible way I will ever get tired of him. Life with The Ramos seems like an endless storm of designer labels, tattoos, tanning, indecent behavior and lols. I'm not one for monogamy but if anyone is to turn me over is this goofy bitch with his colorful closet.

    • LuvinBale says:

      HA!!! I think you should definitely have first dibs on The Ramos just for your entertaining post. To funny.

    • Leya_S says:

      Dammit, I chose Geri Pique bc of closet space issues with Sergio Ramos, but this is making me REALLY reconsider…

    • hereforthenando says:

      If I wasn't so committed to Fernando , this would definitely make me reconsider.

      "Life with The Ramos seems like an endless storm of designer labels, tattoos, tanning, indecent behavior and lols." And the flamenco dancing? UNF times one million.

    • Simone says:


    • MrsSergioRamos says:

      You said it all! Perfectly! …even though its not exactly enjoyable reading another woman talk about my beloved!!! ;)

    • senora ramos says:

      omg, luna, i <3 you! you are so worthy of sharing my love for el gitano. you've typed everything in my heart and if i had to share, i so would with you :D D

    • Taskeen says:

      lol this post killed me! "he's da sex"/ "this goofy bitch with his colourful closet"- Luna, i bow down to you! haha

    • Guest says:

      this is so funny – Sergio is none of the things you think he is, he is a very centred, sensible and quiet person, sometimes he doesn't leave the house for days and days except to go training, he prefers to spend time with his mother and sister. This is the real Sergio.

      • DebS says:

        Thanks for the "insider's" view. :) Unfortunately for most of us, we only see/hear what's in the media.

    • felicia says:

      COSIGN !!!!!!!! ^^^^^ THIS

  282. Bri says:

    Luis Figo. He is my one true love. Amazing looks, amazing personality, and goodness can he play footie. Also, you all have seen the pictures of him on vacation in Ibiza. Need I say more?

  283. Courtney says:

    Karim Benzema….. oooo he’s sexy.
    I would chose him in a HEART BEAT! and that’s pretty fast since my heart races when I think about him. Ahhh…im dying. I love him!!
    He’s french, he plays with my favorite team, his striped hair, his music likes, his personality. EVERYTHING.
    plus he hasn’t slept around. Six feet tall, perfect butt, amazing face. AHHHHHH…. SEXY.

  284. YvoGirl says:

    Cesc Fabregas. No Question!

    I can live with the adorable puppiness forever. He has the strength of a captain, the mind to command the field and lead a team, but he is also an adorkable Spanish NT squad member, he knows how to have fun as well! Cesc as the ultimate fun baby papa!!

  285. Fernanda says:

    Gerard Pique!

    Gorgeous eyes, luscious lips, sexy accent, and fun personality.

    I'll keep him forever and ever!!

  286. Goosie says:

    Michael Ballack.

    It was a tough, tough decision. I had thought abou Xabi (who is legitimately one of the hottest people ever….), I had thought about Boca (who is UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous), I had thought about Becks (who's probably number 3 or so on my hottest people ever list. Xabi is 2. Henry Cavill (an actor) is #1). But when push came to shove, I had to fall back on my original footy love and Ballack won it.

    He's hot. He's got gorgeous eyes. And he's German. What more can I ask for???

  287. littlegirl says:

    in 24 year i fell in love with about three or four players…but this summer i saw him…
    one and only forever: FERNANDO TORRES…he is my ideal of beauty (if only he had blue or green eyes…), he speak spanish (mmm!), he seems so shy…is this enought?

  288. Ivannah says:

    Carlos Bocanegra, hands down. Why? Why the hell NOT?! He's absolutely beautiful, obviously. Not overly muscular, just the way I like it. He speaks THREE languages and I absolutely die over languages other than English… and English too when it's used properly. Gift of tongues will translate into wonders in other areas as well, I'm sure. ; ) He enjoys history and would've become a history teacher had he not become a professional soccer player. Let the teacher-student roleplay fantasies begin. Did I mention he's beautiful? Plus his Studio 90 interviews make him seem like fun and I'm all about fun in every sense of the word. :)

    Judge me. I dare you.

    • DeeRoma says:

      Was not going to judge you. I applaud you. All great reasons.

