September 11th, 2009

The TTO: Giorgio Chiellini v Felipe Melo


Don’t know about you gals, but at Kickette HQ, the past week has been excruciatingly craptastic; the one thing we were excited about was the Juventus display of machismo we were able to put together for your viewing pleasure.

Soz for the tardiness but let’s rise above like Vicky B’s breasts and get on with it, shall we?

Today’s blood and glute glory is brought to you by Serie A boys Georgio Chiellini and Felipe Melo from Juventus.

Giorgio Chiellini Giorgio Chiellini

25 y/o. 6’1. Italian Centre Back.

Tall, dark and medieval-knight like, Giorgio Chiellini boats a stainless steel pair of armour/thighs quite obviously built for battle both on (and off) the pitch. He definitely sets the pace in the Italian leg race but his forehead can’t say the same. We love a man who bleeds, though, so all is forgiven.

Like any good wrought-iron barricade would attest (that is, if any could talk), multi-layering is essential. We spy about four levels of tone and tautness and that’s when he’s half-flexing. Upon further inspection of the first pic above, you might discover a few more.

Giorgio Chiellini Giorgio Chiellini Giorgio Chiellini

Felipe MeloFelipe Melo

26 y/o. 6’0. Brazilian Defensive Midfielder.

Plain and simple: this man’s thighs set a new standard in thightasticness. In all honesty, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a pair like this. Melo’s milkshake brings 98% of girls to the yard. Tru fax, that.

Fairly new to the national and Juventus teams, Melo can lock and load his muscular strains with the precision of spaceship weaponry.  (Don’t question it, just go with it, okay?) And seriously – have you examined how large and cut his bulky boys are yet? There is no measuring tape on earth that could do justice to those quads.

What makes this man all the better: he gets up, close and personal with longtime Kickette companion, Adrian Mutu.

Felipe MeloFelipe MeloFelipe Melo

Who gets your oh-so valuable vote this week?

Cheers to last week’s winner, Carlos Marchena, who barely edged out Asier Del Horno FTW. It could’ve been a steeper win-loss gap had David Villa and David Silva not snatched a few votes from both.

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25 Responses to “The TTO: Giorgio Chiellini v Felipe Melo”

  1. mindycc1 says:

    Giorgio!!! I’ve never quite seen anything like the thigh in that first picture!?!

  2. Julia says:

    Chiellini! his thighs are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. aristeia says:

    I love a lot of things about Melo, but for me it's got to be Gio of the Jungle! I swear, I'm not basing it on his deliciously awesome nose. Or the fact that I know how redonkulous he looks in a speedo. *whimper* Strictly thighs.

  4. Lyandra says:

    Melo! Melo! Melo!

  5. liv says:

    chiellini! he's GORGEOUS!

  6. Kile says:

    Melo ftw.

    (Apparently that post was too short.)

  7. cibele says:

    I don't like Chiellini's thighs, so Felipe FTW.

  8. Terri says:

    This post was hilarious! I'm especially inspired to see the word "thightasticness", which I'm seeing for the first time, and is just superb. I say Melo. The guy is quite above par, so yes, Melo.

  9. Zatil says:

    Chiellini, indeed! Italian thighs rule!!

  10. Genevieve says:

    Melo! Absolutely luscious thighs…

  11. HiL says:

    Chiellini! Tough guy, lovely thighs.

  12. Lolinha says:

    Chiellini has better definition, but Melo beats him in size. My vote goes for little Lipe. Thanks for the Juve boys!

    …And sorry about your week. Hasn't shown in the posts, quality still top notch. :)

  13. Eternal Dreamer says:

    I'm going to have to go with Chiellini. First picture is enough!

  14. Fer_Lahm says:

    can i've both?

  15. Liz (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    CHIELLINI!!! ftw

  16. MUfcMarie says:

    It has to be Melo. GOOD GOD!

  17. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    Melo. Melo, Melo, Melo.

  18. Mariam says:

    i like melo!!! his thighs are gorgeous and LONG!!!

  19. cibele says:

    Oh no, I thought you were going to show us Felipe’s underwear pictures from the Roma match. I just got a shot at his back, didn’t see the front hahaha
    Where can I find those pictures? :( (

  20. Paxy says:

    Chiellini. The 3rd pic really shows off his thighs.

  21. Boo says:

    Mr. Felipe Melo!

  22. meg says:

    chiellini to the max