November 19th, 2010

The Terrys: Keeping Warm At Winter Wonderland

We’re probably pondering the obvious, but who told JT that he could tuck his denim into his boots like that? The Chelsea captain, seen above with his missus and their much-adored twins, Summer and Georgie, attended the Winter Wonderland VIP Launch at Hyde Park yesterday. Image: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe via Zimbio.

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24 Responses to “The Terrys: Keeping Warm At Winter Wonderland”

  1. FloraJane says:

    I find it sad how many people are genuinely upset and/or offended that this FAMILY is still together. Perhaps it's not a fairy tale marriage, but that doesn't automatically mean it isn't worth working on. (speaking from experience here) If you happen to be someone who DOES have that fairy tale marriage, then thank your God or your lucky stars or whatever and maybe spare a kind thought for those who've had a bit tougher go of it. At the very least, a little less judgment might be in order. Despite what so many people seem to want to believe, these two seem to be happy, and maybe most amazingly, able to put aside all the media rubbish and just get on with their lives. Whether people understand it or not is ultimately of little consequence. So I sincerely wish them the best, both for their relationship and for their beautiful children.

  2. aps says:

    Gorgeous children.

  3. Missy Manchester says:

    RE: "…who told JT that he could tuck his denim into his boots like that?"

    Apparently Summer and Georgie did…but that style works for the twins…not Daddy.

  4. Tish says:

    I cant get over how cute the kids are.

  5. IrishBlue says:

    Oh JT, come back to us soon and bring Frank with you…..hurry before it gets even worse :S

  6. i love this entire family, JT is just awesome and his kids are so adorbs ( Summer Terry is my favorite footballer kid) I obviously dont personally know them but im so happy that they managed to stay together as a one big happy family specially for those two beautiful children.

  7. ailena says:

    Summer is sooo cute i'm going to kidnap her

  8. Oh look at that John Terry and mrs Doormat. Wipe that stupid grin off your face love

  9. Bee Matsyahu says:

    They're gorgeous,but i think that he's outfit it's a kinda dated….Yet,he still good looking!!
    Love you JTerry!!S2

  10. Winnie Mata says:

    JT only gets better looking with age, but the tucked in boots are totally worthy of a "WTF" face…

  11. i think the jeans tucked into boots would have looked alright if he hadnt tucked in his top..

  12. Ofeily9 says:

    Gorgeous children !

  13. Jules says:

    Toni has still got this weirdly askew face… but all in all, it's a cute picture of this lovely family!

  14. vicky_v says:

    the kids are sooo cute but what happened to georgie on his leg??? looks as if he's wet??

    • olli says:

      He's got a black umbrella stuffed in his right boot – you can see the handle in front of his coat

      • Izzie says:

        no, the wife is holding the umbrella so it only looks like it's stuffed, it just hangs there and looks funny ;)

  15. Summer says:

    You're all my life John and I miss you so much babe, please come back soon I need you and especially your Chelsea need you!! I've been running for all my life to find my road, I will never found someone else like you…You are the only true man of my life..I will always love you. Georgie look exactly like his father and is more pretty than Summer, but she's also pretty, they are very cute…Unfortunately I can't say the same for the mother…

  16. beauty. says:

    JT's amazing…;)

  17. beauty. says:

    I agree, but he's cute too…;)

  18. Laura-8 says:

    I think they look lovely, JT and Toni seem genuinley happy good luck to them, ignore the cynics !

  19. rubyqueen says:

    awww what a cute family.:) it's nice to see them happy after all the bad times they've been through.:)