August 20th, 2009

The TTO: Vincent Kompany v Wayne Bridge

Vincent Kompany, Manchester CityWayne Bridge

This week we’re turning our attention to the blue thighs on the other side of Manchester – Man City.

Typically, we face the tough task of uncovering the appropriate photographic evidence to illustrate the superiority of players’ legs for our TTOs. Thankfully, Vincent Kompany and Wayne Bridge made our jobs extremely easy today. In fact, we had too many pictures to choose from. So let’s get all judgey.

Vincent Kompany

Vincent Kompany
23 years old. 6’4. Belgium defender and City Centre Back. Is pointing his finger aggressively at someone in 75% of the photos we found of him on the internet.

This high-flyin’ defensive force is rough and tumble on the turf hot. When flexing, his thighs make a perfectly formed V-shape just above the knee that warrants its own display case at the British Museum. Let’s face it: this man does not have a bad angle. Front, backside, hammies and abs.

There are some people who consider public nudity as indecent while others see it as artistic expression. Being the massive art buffs that we are, we declare Vincent Kompany as the modern-day equivalent of Michelangelo’s David. Go ahead, call us visionaries.

Vincent Kontent

Vincent KompanyVincent Kompany

Wayne BridgeWayne Bridge
29 years old. 5’10. English NT and City Left Back. Provides solace for teammates’ spousal cheating.

Equally air born, Wayne Bridge swapped London for the Eastlands last year. He’s just as multi-faceted as his teammate and boasts farmer tan femurs and game time gammons as just two of his signature looks.

He’s a guy’s guy, like his old friend John Terry, so his thighs are more of the Campbell’s Chunky Soup/Wrecking ball/Messy hot. Same goes for his clothes, party habits, and head injuries. We recommend Bridgey if you prefer men with a light coat of leg hair.

Wayne BridgeWayne BridgeWayne Bridge

So, who gets your vote this week Kickettes?

Re: last week’s England NT TTO winner and the end of season Barca TTO results – we’re still sorting our comments out from the old system and will have a celebratory winners only party post for the lads as soon as we’re good. Thanks for your patience.

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16 Responses to “The TTO: Vincent Kompany v Wayne Bridge”

  1. Liz (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Wayne I think. His thighs are a bit less shiny.

  2. Elise says:

    Wayne's thighs are quite nice. He has my vote.

  3. Kile says:

    Vincent. No contest. WOW.

  4. Mariam says:

    vincent!!! hands down :p

  5. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    Vincent. A thousand times over. Lordy.

  6. Fer_Lahm says:

    Wayne Bridge, so damn hot.

  7. aristeia says:

    Holy moly… Vincent. O_O

  8. Erin says:

    Definitely Kompany.

  9. imhereforthenando says:

    Vincent is the clear winner, especially after that ass shot. The ass is technically a part of the thigh, right?

  10. Zatil says:

    Vincent Kompany, indeed. :)

  11. Lolinha says:

    Vincent and his café au lait thighs. Though fingerpointing´s rude, dude.

  12. Allyra says:

    Vincent. The V-shape above his knee stands for victory

  13. I’d have to say Vincent too. Not much of a contest really.

  14. Kompany!!

    Moonie is gonna love this weeks choices.

  15. HiL says:

    Vincent Kompany :)

  16. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Easy Peasy – its Vincent for me.