August 31st, 2012

The Summer 2012 Transfer Window Closes: Where Art Thou WAGs?

ex girlfriend WAG Pilar former Real Madrid footballer mystery brunette status single taken

Image via Of Handbands & Heartbreak. QPR-supporting Kickettes, as well as happy trail/six pack lovers, a surprise awaits you in the Esteban Granero section.

queens park rangers QPR transfer target new signing real madrid former player los blancos englandAnother frantic Friday is in the books and it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

For us and our gossip-minded people, we mean.

Bad news for Charlie Adam’s missus Sophie (née Anderson) who won’t be able to pop by Liverpool’s Cricket Boutique at whim anymore now that she (and he) are headed south for Stoke-on-Trent’s Stoke City. It’s a travesty of unfathomable proportions, really. medical girlfriend coronation streets helen flanagan WAG actress football transfer window deadline day

Scott Sinclair signing with Man City is hugely annoying, not least because we never got to see the war involving his WAG, Helen Flanagan, and the city of Wales come to fruition. Ditto Rafa Van der Vaart yanking our beloved Sylvie out of London prematurelysamsies goes for Nigel and his crowd-pleasing WAGWinonah de Jong.

new Queens Park Rangers player ex real madrid footballer london transfer window deadline day frantic fridayWorking our way towards London for a minute, our good mates at Of Headbands & Heartbreak are as confused as we are when it comes to the love life of Esteban Granero. Here’s their cliff notes on the QPR newbie’s dating status: “Pirata split with longterm girlfriend, Pilar, and was seen with a mystery brunette back in May and whilst on holiday in Colombia. But, everything remains very much up in the air since hombre keeps his love life relatively quiet and drama-free.” We guess we’ll await sightings of MB out and about in London before speculation can resume.

While we’re on the subject of the Spanish language (just go with it), Roque Santa Cruz’s nummy family will be relocating to the suburbs of Malaga. Their death-stares-in-side-eye-cognito will likely follow suit. We presume Carlos Bocanegra and his daughter Talan (plus his baby momma?will be migrating to the land of tapas together as well since the F5 footballer signed with Racing Santander late this afternoon.

And finally, any excitement over seeing Clint Dempsey’s incredibly private wife and their two kids do their American thing during Liverpool’s end of season parade has kind of been killed now that he’s signed with Tottenham. We need to brush up on our Hotspur familial knowledge before we can offer our Kickettes an appropriate one-liner.

We absolutely missed a host of wives and girlfriends in this summary – have a go at us in the comments below and we’ll update in between glasses of Pinot Noir.

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19 Responses to “The Summer 2012 Transfer Window Closes: Where Art Thou WAGs?”

  1. sara, holland says:

    Auf wiedersehen Sylvie! Now you don't have to travel so much!

  2. sara. holland says:

    I think Winonah de Jong is thrilled to move to Milan! That's a big step up for a fashionista like her! And maybe she can style Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau. That's a girl who can use a some tips…

  3. chay says:


    And that mysterious brunette in the picture really should be me, ah-hem

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  5. Madridista says:

    As a Madridista, I loath the fact that Granero has been sold. Selling him to QPR is just adding insult to injury.

    I hear that there is a buyback clause in the contract and I'm pinning my hopes on that. Our boy needs to come back home to us. I was heartbroken when I got the news that he was leaving.

    WTF Mou? How could you do this? Granero deserves more play time not this!

  6. sarakhatmi says:

    I will never forgive Mou and Real Madrid for letting go of our beloved Hipster…and then selling Lass and bringing on a INJURED player…WHY?? WHY? WHY?

  7. gin_in_teacups says:

    Warning: Overreactions ahead. I'm so heartbroken about Granero. So much about this makes no sense. I will never understand why Mou doesn't think there's a use for him on this team. I will never understand why QPR. WHY WHY WHY? It breaks my heart that this is happening to a man who is a true madridista, who has been with the team since he was just a wee one. And bringing in Essien just adds insult to injury! And what the hell happened with Debuchy?!?!? We need a friggin' defender, not another bleepin' midfielder. STOP BUYING MIDFIELDERS!

    And now Clint isn't even coming to Liverpool!!!!!


    • DebS says:


      FTW!!!! lol

      Yeah, I don't get the whole Granero thing either. I had high hopes for him when Mou started playing him more in the preseason, etc. But maybe Mou told him he wasn't going to get a lot of playing time so he decided to find a club where he could play more. I was a bit shocked about QPR too thinking he could have gone to a "bigger" club but then I was reading yesterday that QPR has been quite active in bring in some good players to be more competitive. Fingers crossed this is true.

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        From what I've been reading, Granero probably got sold because they didn't know Anzhi was going to come in for Lass. Sigh. I'm still clinging to the hope that we will buy Granero back. Essien is only on loan after all.

        In the meantime, I really do wish Essien well at Madrid. And I look forward our Pirata getting the playing time he deserves. I hope we either buy him back or at least he gets to be someplace truly worthy of him.

  8. Sarah, Madrid says:

    The Pirata is one of the worse moves of RM management, it has been 2 days, I still get teared up because I still can't believe he isn't there anymore, I am literally shaking right now writing it, horrible horrible, what's make matter worse much much much, we actually freking sold lass just now, like seriously with is this!! I freaking know they don't play same style but we all know him there stopped Pirata from more into starting eleven, I hate it, he is more than a player, he is near of our club! QPR is my fav club in epl, I wish him all success in the world, just take the English league by storm!
    The only good about this, Granero and mata reuniting in London

    Oh and Essien! Serious,y an injured midfielder! Bravo Madrid

    Oh javi Garcia to City, great player! Also congratulation city for having him

    • DebS says:

      I saw the "official announcement" on Madrid's website yesterday about Granero. BROKE MY HEART! Poor kid's Madridista to the core and keeps getting moved to the back of the line by new acquisitions. I hope he takes the league by storm and shows Madrid what they've lost. Now I'll have to add QPR to my list to EPL games to watch. :D

      Are we sure the "mystery brunette" isn't Pilar? Una had the picture of Granero & this girl on her blog (that I miss so terribly.. sniff, sniff) a couple months ago and I thought she said it was Pilar? Maybe I'm just confused because that was the first time I saw him photographed with a girl.

      Gutted about Lass too. Maybe it was Lass' choice because he wanted to play more but I thought he was playing quite well this year…really in sync with his teammates. Shocked about Essien though. He barely gets off the bench at City and Madrid signs him?

      I agree about Pirata and PF Juan Mata. BFFs reunite!

  9. MsLiverpoolLady says:

    This whole Clint Dempsey thing has been nuts. I thought Liverpool would for sure take him on but I guess not…now I will have a reason to watch Tottenham I guess!

  10. rubii says:

    so sad we lost Granero..and didnt buy anyone hot..:P

    • chay says:

      You can say that again! (about both!)

    • DebS says:

      Granero :'( The poor guy has to go to England to get playing time. One less cantera on the first team at Madrid. Ah well, now I'll have to add QPR to my teams to watch in the EPL. I hope he hits the ground running as quickly as DS, JM & SC did after moving to England.

  11. Maar says:

    So disappointed lfc didn’t wrap up Demps proper. Couldn’t one imagine the cuteness of Reina, suarez, and Dempsey bebes in the playpen together?