February 23rd, 2010

The Split: Cheryl And Ashley Cole To Separate

It’s just been announced that Cheryl Cole is officially separating from her hubby, Ashley. Hardly surprising, really.

While we don’t know if a divorce is imminent, our readers saw this one coming after we all caught a first glimpse of her “Mrs. C” tattoo. We can’t help but feel slightly saddened for the gal; she’s really been put through the media ringer.

But enough of that. Let’s talk real issues: the tattoo.

Normally, these bad boys are forever (and sometimes regretful) but we think Chezza can be quite creative with fudging the permanent stuff if she wishes. That, or she could just wear her hair down for the rest of her life.

We recommend instead that Cheryl alter the tattoo rather than spending thousands of pounds lasering the crap out of her sensitive, superstar skin.

Some options:

- Marry another man whose last name is Cole. Only one that springs to mind is Carlton. We’re not entirely convinced he’s the best choice, but his thighs are certainly worth taking a gander at.

- Btw, this also raises an interesting question – is she planning on reverting to her given name, Tweedy?

- Convert the “R” to an “I-S” so it reads “Miss C”.

- Consider covering it with an image. Like spikey heels or something.

Sidenote: Chezza is seriously flashing some “I’ll cut a bitch” side-eye that could have Nando running scared.

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59 Responses to “The Split: Cheryl And Ashley Cole To Separate”

  1. hoda says:

    ive always hated ashley without any reason,thanks god for showing me good one!

  2. aristeia says:

    Hehe, “I’ll cut a bitch”… my personal slogan. <3

  3. chi chi ( The real M says:

    Okay i am like getting so bored with this story now!! i feel sorry for cheryl, but she knew the deal! Ashley is a cheating douchebag, all these footie players are!!! They should just divorce and get over it and then we can comment and analyse their future partners, inniiit!

    Kickettes- why have you not posted the comments Joan Rivers made about Posh Beckham being VULGAR????? they were hilarious, i loves Joan, she is such a bitch!!!!

  4. Susie says:

    Good for Cheryl!

    I always thought she was way too good for him!!

  5. Lilly says:

    This is what you get Cheryl for chasing fame and money instead of chasing your husband. Now someone else is going to be chasing your husband. Just saying. Won't be me as I like the hot chocolate goodness that is Thierry Henry, although he's a cheater of another kind! Doh!

  6. Daniela says:


    i just hope she finds someone who deserves her.

    even thought they did look cute together

  7. Julia says:

    Wow. I thought they were all fixed up already…

  8. aps says:

    Ashley you FOOL!

  9. Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

    Oh please, do not even mention Iker and this woman in the same breath!!!! Iker deserves much better than her. And He doesnt go for other footballers has beens!!!

    He is a respectable and decent guy and i dont know how any of Ikers fans can want this woman for him!!! Cheryl, might be going through alot now but they all made their own choices.

    Iker needs someone that will pay attention to him and their family when they settle down. He has waited this long and he will get the best!!! Not someone prancing around and displaying themselves all the time.

    A definite no, no…..

  10. Priyanka says:

    She's pretty but dumb… Oh, sorry… I meant pretty dumb

  11. freddiegirl says:

    To whoever said Cheryl should get together with Iker…no. Just no. Iker seems to want a normal girl…Cheryl is not a normal girl…and she’s an attention/media hound. Please….now she’ll get more sympathy and doesn’t she have some music coming out? She’s physically beautiful but doesn’t anyone but me remember the bathroom attendant incident? For the life of me I just don’t understand how this loud-mouthed Geordie became the UK’s sweetheart. I feel bad for her in the sense that it must be humiliating to have been cheated on multiple times and have the world know about it but man…..if she divorces Ashley that means she’ll probably come to Los Angeles….my city has enough celebutards in it….Lohan and Paris anyone?

  12. msd says:

    I hope she sticks to her guns, that’s all I can say. Yes, marriage is hard, doubly so when kids are involved, and nobody’s perfect but I’m soooooo sick and tired of “famous” women staying with crappy husbands. Where’s your sense of self worth? Stop being doormats!!

  13. Erin says:

    Good girl, Cheryl.

  14. kil says:

    That is why no mather how inlove u r in dont tatoo it on ur body. Good for her, althought she toke too long though, but well done if the news is 100 percent!

  15. tammyv says:

    Countdown to her moving to LA starting now…

  16. Minerve says:

    good, he’s an asshole

  17. kaya says:

    Yeah, good for her. After having a good half dozen proofs handed to her, she's walking away. I guess they don't say better late than never for nothing, but I can't help but think that her husband is somehow divine punishment for her terrible "music".

  18. carly says:

    What’s more disturbing about this is the typo in the title….

  19. Fer_Lahm says:


    Frank's next8-)

  20. Liz says:

    Good for her. She ought to have dropped him along time ago, but she tried to see it through and sadly it hasnt worked out but at least now she knows. These footballers are only ever loyal to whats in their shorts! Cheryl can do far better than this cretin! Im just glad they havent got any children, I dont want to see anymore children be on the receiving end of these public seperations, their always so sour.

    I just pray she comes out of this a strong independent woman focused soley on her career rather than riding the sypathy media train.

  21. MR says:

    *Cheryl And Ashley Cole to SepArate.

  22. Merel says:

    She should have done that way before. Good for her. Walking away takes more courage than trying to fix something that is already shattered.

