August 27th, 2009

The TTO: Darren O’Dea v Georgios Samaras

Best way to heal the CL early-round loss wounds? With Thursday Thigh-Off bragging rights, of course.

The Kickette rules are simple: we are the referees, and the only calls to be made are red-cards for lacklustre mid-leg muscles.

Top or bottom, let’s show some love to our Scottish friends from Celtic and allow their legs to do the talking.

Darren O’Dea

Celtic TTO Darren O'Dea23. 6’1. Republic of Ireland national. Defender.

Typically toned and tanned thigh is a crowd fave, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the porcelain pastiness of this Irishman.

Darren delights us with his choir boy candy coating paired with a bad-boy center.

Those milky white thighs can look a tad on the slim side depending on your view but he graciously offers up-short shorts as repayment.

Darren O'DeaDarren O'Dea

Georgios Samaras

Georgios Samaras24. 6’4. Greek national. Striker.

This former Man City player is a little bit emo, a little bit dark alley in the rain spooky.

He’s definitely not one to fight you for the hair straighteners in the morning, though you may be tempted to offer up a little volumizing spray for those lanky locks.

All things considered, Georgios offers up some high quality thigh of the well toned, macho/crazy man variety.

Georgios SamarasGeorgios Samaras

Who gets your vote this week?

Congratulations to last week’s winner, Vincent Kompany, who knocked Wayne Bridge to the wayside with his stellar quads.

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31 Responses to “The TTO: Darren O’Dea v Georgios Samaras”

  1. sofia says: greek… i've seen sam "face to face" a lot of times…so i can reassure you that he is soooooooooooooooooooo *** cuteeeeeeeee…………………………………………………………………………………….

  2. Kirsty says:

    deff Georgios Samaras
    :) hes so hot the hair the eyes the big lips the thighs.

    hottest Greek ive ever seen

    plus hes so much hotter in real life,got to meet him after the Celtic game on 22nd august

    yum yum


  3. mindycc says:

    Giorgios for sure (I know it’s a thigh off – but the hair doesn’t hurt….)

  4. Nina (Mrs. Gerrard) says:

    Samaras for me.

    Oh and MXA, love the name change ;)

  5. danni says:

    Awh i love darren!! :) He's my best friend's cousin too :D

  6. mertz says:

    i want to vote for the irishman, but i have to be realistic so samaras for the win.

  7. Gr33n_D3vil says:

    Darren O'Dea all the way!!!! :) :love: :)

  8. Becca (Mrs Lampard) says:

    Darren O’Dea Deffinatley :)

  9. Bákoka says:

    Darren O'dea, anyway

  10. one love_cesc fabreg says:

    no doubt… "gorgeous" samaras!!

  11. MUfcMarie says:

    The fact that you have even given me the opportunity to vote Darren O’Dea for anything gives me reason enough to pick him!
    YAY!! Erin go bragh and all that good stuff!

  12. Erin says:

    Samaras without question.

  13. Madame Rudy says:

    Deffo Samaras!! He is freaking HAWT!

  14. Zorba says:

    the greek guy wins this thigh contest for sure.

  15. shay says:

    Samaras wins for sure, but in the hottie dept O'Dea is miles ahead.

  16. I give it to Samaras by a leg hair. O'Dea is a cutie though.

  17. imhereforthenando says:

    While O'Dea is definitely the cuter of the two, Samaras definitely wins in the thigh department.

  18. torres4ever says:

    Samaras gets my vote

  19. Nandia Mrs The Ramos says:

    I vote for Samaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!No no not because im Greek and he's my favorite Greek player no no no

  20. HiL says:

    Samaras! and I love his hair.

  21. Jenny x says:

    Am i imagining it or are these in the thigh off ?…There both not so nice :-/

  22. Barcelinha says:

    I have a thing for Samaras, so him. thighs are delish

  23. Since this is a thigh-off, Georgios Samaras wins. But overall, O'Dea is just yummy.

  24. Zorba says:

    Strangely Georgios… definitely!

  25. Zatil says:

    Since it's a thigh-off, Giorgio gets my vote.

  26. Paxy says:

    Sigh, Darren is just so cute! But this is the Thursday THIGH Off, so I must say Samaras

  27. Kelly Lynn says:

    Hmm Samaras thighs of thunderous muscular domination? or O'Deas toned but wimpy legs?

    Although Darren is a 284618418734284 on the yummy scale, this is a thigh off.

    Georgio wins this one

  28. Ella says:

    Samaras! No contest.

  29. aristeia says:

    Hail Hail, the Celts are here! :D

    Oh Darren, I'd take a bite out of that vanilla nougat. Sam, forgive me. My vote is for my Irish sweetie. ♥

  30. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    Samaras. Most def.

  31. Boston Red says:

    Did I just hallucinate or is Darren O'Dea in the TTO? I think you know who gets my vote!