December 14th, 2009

Xabi Alonso: The Ex Returns

Xabier Alonso and wife Nagore

Xabi Alonso in the stands at Anfield! Don’t lie, you fangirled when you saw him.

After being given 2 days off after the Valencia win, the former Liverpool player showed up to watch the game against Arsenal. And he had his wife Nagore in tow, too.

Let it be known, ‘Pool fans, most Real Madrid players use their 2 day breaks to visit family or to go home. Case in point: The Mummy-and-me outfits Ronaldo and his mum wore while out to dinner this weekend. The fact that Xabi popped up back in town speaks volumes, we think.

He’s like that ex-boyfriend you say you’re completely over but yet can’t stop squawking about to anyone with a pulse. He’s like the crush you swear you’re done with until he incorrectly calls you the wrong name (which is okay because the fact he even acknowledges you gives you false hope that you two *WILL* share a holiday house in the south of France one day.)

Stay strong.  Side note: For airport stalkers, he’s headed back to Madrid today.

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35 Responses to “Xabi Alonso: The Ex Returns”

  1. Saw this coming. Of course Beckham was gonna get mad. I had to laugh at him taunting Serioux. I do love Beckham as a player, even if I don't think he's the sexiest man on earth. :P Side Note: I hate the US commentary for every Becks game.

  2. oh, how i miss Xabi.wish he was back with us in Anflied(this time, playing for us) :D all those memories.. *Sigh*

  3. Senorita Iniesta says:

    I totally fangirled … but how could you not do so(well, maybe except you are blind, ice-hearted or have a phobia of handsome man, but …)?!

    I almost forgot that I am angry with him for leaving us … almost …

  4. Nurul says:

    Hmm, I thought I already commented on this one but what the heck…

    Anyway, great post! (I've been waiting for you guys to cover on Xavi's return to Anfield.) I like the ex-crush-who-still-acknowledges-you-albeit-mistaking-your-name thing. And the "fangirl" bit is spot on! Yeah, I also "fangirled" when I saw him (even when I am not really a fan).

    ps. It's good to have your usual funny self back after the recent hiatus.

    pps. I think Xavi was there for his man, Stevie (whom is devastated to have lost him) ;p

    ppps. Before the match, when the teams were lining up in the tunnel, Cesc looked so cute when he seemed afraid to say hi to stern-looking Stevie.

    pppps. Torres, Xavi, AND Cesc fighting over Stevie? This could be nas-tayyy

    • Nurul, we read your comment directed towards our writing abilities the last time you posted. Repeating it and then linking to it with another snarky remark about our "hiatus" is not in the spirit of this website. Completely unnecessary .

      • Nurul says:

        Sorry, I never meant it to be “snarky”. I was just being honest.

        I made the comments because I love your site and I want you to stay being fab. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and when something is amiss I just have to say it so that you guys would take notice and be yourselves again. I made a link to “hiatus” so that my comment in this post wouldn’t be hypocritical to my other comment (in the “hiatus” post) – in other words, to explain my comments here. Seriously, I wasn’t linking it to make it snarky-er (I didn’t even notice my comment in this post was “snarky” in the first place).

        Sigh. Never mind.

        ps. Please don’t think I gave those comments because I think I am “better” than you guys. I can never have half of your writing abilities and I want it to stay that way.

  5. Eliseee says:

    He Is Still Rather Fit Tho (L') , Even After Leaving Liverpool :( x

  6. imhereforthenando says:

    I'm glad that you said that Kickette, because when I saw him in the stands it felt exactly like seeing an ex. I suddenly had the urge to tell everyone how well we were doing without him and how we don't need him. I'd be lying to myself.

    I miss him. I miss him so much. But I will never forgive, or forget. He hurt me in ways that only someone that you love can hurt you.

  7. Avenath says:

    I miss him so…sigh, sigh…was hoping that he would take off his clothes….hhmmm….

    Hold on, i forgot what i was going to say…oh yeah, then put on his old Liverpool kit…and help the team out of this rut…sadly, that was not to be…*sob*…

  8. lee says:

    AGREE! totally AGREE! xabi’s lovely! a true, complete heartbreaker. she’s withered.
    just being honest..

  9. eyes_on_nando says:

    oh how i miss him!!

    he looks so fine, if only he had run down to the rooms and put on our red just for old times sake… =(

    come back to us xabi, we need you!!

  10. NinyaC says:

    Awwww how classy Mr. Xabi!!!!

    Re: Cris, at least he is with his mom and not some WAG :p I think moving to Madrid made me see him in a new light.

  11. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    I’ll admit it – I accidently recorded this match and totally fangirled when I saw Xabi. And I’m saying that as only a Real Madrid fan, not a Pool fan.

  12. Redgirl says:

    Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

  13. Mariam says:

    hes lovely to look at (melts). and ewww what is up with ronaldo and matching his attire with his mom…..

  14. Fiona says:

    Oh Ronnie. It's very sweet to take your mama out for dinner, but next time, maybe don't be so matchy matchy. Btw, if I have a son one day, I hope he loves me as much as Cris loves his mom. :)

  15. Venice says:

    I got goosebumps when I saw him. Oh Xabi.
    I watched the match with my Dad, I told him, “this the brilliant player they had to sell last season, if only he could be down there on the pitch with them right now”. He nodded and gazed at him thoughtfully :D

    He is class all around. I don’t blame him for leaving at all, but it still breaks my heart.

    My only complaint about this post is that you included the pic with the WAG… in my opinion, they should be avoided whenever possible :P

  16. Didi says:

    It was to early!

  17. aristeia says:

    I may or may not have cried a little. Oh Xabi… *sigh*.

  18. HiL says:

    I admit. I fangirled XD he looks sooo good.

  19. KateAlonso says:

    Yes, I've seen him – what a surprise! I was glad he came :D

  20. Beth says:

    OMG I was at anfield for the first time and didnt even know he was there!!!! I was gutted when I saw it on tv later I didn't even get to stalk him!!!

  21. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    Honestly I think it was too soon for him to show up. It still hurts when I see him. :(

    I love him. I love him to pieces but I'd rather he just left us alone for now. Stevie can't stop talking about him as it is without him showing up to the matches as well… *sigh*

  22. agger♥lover says:

    xabi!!! oh my god i nearly died when i saw him. i almost forgot that he left us all alone but then i saw lucas and i was like "YOU!!!!" *waves fist at tv* but anyhoo he looked fab and so did nagore

  23. Homeskillet17 says:

    *sad sigh* nevermind…

  24. Louise says:

    I did, I lost it a bit (including an all caps tweet).

    And the pic Kickette tweeted (which doesn't work anymore, btw) didn't help. Absolutely gorgeous.

    I missed him, and yet I support Real Madrid as well and watch him play every week.

  25. suzie says:

    He didn't bring us any luck though, but it was nice to see him there.

  26. Amyy says:

    Your right fangirled when i saw him. Only thing was i then had 2 explain to my dad why i had done it ;/

  27. Lolinha says:

    Oh cripes, the mommy-and-me outfits really put me off Cristiano, at least for the rest of the week.

  28. E says:

    Or, he is the worst new boyfriend ever.