    • Ivannah says:

      And Los is selfless on the field and isn't afraid to get physical with opponents. He's a good leader and is truly representative of the kind of attitude the USMNT needs in order to keep making progress towards becoming a real football powerhouse.

      I figured his football skills needed a blurb too. Afterthought. Whoops.

    • Sara P says:

      Gift of tongues–I love it! He is gorgeous!

    • Tania says:

      Not judging! I think he's a VERY good choice, especially after hearing the part about his speaking three languages/wanting to be a history teacher…! Not for me, though, as gorgeous and tempting as he is, I just can't choose outside my Spanish NT, I really can't…

  289. Sara P says:

    I am going to go with "The Ramos!" There is something about those eyes, that head band, the butt, the legs….oh man, I am drooling.

    Even if he has been with skank after skank, I will brush his hair and tell him that I know that he was just doing it to find "the one," which if you haven't caught on yet, is me!

    So freaking gorgeous!

  290. Eiraaa says:

    Gerard Pique. No question.

    Even though he plays for my enemy team, the boy is gorgeous and I can't get enough! Over 6 feet tall, Spanish, and an amazing footballer…need I say more?

    *And he wrote a book!

    • Mrs.Krkic says:

      enemy team???

    • eeraaa says:

      Yes, I still can't forget that awful night when Barcelona ripped the Champions league trophy away from Manchester United. Even though they quite frankly did outplay my Red Devils. *sigh. But I can put that aside just to get lost in Pique's eyes. =D

  291. Alia says:

    David Beckham!!
    Why? he was my first looove! I actually wasnt very interested in footie until I saw DB like 8 years ago and I fell in love! and now i am a soccer FANATIC!
    so, I thank him for making me love the sport (and the other players)

  292. Gigi6982 says:

    This is easy! Xabi Alonso, in a heartbeat! He is a GQMF, sexy, unnnnnfff. I love the way he talks-I melt every time I listen to an interview with him. And he is classy, and he makes my ovaries burst (and I don't even want kids), he makes me want kids…

  293. DeeRoma says:

    One and only forever and ever?

    As if you couldn't tell by my picture…..DDR. Oh I forgot the why….

    If I'm going on the exterior…that voice [I have never heard an unsexy Italian male voice], the badass beard, those piercing eyes, the angry looks and the boyish smile. Sigh.

    But if I'm going on the intangibles….the passion on the pitch. The man gives 150% of himself. He bleeds, breathes and lives for his hometown team and for the National team. He is a warrior, a gladiator and I just love watching him play.

    • littlegirl says:

      …i'm agree with you (even if my one and only is another…)…i think he looks like Russel Crowe in The Gladiator!

      • DeeRoma says:

        My friends tell me he's not my usual type….so I explained it this way.

        He didn't break the mold, he blew up the factory.

        • DeeRoma says:

          What I meant here was my usual physical type which is usually dark haired, scruffed or clean shaven etc.

    • Rossanera says:

      Why am I not surprised?

      • DeeRoma says:

        I'm predictable?

        • BarceLisa says:

          DDR is totally your type. You are also into hockey right? DDR has that permanent playoff hockey beard that somehow makes him look like a sexy viking, as opposed to MC Joaquin Phoenix.

          • DeeRoma says:

            Yes, longtime hockey nut. Sexy Viking? Hmmm….you got my mind wandering now…

            • Zhenya says:

              LOL @ the sexy viking analogy. I've always thought the beard gives him an ancient warrior look whether it be Greek, Roman, Medieval, etc. Some posters at a figure skating board that I follow noted that it was the beard that actually made his hotness which I found strange because I'm not into men with full beards, scruff yes, beards no. Of course, I agree with DeeRoma its his other attributes that we see on the pitch that add to his hotness.

          • DeeRoma says:

            Also he reminds me of my long-ago favorite baseball player….Paul O'Neill. The man breathed the game, was a warrior for the Yankees and would even practice his swing between innings/timeouts when he was in the outfield. Damn, they should have cloned him in 96.

            • Tee1025 says:

              "Damn, they should have cloned him in 96. "

              ^THIS. Yes, yes, they should have but they broke the mold when they made Paulie.

              • DeeRoma says:

                Very true. I still remember that game in 98 Motherfluffing ball beaning Benitez. Still dislike that guy.