  23. Ella says:


  24. sarahbeth says:

    It's about time she woke up! Ashley should just be single. I always wonder why footballers get married in the first place….don't they understand that it means sleeping with ONE woman for the rest of their lives? He's not cut out for marriage and it's too bad that Cheryl learned that the hard way.

    I can't feel bad for her as far as the tattoo goes though – it's a death wish for celebrity relationships.

    • caitanya says:

      i agree–why in the world do footballers get married so young anyhow? my friend and i were discussing this, it's definitely a ploy for trainers to get the boys to "settle down" a bit, but i tell you, if i were a guy and a famous footballer, i'd be shagging every girl in sight just because i could. What's the point of getting married and then cheating and causing the wife and kids heartache?

      Even though CR is skanky as all hell, he has one thing right: STAY SINGLE and GET IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM while you're still young! You're a famous footballer: you will always be able to get someone hot.

      I am not a fan of WAGs, i could care less about them. And Cheryl's tattoo is another testament to her idiocy. Everyone knows not to get a tattoo of anyone on your body unless it's the name of your mother or your child.

      • sounderslove says:

        maybe this is Iker's rationale… :P

        I think there are some footballers who will be faithful in their marriages – I can't see Kaka cheating, for example, and it's difficult to picture Fernando cheating on Olalla – but for the most part I do agree that footballing fame + early marriage = epic fail.

  25. Winnie says:

    I think it's Cheryl's time to grow up. She went with his infidelity scandals for too long and she's finally done attaching herself to a man who has done more than just cheat on her. He is probably a sex addict who doesn't know how to control himself because he's been given such privilege playing on a good team.

    If this for PR reason, I don't think I really care atm. I think Cheryl just needs to do her own thing without some fetus attached to her. She prob wants a family but not willing to risk her children emotional well-being with a man who has woman issues before they even have a child.

  26. Anna says:

    Aaaaaaamen to that! Hope she finds a nice man soon! Good thing that Ashley now can be a manwhore without breaking anybody's heart. Best wishes to both!

  27. Missy Manchester says:

    Ummm…what if this is just a PR kind of separation. You know…the kind where she publicly looks like she’s asking/demanding respect…but secretly…she knows she’ll be back with him in a couple of months?

    If cheating is a deal-breaker for Cheryl…she should have “separated” the first time he cheated. S

    Secondly…if she really wants me to believe she’s kicking her hubby to the curb…then she should have twittered:

    “Ashley Cole is a lousy lizard of a husband. I, Cheryl Cole, have flung his reptilian self into the great blue beyond. Divorce papers will be waiting underneath the rock from whence he slithered.”

    • Gina says:

      I completely agree with and really appreciate you writing the first half of this post. PR at its best. I don’t think Cheryl has the courage to file for divorce…She’s more afraid of being alone/without him. And also, from her music – her album- she doesn’t seem like someone who is/can be independent. she’ll b back with him in no time.

      • Ms. Astute Observer says:

        Both of you ladies are spot on, as is Freddiegirl; this all media/PR stunt plain and simple. Really, if she didn't dump him after all the previous stuff, including the other "alleged" cellphone incident, then why get huffy now? Sorry, I'm just not buying it.

  28. Lucy says:

    eww the tattoo is nasty!

  29. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Well, can't see I didn't see it coming. And I think I'll leave my comments on the matter there.

    Wish the best for both of them.

  30. HiL says:

    i wonder if she removes the tattoo or waits to see if her next hubby starts with a C. XD

  31. cruyff4ever says:

    By the look of it, it would be quite easy for a reasonably skilled tattooist to covert the curlicues of “Mrs C” into “Mistake”.

  32. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    Toni Terry? TAKE NOTE.

  33. Liz says:

    I am a massive Cheryl fan. I love GA/her solo stuff. I am one of the 5 heads of the Australian Girls Aloud fan club actually, so I have been absolutely gutted for her. I am so proud of you Chez, you are doing the right thing!

  34. jo says:


    @ youtube dot com/thisisjohnnyblack

  35. Thea says:

    Well done Cheryl! I think she's way to smart to go out with any more footballers, aim higher! Hollywood A listers next I think!

  36. rois says:

    If she gets the tattoo lasered she should get her hairy kneck lasered too, it's not like she can't afford it.

  37. I says:

    Go the hell Cheryl :)

    мисс бездарность.

  38. Der Lutscher says:

    And I've just read a long article about her in Glamour February, where she said all will be well. She was incredibly tolerant, but Ashley Cole seemed to be putting extra effort in the process of ruining his marriage.

  39. Leny says:

    No more footballers for Miss Cheryl Please!!! They are all the same, no matter how 'saintly' they appear to be.

  40. Rebecca says:


  41. abbie says:

    At last she should have split from him a long time ago

  42. Linda says:

    I couldn't care less about these two…. at least they don't have kids.

  43. XaviFan says:

    It's About Time.

  44. Varsha says:

    Way to go Cheryl! Just a suggestions: move over to Carlos Bocanegra!

  45. suzie says:

    I'm glad she has the self respect to leave. She tried to make it work….. he didn't, he doesn't deserve anymore of her time. She needs to move to Madrid and marry Iker. The kids would be adorable and there would be need to get rid of the "Mrs C" tattoo.

  46. Dominique says:

    finnaly i am so happy for her. he does't deserve her. hes put her through a lot!

  47. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    It's nice to know that there is one WAG out there with the self-respect to walk away. And the independence to do so. Good on you, Cheryl.